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27 Best Tattoo Ideas for Men in 2024

Men, gather around because we have something awesome just for you. That’s right this list is dedicated to helping all the dudes and bros out there find the best tattoo inspiration for your next session. Whether you love Black and Gray, Tribal, New School, or American Traditional, this list will definitely have something for all the men looking to get something sick.

But before you go and get your own tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the best, most badass, and masculine tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 1

Awesome Plague Doctor Half-Sleeve Tattoo

We all know the horrific background of the bubonic plague and while it was a tragic disease that took the life of many, the plague doctors that came from this era make for awesome tattoo inspiration. This sketchy Neo Traditional design is a magnificent work of art, the colors are very gloomy but the touch of brightness from the lantern brightens the piece up nicely, it almost makes you forget their association with the black death.

IG: taras.prystupa_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 2

Gorgeous Sak Yant Tigers On the Back

Welcome to another list of tattoos to inspire you. This one is dedicated to all the dudes looking for something cool to adorn their body with.
First up, this lovely tiger Sak Yant. The symmetry of this design is truly perfect for the upper back. The composition fits the broadness of his back and honestly is just such a perfectly done tattoo. If you find yourself in Thailand, get to Panumart Tattoos to get your very own protective tattoo.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 3

Nordic Bull Skull Chest Tattoo

Viking tattooing is a popular choice for men who identify with Nordic culture and manly postures. As primal hunters who seek to carry on the values of their hearts, these Nordic tattoos decorate their chest and stand tall with their wearer. Only a small group of artists around the world are capable of performing this level of tattoo skill mastery, but don’t worry… Dmitriy’s books are still open!

IG: dmitriy.tkach

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 4

Incredible Viking-Inspired Full-Leg Sleeve Tattoo

The first thought I had when looking at this tattoo was “ouch”, that must have been so sore. My next thought was damn, this artist has some skill. I love how consistent and smooth the black ink is, wonderful work by chalanadots.

IG: chalanadots

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 5

Gorgeous Sak Yant Tattoo On the Chest

Here’s another lovely Sak Yant tattoo. This tattoo of protection has no gender and honestly looks amazing on anyone. I like how this design fills the pec because of its similarity in size and shape, and lucky for this guy, his nipple was spared. It’s definitely not an area you can sit for as a first-timer.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 6

Out of this World Hyper-Realistic Zeus Leg-Sleeve

The almighty and fierce king of the gods, Zeus makes for an impressive tattoo, especially in this style. Hyper color realism is a fantastic style but is definitely a style that you need to marry. You’re either into realism only, or risk looking like a sticker book if you decide to pair realistic tattoos with other styles. Either way, that doesn’t take away from the sheer artistry of this phenomenal tattoo.

IG: volkantattooz

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 7

Amazing Korean-Inspired Blue Dragon Tattoo

This tattoo reminds me of the artwork on Chinese ceramics. It’s also something different, most people get black ink but this new trend of blue tattoos, whether Asian-inspired or not, is exceptionally beautiful.

IG: saki.lss

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 8

Creepy Monster Blackwork Full-Sleeve Tattoo

If you’re into dark and terrifying things, then this is the tattoo inspiration for you. This monstrous design might be scary but it sure is awesome. It gives off the vibe that you probably wouldn’t want to mess with this guy, after all, most people are terrified of someone with a tattoo as intimidating as this and I don’t blame them. Really cool, and amazingly done.

IG: arcstattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 9

Phenomenal Dragon Bodysuit Tattoo

This tattoo has me in awe. There’s so much going on and yet it all comes together so nicely. I like that it looks like he’s wearing a shirt, that’s a great party trick if you ask me. If you’re going for something like this, make sure you go to an artist who is confident in doing bodysuits, especially if you want it to be as good as this, I mean look at that smooth packing, absolutely phenomenal!

IG: shiryutattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 10

Impressive Fineline Bird Tattoo On the Ribs

Who says fineline tattoos are more for women than men? This stunning fineline Black and Gray bird piece on the ribs is the perfect example of how soft linework and gentle shading can look just as beautiful on the male form. I love this concept, it almost has an eerie feel to it.

IG: ezer.artwork

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 11

Fantastic Mandala and Black Band Tattoo

Here’s another example of a style of tattoo that works for guys too. The Mandala is a symbol of the spiritual journey and let’s face it, we all find ourselves seeking spiritual enlightenment at some point in our lives. The Mandala is a great idea, especially as a tattoo because you’ll be able to look at it every day and remind yourself of the path you’re on. Placement is on point, the perfect area to look at whenever you need a little spiritual booster.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 12

Breathtaking Life vs. Death Snake Tattoo

I cannot express how amazing this tattoo is, not only is the concept fantastic, but the style and techniques applied are equally astounding. The idea of life and death being represented by a snake works so well and makes sense, if you look a bit closer it also sort of looks like the Yin and Yang symbol. What a stunning piece by tattooer_intat. Go give their Instagram some love for more like this.

IG: tattooer_intat

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 13

Beautiful Black and Gray Rendition of the painting ‘Judith Beheading Holofernes’

If you’re an art fanatic, you should recognize this famous depiction of Giuditta E Oloferne, or ‘Judith Beheading Holofernes’. The artist did an incredible job at tattooing this sleeve. The soft shading is a characteristic of the realistic style and all I can say is, the artist nailed it!

IG: alessandrocovallerotattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 14

Spectacular Old School Crow Tattoo On the Back

The placement of this American Traditional crow tattoo is exceptional, it’s weighted evenly on each side so it doesn’t appear unbalanced and that’s important if you want your tattoo to look good. It’s impressive to see such smooth and consistent black packing, this design will certainly heal beautifully.

IG: dark.tattz

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 15

Extraordinary Tribal-Inspired Full Body Suit Tattoo

Okay, wow, this Tribal body suit is extraordinary. The smooth solid ink packing is absolutely perfect, like butter to bread. Another worthy mention is how lovely and symmetrical this is, which is important for a design like this that requires symmetry.

IG: taku_oshima_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 16

Striking Neo Traditional Tiger and Snakes Upper Back Tattoo

This is such a sick tattoo, and the nicest thing about it is that it could also work as a chest piece. I adore the muted colors and even more so the style. It’s definitely Neo Traditional but with a hint of something else, I can’t quite put my finger on it. Either way, this design is way too cool and is an awesome concept ot draw inspiration from.

IG: t.arttoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 17

Spectacular Black and Gray Saint Pancras and a Griffin Fox Tattoo

For those who aren’t aware, St Pancras is known as the Saint of children, jobs and health. St Pancras, tricked by the Christians of the medieval era, is depicted by the fox which is known to be a sly and mischievous animal, much like those that wronged the saint. What a grand way to tell a story. This tattoo is worth all the praise.

IG: myriam_black_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 18

Wonderfully Bright Hannya Mask Sleeve Tattoo

Bright tattoos are such an awesome statement. Imagine walking down the street and seeing a guy with this bold sleeve? It would certainly grab your attention and that’s what makes this design so incredible. And how awesome is it that the hannya mask is kind of hiding among the rest of the tattoo and yet immediately catches your eye, that’s some great design work.

IG: vu_tattoo96

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 19

‘Only God Knows’ Script Tattoo On the Upper Back

In this day and age, it truly is only god that really knows you, if you believe in religion, of course. I really enjoy the way this script has been done. Instead of bold linework they went for a negative space which will heal better and last longer without the need for touch-ups.

IG: dannielcuervo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 20

Marvellous Traditional Japanese Battle Royale Tattoo

Now this is some proper old school Traditional Japanese. The colors are beautifully done and are well paired. Notice the placement, this is a good area for a battle royale. There’s a good amount of space and more can be added at a later stage to create a kickass Japanese-inspired sleeve.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 21

Unique Horror-Inspired Surrealism Full-Sleeve Tattoo

This tattoo is out of this world, the colors are so bright and catch your attention. If you’re a horror fan, then this is great inspiration, especially because it’s such a unique style. Most people aim for gory horror but this is extremely inviting.

IG: littleandytattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 22

Sensational Realistic Goat Tattoo On the Torso

I love Black and Gray tattoos that add a splash of color, it’s even better when it’s realistic, like this torso design. The details are extraordinary and the symmetry is sheer perfection, everything you could ask for and more in a tattoo.

IG: josebaenatattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 23

Phenomenal Floating Gardens Back Tattoo

Doesn’t this tattoo give off Hanging Gardens of Babylon vibes? Or some sort of fantasy sci-fi animation? All I know is this is such an unusual and intricate tattoo. I love that the artist created a background and foreground, it almost feels like you could walk right up to the waterfall and take a drink. This artist has some mad skill, 10/10.

IG: lisaammertattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 24

Wonderful Neo Traditional Candle Tattoo

Neo Traditional is by far a favorite in my books, and the best part is, this style is gender neutral. This particular design is truly gorgeous, the colors are neutral and blend nicely together. Give daragh_locke_tattoos some love for this one, I think the calf was an exceptional placement for the composition of the tattoo, great job. Hopefully the client didn’t hurt too much, the ditch is never a fun spot.

IG: daragh_locke_tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 25

Awesome Black and Gray Samurai Concept Tattoo

The new obsession of creating sleeves with micro tattoos is a trend I can definitely get behind. Sometimes you don’t want to commit to something large right away but this style allows you to work your way up to a final idea, perfect for indecisive people and anyone starting their tattoo journey. These tattoos are truly well done, I adore the intricate details.


Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 26

Out of this World Color Realistic Japanese Dragon Back Tattoo

I promise I’m not being biased but this tattoo is at the top of my list of best tattoo ideas for men. There is so much detail and the meticulous shading and color packing adds to the realistic effect the artist was going for. There is cool and then there is this, words cannot begin to describe how cool this back piece is.

IG: arttdome

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 27

Surreal Blackwork Faces Tattoo On the Back

You want to know what makes this back tattoo as breathtaking as it is? If you squint your eyes, you can find a new face every time you look at it. This optical illusion makes for an impressive design and it helps that the artist knew what they were doing, just look at that crispy saturation.

IG: calo__tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 28

Unusually Cool American Traditional Back Tattoo

We’ve reached the end of the list of best tattoos for men and the final tattoo is something a little different. I’m not entirely sure what it is but the colors and bold linework are fantastic and hold true to the style. Would you consider getting something like this on your back?
We hope you found what you were looking for and enjoyed the tattoos we thought you might like. If not, remember, there’s plenty more where that came from. Until next time, happy tattooing!

IG: genotattoo