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36 Incredible Back Tattoos for Men in 2024

Thinking about getting your back tattooed but aren’t sure what to get? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. The back is a daunting area to get inked, especially because there is a lot of space and so many possibilities, which is why we’ve created this inspiring list of back tattoos, specifically for men.

But before you go and get your own back tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most alluring, awesome, and aesthetically pleasing back tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Back Tattoos for Men 1

The Best Back Tattoos for Men - An Incredible Color Realistic Battle Royale Full Back Tattoo

This color realistic battle royale back tattoo is possibly the most badass piece of ink I’ve ever seen. The attention to detail is phenomenal, you can tell the artist is a wizard with a tattoo machine. It takes some serious skill to create something as beautiful as this.

IG: adrienn.kern

Back Tattoos for Men 2

Amazing Tiger Sak Yant Upper Back Tattoo

Welcome to another list of tattoos to inspire you. Today’s inspiration is for the dudes. First up, this lovely Sak Yant tiger tattoo on the upper back. The composition of the design is utterly amazing, especially because it’s perfectly symmetrical. Symmetry on the back is always a winner.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Back Tattoos for Men 3

Stunning Hyper Realistic Grim Reaper Full Back Tattoo

Nobody likes to think about death but that doesn’t stop people from getting deathly symbols etched onto their skin. I won’t lie, this is extraordinarily done, the ink is packed beautifully, the shading is smooth and the overall concept is hauntingly beautiful. This is an ideal back tattoo, especially for anyone that’s intrigued by the afterlife.

IG: hernanyepes_art

Back Tattoos for Men 4

Deathly Red and Black Grim Reaper Tattoo On the Shoulder Blade

There’s something exceptionally simple, yet captivating about combining red and black ink. The various shades of red act as shadows and create depth, almost as if you could feel the chilling hand of the grim reaper reaching out to touch you. I give the artist all the credit for this awesome take on the ever popular grim reaper.

IG: camoz

Back Tattoos for Men 5

Blackwork Abstract Spiral Tattoo On the Upper Mid Back

How cool is the placement of this spiral tattoo? I love how centered it is, it aligns beautifully with the spine and fits nicely between the shoulder blades. Placement is everything and I give this tattoo a 10/10, absolutely nailed it.


Back Tattoos for Men 6

Outstanding Black and Gray Buddha Full Back Tattoo

What a captivating design, it draws you in with its attention to detail and three-dimensional appearance. I adore the soft grayscale shading that encompasses the background. It really brings Buddha and the Foo Dogs to the foreground allowing you to appreciate their intricate details. Amazing!


Back Tattoos for Men 7

Out Of This World Traditional Japanese Full Back Tattoo

I have no words for how glorious this back tattoo is, in fact, glorious doesn’t even cut it. The color scheme is very traditional but even better is the fact that the colors complement each other flawlessly. This is truly a work of art and divinely unique.

IG: qian_shou

Back Tattoos for Men 8

Beautiful Blackwork Dagger and Butterflies Back of the Neck Tattoo

Here’s a beautifully macabre take on the popular butterfly tattoo and isn’t it lovely? The coolest part about this design is the fact that it’s not gender specific. Another awesome aspect of this tattoo is the placement, situating the dagger handle on the back of the neck was a smart use of space.

IG: timor_tt

Back Tattoos for Men 9

Outstanding Black and Gray Undead Tattoo On the Back

Did someone say creepy? No, but seriously, as creepy as this back tattoo is, it’s also extremely badass. The details in the muscles and bones are beyond impressive, nothing says ‘I have a really skilled tattoo artist’ like a tattoo with great attention to detail and thoroughly planned out placement.

IG: gghost_tattooer

Back Tattoos for Men 10

Unique Chinese-Inspired Black and Red Back Tattoo

If you’re a sucker for symmetry, this is the inspiration for you. Back tattoos don’t always have to be symmetrical but when you do use the space correctly you strike the perfect balance, there’s nothing worse than an unbalanced tattoo, especially on such a massive area. This artist created the perfect balance by mirroring the design, truly exceptional.

IG: neosian_

Back Tattoos for Men 11

Black and Gray War In Heaven Full Back Tattoo

This take on a classic artform has me stumped for words, even more so because it’s done in Grayscale. The chaotic depiction of a war in heaven is such a captivating scene and it fits the shape and size of the back gracefully, the perfect canvas. one might say

IG: b.o_tattoo

Back Tattoos for Men 12

Unusual Spine With Wings Full Back Tattoo

Have you ever come across something like this before? It always amazes me what artists can come up with and this design is a great example. I love the depth created by the wings situated behind the spine. It’s very realistic. Also, is it just me or does it almost appear as though the spine is glowing? Must be that tiny space the artist left between the wings and spine, how clever.

IG: tattooer_intat

Back Tattoos for Men 13

Beautiful Black and Gray Half-Angel Half-Demon Geometric Back Tattoo

Another Black and Gray tattoo that’s been done so well it’s hard to know what to say. Firstly, the placement was well thought out, the wings appear exactly where they would on a human if we had wings. And secondly, the minor detailing is marvelously intricate, creating a hyper-realistic effect that honestly blows my mind. Just, wow!

IG: andrea.pellerone

Back Tattoos for Men 14

Stunning Brightly Colored Cloud Tattoos On the Shoulders

Color tattoos are not everyone’s cup of tea, most people like to keep to Black and Gray, but look at how gorgeous these clouds are. Yes, color fades, but there’s something so exciting about these bright colors brought together to create these fun tattoos.

IG: newtattoo_nina

Back Tattoos for Men 15

Incredible Full Color Spirituality-Inspired Back Tattoo

Okay, it’s quite clear that realism is a firm favorite for the back and it makes sense, you can get so much detail into a design. On the downside it’s also easier to see any flaws, luckily I can’t seem to find any with this tattoo, in fact, if anything, the blend of realism, blackout, and golden hues is to die for, each style graciously complements the other.

IG: waler_montero

Back Tattoos for Men 16

Unique Abstract Dark Lettering Upper Back Tattoo

Those of you who are into heavy metal might appreciate this one. Although it may not look like a word, this style of script is becoming ever more popular. It’s like a mix of watercolor, blackwork, cyber and sci-fi mashed into one badass looking design that flows with the shape of the upper back flawlessly. Nice touch with the hint of red.

IG: 12.bbk

Back Tattoos for Men 17

Uniquely Positioned Fox With Nine Tails Tattoo on the Back

You know what I really love about this tattoo? At first glance you can’t really tell if this is a fox with nine tails, but upon closer inspection the nine tails become more predominant. And personally, a tattoo that requires you to truly look at it for a while to understand it, is a true work of art.

IG: ati.ful

Back Tattoos for Men 18

Spectacular Black and Gray Hercules Full Back Tattoo

Everybody loves a good story, and what better than a story of strength and bravery? Hercules is a well-known demi-god and one that makes for a meaningful tattoo. The frame that encompasses this rendition of Hercules was the perfect addition, it almost makes you feel like you’re at an art museum. Superb.

IG: hanytattoostyle

Back Tattoos for Men 19

Phenomenal Blackwork Mystical Skeleton Full-Back Tattoo

This might be the stuff of nightmares, but boy does it make for one awesome tattoo. I really like how the artist used dotwork shading for the smaller details while blacking out the background to give it a three-dimensional illusion. It may not be for everyone but this is a masterpiece.

IG: heukdo__

Back Tattoos for Men 20

Amazing Chinese Mythology-Inspired Full-Back Tattoo

This is such a busy back piece and yet each time you scan over it there’s something new to find. I can’t even begin to imagine how long this must have taken and the pain that was involved but I can say that it was well worth it because this is a phenomenal tattoo, I’m a little jealous.

IG: txttoo

Back Tattoos for Men 21

Gorgeous Bold American Traditional Tiger Tattoo On the Back

How astounding are these colors? More importantly, the yellow, a difficult color to work with because it takes skill and patience to get it as saturated as this. I love the style, American Traditional is an artform that will never die out because as the saying goes, bold will hold.

IG: alin_tattooer

Back Tattoos for Men 22

Simple Intertwined Black and Gray Tree Tattoo On the Upper Back

The simplicity of this tattoo is what makes it such a great piece. I enjoy how the artist etched tiny wood grains to create the texture of bark, that’s some intricate work. Simple, yet impressive and good inspo for a first tattoo.

IG: jiae_tattoo

Back Tattoos for Men 23

Lovely Yin and Yang Tigers On the Upper Back

The symmetry of this back tattoo is truly amazing, it’s almost as if the artist printed it on. I love how the blue and black ink complement and contrast against each other, a very smart move. And while this might be a very simplistic design, the artist deserves credit for creating such crisp lines, also, using color to line isn’t an easy task, so kudos for getting it perfectly saturated.

IG: nobodytattoo

Back Tattoos for Men 24

Extraordinary Serpent Demon Back Tattoo

Demons and serpents always seem to go hand-in-hand and I mean, it does look really cool so I get it. For those that enjoy things on the darker side, here’s something that will hopefully tickle your fancy. The wingspan spreading out over the upper back was creatively thought out as it creates the illusion that the wearer has wings. I can honestly say this is one of the best designs on this list.

IG: sarvo_art

Back Tattoos for Men 25

Marvelous Blackwork Geometric Full-Back Tattoo

Wow, this is such an awesome concept, you almost feel like you’re falling down a geometric hole if you stare for too long. I can imagine the artist practiced much patience with this piece, but it was worth it because it came out great. Check out ericstricker on Instagram for more trippy inspiration.

IG: ericstricker

Back Tattoos for Men 26

Gorgeous Black and Gray Abstract Ouroboros Dragon Tattoo

I’m not entirely sure what this design is meant to symbolize but it definitely has some sort of religious connotation. The sketchy style works well for the design, it adds texture and motion to a tattoo that could have potentially been flat.

IG: bk_tattooer

Back Tattoos for Men 27

Unique Blackwork Raven Tattoo On the Back of the Neck

The positioning of this design is just too good for words. I love how the wings spread out over the shoulders and up the neck. Placement is extremely important and the artist absolutely nailed it.

IG: tattooist.pado

Back Tattoos for Men 28

Unusual Symmetrical Abstract Snake Tattoo

At first glance you don’t even notice these are snakes, it just looks like an unusual pattern, which is fantastic. The blackwork and dotwork combo is stunning, the intricacy of the dots and the boldness of the blackwork stands out against each other nicely.


Back Tattoos for Men 29

Fantastic Blackwork Crow Tattoo Across the Back

Ouch, this one must have hurt quite a bit, packing in solid black is no joke. Don’t let the thought of pain prevent you from getting something similar though, especially because this tattoo is the epitome of kickass. It also suits the rest of his tattoos, which is always important to remember, try to keep to a similar style for all of your tattoos, it just looks way cooler.

IG: dark.tattz

Back Tattoos for Men 30

Black and Gray Bones Tattoo On the Upper Back

Bones are an obvious choice for the back because you can recreate the shapes of ribs and the spin as a tattoo. This Black and Gray rendition is gorgeous, the dotwork shading adds a softer touch and contrasts beautifully with the darker shades used to create depth. I’ll give this design a solid 10/10, it’s super clean and well-placed.

IG: chunmong_tattooer

Back Tattoos for Men 31

Breathtaking American Traditional Burning Church Tattoo

Another amazing Old School back tattoo and I absolutely adore how it takes up the entire back. The shape of the burning church follows with the shape of the back making it the ideal subject. Also, how nice is the bold black and bright red together? I really love American Traditional!

IG: dennis_gutierrez

Back Tattoos for Men 32

Nordic-Inspired Blackwork Back Tattoo

It’s not a list of tattoos to inspire men if it doesn’t have something Nordic on it, so here’s one for all the viking lovers. This blackwork back piece is really well done, the ink is packed solidly and the design itself has been drawn up symmetrically to fit the shape of the clients back flawlessly. Even better is how it flows up onto the back of the neck onto the skull, what better way to show off you can handle pain than getting something like this.

IG: tattoodesgn

Back Tattoos for Men 33

Mind-Blowing Hyper-Realistic Native American Tattoo

Hyper realism is one style that never goes out of fashion. This Native American back piece is extraordinary, there is so much detail and the soft shading is buttery smooth. You can tell that this will withstand the test of time because this is a healed tattoo and it looks like it was done yesterday. Exceptional work by, give his Insta some love for similar inspo.


Back Tattoos for Men 34

Fineline Astrology-Inspired Mythological Tattoo

For all you fineline fanatics, here’s a beautiful astrology-inspired back tattoo, and boy is it phenomenal. One thing to keep in mind about this style is you will need to have touch-ups done in the future because of how light it is. In simple terms, it’s more susceptible to fading but don’t let that deter you, this is the perfect style for those that love Black and Gray and realism.

IG: the.xx.ttt

Back Tattoos for Men 35

Impressive Black and Gray Medusa Back Tattoo

Does this Medusa tattoo not remind you of something out of a sci-fi film? There’s something almost bionic about it and I absolutely love that. This is definitely one of those designs that turn heads, but remember to add your own flare to it if you’re going to use it as inspiration. You don’t want to share a tattoo with a complete stranger.

IG: vismstudio

Back Tattoos for Men 36

Astounding Blackwork Skull and Mandalas Back Tattoo

We’ve reached the end of our list and the final tattoo is astounding. Not only that but it’s extremely unique and a great take on the popular lion tattoo. The blackout was a genius idea, it brings the skull to foreground allowing you to appreciate all its finer details.

We hope you found what you were looking for, if not, remember, there’s always more where that came from. Until next time, happy inking!

IG: lumina_tattoo_studio