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32 Wicked Wrist Tattoos for Men in 2024

Wrist tattoos have become a mainstream fashion staple for tattoo lovers wishing for versatility when inking new body art. Whether it’s a small tattoo, a piece of script you love, or something symbolic and personal, wrist tattoos for men come in a tremendous range of styles and designs!

But before you go and get your wrist tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most intense, interesting, and engaging wrist tattoos in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size and exact placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Wrist Tattoos for Men 1

The Best Wrist Tattoos for Men - Blackwork Men’s Wave Tattoo

This excellent blackwork wave tattoo uses the circumference of the wrist and numerous application features to craft detail. I like the shading effects that create a maelstrom effect within the borders of each set of waves and the lighter shading that branches off from the main images.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Wrist Tattoos for Men 2

Skull and Eyeball Grayscale Wrist Tattoo

This classic black and gray wrist tattoo features an eyeball trapped within a broken skull. The piece uses beautiful gray wash shading effects and finely detailed linework that provides shape and structure to the facial bones. The flowing trail of ink behind the ‘skull ball’ creates the impression of rapid movement, a tremendous added touch.

IG: taesin___

Wrist Tattoos for Men 3

Line Art Star Tattoo on Man’s Wrist

This simple but effective wrist tattoo comprises a line art star pattern contrasted against a clump of dotwork shading. The combination of straight lines and shadows gives the tattoo an interesting outer-space effect without needing heavy details or a broad color palette.

IG: kime.shadow

Wrist Tattoos for Men 4

Men’s Patterned Wrist Tattoo

This patterned wrist tattoo utilizes shape and contrast to significant effect. I like the bows’ offsetting black and gold fill colors and how neatly they’re arranged on the client’s inner wrist. The teardrop images of black ink and negative space between the colorful sections magnify the tiger-like stripes and increase their visual pop.

IG: yaku__man

Wrist Tattoos for Men 5

Heavy Black Tribal Wrist Tattoo

I like how this blackwork tribal tattoo looks on the client’s wrist. The angled placement of the design helps the hooked shapes flow from the client’s inner wrist to the back of their hand in a smooth, clean application of bold black ink.

IG: tattooep_

Wrist Tattoos for Men 6

Kintsugi Wrist Tattoo for Men

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with gold lacquer, an effect beautifully replicated in this wrist panel tattoo. The artist has masterfully used black ink in contrast to vivid stripes of metallic gold ink. I like the minimalist overall theme, and the black fill has a rough, textured look reminiscent of aged pottery.


Wrist Tattoos for Men 7

Abstract Floral Wrist Tattoo

This deft tattoo showcases a “little flower” crafted from flat color application. The piece slightly re-arranges the everyday imagery (a flower and an eye) to create a stylish, crisply delivered abstract tattoo.

IG: manq90

Wrist Tattoos for Men 8

Men’s Minimalist “Family” Tattoo

I love this minimalist family tattoo inked onto the client’s inner wrist. D is for dad, and M is for mom, with the straight line between each letter representing their child – made up of two halves on either side of the line. This simple tattoo meshes the killer concept with delicate application.

IG: tivas

Wrist Tattoos for Men 9

Men’s Freehand Neo-Tribal Wrist and Hand Tattoo

This creative neo-tribal tattoo runs from the forearm to the tips of the client’s fingers. The tattooer etched this piece freehand and showed off his skills by applying clean lines of differing thicknesses. I like how some patterns run over the top of others to overlap and create a 3D effect.

IG: grafsantz

Wrist Tattoos for Men 10

Blackwork Octopus Hand and Wrist Tattoo

This is an excellent blackwork depiction of a dark fantasy-style octopus. I like how the octopus tentacles flow smoothly off the hand and down the client’s fingers. The use of a much lighter grayscale shade for the creature’s heavily detailed head makes it pop from the wrist and provides contrast from the much darker tentacles.

IG: f_bianco_

Wrist Tattoos for Men 11

Artistic Faces Tattoo on Man’s Wrist

This elegant wrist tattoo utilizes a ribbon to separate two faces. The faces are of the same woman but look different – the top face is intentionally incomplete – because of the ribbon’s border framing. The faces are well etched with precise detail, but the ribbon is the coolest part of the design, lazily flowing down the client’s arm in smooth curls of black and gray ink.

IG: heloisegeslain

Wrist Tattoos for Men 12

Neo-Traditional Love Tattoo on Man’s Wrist

This neo-trad piece offers 3D framing and a riotous mix of colors to depict “Love.” The cartoonish hand stands out from the graffiti framing and filler, reaching out with an odd combination of colors and shapes designed to represent flowers. Tattooing the fingers of the hand with the word love names the piece and also provides a wicked design feature, as does the chic plaid suit sleeve.

IG: 85tattooer

Wrist Tattoos for Men 13

Metallic 3D Happy Face Wrist Tattoo

This happy face tattoo looks simple but is etched with prodigious skill. The design combines gold metallic ink with ordinary yellow ink and special effects to craft a 3D design. The artist demonstrates exceptional framing and color-contrasting skills – to make Happy Face look like a sphere – by splitting the two tones (gold on top, yellow on the bottom) and then filling out with shadow on the interior top and exterior base of the central circle.

IG: jooa_tattoo

Wrist Tattoos for Men 14

Fine-Detail Silver Wrist and Hand Tattoo

This single-needle wrist and hand tattoo features numerous images inked and linked by various geometric shapes. I like the precise designs, the artist’s excellent technique and attention to detail, and the use of white ink highlights, creating a silver sheen on the rose, sword, and human eye.

IG: elva__ink

Wrist Tattoos for Men 15

Men’s Biomechanical Wrist Tattoo

This tattoo gives the client a cyborg-like biomechanical hand. The piece features precise linework detail in the moving parts and complementary dark shading patterns that create the look of a robotic hand under the skin. I like the decision to only partially show the robotic limb as if a layer of skin has been torn away.

IG: debi__real

Wrist Tattoos for Men 16

Stylized Line Art Celtic Cross Tattoo on Man’s Wrist

A Celtic Cross tattoo traditionally expresses faith and devotion to Christianity, especially for Irish tattoo lovers. This beautiful single-needle tattoo combines a line art ornamental Celtic cross with simple gray-shaded leaves. I love how the artist depicts the cross by inking beautifully neat geometric patterns of lines and dots, then uses the leaves to add depth and strength to the delicate tattoo.

IG: elva__ink

Wrist Tattoos for Men 17

Quicksilver Korean Script Tattoo

This Korean script tattoo roughly translates to “Improve” in English. I like how the artist has created a quicksilver metal effect by combining gray wash shading, black linework, and white ink highlights. My only query with the design is that the two characters look different sizes despite having the exact dimensions.

IG: fireboytats

Wrist Tattoos for Men 18

True Gray and Black Ink Chinese Tiger Head Tattoo

Tiger tattoo designs embody power, ferocity, and dignity and, in China, are seen as a protective symbol. This exceptionally applied small wrist tattoo creates a Chinese tiger head using deft linework to overlay a fur pattern of black, white, and true gray inks. The white ink highlights the big cat’s eyes and teeth and finishes the design beautifully.

IG: dokgonoing

Wrist Tattoos for Men 19

Gaffer-Tape Banana Wrist Tattoo

This contemporary wrist tattoo combines a realistic strip of gaffer tape and an oversized banana. I love the idea and execution of this piece, especially the tape, which uses thick lines, folds, and layered true gray ink textures to make it seem like it’s holding the banana down.

IG: mambotattooer

Wrist Tattoos for Men 20

Ornamental Blackwork Floral Wrist Tattoo

This beautiful floral wristband tattoo uses bold black ink and negative space in opposition. I like how detail is made from deft lines and shapes, accentuated by the solid black filler. The pattern of alternating thick and thin lines provides the tattoo with an excellent finishing border.

IG: saki.lss

Wrist Tattoos for Men 21

Men’s Delicate Crossed Swords Wrist Tattoo

This fine-detail wrist tattoo depicts three entwined fantasy swords. I love the uniqueness of each sheath and hilt pattern – the two outside swords are similar to Japanese katanas, while the central sword is a dragon-themed weapon. The geometric cross-target provides the swords’ intersection and secondary depth for the overall design.

IG: ayhanmetin_

Wrist Tattoos for Men 22

Colorful Asian Dragon Wrist Tattoo

I love the neo-traditional approach to this Asian dragon wristband tattoo. White filler is a bold choice, but it works nicely in contrast to the other bright colors. I also like the placement and dragon’s facial expression – he’s cruising lazily around the client’s wrist with nowhere to go.

IG: pittakkm

Wrist Tattoos for Men 23

Neo-Contemporary Men’s Skull Tattoo

This new-school skull tattoo incorporates the hand, wrist, and forearm. I like the mix of gray and black shades, which make the central skull stand out against the brighter supporting colors. The artist’s excellent technical skills allow him to overlay the skull and thread the secondary shapes with bright colors.

IG: cloutiermichael

Wrist Tattoos for Men 24

Line Art Barbed Wire Tattoo on Man’s Wrist

The motto ‘simple is beautiful ’ applies to this neat barbed wire tattoo. The linework in this design is exceptionally clean, with curved wire and spiked barbs. I also like the faint shading touch where the two sections cross over, finishing off but not taking over the overall design.

IG: bongkee_

Wrist Tattoos for Men 25

Men’s Ornamental Wrist Tattoo

I like the color layering in this shiny ornamental tattoo. The gold, bronze, and orange colors form the central part of the design, while lemon yellow and black inks provide contrast and highlights. Bronze leaves sit behind the ornament for depth and to help the tattoo fit amongst the client’s other body art.

IG: strchn

Wrist Tattoos for Men 26

Fine Detail Bird Tattoo

This realistic bird tattoo is interesting because there’s no head, which has been tucked away, so there’s just a hint of it at the bottom of the design. The tattoo focuses on the wings and tail feathers designed to show the bird in motion, flowing down the wrist and toward the client’s hand.

IG: pratstattoo

Wrist Tattoos for Men 27

Colorful Asian Dragon Tattoos on Man’s Wrists

I can see why this artist’s neo-traditional Asian dragons are popular with customers – the designs are unique, vibrant, and highly detailed. This pair of wristband tattoos can be treated as a couple or individually. These larger dragons are spaced beautifully on the wrist, allowing plenty of room for the colors, accessories, and secondary elements to work against the non-tattooed skin.

IG: pittakkm

Wrist Tattoos for Men 28

Dragonfly Pattern Wrist Tattoo for Men

This outstanding wrist and hand tattoo combines the translucent wings of dragonflies with a central floral theme. The tattooer has made each petal from an individual wing shape and then stacked them on each other. I love the mix of bright metallic lines, hatches, and dark blue fill almost as much as the idea!

IG: yeonjae_atelier

Wrist Tattoos for Men 29

Graffiti Portrait Hand and Wrist Tattoo

Russian artist mashkow is famed for these ‘graffiti portrait’ tattoos, usually lurid depictions of famous people scribbled on. The talent it takes to create the art is undeniable – artistic skill in depth and composition mixed with a flair for underlying realism blasted by the epic use of garish colors and absurd themes.

IG: _mashkow_

Wrist Tattoos for Men 30

Single Needle Cupid Tattoo on Man’s Wrist

This single-needle tattoo features three symbols – a cupid, a rose, and a swallow – with links to romantic love. I like the technical aspects showcasing the artist’s precise linework and skill in gradient shading. The decision to ‘cross’ the bird and rose at the wingtip and stem is a clever placement.

IG: delphinmusquet

Wrist Tattoos for Men 31

Polynesian Tribal Wrist and Forearm Tattoo

Polynesian tattoos are etched in black ink, heavily detailed pieces reflecting an individual’s ancestry and personal history. Culturally appropriate but symbolically meaningful tattoos are available for those who aren’t Polynesian and looking to get a tattoo using this style, culturally appropriate but symbolically meaningful tattoos are available.


Wrist Tattoos for Men 32

Blackwork Dark Fantasy Men’s Wrist Tattoo

This blackwork dark fantasy tattoo displays great shading and line composition. The figure flows and slides along the client’s arm as the black ink is made to look akin to an oil slick. I like the tattoo’s placement along the wrist and lower arm, although many other clients would flip the design to face in the opposite direction.

IG: timor_tt