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32 Cool Tattoos for Men in 2024

Contemporary tattoo art features a beautiful array of ideas, styles, and placements of ink for you to consider and weigh up before making a choice.  Cool tattoos for men can be different for every person, so research ideas and application styles to find the perfect one for your signature design!

But before you go and get your cool tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most exciting, daring, and interesting cool tattoos in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size, and exact placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Cool Tattoos for Men 1

The Best Cool Tattoos for Men - Artistic Heart Tattoo on Man’s Chest

This contemporary tattoo combines a Sharpie anatomical heart with…a Sharpie. I love the idea and execution of this piece, especially the heart, which uses thick linework shot through with slightly different tinges of red ink to replicate the look of the permanent marker.

IG: mambotattooer

Cool Tattoos for Men 2

3D Blackwork Back Tattoo for Men

A mesmerizing back piece that features a massive eel curled around and through a 3D skeleton. The feature of this tattoo is its meticulous attention to detail from the realistic shading that offsets the intertwined images – light skeleton, dark eel, and black headdress. It’s a sensational piece of complex patterns mixed with flawless linework within a disturbing theme.

IG: 47volt

Cool Tattoos for Men 3

High Plains Drifter Shootout Arm Tattoo

I love this shootout tattoo featuring Clint Eastwood’s iconic character, the High Plains Drifter. The piece features a clever black and gray design that limits close detail yet remains fundamentally in shape and look. The best part of the design is the aged and tattered poncho overlaid with white ink highlights that give it an aged, sun-damaged pattern.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Cool Tattoos for Men 4

Men’s Blackwork Peony Chest Tattoo

You won’t find realistic blackwork floral patterns better than this man’s chest tattoo. The whip-shading in the peony petals is nearly flawless but may be outdone by the packed black ink and negative space linework used for the leaves. I also like the design is placed squarely in the middle of the chest. It’s just a shame that I can’t zoom in further on the technical details.

IG: kubrickgood

Cool Tattoos for Men 5

Cool Abstract Dancer Side Tattoo

This looks like a 3D rubber figure rather than a tattoo inked onto the skin. This dancer uses just three colors – black, navy, and scarlet – and has no shading (or a head and face), yet a sense of fluidity and movement is hard to replicate.

IG: aleksymarcinow

Cool Tattoos for Men 6

Realism Combination Tattoo on Both Arms

This single tattoo covers both of the man’s forearms. The design resembles trash polka-style body art but eschews red ink and some of the wilder aspects of that approach. I love the realistic main images of fish and cactus; despite being unrelated, their detailed application method links them as much as the other imagery.

IG: sera_tattooer

Cool Tattoos for Men 7

Full Color Cartoon Half Sleeve for Men

This video game sleeve uses classic cartoon style; it’s all about vivid colors and character replication as each part of the sleeve overlaps. Each character looks just like in the games, while around them, different filler approaches help focus on their distinctive features. Luigi’s facial expression makes me laugh every time!

IG: drkturcotte

Cool Tattoos for Men 8

Colorful Patterned Snake Tattoo on Man’s Arm

This tremendous artistic tattooing features two snakes imbued with numerous colors and inlaid geometric patterns. The snake shapes themselves are simple, flat images. The magic comes from different ornamental shapes being worked into each color through contrasting ink choices and clean lines. In particular, the gold metallic ink looks terrific over a black base and could make a brilliant design idea.

IG: pittakkm

Cool Tattoos for Men 9

Sak Yant Men’s Chest Tattoo

Thai Sak Yant tattoos are spiritually symbolic designs etched with a single bamboo needle. Known as The Sak Yant Paed Tidt, this tattoo helps protect the wearer against harm when traveling in all directions. The details feature precise line art detail in the wards and Thai script.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Cool Tattoos for Men 10

Cool Blue Ink Men’s Sleeve Tattoo

This Asian dragon ¾ sleeve arm tattoo has been etched almost entirely in blue ink to create a design reminiscent of porcelain artwork. The sinuous dragon looks fierce but wise – the white ink highlights help give it a positive aura. I also like how the design uses negative space to allow the dragon to curl around the client’s arm without needing filler ink.

IG: oozy_tattoo

Cool Tattoos for Men 11

Gray Peonies Upper Arm Tattoo

These gray peony tattoos are a beautiful example of floral realism tattooing. The design is almost perfect, balancing soft colors from opaque shading techniques against small sections of precise linework. Shadowing the flowers at different budding stages generates different angles, details, and flowing patterns that provide depth and intensity to the elegant application.

IG: guppy.flowertattoo

Cool Tattoos for Men 12

Men’s Geometric Arm and Body Tattoo

This set of repeating shapes demonstrates how the client’s body is vital to the tattoo delivery. The idea is simple, but the execution takes mastery of unseen skills.
The artist’s understanding of anatomy and musculature provides a natural flow for the patterns to follow in a design that runs from his forearm, up over his shoulder, and down his side, and finishes at the abdomen.


Cool Tattoos for Men 13

Celestial and Ocean-Themed Gray Sleeve Tattoo

I haven’t seen many solid, opaque gray tattoo designs – there should be more! I love this sleeve tattoo, given a Celestial and Ocean theme by the client and art. The slight changes in flat grays give this tattoo beautiful nuances against the many bits of negative space. I also like the added detail created by the clever use of white ink.

IG: samanthafungtattoo

Cool Tattoos for Men 14

“Eat This” Conspiracy Tattoo on Man’s Upper Arm

The “Eat This” half-sleeve tattoo is a commentary on conspiracy – particularly that of consumerism. The design is mostly in abstract photo-realism style offset by wild color highlights to accentuate the idea of gluttony created by television and advertising. Matching the symbolic design idea with the epic application makes this tattoo an exceptionally cool piece of body art.

IG: sivak_

Cool Tattoos for Men 15

Men’s Japanese Style Full Back Tattoo

This is a top-quality example of Japanese-style tattooing. The design features three wolves but mainly emphasizes a large blue canine with an exaggerated facial expression, sharp teeth, and raking claws. I like the placement of each wolf, their subtle color patterns, and the sensible use of wind and fire to add exciting filler.

IG: stupagdintattooer

Cool Tattoos for Men 16

Neo-Traditional Men’s Demon Sleeve Tattoo

Unlike many neo-traditional designs, this Japanese-style arm sleeve uses a limited palette to bring a demon theme to life. However, the vibrant orange that promotes fiery flame in opposition to the solid black and gray filler is outstanding. I love the technical skills displayed in clean line construction and color contrast against negative space, while the images – demon, devil, and spider skeleton – are all unique and exciting.

IG: _alvarito_tattoo

Cool Tattoos for Men 17

‘From the Outside’ Artistic Chest Tattoo

This absurdist artistic chest tattoo is called ‘From the Outside.’ The design is a precise piece mixing single-needle skills with more experimental freehand application. I won’t pretend to make sense of the theme; however, the line art and shading are of the highest quality; look at the shirt-sleeve’s creases and owl’s layered feather pattern as examples of technical mastery.

IG: mor__asraf

Cool Tattoos for Men 18

Cool Realistic Snake Tattoos on Man’s Upper Arms and Chest

This could be my favorite tattoo in the gallery (I know my snake-loving son thinks it’s cool). The animal realism techniques used – contrasting patterns, shifting shade gradients, and smooth delivery – are outshone only by the placement and theme. I love the snakes meeting from opposite positions in a unique arrangement, the absence of other body art, and how one of the two serpents is in self-defense mode, jaws distended and ready to bite.

IG: uncogrim

Cool Tattoos for Men 19

Red Realistic Skeleton Chest Tattoo

Anatomical skeleton tattoos are challenging because there are many minute details to get right. Crafting one in the center of a client’s chest with shiny red ink furthers the technical difficulty. The piece is technically exceptional – a 3D rib cage, workable ball joints, white ink highlights to give the bones more realism, and the radioactive glow.

IG: oozy_tattoo

Cool Tattoos for Men 20

Cool Neo-Contemporary Full Sleeve Tattoo

This brilliant neo-contemporary sleeve tattoo offers abstract, fantasy theming mixed with modern color and technical application. The maroon wash running the length of the tattoo is immediately noticeable. From there, you can focus on the different images within the sleeve, such as the geometric weave and many eyes on the upper arm or the mask/animal skull on the forearm.

IG: waler_montero

Cool Tattoos for Men 21

European Dragon Tattoo on Man’s Shoulder

European dragon tattoos differ from their Asian counterparts. They’re uglier, more powerful, and hateful. This shoulder design exemplifies the hulking Western dragon, a leathery, mean, and brutish-looking creature. It’s a dark-colored tattoo, yet the artist has imbued the wings and scales with detailed characteristics to give it depth. It also has a nasty set of chompers that could smash buildings!

IG: strchn

Cool Tattoos for Men 22

La Chica Chicano Clown Tattoo

The female clown (payasa in Spanish) is a common theme in Chicano tattoos, branching from the motto “Smile now, cry later.” These tattoo designs often represent the client’s need to hide weakness and vulnerability – essential to many Chicano tattoo themes.

IG: francescofrigenti_tats

Cool Tattoos for Men 23

Men’s Multi-Geometric Sleeve Tattoo (75% finished)

You could be forgiven for thinking this epic Mandala arm sleeve is finished, yet there’s still more work to do. Wherever you look, space overlaps, fills in, or contrasts with the concept next to it. The artist has filled the tattoo with nuanced black, gray, and negative space geometric combinations, with a realistic (for now) cicada thrown in for good measure.

IG: weschetattoo

Cool Tattoos for Men 24

Black and Gray Iceberg Tattoo

I like the design and execution of this man’s iceberg tattoo in black and gray. The artist combines flowing line work, old-school and whip shading techniques, and intelligent chest placement to accurately maximize the above and below-the-waterline effects to depict the mountain of ice. I like how the below-water iceberg section is shaded differently and much larger than the part visible to the naked eye.

IG: raffaellafabbri.ttt

Cool Tattoos for Men 25

Heavy Ink Gothic Fantasy Chest Tattoo

This gothic chest and throat tattoo combines a large, blasted 3D skull with a geometric pattern found in medieval churches. It’s a remarkably skillful piece – the work needed to depict a skull split into three parts accurately takes technical knowledge and creative vision. I like that there are no sharp, straight lines – all are curved and flowing lines that match up into circles and arches.

IG: jimleclerctattoo

Cool Tattoos for Men 26

“Utrecht City” Line Art Tattoo on Man’s Back

A staggering number of lines manufacture this complete back depiction of Utrecht. There are no shadows or color fills, just thousands of expertly inlaid lines in various lengths and patterns. The piece depicts a bustling cityscape filled with tall buildings, farms, businesses, and people with precise detail. This body art is a masterwork of line art tattooing on an epic scale!

IG: ivan.zagusta

Cool Tattoos for Men 27

Men’s Neo-Contemporary Buck Tattoo on Chest and Shoulder

This unique buck tattoo is crafted in black and gray ink yet possesses the soul of a brightly-inked Irezumi tattoo. The piece mixes animal realism fundamentals and then flips them by turning the deer into elongated, melted pools of ink joined together. I like the soft line technique that makes the creature’s fur and the waves of negative space used to break up the shades into different ink patterns.

IG: anttoxaxa

Cool Tattoos for Men 28

Realistic Black and Gray Falcons Back Tattoo

This realistic piece depicts two falcons tumbling in mid-air (either mating or fighting). The tattoo eschews heavy detail in favor of clever linework and contrasting shades. For example, the pale gray pockets of shading are enough to convey the idea of soft feathers without having to ink them individually.

IG: mauritziantetattoos

Cool Tattoos for Men 29

Heavenly Buddha Men’s Back Tattoo

There’s a lot to like about this heavenly Buddha tattoo. Firstly, it’s high on the body and respects Buddhist art and culture. Secondly, the three well-spaced main images look exactly like stone carvings – chock full of detail crafted from clever shading and white ink highlights. Finally, the three pieces are joined by a rich gold hoop that completely opposes the rest of the design and is balanced by a series of linework clouds.

IG: chou_tatt

Cool Tattoos for Men 30

Neo-Tradition Gorilla Half-Sleeve Tattoo

This killer upper arm tattoo reminds me of every cigar-chomping tough guy you see in the movies, except it’s a gorilla! I like how the piece (a classic black and gray animal realism tattoo) gets a tinge of contemporary ink by intelligently incorporating the cigar’s smoke and glow into the color scheme.

IG: marko_tattoo

Cool Tattoos for Men 31

Fine Line Geometric Chest Tattoo for Men

This fine-detailed chest tattoo incorporates the Eye of Horus alongside a larger, more detailed caduceus (the staff carried by the messenger Hermes in Greek mythology). I like how these two symbols are built out with cool geometric patterns, lines, and shapes across the breadth of the client’s chest.


Cool Tattoos for Men 32

Neo-Classical Atlas Full Back Tattoo

This tattoo of Atlas holding up the world’s weight is a terrific example of neo-classical body art. The design uses the whole back to show the Greek God laboring in a marble and metal statue. I like how the Atlas statue is just one part of the rich design – he’s depicted to be in the Parthenon (you can tell by the domed roof filled with carvings, statues, and filigree).

IG: gody_tattoo