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33 Awesome Hand Tattoos for Men in 2024

Hand tattoos are a bold choice made by people specifically seeking visible ink. Few things are more compelling than hand tattoos for men – they never fail to draw a reaction. Whether you’re thinking about a commemorative tattoo, a design stamped on your palm, or body art encompassing the entirety of the hand, the possibilities are endless!

But before you go and get your hand tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most interesting, exciting, and awesome hand tattoos in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size, and exact placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Hand Tattoos for Men 1

The Best Hand Tattoos for Men - Close-up Flower Men’s Hand Tattoo

I love the contrast between black and white ink in this floral hand tattoo. The design is a unique one – an artistic close-up of the inside of a flower – which allows the artist to thread incredible white ink lines out from the flower’s center and over the top of the base black ink.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Hand Tattoos for Men 2

Two-Face Black and Gray Hand Tattoo

This two-faced mask tattoo showcases exceptional technique by balancing an almost untouched half of a man’s face with a skeletal one. The central design is attractive, but the part I like most is the bordering circle that fills out the tattoo while providing additional detail in black and gray ink shading.

IG: taesin___

Hand Tattoos for Men 3

Oni Mask Hand Tattoo for Men

Oni are Japanese mythical creatures, often depicted as demons or ogres. They make brilliant tattoo designs, often linked to protection, strength, or re-birth. This hand tattoo is etched in the classic style but uses black and gray shading instead of bright colors. I like the decision to use just half an Oni mask to fit better on the skin.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Hand Tattoos for Men 4

Colorful Kabuki Mask Hand Tattoos

I love these neo-contemporary Japanese Kabuki mask tattoos. Each two-color design utilizes a brilliant mix of crisp black linework detail offset by thickly painted, brightly colored ink. It’s like the artist found old unfinished sketches and defaced them with metallic pens.

IG: yaku__man

Hand Tattoos for Men 5

Krusty the Clown Graffiti Hand Tattoo

This colorful graffiti-style hand tattoo is a mash-up of Krusty the Clown and the Joker, which works! Using vibrant colors and graffiti tropes – postcode and tags – gives it a gritty, darker feel than a cartoon tattoo tribute would.

IG: jokekpc

Hand Tattoos for Men 6

Minimalist Men’s Star Tattoo on Hand

This minimalist star tattoo is simple and elegant yet stands out (partly because it’s the only tattoo on his hand). I like the simple crosshatch application and spacing between the two stars – it’s a well-executed tattoo that costs only the shop minimum!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Hand Tattoos for Men 7

Scythe and Butterfly Hand Tattoo

This hand tattoo combines a black ink realistic butterfly design with a farmer’s scythe. I like how the two parts are framed together, with the butterfly placed just over the top of the long-handled scythe to make a border. The insect’s precise panels create fantastic depth in each wing.

IG: adrireigada

Hand Tattoos for Men 8

Stylized Daruma Hand Tattoo

 Japanese Daruma dolls are seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck. This epic men’s hand tattoo offers a fantastic split version that balances the Daruma’s bright, conventional colors and shading against an artistic second half reminiscent of a brushstroke painting.

IG: mambotattooer

Hand Tattoos for Men 9

Black and Gray Davy Jones Hand Tattoo

This is an excellent black-and-gray depiction of Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean. I like how the octopus tentacles flow smoothly off the hand and down the client’s fingers. The use of a much lighter grayscale shade for Davey’s face makes it pop from the back of the hand and provides contrast from his hat and tentacles.

IG: bobavhett

Hand Tattoos for Men 10

Line Art Men’s Palm Tattoos

These palm tattoos match two Japanese designs into thickly lined pieces. Because of the difficulty palm tattoos face during aging (skin cells regenerate quickly, and ink often falls out due to wear and tear), the artist rightfully avoided using filler or delicate linework to ensure the tattoo remains bold.

IG: lukeaashley

Hand Tattoos for Men 11

Black Ink Woman’s Profile Hand Tattoo

This woman’s profile tattoo in classic black and gray uses the hand well to frame her visage. The artist’s shading and lines are crisply delivered, balanced with heavy black ink with touches of white ink highlights. Using the dragon-themed border – scales, wings, thick bones – provides a dark fantasy theme that fits the blackout tattoo on his wrist.

IG: f_bianco_

Hand Tattoos for Men 12

New-School Propeller and Paper Plane Tattoo

I love the combination of color, 3D effects, and thick lines that bring this propeller hand tattoo to eye-popping life. I love how the artist fills around the colorful 3D propeller with a schematic sketch effect to cover the hand. The ultra-thick, precise black lines that craft the paper plane make it look like it’s about to glide over his hand.

IG: vincent_bloodline

Hand Tattoos for Men 13

Artistic Blackwork Men’s Hand Tattoo

It’s challenging to make a tattoo look like liquid – yet this brilliant hand design does so in a mesmerizing fashion! The three ropes of oozing black fluid are spaced expertly and use small pockets of white ink ‘glow’ to create a creeping, oozing effect. I like how the new ink complements the existing tattoo pattern yet is unique in style and application.

IG: taesin___

Hand Tattoos for Men 14

Black Ink Traditional Style Hand Tattoos

A beautiful pair of hand tattoos that use neo-traditional black ink styling. Both profiles are created with an excellent whip-shading technique that fills in around each figure’s features.

IG: eddie_dit

Hand Tattoos for Men 15

Men’s Pixelated Butterfly Hand Tattoo

I love the clever application of colors in this stylized butterfly tattoo. The artist creates a heavily pixelated pattern by using a variety of colored squares surrounding thick black lines. The match between design idea and application in this men’s tattoo is exceptional!

IG: youthless_

Hand Tattoos for Men 16

Men’s Egyptian Falcon Hand Tattoo

An enjoyably diverse group of fine-detailed designs that make up this man’s hand tattoo. The soaring eagle is the standout piece, utilizing brilliant application characteristics in the wings, claws, and feathers. I like using various geometric lines and dots to connect the images and create minimalistic filler.

IG: alchemistsvalley

Hand Tattoos for Men 17

Colorful Neo-Contemporary Irezumi Tattoo

This neo-traditional skull tattoo is done in the classic Japanese style. It uses a broad color palette of bright colors and a vibrant filler of flowers and clouds to support the central skull image. The design is also a thematic match to the Asian dragon tattoo on the client’s forearm.

IG: stupagdintattooer

Hand Tattoos for Men 18

Third-Eye Dark Fantasy Tattoo for Men

Third-eye tattoos traditionally represent intuition and the ability to foretell the future. I like how this men’s hand tattoo takes on a dark fantasy aspect in a traditional black and gray design. The lumpy, stitched-on eye affixed to the skull promotes the idea that the skull still sees all and feeds on dark thoughts to keep going.

IG: taesin___

Hand Tattoos for Men 19

American-Traditional Men’s Hand Tattoos

I like the new-school spin on these traditional rose and swallow hand tattoos. The modernized color palette – mint green, silver traces, and burnt orange – entwined with classic colors and themes gives both images a vibrant pop. This body art will hold up well as it ages!

IG: daniqueipo

Hand Tattoos for Men 20

Men’s Brushstroke Butterfly Hand Tattoo

This brushstroke butterfly tattoo is one of my favorites in the gallery. The idea is simple – make the tattoo look like it’s been haphazardly painted on – but it is hard to get right. The artist has done a beautiful job creating a paint effect with intelligent linework and a unique smudged effect.

IG: tattoo_chamsae

Hand Tattoos for Men 21

Colorful Mosaic Tile Tattoo for Men

This mosaic tile men’s tattoo design is bright and effervescent. The vivid color scheme, highlighted with white ink, gives the image a warm and friendly feel that contrasts the tattoo above it. The decision to use a freehand application style provides the tattoo with more personality.

IG: pittakkm

Hand Tattoos for Men 22

Neo-Classical Graffiti Hand Tattoo

I love the juxtaposition of ideas in this men’s hand tattoo. A modern graffiti slogan has defaced the neo-classical head of a statue. Much like a contemporary art installation, this defiant design is meant to create a conversation based on the comment, “Art is not for you.”

IG: pelleossa_ink

Hand Tattoos for Men 23

Colorful Sketch Style Rose Tattoo on Man’s Hand

I like this colorful take on a red rose tattoo. The piece uses a sketch-style design built on black ink lines and pockets of shadow filled with vivid yet soft red ink. I like the even paler shade of red used at the center of the petals to create another layer of detail.

IG: kelvintattooer

Hand Tattoos for Men 24

Colorful Crescent Moon Hand Tattoo

This brilliantly designed and executed crescent moon tattoo uses a wallpaper-style internal print contrasting black ink filler with pink lotus flowers and green leaves. The artist’s decision to place a fraction of one flower outside the curved moon border to give it a close-up focus is a brilliant technical flourish.

IG: tattooist_eq

Hand Tattoos for Men 25

Neo-Contemporary Woman Tattoo on Back of Hand

This woman’s headshot tattoo mixes colors and styles beautifully within the limited space. I like how her delicate features are tattooed in a manner reminiscent of anime. Her black ink hair – with orange plaits in a bun – is exquisitely crafted and designed to support the surrounding images of bees and flowers.

IG: davin_tattoo

Hand Tattoos for Men 26

Artistic Men’s Hand Tattoo

This artistic hand tattoo is two sets of eyes melted into a puddle. I love the concept, delivery, and pattern flowing down the hand from the client’s forearm—the thick, ropey pools of ink contrast well in white, blue, and black shades.


Hand Tattoos for Men 27

Classic Black and Gray Flower Tattoo on Man’s Hand

This peony tattoo is beautifully designed and executed. It’s framed perfectly on the forearm, hand, and fingers through delicate black ink and negative space leaves. The central peony offers tremendous line art petals that flare out from the main cluster. Each one is imbued with a hint of fine shadow.

IG: sagaegrim

Hand Tattoos for Men 28

Ghost Dog Halloween Hand Tattoo

This man’s ghost dog hand tattoo is a (Halloween) treat. The artist uses the space perfectly, creating a white sheet with a dog-like demeanor that angles down from the client’s hand and moves across the fingers. The bright blue color palette is offset by the glowing Jack-o-lantern, which adds a vibrant cartoon aspect to the fun tattoo.

IG: adrienn.kern

Hand Tattoos for Men 29

Japanese Heron Hand Tattoo for Men

This Irezumi heron is brilliantly etched, using the entire space available on the client’s hand. I love the vivid aqua linework – it provides a stark contrast to the black ink waves that is wonderfully unique for this kind of tattoo.


Hand Tattoos for Men 30

Men’s Salvador Dali Melting Clock Tattoo

This incredibly detailed melting clock tattoo is a nod to surrealist artist Salvadore Dali. The melting clock symbolizes a lack of meaning and fluidity of time in the dream world. The highlight of this version is the clock border and loop, etched with a combination of silver metallic ink and white highlights.

IG: yeontaan

Hand Tattoos for Men 31

Asian Dragon’s Head Tattoo on Man’s Hand

This dragon’s head tattoo finishes off the client’s arm sleeve – it’s unrelated content that uses similar colors to the pre-existing work. The head is a classic narrow-style Asian dragon punctuated with spikes that add detail and shape to the rest of the design.

IG: chen.tattooer

Hand Tattoos for Men 32

Heavy Black Ink Fly Hand Tattoo

While not the tattoo concept I would go for personally, this black ink fly design is exceptional in style and application. I love the shading and detail threaded into the wings, giving them a translucent look. The legs are also brilliantly etched, stretching down onto the fingers in jagged lines of black ink.

IG: marco.odio

Hand Tattoos for Men 33

Graffiti Portrait Tattoo on Man’s Hand

Russian artist mashkow is famed for these ‘graffiti portrait’ tattoos, usually lurid depictions of famous people scribbled on. The talent it takes to create the art is undeniable – artistic skill in depth and composition mixed with a flair for underlying realism blasted by the epic use of garish colors and absurd themes.

IG: _mashkow_

Hand Tattoos for Men 34

Red Eye Tattoo Panel on Man’s Hand

This hand tattoo balances a realistic design against different techniques to give the eye a unique style. The orb is crisp and precisely detailed, but for me, the exciting bits are the red tone washing through the piece and the use of a lengthwise rectangular border that frames the entire concept.

IG: pelleossa_ink