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32 Eye-catching Throat Tattoos for Men in 2024

Throat tattoos are a huge commitment. They are usually only performed by an artist if you are heavily tattooed, and if you have made 100% sure that your job allows for you to have one. Throat tattoos are bold, and daring, and should be worn with pride. Don’t be surprised if people stop you and ask you about your tattoos when you have your throat tattooed – these tend to be the most eye-catching tattoos out there! 

But before you go and get your throat tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, badass, and interesting throat tattoos for men in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size, and placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Throat Tattoos for Men 1

The Best Throat Tattoos for Men - A Phenomenal Optical Illusion Throat Tattoo for Men

This artist perfectly executed this mind-bending optical illusion tattoo on the throat. Straight lines are tricky to do on the throat, so I am impressed by how clean this tattoo is. This design would attract a lot of attention because it makes you want to reach out and put your hand through it!

IG: chalanadots

Throat Tattoos for Men 2

Men’s Abstract Blackwork Moth Tattoo on the Throat

This throat tattoo is hauntingly beautiful. Butterflies and moths are usually done symmetrically on the throat, so I love the asymmetrical nature of this piece as it is unique. The texture that the artist created using dots and both thin and thick lines works to heighten contrast with the heavy use of black.

IG: bobavhett

Throat Tattoos for Men 3

Neotraditional Wolf Tattoo on Men’s Throat

I have seen a lot of wolf tattoos in my career, but this one stands out to me. The wolf’s facial expression is not too aggressive which makes it perfect for a throat tattoo. I like the subtle use of color and the bold use of black as this provides good contrast. I am not the biggest fan of the placement and feel it could look better, slightly smaller and higher on the throat.

IG: fred.bertoli

Throat Tattoos for Men 4

Abstract Iris Tattoo on the Throat for Men

These flowing, abstract flower petals are both feminine and masculine. I love the way it fits the client’s neck perfectly. This tattoo stands out as the client does not have any tattoos around it. I like the very subtle use of shading, and brilliantly clean linework, and you can see exactly why this style is what this artist is known for.

IG: sagaegrim

Throat Tattoos for Men 5

Men’s Colorful Symmetrical Throat Tattoo

This tattoo artist is well-known for not using black outlines in his tattoos, so you can spot his work from a mile away. I love the attention to detail with the use of white geometric pattern work within the design. The tattoo is striking and fits the throat well. The color is saturated and bright.

IG: pittakkm

Throat Tattoos for Men 6

Bold Owl Tattoo on Men’s Throat

This tattoo must have been quite painful as it takes up all of the throat and both sides of the neck. I like that the artist left skin breaks as it helps this tattoo breathe. The owl has a badass facial expression and I like the pop of color in the claws as well as the eyes.

IG: drewshallis

Throat Tattoos for Men 7

Black and Gray Skull Morph Throat Tattoo for Men

This is a tattoo for fans of all things creepy. I like the use of texture in the shading on the skulls and that the artist left a lot of open skin. Sometimes, skulls can be too dark but I like that these are easy to read. I’d be curious to see how the small details hold up over time on the throat skin.

IG: yair_mtz

Throat Tattoos for Men 8

Men’s Blackwork Ornamental Throat Tattoo

I am a huge fan of this relatively new style of tattooing which is a mashup between blackwork, ornamental, and lettering. It fits the client’s throat very well and resembles a necklace in a sense. I like the splatters around it and the contrast between the bold linework and the thin details.

IG: tattoobyboyko

Throat Tattoos for Men 9

Men’s Bold Mandala Tattoo on the Throat

This has got to be one of my favorite tattoos on the list. I love how striking the red eyes are right in the center. The artist must be very skilled as both the linework and the dotwork shading are executed perfectly and this tattoo is one of the cleanest that I have seen on the throat.

IG: kiwa_jip

Throat Tattoos for Men 10

Striking Butterfly and Thorns Throat Tattoo for Men

I love this tattoo because it shows that not all throat tattoos for men need to be super masculine to look amazing. The thorns add a dynamic element to this tattoo and the fine linework is beautiful. I like the subtle use of shading and the placement is top-notch!

IG: rottenhannah

Throat Tattoos for Men 11

Simple Line Tattoo on Throat for Men

This throat tattoo is beautiful because of its simplicity. Straight lines are difficult as it is to tattoo, but on the throat is even more difficult as you have your client’s breathing to contend with. This tattoo is a great option if you can only have, or prefer, subtle tattoos.

IG: eleonora.cercato

Throat Tattoos for Men 12

Men’s Black Out Throat Tattoo

The black-out tattooing style is not everyone’s cup of tea but I am quite a big fan of it. In the past, people would get black-out tattoos as a last resort to cover old tattoos, but more people are getting them just because they like the style. This tattoo is bold and well-saturated, and I like the geometric design used to end it off underneath the client’s chin.

IG: handsmark

Throat Tattoos for Men 13

Exquisite Haku Throat Tattoo for Men

Haku is one of the most well-known characters from the film Spirited Away. I love the intricate fine lines that the artist executed almost perfectly on such a tricky area. It flows beautifully around the client’s neck and I love the tiny cherry blossom petals scattered around it as it gives it an ethereal feel.

IG: oozy_tattoo

Throat Tattoos for Men 14

Wisdom Eye Tattoo on Men’s Throat

Wisdom eyes are found painted on virtually every Buddist shrine. As their name suggests, they symbolize wisdom and are such a great idea for a throat tattoo. I love the balance and symmetry of this tattoo and the use of thicker lines as this helps the throat tattoo stand out from the other tattoos on this client’s body. Overall, a daring and bold tattoo!

IG: livfrosttattoo_

Throat Tattoos for Men 15

Men’s Blackwork Angel Number with Bat Wings Throat Tattoo

This is an interesting tattoo for the throat. I am not the biggest fan of how dark it is as I feel they lost a lot of detail in the bat wings. I like the small white highlights and that the numbers were left open as it does help the tattoo breathe. The symmetry is a bit off, but with some tweaking, I think that this could be an effective design for a throat tattoo!

IG: yair_mtz

Throat Tattoos for Men 16

Blackwork with a Pop Of Color Throat Tattoo for Men

This tattoo is so clean and dynamic that it almost looks like it was Photoshopped onto the client. I am in awe at the composition and the way the tattoo fits the client’s throat, neck, and chest perfectly. The artist played with textures and even added a pop of color to the piece which is very unique as this style of tattooing is usually just black. A bold, clean, and well-executed tattoo!

IG: vizion_tatt

Throat Tattoos for Men 17

Exquisite Chinese Dragon Tattoo on Men’s Throat

I adore this tattoo because it reminds me of the delicate paintings found on Chinese ceramic vases. The tattoo has beautiful floral elements and I love the fine details. This shows a lot of skill as lining with color inks can be quite difficult. The artist combines a feminine style of tattooing with a badass subject matter to create a tattoo that would work for both men and women.

IG: oozy_tattoo

Throat Tattoos for Men 18

Delicate Moth Throat Tattoo for Men

Moths symbolize transformation and this tattoo absolutely transforms the client by making them look tough. I like the attention to detail in the different shading techniques used. The moth fits the throat very well and is an iconic image in the tattoo community, so it will never go out of style. This tattoo is a great option for someone who wants to get a stand-alone, timeless tattoo.

IG: moducommun

Throat Tattoos for Men 19

Men’s Masculine Ornamental Throat Tattoo

Ornamental tattoos are more commonly worn by women, however, this artist executes their unique take on ornamental pattern work on both men and women. It is the kind of tattoo you would notice from across a room. Bold, clean, and perfectly symmetrical, you cannot go wrong with a design like this.

IG: sadhakaya

Throat Tattoos for Men 20

Creepy Infested Bat Throat Tattoo for Men

This is an interesting tattoo but quite difficult to read as it is quite cluttered. I like the combination of etching and dotted shading in the design and the way that the wings sit on the sides of the neck. This tattoo is dark and creepy and will appeal to the fans of that style.

IG: evils

Throat Tattoos for Men 21

Men’s Bright Neotraditional Throat Tattoo

The throat is a very sensitive area to get tattooed, but this client sat like a beast and even got full color done! I love the color palette and the use of both bold and thin lines, which is common in the Neotraditional style. It works well as a stand-alone tattoo, but I think it would look even better if the artist added some floral elements to the sides of the moth. A bright and bold tattoo that will stand the test of time!

IG: jayjoree

Throat Tattoos for Men 22

Intricate Sacred Geometry Throat Tattoo for Men

This tattoo is breathtakingly beautiful. I am very impressed by how clean the line work is, especially as the tattoo is on the throat. The symmetry is almost perfect, and I love the use of larger dots in the areas that have dotwork. This tattoo is dynamic and incredibly interesting to look at.

IG: caiocerejatattoo

Throat Tattoos for Men 23

Alien Tattoo on Men’s Throat

This artist is known for creating tattoos that transform their clients into alien-like creatures. It is extremely unique and interesting, but I am not a big fan of the style. I worry that it will not hold up well over time and that it may all smudge into a big mess. This type of tattoo is a huge commitment, and you need to be 100% sure of your decision before you go ahead with getting it done.

IG: massacrov

Throat Tattoos for Men 24

Men’s Neotribal Throat Tattoo

Neotribal is a style that is taking the tattoo industry by storm. I like this tattoo because I have never seen anything similar to it before. The use of red in the tribal areas is a cool take on the style and I like the scratchy text in the center. As this style is a trend at the moment, I do worry that it will not be a timeless tattoo, but it sure is cool at the moment.

IG: yung_mary

Throat Tattoos for Men 25

Curling Snake Tattoo on Throat for Men

This tattoo has to be one of my absolute favorite ones on this list. I adore the shading in this snake as it looks like it is twisting and curling all over the place. I like that they left the snake’s eye blank as it gives it a creepy edge. It fits the client’s throat very well and I think this design would suit anyone and everyone.

IG: koonoblk

Throat Tattoos for Men 26

Illuminating Lantern Tattoo on Men’s Throat

This Neo Traditional lantern tattoo is bold, bright, and suits the client’s existing neck tattoo. It is a shame that this tattoo will mostly be hidden as it goes quite far under the chin. I love the way that the artist played with color and light, making it look like the candle is lighting up the lantern.

IG: strchn

Throat Tattoos for Men 27

Men’s Geometric Dotwork Bear Throat Tattoo

While this is not my favorite style of tattooing, I do appreciate how delicate the dotwork is. The design fits the client’s throat very well and I like how it ends along his jawline. Bears are a symbol of strength and protection and those traits come across in this tattoo design.

IG: mitchin.tattoos

Throat Tattoos for Men 28

Painterly Swallow Tattoos on Men’s Throat

This style of tattooing works so well on any part of the body as the artist usually draws the design directly onto your skin. This tattoo is extremely well saturated and I am obsessed with the splatters and small details in the swirls and pointed ends. Props to both the artist and the client as this must have been an extremely painful tattoo.


Throat Tattoos for Men 29

Pretty Black and Gray Tiger Tattoo with Fineline Flower Tattoo on Arm

This tattoo looks like a beautiful, soft painting. I admire the artist’s skill and patience as I can imagine this tattoo took a long time to do. It is the kind of design that would suit both men and women, and I like the artist’s choices of color and attention to detail.

IG: chou_tatt

Throat Tattoos for Men 30

Black and Gray Sacred Heart Throat Tattoo for Men

I like the symbolism of a sacred heart, however, this tattoo is not very well executed and the shading is not as smooth as it should be. The throat is a tricky spot to tattoo, so try to visit a tattoo artist who has a few years of experience when getting a throat tattoo. Overall, the style and concept are cool but I believe it could have been executed better.

IG: r.n._tattooing

Throat Tattoos for Men 31

Men’s Delicate Script Tattoo on the Throat

This tattoo shows how simple and sophisticated a throat tattoo can be. I am impressed by how clean the lines are and how well-placed this script is. It has a strong message which you will want to have on display. Overall, a clean and sophisticated throat tattoo that still packs a punch.

IG: th.tatoo

Throat Tattoos for Men 32

Bright Bio Organic Throat Tattoo for Men

The Bio Organic style of tattooing is making a comeback. I love the artist’s use of bright blue in this design as it looks like the client is shining blue from his insides. This style requires a lot of skill and practice, and if you decide to get something like this you need to make sure to find an artist who specializes in it. A striking and dynamic throat tattoo for sure!

IG: matimateus

Throat Tattoos for Men 33

Butterfly & Tiger Eyes Tattoo

This tattoo will have you looking twice. A butterfly outline depicts this awesome looking tiger eyes tattoo. The gentleness of the butterfly is contrasted with the fierceness of our feline friend. 

Throat Tattoos for Men 34

Minimal Tiger Tattoo

This is the cutest tiger cub tattoo ever. The simple lines of the tiger cub are wonderfully accented by the pink, green and blue. Then there’s just the slightest touch between the tiger cub and the flower to establish a connection. Although this isn’t big and bold like many tiger tattoos it will certainly draw lots of attention. I Love It

IG: roy_ta2

Throat Tattoos for Men 35

Realistic Black and Gray Tiger Tattoo

You’ve got to admit that this looks exactly like a photo. There is such awesome shading and contrast and gaps of negative space that bring this woman’s face to life. It’s off-the-charts. Of course Black and Gray style is similarly masterfully delivered. All in all this is one impressive tattoo.

IG: johnhudic

Throat Tattoos for Men 36

Realistic Color Tiger Tattoo on Calf

This is a change from the more commonly seen realistic depictions done in Black and Gray style. What I don’t see here, and would expect, is a high degree of shading. I think the shading would actually add more realism to this tattoo. Hopefully though this is exactly what this guy wanted.

IG: gato_tattoo1987

Throat Tattoos for Men 37

New School Tiger Tattoo on Inner Calf

Tiger tattoos come in all different styles. Here we have the over-the-top flourishes of the New School style make this such a cool tattoo. Suggestive of graffiti I could see this as street art. With black outlines, minimal shading and vibrant colors this design is a standout. While the Minimal style promotes a “Less Is More” attitude, with New School it’s “More is More”

IG: nwotattoo_seoul

Throat Tattoos for Men 38

Realistic Black and Gray Tiger Tattoo on Triceps

There’s so much to love here. So realistic you can feel the texture of the fur and sense the sharpness of the nails. The fine lines, shading and contrast provide 3D. But that’s taken to a whole other level with the addition of the frame/window. Did the tiger just stick his paws out? Fantastic

IG: _vantablacktattoo_


Throat Tattoos for Men 39

The Last of Our Tiger Tattoos: A Black Tiger Tattoo on Collarbone

This highly stylized Chinese tiger tattoo showcases great Blackwork style. Although only black ink is used, the adjacent gaps of negative space provide contrast and light. Together it’s pretty awesome. The upper and lower branches add interest and context to the design. The artist successfully incorporated this design with the others present. Props to the tattoo artist.

We hope you enjoyed and found inspiration from our tiger tattoo designs.

IG: greed_orbs