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32 Exceptional Tree Tattoos for Men in 2024

Trees are a very popular subject matter for tattoos across all styles of tattooing. This is because they are generally beautiful and have great details, but also because of the positive connotations of trees. Trees symbolize strength, wisdom, power, and prosperity. These are all wonderful traits that everyone should aspire to, and men in particular are drawn to this symbolism. This is why tree tattoos are so popular with men.

But before you go and get your tree tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most interesting, bold, and unique tree tattoos in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size, and placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Tree Tattoos for Men 1

The Best Tree Tattoos for Men - A Men’s Minimalist Tree and Cactus Tattoos

I love how simple and punchy this tattoo is. The lines are crisp and the dotwork is very effective – I specifically like the use of dots to make up the leaves on the pine tree. This is a really cool tattoo that would look great on a male or a female.

IG: leehumphs_tattoo

Tree Tattoos for Men 2

Bold Tree Skull Morph Tattoo on Man’s Thigh

This tattoo has such a bold and unique composition. I love that the trees are growing out of the skull like it’s a rocky forest. The skinbreak in the eyes creates a spooky glow which makes the skull feel haunted and alive, instead of just feeling like an empty skull. A beautiful example of how a tree tattoo does not have to be boring!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Tree Tattoos for Men 3

Surreal Tree Tattoo for Men

While I wouldn’t necessarily call the plant pictured a tree, it is still a beautiful tattoo. The shading of the table is stellar, and the stem of the plant is unbelievably smooth. It fits the forearm perfectly and fills up the space nicely. This tattoo has a surrealistic vibe to it which I really like.

IG: mor__asraf

Tree Tattoos for Men 4

Men’s Illustrative Tree Chest Tattoo

I’m obsessed with the execution of this sketchy illustrative tree tattoo. There is a beautiful use of contrast in the tree trunk through the use of skin breaks and different tonalities, this is such a clever way to infer the tree bark. I love the technique the artist used with the whip shading of the gray wash to create the leaves. I would be really interested to see how this tattoo heals!

IG: osmanergin_

Tree Tattoos for Men 5

Full-color Redwood Tree Tattoo on Men’s Arm

The use of color on this redwood tree tattoo is amazing. The greens chosen are a great contrast to the warm red browns of the tree trunk. The placement along the upper arm does a great job of displaying the scale of the redwood tree.

IG: laurenblairtattoo

Tree Tattoos for Men 6

Abstract Tree Tattoo on Man’s Neck

This tattoo is incredibly intricate, and while it’s not necessarily my personal taste, I’m blown away by the linework. The lines are clean and the shapes are bold and strong. The design reminds me of Tim Burton, specifically the sandworm from Beetlejuice! This is a unique way to illustrate your favorite tree without being too literal.

IG: hwapee

Tree Tattoos for Men 7

Fine-line Poplar Tree Tattoo for Men

This tattoo has a wonderful feeling of whimsy – the illustrative technique reminds me of picture books and fables. Poplar trees are used for many purposes but are very commonly used to provide timber for buildings. This makes them a really cool tree to honor someone with a building career, or simply a love for nature, with a tattoo.

IG: elimakingstuff

Tree Tattoos for Men 8

Men’s Delicate Japanese Inspired Tree Tattoo

I love the sense of calm that this tattoo evokes. It utilizes simple details like the dotwork moon to create a stunning night time scene, with the tree seemingly beside a body of water. I really enjoy the use of the dots in varying sizes to emphasize the leaves and the painterly effect used for the trunk.


Tree Tattoos for Men 9

Scenic Full-Color Tree Tattoo on Men’s Leg

This tattoo perfectly captures the cute scene of a young girl sitting next to a tree. The greens are so bold and create a really realistic leaf appearance without being overly detailed. I love the little girl’s red shoes, which contrast the greens nicely. This would make for a great sentimental tattoo to honor a daughter.


Tree Tattoos for Men 10

Scenic Palm Tree Tattoo for Men

This is a great tattoo of the Cocora Valley in Colombia. The Cocora Valley is the main site of the national tree, which is the Quindío wax palm. I love how the artist has created the perspective of looking up by having a few of the palms be defined and tall while adding shading at the bottom of the tattoo to imply the other trees in the distance.

IG: picaraclavel

Tree Tattoos for Men 11

Men’s Striking Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

Cherry Blossom trees only bloom briefly in spring before their flowers fall to the ground and whither away. This is why they are often used to represent life being fleeting, but also the promise of new beginnings. I love the minimal pink petals of this tattoo, which feel more masculine than traditional cherry blossom petals.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Tree Tattoos for Men 12

Neo-Traditional Tree Tattoo for Men

I adore the thick white outline around the tree, as the contrast brings the tree to the forefront and creates a beautiful perspective. This is such a clever use of skin breaks, bold lines, and minimal shading – the artist has really created such a masterpiece.

IG: joshhurrelltattoos

Tree Tattoos for Men 13

Fine-line Tree Tattoo for Men

This trio of trees perfectly fits the client’s ribs, which is known to be a sore spot. What’s interesting is the choice of trees, two are native to New Zealand, but the other is strictly found in the northern hemisphere. This makes me think it’s a subtle and clever homage to a person, or people, who has something to do with the locations the trees are found in. This is a very thoughtful way to honor a loved one with a tattoo without being too direct with your homage.

IG: ash._ink

Tree Tattoos for Men 14

Bold Cactus Tattoo on Men’s Ribs

While cacti are not technically trees, they are tall plants that are similar to trees. This cactus tattoo is very cool. The solid black lends itself beautifully and adds emphasis to how spikey the thorns are. The imagery and placement both make the wearer appear tough as nails, as the ribs are a notoriously painful spot to get tattooed. I love the composition and flow of this design.

IG: mooho.oriental

Tree Tattoos for Men 15

Simplistic Tree of Life Tattoo for Men

The tree of life symbolizes the connection between earth and heaven, and is a very popular image in tattooing. This particular tree of life tattoo is especially cool because of the subtle way the artist has made the tree look like it’s a man praying or meditating, making the roots look like crossed legs, and the lines of the trunk to create a subtle face. This is such a cool detail that could go unnoticed if you don’t look closely enough.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Tree Tattoos for Men 16

Men’s Chrome Tree Tattoo

This tattoo is such a great juxtaposition of organic and inorganic. The use of heavy contrast using thick areas of black and white as well as skin breaks creates a beautifully smooth chrome finish on the trunk. This technique shows a lot of skill from the artist. In contrast to the stark and smooth trunk, the leaves have a lot of texture and feel cluttered and busy, which I am not the biggest fan of.

IG: chan_ink_

Tree Tattoos for Men 17

Bold Linework Tree of Life Tattoo on Men’s Arm

I love how bold and clean the lines are on this tree of life tattoo. The even line weight makes me think of lino prints, which require a similar precision as tattooing does. I really enjoy the whimsical rounded “V” shape of the leaves in contrast to the creepy slithering roots. This tattoo fits the client’s arm perfectly.

IG: slodek_slodek

Tree Tattoos for Men 18

Men’s Fine-line Tree Tattoos

This is another great example of a fine-line tree tattoo. I really love how the artist used light dotwork to do the leaves, as it gives a great bushy effect. The placement on the shoulder is really flattering to the body and could work well on a male or female.

IG: tatt.onica

Tree Tattoos for Men 19

Micro Color Realism Tree Tattoo for Men

Color realism is impressive as is, but it’s even more impressive when it’s achieved at a small scale. This bright and colorful tiny tree is perfectly placed on the ankle, which is a great spot to add some flair without being too big or bold. I’m not too sure how well it will age, but it is an impressive tattoo nonetheless.


Tree Tattoos for Men 20

Tall Fine-line Tree Tattoo on Arm for Men

This tree tattoo is unique from the others we’ve seen on this list because of the rope with tassels tied around it. This sacred rope is called a shimenawa, which was used in premodern Japan to mark old trees to mark their sanctity. It is believed that if you chop down these trees you will have to deal with a vengeful spirit. This tattoo is thus packed with meaning and is a great example of a tree tattoo.

IG: tatt.onica

Tree Tattoos for Men 21

Men’s Simplistic Tree Tattoo on the Arm

This tall, thin, leafless tree is perfect for the back of your arm. It can be a tricky placement to fill because it tends to be long and narrow, but does not lie flat like a forearm or shin. The consistent and even line weight makes this tattoo simple but bold, which also makes it great for this placement. It is clean and very well executed.

IG: monicasilveira_art

Tree Tattoos for Men 22

Bamboo Tree Tattoo on Men’s Leg

Bamboo trees symbolize simplicity and continuous growth, which makes them a great subject matter for a meaningful tattoo. This particular bamboo tattoo is fairly abstract but contains a lot of solid black which makes it bold and simple. The combination of boldness and simplicity makes it very well-suited for men. I like the composition and the way it flows on the client’s leg.

IG: who_is_ryu

Tree Tattoos for Men 23

Full-Color Pine Tree Tattoo for Men

I love the way this realistic pine tree tattoo wraps around the client’s bicep. The placement and the way it wraps are very organic, which aligns with the imagery of the tree. The artist seems to have used a shading needle to create the lines of the pine needles, which is a really clever technique.I love the subtle use of color and the simple way that the tree ends off.

IG: rizn__tattoo

Tree Tattoos for Men 24

Men’s Neo-Traditional Tree Tattoo

This neo-traditional tree tattoo is super creepy and dark but in the best way possible. The use of black and gray to create depth and dimension makes it pop against the client’s skin. My favorite thing about this tattoo is the thin slivers of white, which add a nice sheen to what would be only the highest points of the tree bark. This adds a very subtle illumination, similar to how a tree would be lit by the moon at night.

IG: yongha_blk

Tree Tattoos for Men 25

Dotwork Tree Tattoo on Men’s Arm

This tattoo is truly unique, as it’s a tattoo of a photograph from a holiday. Getting a tattoo of a photo you took of the scenery while on a trip is an amazing way to immortalize an important vacation. The dotwork used to create this tattoo gives it a vintage photograph feel, which is really cool. I feel that the artist could have used stronger linework to really make the tattoo pop.

IG: solstattoos

Tree Tattoos for Men 26

Spooky Tree Tattoo for Men

Hemlock trees signify poison and toxicity, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! This means they make for awesome tattoos for people who are interested in all things dark and scary. This one is especially creepy because of its twisted trunk and pointy branches and roots.

IG: yramesor____

Tree Tattoos for Men 27

Oak Tree Tattoo on Men’s Thigh

Unlike the previous tree, oak trees have very positive connotations. They’re associated with strength, stability, endurance, and honesty. This makes them great tattoos for men who want to have a constant reminder of all of their positive traits.I like the dot work effect the artist used to do the leaves on the tree and the ground beneath it.

IG: deartattoohk

Tree Tattoos for Men 28

Men’s Fine Line Geometric Tree Tattoo

This fine line tree tattoo is different from any other fine line tattoos on this list, because of the addition of geometric elements. This style of geometry with organic imagery is really popular with men because it balances organic with inorganic. This artist is extremely talented and has managed to pull ruler-straight lines. An impressive and delicate tree tattoo!

IG: takacs_miklos

Tree Tattoos for Men 29

Black and Gray Tree Tattoo for Men

Fine-line tree tattoos are incredibly popular because of their simplicity and detail. I love the way the artist did all the individual pine needles on this pine tree tattoo, with the lower branches having more pines and the higher branches being more sparse. A beautiful, sophisticated tree tattoo.

IG: west4tattoo

Tree Tattoos for Men 30

Abstract Tree Tattoo for Men

This is one of my favorite tattoos on the list. This pine tree tattoo has such beautiful movement to it. It’s abstract and doesn’t necessarily resemble an actual tree, but the winding shape makes it feel like a Japanese dragon tattoo. I love the way the pine needles fan out, much like Japanese fans, further adding to the dragon-esque aesthetic. This tattoo is clean, bold, and yet still delicate.

IG: zoony_tattoo

Tree Tattoos for Men 31

Large Tree Tattoo on Men’s Head

This tattoo is the epitome of toughness. Head and back tattoos are notoriously painful, and this one is both in one. I love the sprawling roots that cover his entire upper back, and I love that the artist placed the trunk on his neck, using the shape of the neck to highlight the shape of the trunk. Trees are synonymous with strength, and this tattoo is a testament to the client’s strength.

IG: kaspark

Tree Tattoos for Men 32

Black Tree Tattoo on Men’s Arm

The tree featured in this tattoo is the Century Plant, nicknamed such because it only flowers once at the end of its long life span, and after it flowers it dies. It’s often used as a symbol of life, rebirth, growth, and abundance. I think it would make a great tattoo to symbolize the beauty and success achieved during a lifetime of growth and hard work. I adore the fluffy look of the leaves and how dark this tattoo is.