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31 Meaningful Cross Tattoos for Men in 2024

Is there a symbol more iconic and imbued with meaning than the cross? A timeless emblem, the cross carries with it a profound significance that resonates with countless individuals around the world. As a symbol of faith, spirituality, and personal beliefs, the cross tattoo serves as a powerful and visually striking expression of one’s convictions.

But before you go and get your cross tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most captivating, meaningful, and inspiring cross tattoos in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size, and exact placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Cross Tattoos for Men 1

The Best Calf Tattoos for Men - Men's Winged Cross Back Tattoo

This piece is a striking embodiment of strength and spirituality, masterfully inked in black and gray. The symmetry of the wings paired with the centered cross creates a balanced design. Positioned at the nape of the neck, it’s perfect for those seeking a tattoo that’s visually powerful and deeply personal.

IG: dk_blxck

Cross Tattoos for Men 2

Men's Rose and Cross Head Tattoo

The tattoo showcases a traditional black cross adorned with a rose, symbolizing the blend of faith and beauty, passion and pain. Its placement on the head makes a bold statement. Ideal for those who appreciate the permanence of ink and the power of symbolism.

IG: micahnorman

Cross Tattoos for Men 3

Men's Vibrant Traditional Cross Tattoo

A vivid splash of color brings this traditional cross tattoo to life. Wrapped in lush greenery and flanked by a radiant yellow rose, the bold black outlines and bright hues make it a standout piece. Perfect for those who want to showcase their faith with a classic, yet eye-catching style.

IG: loganisaacson

Cross Tattoos for Men 4

Men's Minimalist Sketch-Style Cross Back Tattoo

Embracing minimalism with a bold statement, this sketch-style cross tattoo is perfect for those who value simplicity with a touch of elegance. The fluid lines and abstract form play with negative space on the skin, creating a design that is both understated and intriguing.

IG: tattooist_hosu

Cross Tattoos for Men 5

Men's Realistic Jesus on the Cross Tattoo

The portrait of Jesus is fragmented by the cross, a creative approach that gives the piece a unique edge. The shading and detail in the face convey emotion and humanity, perfect for those who seek a tattoo that resonates with spiritual significance.

IG: daho_tt

Cross Tattoos for Men 6

Men's Classic Crucifixion Back Tattoo

This back tattoo is a solemn tribute to the classic imagery of the crucifixion. The stark black cross creates a strong visual anchor, while the detailed depiction of Jesus adds a layer of realism and depth. Perfect for those who hold their faith close to their heart.

IG: jwilltattoo

Cross Tattoos for Men 7

Men's Detailed Crucifixion Scene Arm Tattoo

This arm tattoo is a compelling portrayal of the crucifixion, framed by thorny branches that evoke the crown of thorns. The depth and texture in the imagery create an almost three-dimensional effect. Perfect for those who desire a tattoo with deep spiritual meaning.

IG: chan_ink_

Cross Tattoos for Men 8

Men's Gothic Cross with Christ Tattoo

In this tattoo, gothic elements merge with the iconic symbol of the cross to create a piece rich in religious heritage. Excellent choice for those who are drawn to the solemn beauty of gothic art and want their faith to be represented with historical depth.

IG: gara_tattooer

Cross Tattoos for Men 9

Men's Dove and Cross Forearm Tattoo

A harmonious blend of peace and faith, this forearm tattoo features a dove in flight against the backdrop of a cross, symbolizing the Holy Spirit. It’s perfect for those who seek a symbol of guidance, hope, and renewal in their spiritual journey.

IG: thedansal

Cross Tattoos for Men 10

Men's Celtic Cross with Biblical Figures Back Tattoo

This back tattoo is a stunning narrative canvas, combining a Celtic cross with the poignant faces of Biblical figures, creating a story in ink. The saint and the Virgin Mary, rendered with exceptional detail, bring a touch of humanity and sorrow, perfect for those who find beauty in the depths of religious tales.

IG: mabi_tattooer

Cross Tattoos for Men 11

Men's Ornate Cross Chest Tattoo

The cross is designed with floral patterns, giving it a delicate yet bold appearance. Perfect for those who appreciate the softer side of strength, this tattoo blends masculinity with the finesse of nature-inspired elements.

IG: white_rabbit__tattoo

Cross Tattoos for Men 12

Men's Abstract Cross Arm Tattoo

This abstract cross tattoo, etched in stark black ink on the forearm, showcases a fusion of tradition and modernity, making it a perfect piece for men who appreciate art that speaks to the duality of heritage and contemporary design.

IG: grafsantz

Cross Tattoos for Men 13

Men's Angelic Cross Chest Tattoo

This striking black and gray tattoo features a classic portrayal of an angel carrying a cross, set against a man’s back. This piece is perfect for those who carry their faith close to their heart and want to make a bold statement of protection and spirituality.


Cross Tattoos for Men 14

Men's Cherub and Cross Upper Back Tattoo

With a serene cross at the center and cherubs at its sides, this upper back tattoo merges spirituality with the tender touch of renaissance art.  Perfect for those who value the blend of classic iconography with a hint of color to signify personal beliefs or memories. 

IG: y.jun_tattoo

Cross Tattoos for Men 15

Men's Gothic Cross arm Tattoo

This bold, gothic cross tattoo rendered on the forearm stands out with its strong lines and three-dimensional shading, giving it an almost sculptural quality. Perfect for those who are drawn to the gothic aesthetic or wish to express their faith with an edge of solemnity.

IG: fireboytats

Cross Tattoos for Men 16

Men's Ornate Filigree Cross Forearm Tattoo

This finely detailed filigree cross tattoo graces the forearm with its intricate design, resembling the meticulous work of ancient craftsmanship. Perfect for those who appreciate tattoos that represent their faith with a touch of sophistication and historical depth.

IG: engraved.vessels

Cross Tattoos for Men 17

Men's Bold Blackwork Cross Tattoo

The stark contrast of this blackwork cross tattoo on the calf is a powerful statement of both faith and individuality. Perfect for those who seek a tattoo that is both a declaration and a personal totem.

IG: veno.ttt

Cross Tattoos for Men 18

Men's Serpent-Entwined Cross Upper Arm Tattoo

This upper arm tattoo features a serpent entwined around the symbol. The meticulous shading creates a lifelike texture on the snake’s skin, contrasting with the smooth lines of the cross. Perfect for those who resonate with the symbolism of the snake as a guardian or a representation of rebirth in tandem with their faith.

IG: aweichen666_tattoo

Cross Tattoos for Men 19

Men's Majestic Full-Back Cross Tattoo

Dominating the back, this expansive cross tattoo is a testament to the wearer’s commitment and boldness. The interplay of intricate details and sweeping curves creates a majestic piece that’s both commanding and ornate. Perfect for those who desire a symbol of faith that is as profound as it is impressive.

IG: giseo_tattoo

Cross Tattoos for Men 20

Men's Abstract Chain Cross Side Tattoo

This tattoo takes a creative turn with the cross symbol. The minimalist design is executed with precise, clean lines, offering a modern and abstract interpretation of faith as interconnectedness and strength. Perfect for those who see their spiritual journey as a link to a larger chain of events or relationships.

IG: lugosis

Cross Tattoos for Men 21

Men's Vibrant Nature-Inspired Cross Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo offers a refreshing take on the cross, intertwining it with elements of nature. Perfect for those who cherish their faith and have a deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.

IG: dranem.bag

Cross Tattoos for Men 22

Men's Carved Stone Cross Arm Tattoo

This arm tattoo mimics the look of a cross carved from stone, with its textured details and shadowing creating a three-dimensional effect. It’s a small, yet impactful piece, perfect for those who favor subtlety in their expression of faith.

IG: soft.serve.tone

Cross Tattoos for Men 23

Men's Edgy Thorns Cross Chest Tattoo

This chest tattoo’s edgy design features a cross enveloped in sharp thorns, suggesting resilience amidst adversity. The dark, bold lines give the piece a formidable presence. Perfect for those who identify with the symbolism of enduring faith through life’s prickly challenges.


Cross Tattoos for Men 24

Men's Angel Wings Cross Chest Tattoo

This chest tattoo is a majestic display of angel wings unfurling from a central cross. The detailed feathers and shading create a dynamic and almost lifelike texture. Perfect for those who identify with the strength and freedom that wings represent, combined with the grounding presence of their spiritual core.

IG: novohatskytattoo

Cross Tattoos for Men 25

Men's Classic Linework Cross Forearm Tattoo

This forearm tattoo is a classic example of linework, featuring a simple yet elegant cross design. Its sharp lines and symmetry offer a crisp, clean look, making it perfect for those who value understated style alongside their spiritual symbolism.


Cross Tattoos for Men 26

Men's Rosary Cross Neck Tattoo

This neck tattoo depicts a rosary chain culminating in a detailed cross, symbolizing a deep personal faith that is both a declaration and a whisper. The delicate linework suggests a sense of intimacy and reverence, perfect for those who carry their beliefs close to the skin.

IG: junktatu

Cross Tattoos for Men 27

Men's Minimalist Christ on the Cross Arm Tattoo

This minimalist tattoo captures the poignant image of Christ on the cross with a single, continuous line. Perfect for those who seek a tattoo that combines spiritual reflection with contemporary artistry.

IG: gf.tattoo96

Cross Tattoos for Men 28

Men's Brushstroke Cross Upper Arm Tattoo

This upper arm tattoo features a cross rendered in a bold brush stroke style, its textured appearance reminiscent of an artist’s passionate stroke on canvas. Perfect for those who appreciate the beauty in imperfection and the power of simplicity.

IG: lamuerte_tattoos

Cross Tattoos for Men 29

Men's Intricate Filigree Cross Tattoo

This rib tattoo showcases a cross with ornate filigree work. The design mirrors the grandeur of old-world craftsmanship, turning the body into a canvas for displaying such exquisite detail. Perfect for those who appreciate tattoos that not only represent their faith but also stand as a testament to artistic excellence.

IG: ilya_ldov

Cross Tattoos for Men 30

Men's Stained Glass Christ Cross Upper Arm Tattoo

This upper arm tattoo is a stunning representation of Christ on the cross, styled to emulate the luminous beauty of stained glass. The rich colors and shading create a three-dimensional illusion, giving life to this iconic image. Perfect for those who wish to carry a piece of sacred art with them.

IG: exodus_piercings_tattoo_

Cross Tattoos for Men 31

Men's Scriptural Cross Forearm Tattoo

This forearm tattoo is a profound display of faith, intertwining a classic representation of the crucifix with the solemnity of scriptural text in the background. Perfect for those who wish to carry their convictions with them as a testament to their faith.

IG: francistattooer