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32 Stunning Tribal Tattoos for Men in 2024

Tribal tattoos have been around for centuries. They were traditionally used as a means of protection, a way to honor ancestors and a way to show rank in a tribe.  Symbols used in tribal designs are deeply symbolic and if you choose to get a tribal tattoo, you will want to research what the different symbols mean. Tribal designs often include animal motifs as well as freeform shapes, meaning the designs can flow beautifully with the body. In the late 1980s, “Tribal” as a style developed, and people got them just because they looked cool. This led to a lot of people pointing out that tribal tattoos could be seen as cultural appropriation. But if you put the necessary research into what you are getting on your body, it can rather be seen as cultural appreciation. 

But before you go and get your tribal tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most impressive, unique, and badass tribal tattoos in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size, and exact placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Tribal Tattoos for Men 1

The Best Tribal Tattoos for Men - Tribal Freehand Maori Tattoo on Men’s Leg

Would you believe me if I told you this tattoo was done completely freehand? I can hardly believe it! It fits the client’s leg well, has near-perfect symmetry, and truly makes a statement! The line work is very clean and the black is well-saturated. A design like this could work for both men and women, on both arms or legs!

IG: stefano_miani_tattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Men 2

Native American Lady Head Tattoo on Men’s Arm

Starting strong, we have a tribal Native American lady head tattoo. I adore how soft and delicate the realistic shading is in this design. The fur looks extremely realistic and I love the detail in the jewelry around her neck and the mountain in the background. This is a beautiful, creative, and masculine rendition of a female portrait tattoo.

IG: lloydizm

Tribal Tattoos for Men 3

Tribal Full-Sleeve Tattoo for Men

This tattoo is an example of a mash-up of tribal tattooing and blackwork tattooing. It has a good flow with the body, but I don’t like how cluttered the sleeve is. I think it could do with more areas of solid black. I like the solid black bands around the wrists as it ends this sleeve perfectly.

IG: stefano_miani_tattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Men 4

Ornamental Tribal Head Tattoo for Men

This ornamental style of blackwork tattooing is becoming extremely popular, with its simplistic designs and unique placement. This is a great example of how simple, yet striking, these tattoos can be. The linework is absolutely out of this world and the symmetry is nearly perfect. Well done to both the client and the artist for doing such a clean tattoo on such a tough spot!

IG: whoisalextattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Men 5

Indian Tribal Arm Tattoo for Men

This is a bold, clean, and tasteful half-sleeve tattoo. It has mostly been inspired by Rabari tribes in India which is what makes it unique – I have not seen a lot of Indian tribal tattoo designs in my career. I especially like the drawing of the bird and the flower, as well as the way that this sleeve ends off like a decorative band.

IG: obi1.0

Tribal Tattoos for Men 6

Men’s Tribal Hand Tattoo

I like the playful nature of this tattoo, with the tongue sticking out of the man’s mouth. The composition of the design fits the client’s hand perfectly, and I like how it ends on the upper arm. I would like to see how this tattoo heals as I do worry that all of the details will become muddy over time. Perhaps a more simplistic version would work better!

IG: alfredneotattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Men 7

Maori Tattoo for Men’s Rite of Passage

The composition and quality of the line work have left me utterly speechless. A Maori tattoo of this size is a rite of passage taken when you turn 21. This tattoo took an entire week to do and a lot of dedication and personal growth. This is a keen example of how important these tattoos can be to certain cultures and should be respected.

IG: lance_ngata

Tribal Tattoos for Men 8

Native American Portrait Tattoo for Men

This Native American Cherokee tattoo is smooth as butter and looks so realistic that I feel like I could reach out and touch her. I like the addition of the eagle headdress and the Native American jewelry around her neck. This tattoo fits the client’s arm perfectly and I appreciate the artistry that has gone into it.

IG: paolo_andrey

Tribal Tattoos for Men 9

Native American Tribal Sleeve Tattoo on Men’s Leg

This is an example of a Native American tribal tattoo and does not resemble what one would usually think of when speaking about “Tribal” tattoos. I like the composition of this tattoo, but I think the shading could have been a bit more smooth. It has lots of strong imagery like an eagle head and a warrior. This tattoo is packed with meaning for the wearer and could symbolize appreciation for Native American culture.

IG: relentlessbetrayal

Tribal Tattoos for Men 10

Filipino Tribal Tattoo on Men’s Chest

The Filipino tribal tattoos have some similarities to African tribal tattoos. I like the use of triangular shapes and the very bold line weight. This design looks like a necklace draped over the client’s chest and could work for both men and women. It will hold up well over time and remain a stunning work of art. 

IG: jeromenoveras

Tribal Tattoos for Men 11

Tribal Leg Tattoo for Men

This is one of the most unique placements on the list so far. It is a great example of how these Polynesian designs are drawn to fit the flow of the body. The line work is extremely bold and strong, and the black is brilliantly saturated. The artist chose to leave a lot of open skin, which is a unique take on this style of tattooing.

IG: thomaskuloloia_juan

Tribal Tattoos for Men 12

Polynesian and Sacred Geometry Tribal Tattoo for Men

This tattoo is unique because it is a combination of Polynesian tattoos and sacred geometry, with a splash of red ink. This tattoo is dynamic and modern. I enjoy how it flows with the client’s arm and the lines are extremely clean and precise.

IG: thomaskuloloia_juan

Tribal Tattoos for Men 13

Men’s Aztec Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

An amazing Aztec sleeve design that is still in progress. I adore the way this tattoo looks like a rock painting. The soft black and gray shading is executed extremely well, and I would love to see this design when it is complete as I believe it can be a show-stopper.

IG: tattoosbygoethe

Tribal Tattoos for Men 14

Men’s Marquesan Tribal Torso Tattoo

A beautiful example of a Marquesan tribal tattoo design. This type of imagery is unique to the Marquesan Islands and can instantly be told apart from other tribal tattoos. I love the way this design cuts directly down the center of the client’s torso and takes over his arm, like a half body suit. It is clean, well-saturated, and badass.

IG: manu_tattoos

Tribal Tattoos for Men 15

Simple Tribal Band Tattoo on Men’s Leg

I am a fan of band tattoos and this one is no exception, as it is a more subtle and sophisticated take on a Maori tattoo design. This artist is extremely skilled as all of the lines are straight on these bands. The design is clean and contrasting, making it quite interesting to look at. I believe this tattoo is timeless and will still look amazing 20 years from now.

IG: caio.spada

Tribal Tattoos for Men 16

Viking Bear Tattoo on Men’s Chest

This tattoo is a reinvention of the Oseberg Bear. The design is of the Oseberg ship prow combined with some Anglo-Saxon motifs. This tattoo shows how your tribal tattoo, whatever the influence, can consist of very meaningful imagery. I love the pop of color in the gold and the way that this design looks like armor on the client’s shoulder. 

IG: shogantattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Men 17

Men’s Ornamental Tribal Back Tattoo

The first thing that stands out is how bold this tattoo is. Its symmetrical nature fits the upper back perfectly. I was very surprised to find out that this tattoo is hand-poked – it must have taken the artist hours to complete, making it even more of a feat!

IG: nagini.tat

Tribal Tattoos for Men 18

Tribal Owl Leg Tattoo for Men

This is a great example of an animal being incorporated into a tribal tattoo design. The owl represents wisdom, transition, and knowledge. If you feel that those characteristics speak to you, this tribal owl design would work well for either a leg or an arm tattoo. The line work is clean and I love how subtle the shading is.

IG: kiwi.burt

Tribal Tattoos for Men 19

Men’s Filipino Tribal Chest Tattoo

This Filipino tribal tattoo almost looks like a permanent charm. It fits the client’s chest beautifully and works with their existing tattoos. The line work is bold, clean, and precise. This is the type of design that can work on both men and women, on a small and large scale, and pretty much any placement!

IG: jeromenoveras

Tribal Tattoos for Men 20

Aztec Necklace Tattoo on Men’s Chest

A beautiful example of an Aztec tribal tattoo is this necklace design. It is so unique and fits perfectly on the client’s chest. I like the dynamic shadow underneath that makes the necklace appear 3D. The shading is smooth and the line work is clean. I worry that there are not enough skin breaks in the design and that it will look muddy over time.

IG: tattoosbygoethe

Tribal Tattoos for Men 21

Tribal Viking Men’s Sleeve Tattoo

This is a tribal Viking tattoo depicting The Kraken. These Nordic tattoos have such a unique look to them that they are easy to spot from a mile away. I believe this tattoo is still a work in progress, so I am excited to see what the result will be!

IG: thrudtattoo_rougebarbe

Tribal Tattoos for Men 22

Men’s American Traditional Native American Tribal Tattoo

I am a massive fan of American Traditional designs and this one is no exception. I love the simplistic color palette, the bold line weight, and the gentle facial expression on the woman’s face. The whip shading adds a lovely texture to the design and can work for both men and women.

IG: coquesinamo

Tribal Tattoos for Men 23

Viking Tribal Leg Tattoo for Men

This tattoo is an example of a tribal Viking tattoo which this artist specializes in. I like the decision to do the symbol behind the character in bright red ink as this offers contrast and a pop of color is always appreciated. I like the dot work and the bold line weight as it adds to the Viking feeling of the design. I think it could have been done a bit bigger, to fill up the thigh nicely.

IG: blackforestforge

Tribal Tattoos for Men 24

Men’s Dynamic Tribal Leg Sleeve

This artist is well known for tattooing creative and flowy larger-scale tribal designs. These tattoos look a lot more modern than other tribal tattoos that I have seen and I like how the design has been segmented. The back of the leg is a painful spot to tattoo, so kudos to both the client and the artist for striking it through this piece!

IG: kiwi.burt

Tribal Tattoos for Men 25

Tā Moko Tribal Face Tattoo for Men

Tā Moko refers to the Maori face tattoo that is given as a symbol of nobility. This type of tattoo is usually reserved for Maori people. The tattoo flows beautifully with the client’s face. I adore the almost perfect line work and the contrast between the areas of open skin and the areas of fine detail. Face tattoos are not for everyone, and if you decide to get one make sure that it won’t be detrimental to your future plans, or that it will be considered cultural appropriation.

IG: lance_ngata

Tribal Tattoos for Men 26

Badass Tribal Men’s Chest Tattoo

What an amazing example of how tribal tattoos can look like a suit of armor. This particular tattoo has a beautiful flow to it, almost giving it the appearance of moving cogs in a machine. I especially like the flow around the client’s pecs and the stark centerpiece. This tattoo is badass and so creative.

IG: stefano_miani_tattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Men 27

Men’s Celtic Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Celtic tattoos represent courage, protection, and ferocity and with this design, you can see exactly why. It looks like a piece of armor on the client’s chest, down their shoulder, and onto their arm.  This design is packed with Celtic imagery and is done with finesse as it is not too cluttered and is easy to read. I especially like the flow that is created around the client’s elbow. 

IG: celtictattooer

Tribal Tattoos for Men 28

Tribal Heart Tattoo on Men’s Arm

This is an illustrative take on a heart tattoo with a tribal twist. I enjoy all of the small details in the heart valves and the interesting shield-like center. This tattoo fits the client’s arm well. I do think the design is quite cluttered and difficult to read at first and that a more simplistic design may read better.

IG: zero.trez

Tribal Tattoos for Men 29

Aztec God Tribal Tattoo for Men

The creature in this tattoo is Tlaloc, an ancient Aztec god of streams, lakes, and rivers. This is a scar cover-up project which has been extremely effective – you can’t even see the scar underneath! I love the stone-like texture and the cracks and highlights. This tattoo flows well with the shoulder and is another example of how unique a tribal tattoo can be.

IG: zero.trez

Tribal Tattoos for Men 30

Men’s Tribal Torso Tattoo

This artist is known for doing large-scale black work tattoos. I love the stark contrast between the heavy areas of black and the open skin. The black is extremely well-saturated and the design flows with the body beautifully. If you’re in the market to get a full torso piece, this one is a striking option for sure!

IG: whoisalextattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Men 31

Tribal Stone Men’s Back Tattoo

When I think of tribal tattoos, I think of those swirly black designs. This backpiece is an example of how tribal tattoos come in a variety of different styles. I love how this artist was able to create a stone-like feeling to the tattoo and the symmetrical design used. This makes for a striking and dynamic back tattoo, commemorating the client’s culture.

IG: mr.reyes_ink

Tribal Tattoos for Men 32

Tribal Wedding Ring Tattoo for Men

Ending off this list, we have these absolutely beautiful tribal wedding ring tattoos. They are hand-poked which is a great choice for this part of the body – finger tattoos tend to fall out over time but hand-poked tattoos don’t seem to have this problem. I adore how the designs flow with the shape of the finger and how delicate but bold they are. This is the perfect tattoo to show your devotion to your partner.

IG: theravenfromthenorth