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33 Striking Ax Tattoos for Men in 2024

When it comes to tattoos, few symbols are as potent and timeless as the ax. An emblem of strength, courage, and primal power, the ax tattoo has carved its way into the hearts and minds of men seeking to express their inner warriors. These inked blades symbolize not only the physical prowess but also the indomitable spirit that resides within.

But before you go and get your ax tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below, we’ll show you the most striking, bold, and awe-inspiring ax tattoos in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size, and exact placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Ax Tattoos for Men 1

The Best Ax Tattoos for Men - Men's Traditional Hickory Ax Arm Tattoo

Featuring precise linework, this black ink arm tattoo portrays a hickory ax, symbolizing strength. The circular framing with text adds a personal touch, ideal for those valuing tradition and a strong narrative. Its prominent arm placement ensures the tattoo’s visibility and impact.

IG: paigehinshaw

Ax Tattoos for Men 2

Rooster-Head Ax Calf Tattoo For Men

This bold black ink calf tattoo merges a rooster head with an ax handle in a striking design. The detail in the feathers contrasts with the smooth ax handle, showing artistic skill. Perfect for those who value unique, symbolic tattoos with a twist of creativity.


Ax Tattoos for Men 3

Vibrant Ax and Autumn Leaves Tattoo On Men

This tattoo stands out with its vivid red backdrop and dynamic ax intertwined with autumn leaves, presenting a stunning contrast. The color work is exceptional, making it perfect for those who seek a tattoo that combines nature with an edge of fantasy.

IG: tattoosnob

Ax Tattoos for Men 4

Men's Nautical Ax and Anchor Chest Tattoo

This chest tattoo’s crisp linework features axs crossed with an anchor, embodying a sailor’s resilience. The adage “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” frames the design, making it perfect for those with a love for the sea and the wisdom found in facing life’s challenges.

IG: alicia_casale

Ax Tattoos for Men 5

Dark Detailed Ax Tattoo On Men’s Leg

This leg tattoo captures attention with its dark, weathered ax design, featuring exceptional shading and texture that gives life to metal and wood. Splattered ink accents imply motion, perfect for those who favor a tattoo that tells a story of strength and perseverance.

IG: tattooer_zusen

Ax Tattoos for Men 6

Rooted Ax Leg Tattoo On Men

This leg tattoo showcases an ax with roots extending down to the foot, a creative take on growth and stability. The detailed shading gives depth to the design, ideal for those who appreciate tattoos that signify grounding and connection to one’s roots.


Ax Tattoos for Men 7

Men's Norse-Inspired Ax Arm Tattoo

Intricate Norse patterns grace this black ink ax tattoo, giving it a mythological aura. The detail in the handle and blade showcases the tattoo artist’s skill. Perfect for those who are fans of Viking history or want a piece that embodies strength and tradition.

IG: foreverdarkwoodstattoo

Ax Tattoos for Men 8

Wood Grain Ax Leg Tattoo On Men

This minimalist ax tattoo, with its stark black head and wood grain handle, delivers a simple yet captivating look. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a clean, graphic style with a natural touch, and the leg placement makes for an eye-catching statement.

IG: adintattoo

Ax Tattoos for Men 9

Men's Custom Kives Ax Tattoo

This tattoo boasts a uniquely stylized ax, wrapped in a ribbon that spells “KIVES.” The warm, muted tones and shadowing provide a sense of depth and age, perfect for those who seek a design that balances modern aesthetics with a nod to tradition.

IG: aatu.fattattoo

Ax Tattoos for Men 10

Ornate Double-Bladed Ax Side Tattoo On Men

This elaborate double-bladed ax tattoo features intricate filigree, enhancing its majestic design. The fine detailing and symmetric form create an imposing and regal appearance, perfect for those who admire tattoos with a touch of grandeur and a hint of fantasy.

IG: marat.blackart

Ax Tattoos for Men 11

Men's Simplistic Ax Tattoo On Forearm

This tattoo presents a clean, outlined ax with droplets that might signify sweat or tears, suggesting hard work or emotional labor. It’s perfect for those who favor minimalistic designs that convey profound meaning with simple imagery.

IG: neroli.ttt

Ax Tattoos for Men 12

Colorful Traditional Ax Upper Arm Tattoo On Men

This upper arm tattoo bursts with color, featuring a traditional style ax enveloped by a vivid design. The classic tattoo elements—bold lines and bright, flat colors—create a timeless look. Perfect for those who love tattoos that stand out with a touch of old-school flair.


Ax Tattoos for Men 13

Men's Intricate Viking Ax Forearm Tattoo

Featuring a detailed Viking ax, this forearm tattoo is a tribute to Norse craftsmanship. Its shading and textures add a realistic touch, perfect for those who appreciate historical accuracy and the artistry of ancient warriors.

IG: ezgikar_

Ax Tattoos for Men 14

Men's Battle Ax with Chain Tattoo on Leg

This leg tattoo features a fierce battle ax linked with a chain, rendered in a striking traditional color scheme. The bold red and yellow tones accentuate the ax’s power, while the chain adds a sense of motion and toughness. Perfect for those who value strength and resilience.

IG: lewismckechnie

Ax Tattoos for Men 15

Men's Heart Ax Drop Leg Tattoo

This minimalist tattoo with a pop of red from the heart creates a poignant juxtaposition against the simple ax and tear drops, evoking emotions of love and loss. Perfect for those who prefer symbolic ink that carries a personal narrative or emotional depth.

IG: nancydestroyer

Ax Tattoos for Men 16

Serpentine Ax Tattoo On Men

This captivating tattoo depicts a serpent entwined with an ax, blending Norse runes and symbology. Its monochromatic scheme highlights the textures and adds a mystical allure. Perfect for those who are drawn to tattoos with enigmatic stories and deep symbolism.

IG: vspshka

Ax Tattoos for Men 17

Dragon Ax Leg Tattoo On Men

This leg tattoo intricately combines a dragon and an ax into one formidable design, with detailed linework that brings out a mythic quality. Perfect for those who appreciate tattoos that merge fantasy elements with a strong, symbolic presence.


Ax Tattoos for Men 18

Stormy Norse Ax Tattoo On Men’s Forearm

Dramatic clouds and lightning set the backdrop for this Norse ax tattoo, with runes adding to its ancient warrior vibe. The depth and realism in the shading are perfect for those drawn to powerful, atmospheric tattoos that tell a tale of epic proportions.

IG: the.judastattoo

Ax Tattoos for Men 19

Men's Side Head Viking Ax Tattoo

This side head tattoo features a sleek Viking ax, showcasing a commitment to a bold and fearless aesthetic. The precise detail in such a visible yet unconventional location makes it perfect for those who wear their identity with pride and aren’t afraid to stand out.

IG: eddie_dit

Ax Tattoos for Men 20

Nature-Inspired Ax and Bird Leg Tattoo On Men

This vibrant leg tattoo features a harmonious blend of wildlife and tool, with a colorful bird perched atop an ax in a tree stump, surrounded by lush foliage and berries. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of nature intertwined with human elements, symbolizing a peaceful coexistence.

IG: tillinger_lilla_tattoo

Ax Tattoos for Men 21

Men's Classic Ax Tattoo

This tattoo portrays a classic ax with a hint of color, capturing a simple yet bold essence. The clean lines and solid fill make for an iconic design, perfect for those who appreciate the enduring symbol of strength and utility that an ax represents.

IG: goodlucktoni

Ax Tattoos for Men 22

Elaborate Rune Ax Tattoo On Men

This tattoo features an exquisitely detailed ax embellished with runes and celestial motifs, giving it an arcane and storied appearance. It’s perfect for those who value the blend of history and mysticism, or who feel a connection to the ancient symbolism it portrays.

IG: markmeyertattooer

Ax Tattoos for Men 23

Tangled Axs and Hook Tattoo On Men’s Forearm

This forearm tattoo intricately interweaves two axes with a detailed hook, creating a sense of both conflict and unity in its design. The dimensional shading gives it a lifelike quality, perfect for those who value complex, thought-provoking artistry on their skin.

IG: igal.tattz

Ax Tattoos for Men 24

Men's Bold Blackwork Ax Tattoo

This tattoo offers a bold, graphic representation of an ax with a stylized handle design. Its solid blackwork and striking contrast against the skin make it perfect for those who favor a modern, minimalist aesthetic with a nod to traditional symbolism.

IG: anshin_anshin_tattoo

Ax Tattoos for Men 25

Men's Geometric Ax Tattoo on Leg

The tattoo showcases a vibrant red ax with geometric patterns and a pop of green, giving it a unique modern twist. The clean, bold lines make it stand out, perfect for those who appreciate a fusion of traditional symbolism with contemporary design elements.

IG: zack_junioor

Ax Tattoos for Men 26

Technical Ax and Compass Tattoo On Men’s Leg

This tattoo merges an ax with a navigational compass, incorporating geometric elements and fine line work to create a sense of direction and purpose. Perfect for those who see their body art as a guide or a compass in their life journey.


Ax Tattoos for Men 27

Men's Ornate Golden Battle Ax Arm Tattoo

This arm tattoo exudes luxury with its golden hue and ornate design, giving the battle ax a regal and powerful aesthetic. The 3D shading and metallic effect are meticulously crafted, perfect for those who want their tattoos to represent strength and artistry with a majestic flair.

IG: animemasterink

Ax Tattoos for Men 28

Architectural Battle Ax Leg Tattoo On Men

This tattoo illustrates a striking battle ax with elements that mimic gothic architecture, offering a bold fusion of history and warrior spirit. The precise linework and attention to detail make it a standout piece, perfect for those drawn to tattoos with a strong structural aesthetic.

IG: eleseguey

Ax Tattoos for Men 29

Men's Detailed Medieval Ax Arm Tattoo

This arm tattoo displays a meticulously designed medieval ax, where every notch and curve is crafted with precision. Its shading creates a robust and tangible feel, making it perfect for those who have a passion for medieval history and the symbolism of battle axes.

IG: tattooby_arif

Ax Tattoos for Men 30

Intricate Celestial Ax Tattoo On Men’s Leg

This leg tattoo captivates with a celestial-themed ax, adorned with moon phases and cosmic patterns. The detailed linework and whimsical swirls evoke a sense of the mystical, making it perfect for those who seek a tattoo that combines the earthly with the astrological.

IG: mick_cage_tattoos

Ax Tattoos for Men 31

Men's Abstract Dragon Ax Forearm Tattoo

This tattoo offers an abstract take on a dragon and ax, intertwining them into a flowing, organic design. The subtle shading and edgy contours make it perfect for those who appreciate tattoos with a blend of fantasy elements and a modern, artistic twist.

IG: obsperotattoo

Ax Tattoos for Men 32

Men's Sentimental Ax and Banner Leg Tattoo

This leg tattoo combines the strength of an ax with the tenderness of the message “DARLING LIGHT OF MY LIFE,” all framed by delicate flowers. The juxtaposition of hard and soft elements makes it perfect for those who want to express deep personal sentiments through a balance of toughness and gentility in their body art.


Ax Tattoos for Men 33

Men's Celtic Ax Tattoo on Forearm

This tattoo displays a Celtic-style ax with intricate knotwork on the blade, symbolizing eternal strength. The handle’s design adds an element of depth, making it perfect for those who appreciate the cultural significance and artistry of Celtic traditions in their tattoos.

IG: golden_koi_tattoos