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33 Meaningful Family Tattoos for Men in 2024

Family tattoos are some of the most common tattoos in the industry. A family tattoo can range from a coat of arms to a realistic portrait, to simplistic text. No matter the size, I know how important family tattoos can be to both men and women alike.  Family tattoos are not only for your blood relatives – they can be for anyone who means a lot to you. If family plays an important role in your life, maybe it is time to get a family tattoo. 

But before you go and get your family tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most heart-warming, significant, and amazing family tattoos in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size, and exact placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Family Tattoos for Men 1

The Best Family Tattoos for Men - Family Portrait Tattoo on Men’s Chest

One of the more common ways to commemorate your family is with a realistic portrait. The faces are really small and it is impressive that the artist was able to capture so much detail. I think that they mistranslated the text, and it is a reminder to make sure that if you’re getting a text tattoo to always check your spelling! But overall, it is a great tattoo of a special memory.

IG: tattooeunb

Family Tattoos for Men 2

Thai Family Script Tattoo for Men

Getting a tattoo in a specific language is a unique way to commemorate your family and your heritage. This placement chosen is close to the client’s heart, adding to the meaning of this tattoo. The line work is clean and bold on a tricky area for both the artist and the client.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Family Tattoos for Men 3

Men’s Family Fingerprint Tattoo

Every person on the planet has a unique fingerprint. I enjoy the concept of turning two fingerprints into a heart. The line work is extremely fine and precise, and I like the placement as it is a tattoo that you will see every day and be reminded of that special someone.

IG: mrs.tattoo_

Family Tattoos for Men 4

Graffiti-style Family Text Tattoo on Men’s Forearm

This is a tattoo of the client’s children’s names incorporated with a rose. A rose symbolizes honor and is a great addition to any family-orientated tattoo. I love how the artist chose to work with contrast, using a heavy black background and leaving open skin where the names are. The font reminds me of graffiti and is a unique choice. A bold and impactful family tattoo!

IG: simbainktattoo

Family Tattoos for Men 5

Baby Portrait Tattoo on Men’s Forearm

This is a stunning example of a tattoo of a photograph. I enjoy that the artist chose to incorporate the border of the photograph into the tattoo as this makes it unique. I love the soft black and gray technique, and the tiny details in the baby’s dress and the ribbon in her hair. Kudos to this extremely talented tattoo artist!

IG: goldy_z

Family Tattoos for Men 6

Men’s Tattoo of Son’s Drawing

One of my favorite styles of tattoos is when clients get their children’s drawings tattooed on them, and this one is no exception. They are so unique, special, and meaningful. I love that the client chose to do this tattoo at a larger size as it shows just how much he loves his son, but you can do something more subtle if you prefer. The line work is clean while still capturing the original drawing beautifully. 

IG: celaya.luna

Family Tattoos for Men 7

Baby’s Footprint Tattoo on Chest for Men

A special footprint tattoo close to the client’s heart. I do like the concept of this tattoo, but I think it could have been executed a bit better. The footprints would look great if they were a bit softer and if the script was cleaner. Overall, a good tattoo idea for someone looking to commemorate their child.


Family Tattoos for Men 8

Illustrative Family Photograph Tattoo for Men

This artist cleverly illustrates family photographs in their style and creates beautiful custom tattoos. I love the contrast between the heavy use of black and the open skin. The bold line weight not only makes this tattoo stand out but means it will hold up well over time.

IG: lana_here_tattoo

Family Tattoos for Men 9

Embroidery Family Tattoo on Men’s Forearm

I can imagine that this client’s son was very excited when he saw his dad’s new tattoo! I love the embroidery look of the text and all of the fun colors that the artist used. The addition of the son’s favorite Disney characters adds to the sentimentality of the tattoo. The line work is exceptional, and I love the composition of the design.

IG: terioshi

Family Tattoos for Men 10

Trash Polka Family Tattoo on Men’s Back

Trash Polka is a style of tattooing that has been around for ages, but just keeps getting better. The red is extremely well-saturated and I like the texture used in the footprint. The line work is nearly perfect. Trash Polka is the kind of style that you can get creative with and the possibilities are endless, making it a great option for a family tattoo.

IG: sherrypodesta

Family Tattoos for Men 11

Men’s Meaningful Drawing Tattoo

Another example of how effective a tattoo of your child’s drawing can be! This artist is extremely talented and managed to illustrate the crayon used very realistically. I like the size and placement and the addition of the color blocks in the background.

IG: pablo_ortiz_tattoo

Family Tattoos for Men 12

Men’s Family First Chest Tattoo

This client boldly displayed just how important his family is by getting “Family First” tattooed across his chest. I am a fan of calligraphy-style tattoos and this one is clean, especially for a free-hand tattoo. The shading in the background could have been a bit smoother, but overall it is a striking tattoo that flows perfectly with the client’s body.

IG: stillballin6_

Family Tattoos for Men 13

Micro Family Portrait Tattoo for Men

Micro portraits are the new hot trend in tattooing, and this artist managed to capture the client’s family photographs perfectly on such a small scale. I love the attention to detail in the items of clothing and the tiny facial features. The choice of placing this tattoo on the forearm was clever as it offers a flat canvas for the artist to work on.

IG: goldy_z

Family Tattoos for Men 14

Anime Illustration of Family Portrait Tattoo for Men

This artist specializes in bold, colorful, anime-style tattoos and is exceptionally talented at them. The rainbow colors have a watercolor feeling to them and are extremely well-saturated. I like the anime facial expressions of the family members and the attention to detail shown in the watch, the fabric of the woman’s dress, and the man’s beard.

IG: sanninolello

Family Tattoos for Men 15

Microrealism Baby Portrait for Men

As previously mentioned, microrealism is one of the most difficult styles to master. I can’t get over the fine details in this tattoo – the chain on the dummy, the faces on the shoes, and the folds in the fabric. This tattoo is a perfect example of how delicate and meaningful a portrait of your baby could be. 

IG: antinktattoo

Family Tattoos for Men 16

Etched Family Tattoo on Men’s Forearm

I like the concept of the sons fist-bumping their dad as this captures a special moment between them. I feel that the etching style could have been a bit neater, perhaps using thinner lines in the areas that illustrate shadow. I also feel that the text could have been done a bit differently as it is disjointed from the fists. Overall, a cool design that with some refinement could be awesome!


Family Tattoos for Men 17

Silhouette Family Tattoo on Men’s Chest

A silhouette tattoo is a great way to capture a family portrait without needing to go to someone who specializes in microrealism. I enjoy the contrast between the dark figures and the soft background. The palm tree frames the image well, and I like the addition of the script. I think it could have been done a bit cleaner, but the concept is great for a family tattoo.

IG: liliartinx

Family Tattoos for Men 18

Birth Card Men’s Family Tattoo

This is a unique way to commemorate your children’s birth information. Each card has the child’s name, date and time of birth and weight. This is a more literal take on a family tattoo and could work well if you can think of something more sentimental. The shading is super smooth and the line work is clean and precise. 

IG: beztreztattoo

Family Tattoos for Men 19

Men’s Dotwork Family Footprint Tattoo

Another example of a footprint tattoo, but this one is cool because of the use of dotwork to create the shading. I love the fine, delicate script and the composition of this tattoo. It is not too heavy, complicated, or difficult to read.

IG: elsamajatattoo

Family Tattoos for Men 20

Dad’s Portrait Family Tattoo for Men

I love portrait tattoos, especially ones like this that beautifully capture the person’s quirks and features. I like the soft shading throughout this tattoo, and the black background makes it pop. I think the artist could have chosen a more creative way to end the tattoo, such as a border or text, but overall it was a good choice of photograph and placement for a meaningful tattoo. 

IG: el_metralleta_tattoo_spain

Family Tattoos for Men 21

Seaside Family Picture Tattoo on Men’s Arm

I love this rendition of a photograph of a father and son on the beach. The artist cleverly included the light beach scene in a rectangular shape, adding a dynamic element to this design. I like the bright red sun as a creative pop of color. This type of design could be adapted to any one of your favorite family photographs.

IG: gabigajewska_tattoo

Family Tattoos for Men 22

Child’s Name on Blocks Tattoo for Men

This is a lovely and playful representation of the client’s child’s favorite toy – a giraffe! I love that the toy blocks spell out the child’s name. The dot work shading and the clever use of white make this tattoo appear more sophisticated, despite it being a childlike design. I like the size and the placement as it is bold and striking.

IG: grubakrecha

Family Tattoos for Men 23

Disney Photo Family Tattoo on Men’s Calf

I absolutely love this Disney family photograph that the artist so cleverly turned into a tattoo! The color is exceptionally well saturated and I love the details captured in the dad’s sleeve tattoo, the daughter’s braids and the tiny backpacks. This is such a unique tattoo that captures everything about this special day in a Disney-shaped frame.

IG: sophieannisontattoo

Family Tattoos for Men 24

Men’s Autumn Family Tattoo

Another beautiful example of a family silhouette tattoo. I like the addition of the mountain, the deer, and the trees as it speaks to the Autumn theme. The composition is perfect for the client’s forearm, and I like the negative space in the two leaves on either side.

IG: drew.tatt2

Family Tattoos for Men 25

Men’s Neon and Blackwork Portrait Family Sleeve Tattoo

This is a cool example of how you can combine blackwork and neon to create something unique. I like the idea of a bunch of different portraits forming a sleeve. I do think that it could do with some more detail as the sleeve currently appears unfinished and is not coming together well.

IG: this_is_nat

Family Tattoos for Men 26

American Traditional Family Portrait Tattoo for Men

American Traditional tattoos will always have my heart and this tattoo is a great example of why. The composition is perfect, with the palm tree and sun giving it the California holiday feeling. I love the stylised portraits of the family members and the muted color palette that the artist chose to use. The line work is extremely clean and the colors are well saturated. A beautiful example of just how cool a traditional family portrait can be.

IG: brokenheartstattoola

Family Tattoos for Men 27

Longshoreman Hook Family Tattoo for Men

This tattoo was done as a set for a father and son, and symbolizes a trade that they both work in as longshoremen. While you may not share the same trade as this family, it is a good example of how you can take something unique to you and your dad and turn it into a special tattoo. I love the black and grey illustrative style used for this tattoo and the addition of a special date.

IG: thekidkennedy

Family Tattoos for Men 28

Linework Tattoo of Children on Men’s Forearm

I like the stylised design of this tattoo. It is a creative way to commemorate a special photograph of your kids. I like that the artist chose to leave out their faces, as they knows how important longevity is for a tattoo and how fine details can smudge over time. I especially like the placement as it is somewhere the client can always see his two special girls.

IG: lauracristinart

Family Tattoos for Men 29

This tattoo is a mash-up of a bunch of important imagery for this client and their family. I like the flow that the design has, and it doesn’t feel too cluttered despite all of the imagery. The contrast between he light clock and the black silouhettes draws your attention. This tattoo will hold up well over time and will always be important to the client.

IG: _dark_and_twisted_art

Family Tattoos for Men 30

Realistic Heart Family Tattoo for Men

This is an interesting take on a family tattoo. I’m not sure if I’m the biggest fan of all of the white highlights as it makes the heart almost appear to be wet. I like the hand holding the baby’s hand, and almost feel that that image on its own would have been powerful enough. 

IG: halitattoostudio

Family Tattoos for Men 31

A simple, bold and classic family tattoo. I adore this image for its simplicity and the artistic skill showcased. The linework in the script is extremely clean and the black and gray roses are smooth and well placed. This is a straightforward example of a family tattoo. 

IG: sir.bloody_pix_tattooart_

Family Tattoos for Men 32

Mother and Son Family Tattoo on Men’s Arm

Another example of a microrealism tattoo done well. I love the frame around the image as it makes the design appear more grounded and not like it’s floating. The textures used throughout show a keen understanding of tattooing as an art form and I especially love how the artist tattooed the pants on both the mom and the son. This idea could be used for any special family photograph you might have.

IG: antinktattoo

Family Tattoos for Men 33

Pet Family Tattoo for Men

This tattoo pays homage to both the client’s family and a Mathematics reference. I love that they chose to use toy blocks and the addition of the lizard, cat, and dog. I do believe that this tattoo is for the client’s family of pets! The linework is extremely clean and straight, and I adore the gentle shading throughout.

IG: needlejuice28