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32 Striking Viking Tattoos for Men in 2024

The Vikings are associated with power, strength, loyalty, and brotherhood, so it is no wonder that Viking tattoos are a popular choice among men. You’ll be able to spot a Viking tattoo from a mile away with their ancient rune symbols, intricate battle armor, and braided hair. You’ll have heads turning in the streets with the statement these tattoos make, so be prepared to be stopped and complemented wherever you are!

But before you go and get your Viking tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the boldest, most badass, and striking Viking tattoos in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, the size, and placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Viking Tattoos for Men 1

The Best Viking Tattoos for Men - An Eye-Catching Blackwork Realism Viking Tattoo for Men

The artist executed this piece with precision and a keen attention to detail. I like how the Nordic runes take the shape of the client’s shoulder. It is an interesting and creative way to incorporate the client’s anatomy to make the tattoo work. The dotted shading creates a soft and realistic appearance; this paired with the passionate expression and majestic beard of the Viking makes the tattoo a show-stopper.

IG: vspshka

Viking Tattoos for Men 2

Exquisite Blackwork Viking Men’s Chest Tattoo

I like how the artist has played on symmetry with this tattoo; the skull resting in between the Vikings brings balance to the piece. The line work is impressive, especially since doing a chest tattoo can be quite an awkward position to tattoo from. The stippled shading also adds texture to the tattoo which is a unique touch, I like it!

IG: thomasbatestattoo

Viking Tattoos for Men 3

Breathtaking Realism Viking Tattoo on Men’s Forearm

The contrast in this tattoo is what catches the eye; the dark black ink and the skin breaks create an illusion of depth. This paired with the artist’s impeccable creative ability is what brings this tattoo together to make it stand out. The imagery screams “hardcore,” with the hooded Vikings’ glare; I would not dare double-cross him!

IG: pascalavendano

Viking Tattoos for Men 4

Men’s Full Sleeve Nature Viking Tattoo

The play on imagery is impeccable, with the smoldering look from the Viking on the shoulder to the crow wrapping around the forearm; this tattoo oozes class. I like how the artist made use of skin breaks, this makes the tattoo appear sharper. You can never go wrong with blackwork as it never fails to leave a marked impression on those around you.

IG: inoutattoo

Viking Tattoos for Men 5

Men’s Ragnarok Viking Tattoo with a Pop of Colour.

A little pop of color never hurt anybody, and it certainly never made a tattoo look bad! This artist’s creative use of color is what makes this tattoo stand out from the rest of the Viking tattoos you see out there today. Not only is there a pop of color, but also an abstract play on imagery below Ragnar. The forearm placement is always a winner, especially when going for a statement piece like this one!


Viking Tattoos for Men 6

Black Out Forearm Viking Tattoo for Men

You have to be one brave individual to be able to sit through the process of getting a blackout piece, not only is it painful but also a long procedure. The realistic imagery in the skin breaks draws attention to the overall tattoo. This artist has pulled off a very difficult tattoo, and made it look effortless!

IG: alfredneotattoo

Viking Tattoos for Men 7

Men’s Bold Viking Warrior Calf Tattoo

I am blown away by the artistic ability displayed in this tattoo. A common thing you’ll notice in Viking tattoos is the Nordic symbolism; I love how the artist used the calf to accentuate the runes and bring more attention to it. The line work is worth noting too, circles are one of the hardest things to execute, and this artist has pulled perfect, clean lines.

IG: silverliningsbykris

Viking Tattoos for Men 8

Creative Blackwork Odin Forearm Tattoo for Men

I love this beautiful rendition of the powerful magician and God, Odin. The artist has depicted Odin with his trusted Raven and a sword in his left hand, getting ready for battle; this blackwork tattoo can be associated with resilience, bravery, and strength. The fine lines are almost unrecognizable in between the soft shading. To top it all off, the placement of the tattoo on the forearm compliments the size and design of the tattoo, if you ever thought there was no such thing as the perfect placement think again!

IG: igal.tattz

Viking Tattoos for Men 9

Men’s Celtic Knot Full-Sleeve Viking Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are coming back folks, and with a vengeance! These are some of the harder styles to do because of the symmetry it requires to balance everything out – one skew line sticks out like a sore thumb! The lines are clean, and crisp on this tattoo so there is no need to worry about that department. I love that the artist incorporated different stippled and blackout shading techniques, adding uniqueness to the entire sleeve.

IG: romain_buffenoir_tattoo

Viking Tattoos for Men 10

Micro Viking Tattoo on Men’s Calf

Micro Tattoos are probably the most trendy tattoos in pop culture today, and I am personally a huge fan of the style as it takes skill to execute flawlessly, which this artist has done! The infamous Viking axe depicted in the middle of Nordic rune symbols is an imaginative play on imagery. The placement on the calve was a brave move as the naturally inconspicuous look of Micro tattoos means they are hard to notice, but this tattoo jumps out at you because of its impressive detailing and fine lines.


Viking Tattoos for Men 11

Men’s Symbolic Upper Arm Viking Tattoo

This tattoo is jam-packed with Nordic symbolism, which shows the artist’s creative expression. Snakes represent order and destruction which in essence is the cycle of rebirth and death. The line work is what stands out to me the most in this tattoo as it has been done in a bolder and thicker style, this accentuates the lighter shading bringing overall balance to the tattoo. The upper arm placement was a clever move by the artist as it gave enough room to fit in all the imagery, and for it to be tattooed to perfection.

IG: vspshka

Viking Tattoos for Men 12

Impressive Wolf Viking Tattoo for Men

Vikings are in tune with nature and treat it with respect, and I respect how well this artist has pulled off this tattoo! I love the pop of color in the eyes and the use of white ink in the runes, water, and strands of fur; it creates a striking appearance to the overall tattoo. The wolf takes up most of the space on the forearm and brings attention to the imagery depicted above and below it. Overall, a great piece!

IG: sumok_tattooer

Viking Tattoos for Men 13

Pop of Colour Viking Realism Tattoo for Men

This full-leg sleeve tattoo might just be one of the most badass tattoos I have ever seen! The artist has added the perfect amount of color to bring life to the tattoo, and it was a creative move to add it to the runes as it draws attention to the symbolic meaning behind them. The realism style never fails to impress, and this is evident in this masterpiece. The dark shading coupled with the bright red draws attention in from every direction.


Viking Tattoos for Men 14

Dot Work Knot Work Viking Tattoo For Men

This might be the most creative tattoo on this list. I like the tribal element that the artist used when creating the imagery, this keeps the Nordic theme strong throughout the tattoo! Tattooing on an upper arm is always a safe bet as it tends to be less painful, and there is more room to play with creative designs – like this one. The Dot Work shading is impeccable and the lines are so sharp they could cut through steel; overall a brilliant work of art!

IG: shogantattoo

Viking Tattoos for Men 15

Bold Celtic Viking Men’s Back Tattoo

If you’re going to make a statement, be sure to be bold and brave about it, just like this guy has done by getting this insane work of art on his back! I love how the artist brings balance and symmetry by playing with the imagery; the Celtic knot running down towards the lower back separates the tattoo into equal halves, making it easier on the eye. The Dot Work shading softens the look and juxtaposes the bold, thick lines. – talk about balance!

IG: slavictales.tatts

Viking Tattoos for Men 16

Bright Watercolour Viking Tattoo For Men

There is more than one way to turn heads when it comes to choosing tattoos and adding color is one of them. The simplicity of this upper arm tattoo design is what initially grabbed my attention. I admire the artist’s outstanding line work in Celtic symbol and how it blends into the blue center. The watercolor style is something unique, especially coupled with the skin breaks.

IG: clodin_93

Viking Tattoos for Men 17

Smouldering Viking Warrior Tattoo on Men’s Arm

Looking badass has never been this easy, especially when you put your trust in a professional artist with a creative flare like no other – this tattoo proves that point. Placing a Viking tattoo on your upper arm could resemble strength and power, which I think is a clever choice. The artist’s ability to create a hyper-realistic warrior is off-the-charts, I feel as if I could reach out and touch the beard with my own hands.

IG: pascalavendano

Viking Tattoos for Men 18

Men’s Rebel Viking Head Tattoo

Dare to be bold? This tattoo is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are brave enough will not be sorry as it will make your badassery level skyrocketing. Pulling clean lines on a head can be a daunting task, so I admire this artist’s insane skill at pulling that off. The runes that branch off from the ear and into the sides of the face and head are impressive and were a clever play on imagery. Finally, I the dark ink that the artist has used as it brings a masculine essence to the entire piece.

IG: szpakowski_tattoo

Viking Tattoos for Men 19

Powerful Odin Viking Tattoo on Men’s Upper Arm

The Viking warrior theme is running strong throughout this entire tattoo; the Vikings at sea getting ready for battle at the elbow, and the cloaked Odin leering above on the upper arm. This artist was able to create an atmosphere of power, which I admire. Once more, the realism gives that tattoo just a bit more potency as it feels like Odin is about to attack at any minute. The White ink used to create the rune underneath Odin’s left eye was a smart move by the artist – I can’t look away!

IG: samuelopeztattoo

Viking Tattoos for Men 20

Impressive Wolf And Viking Chest Tattoo For Men

Wolves are symbolic in the Nordic culture, they are said to bring chaos and destruction so it’s best to bring out your inner wolf when going into battle, or better yet, when getting an insane chest piece! It is no secret that the artist has impressive artistic abilities – realism is a hard style to tattoo. What stood out to me the most when I first saw this piece was the icy-blue eye of the wolf, I love that creative touch. Additionally, the use of white ink in this tattoo was interesting as it made the darker areas of the piece stand out.

IG: sumok_tattooer

Viking Tattoos for Men 21

Men’s Viking Goddess Tattoo

Who said that feminine imagery can’t be suited for men? This artist knows how to create the perfect balance between masculine and feminine imagery so that it is well-suited for its male wearer. I love the pop of blue that has been incorporated into the tattoo; not only does it draw attention but it has also been shaded flawlessly. The size of the piece is perfect for the upper arm, any smaller and it would have taken away the magic that this tattoo has to offer. Over and above the shading, the line work is also clean and pristine!

IG: uvedesign_tattoo

Viking Tattoos for Men 22

Forearm Blackwork Odin Viking Tattoo on Men’s Arm

Odin has a powerful presence about him, I can imagine why he is such a popular choice amongst men. The artist sized and placed this piece to perfection, as you can see the finer detailing throughout the tattoo on the forearm. White ink is a go-to when wanting to make a tattoo pop in darker places, like in the crow’s feathers, and Odin’s eyes. I admire the skin breaks the artist used to create white foam in the waves – how creative!

IG: jimleclerctattoo

Viking Tattoos for Men 23

Fine Line Forearm Viking Tattoo For Men

These are the cleanest, and crispiest lines I have ever seen! Micro tattoos and fine-line tattoos are well-known to be some of the harder styles to tattoo out there, but this artist has made it look like a walk in the park. Odin has been depicted sitting on a throne in the middle of the forearm, this gives the tattoo authority and power. The play on imagery balances out the entire design by having runes and Celtic symbols above and below him – what a treat to feat your eyes upon.

IG: lindellvictor

Viking Tattoos for Men 24

Men’s Magnificent Forearm Colour Realism Viking Tattoo

Colour Realism is a brave choice to go for because you will always be the center of attention, so be ready to handle it! I love the placement of the tattoo on the forearm as it allows for more surface area to play with. The blue lighting in the Viking warrior’s hair makes her appear brave, and fearless, which is something that the tattoo could represent. I love the artist’s creative use of color in the eyes, and in the skin – it’s so subtle that you can barely see it, but it packs a punch!

IG: seventattoovegas

Viking Tattoos for Men 25

Men’s Sketch Style Viking Forearm Tattoo

As the saying goes, there is beauty in simplicity and it rings true for this stunning piece. The artist’s professional work can be seen through the impeccable line work; I’ve never seen lines so bold! I like how the artist has done this piece in such a way that it appears to have a masculine element to it. The forearm was a great placement as I can imagine this is what our veins look like under the surface. Overall, I think the Neo-Tribal influence has left a marked impression.

IG: inktomasz

Viking Tattoos for Men 26

Tribal Dwarf Viking Tattoo on Shin for Men

Getting a shin tattoo is not a pleasant experience, but the thrill of looking at a new badass tattoo afterward is well worth it; like this one! Tribal tattoos are timeless and that’s because they always look good, especially when they have been done by a reputable artist like this one. I shin placement was a great spot for this design, as it gets smaller towards the bottom, so it flows well with the body’s anatomy. The line work and the dot shading pair well together and bring the piece to life.

IG: thrudtattoo_rougebarbe

Viking Tattoos for Men 27

Viking Battle Axe Tattoo on Men’s Forearm

The Axe symbolizes protection, and strength which are both masculine traits and qualities that men take pride in. This could have easily been a custom design which the artist has done to perfection. The realistic look of the Axe makes me want to reach out and grab it with my bare hands and get ready for battle! I think the Axe on the forearm was a clever placement, as every time you look down you’ll be reminded to stay strong. I appreciate that the artist used skin breaks behind the stick of the Axe, this makes it stand out even more!


Viking Tattoos for Men 28

Spectacular Full-Sleeve Realism Viking Tattoo for Men

The Viking warrior on the upper arm brings a feeling of authority and mightiness to the look, which is what I think the tattoo artist was trying to achieve. The realistic shading has been executed to perfection as the arm seems to fade away into the imagery. The Celtic imagery depicted throughout the tattoo keeps the Nordic theme running strong. Lastly, the use of white ink and skin breaks has proven that the devil is in the details.

IG: pelaezarte

Viking Tattoos for Men 29

Upper Arm Pop Of Colour Runes Men’s Tattoo

This tattoo has a creative play on imagery; Viking men were warriors and men of honor. I believe that the red pop of color could represent bloodshed in battle, and the trait of honor that men hold close to their hearts. I like the blackout shading the artist used for the runes, it makes it appear even more powerful and daring. The compass on the shoulder fits well with the natural anatomy of the human body – it takes the keen eye of a creative to be able to see that; well done to the artist.

IG: void.vitriol

Viking Tattoos for Men 30

Men’s Simple Viking Compass Chest Tattoo

Simplicity never looked this good. Line work is where it is at when it comes to how well a tattoo presents itself, both on and off camera, and these lines have no trouble with leaving an impression. I like how the artist kept the design simple and placed it on the chest where it is easy to see. Although the style may be simple, it still requires skill to make something simple look good – well done to the artist!

IG: ladydianaoninsta

Viking Tattoos for Men 31

Loki Mask Forearm Viking Tattoo For Men

The line work immediately grabbed my attention at first glance, the concoction of thin and thick lines makes a recipe for success! The stippled block shading brings an interesting element to the tattoo, as well as balance. I admire the artist’s bravery in tattooing in this style, as it requires executing symmetry which is a difficult skill to master – especially on a forearm.

IG: morrigantattooartist

Viking Tattoos for Men 32

Men’s Colour Realism Upper-Arm Viking Tattoo

This tattoo is jam-packed with creative flare and incredible artistic talent. The yellow and red ink above the crow’s head on the bicep brings a lot of emotion to the tattoo; anger, lust, hatred, passion, power, and more. I love the blackout work in the Celtic compass above the Viking warrior’s head, this brings balance to the entire tattoo and juxtaposes the warrior’s lightly shaded face. The realistic appearance and style of the tattoo give it that “wow” factor.

IG: jose_kustom