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33 Quality Quote Tattoos for Men in 2024

Tattoos using written phrases and quotes are an excellent way to express yourself. Quote tattoo ideas for men are a tattoo staple, ranging from motivational messages and reminders to phrases from pop culture, literature, music, and the screen. There are almost endless quote options and a variety of styles that you can use to make body art!!

But before you go and get your quote tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most interesting, innovative, and exciting quote tattoos in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size, and exact placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Quote Tattoos for Men 1

The Best Quote Tattoos for Men - Blackwork Quote Tattoo on Man’s Calf

I love the concept and execution of this large font quote tattoo. The solid black ink is crafted to look squished and squashed like it’s been squeezed from the outside. The ink is an excellent technical application that works nicely on the client’s calf muscle.

IG: babysfirstcig

Quote Tattoos for Men 2

Typewriter Style Quote Tattoo

The letters are inked with uniform thickness and spacing along the back of the client’s thigh. This design will have little trouble holding up over time, and there’s plenty of space left to add more script or supporting imagery.

IG: lofi_tattooer

Quote Tattoos for Men 3

Alis Volat Propriis Quote Tattoo for Men

This Latin phrase means “She flies with her own wings” in English and features a lovely single-needle script. The simple, handwritten tattoo font is etched cleanly on the inner forearm – a placement popular with ink lovers who want their quotes to act as inspiration or as a reminder.

IG: stephen_doyle_tattoo

Quote Tattoos for Men 4

Go Hard or Go Home Calf Tattoo for Men

Another simple but effective black ink handwritten tattoo on the muscle. This one says, ‘Go hard or go home, a famous Western saying about trying your hardest. I like capitalizing each word – it makes the tattoo bigger and frames the design better than other font choices and sizes would.

IG: matt.vesta

Quote Tattoos for Men 5

Men’s Inner Forearm Cursive Quote Tattoo

This cursive quote tattoo uses a minimalist font to flow along the client’s inner forearm. It’s a neat, clean application that combines well with the single-needle realistic bee tattoo to the left of the lettering.

IG: tivas

Quote Tattoos for Men 6

Heavy Black Men’s Quote Tattoo

This bold black quote tattoo depicts the phrase “Everybody wants to rule the world” in large script on the client’s thigh. I like how the design is delivered with two contrasting but compatible font styles and the client’s willingness to go large with the size of the piece.

IG: matosrenato_

Quote Tattoos for Men 7

Circular Black Ink Quote Tattoo

This quote tattoo utilizes a well-etched circular black script. The black ink script is clean and robust – the capitalization of each letter keeps the font a uniform height and width – while the unique circular pattern utilizes sound spacing and shape while reinforcing the quote’s meaning.

IG: babysfirstcig

Quote Tattoos for Men 8

Minimalist Quote Tattoo Design

I like this minimalist tattoo – it’s all about the content of the quote and not the application. While I don’t necessarily agree with the statement (I like eating meat but have no wish to eat a fascist), the boldness of its message is commendable.

IG: nancydestroyer

Quote Tattoos for Men 9

Line Art Quote Tattoo on Man’s Chest

I like combining the old school theme and the new school application in this “Facts over feelings” quote tattoo. The heart and dagger design is a timeless style choice, modernized by a linework anatomical heart. The clean application makes this tattoo stand out despite its lack of color and shading.

IG: bentausendtattoos

Quote Tattoos for Men 10

Le Monde ou Rien Quote Tattoo

An epic chest tattoo combining elements of graffiti and ambigram script tattoos that “The world or nothing” in French. The precise design demonstrates the artist’s framing, spacing, and filler skills by using alternating black ink and negative space backgrounds to the cleverly applied lettering, making the clean, flowing script the focal point.

IG: guizo187

Quote Tattoos for Men 11

Jigsaw Puzzle Quote Tattoo

A bold, two-layer quote tattoo of “Sometimes what a person needs is just one piece…” I like how it also incorporates the black linework jigsaw puzzle of a man. It’s a neat, efficient piece, and the added image is a fitting application style for the ink’s overall message.

IG: esco_zcc

Quote Tattoos for Men 12

Simple Quote Tattoo on Man’s Ribs

This wicked rib tattoo simply says, “All demons are here,” in minimalist Gothic font. The key to the success of this design is how the piece has been applied- the choice not to use capital letters makes for better flow and spacing. Running the ink over two lines makes it more compact and centralized than just a single line of text.

IG: neven_tattoo

Quote Tattoos for Men 13

Goth Graffiti Style “No Risk No Fun” Quote Tattoo

An epic belly tattoo combining elements of graffiti and gothic script tattoos. The design spells out “No Risk No Fun” with heavy black ink reminiscent of calligraphy. The decision not to space between words is an interesting one that makes the ink more difficult to read.

IG: chernozzem

Quote Tattoos for Men 14

French Typewritten Quote Tattoo

Another simple but effective black ink typewritten tattoo on the upper thigh in French. The font size and placement look compelling, and I like the correct punctuation. The simple tattoo will hold up well as it ages.


Quote Tattoos for Men 15

Men’s Chicano Calligraphy Quote Tattoo

Amar e para os fortes means “love is for the strong” in English. This wonderfully placed and executed Chicano-style script tattoo uses letters applied with beautifully flowing linework. The black moves cleanly along the script, making the words easy to read.

IG: vhinktattoo

Quote Tattoos for Men 16

Old English Lettering Quote Tattoo

This man’s shin tattoo is a tidy example of black ink Old English script. The lettering for each word is practical – solid and crisply drawn up – and the decision to capitalize each first letter provides uniformity and a more daring font style. The design will have no issues holding up as it ages.

IG: letterchaz

Quote Tattoos for Men 17

Spanish Quote Tattoo on Man’s Chest

This Spanish language quote tattoo lays out the phrase, “Love me without question that I will love you without answers,” across the man’s right pectoral muscle. Again, it’s a simple design, but the lettering is clean, and each word gap in the tattoo is precise.

IG: lalo.vm

Quote Tattoos for Men 18

Illustrative Pink Floyd Quote Tattoo

This illustrative piece uses lyrics from Pink Floyd’s “The Thin Ice” combined with a Hellish, skeletal beast devouring an innocent. The juxtaposition of the script – delivered with an old manuscript-style border – and the haunting black and gray image make this one of my favorite designs in the gallery.

IG: inkbyptp

Quote Tattoos for Men 19

Soul Over Ego Blurred Quote Tattoo

I love the concept and execution of this script tattoo, although I’m not sure I could put it on my skin. The solid black ink looks blurry in depicting EGO- especially in comparison to the crisp SOUL etched above it. The piece displays excellent technical application at either end of each letter, in a shading choice designed to make them look hazy and out of focus.

IG: poesie_muette

Quote Tattoos for Men 20

Decorative Lettering Quote Tattoo

This quote tattoo says, “Love isn’t my language,” on the client’s chest. It’s an exciting design that utilizes a lot of different flowing font sizes. Some people don’t mind this naturalistic approach, while others will downright hate it and need it to be exact in size and shape. Ensure you know which one you are before attempting to get a quote tattoo.

IG: suresh_madushanka_tattoo

Quote Tattoos for Men 21

Minimalist Quote/Script Tattoo

Anche il tempo ha un limite di tempo means “Even time has a time limit.” It’s a simple, black ink handwritten tattoo on the client’s calf. I like the choice to randomize word spacing and the artist’s decision to sign his art!

IG: te.loscrivoio

Quote Tattoos for Men 22

Men’s Quote Tattoo on Side and Ribs

This large-size quote tattoo is an exceptional use of a cursive script. The artist’s application skills are first-class. The work balances clean, crisp lines and negative space against clever shading depth. Using backing banners for the smaller words helps provide depth and variety to the composition.

IG: davyjuicytattoo

Quote Tattoos for Men 23

“Family First” Custom Freehand Quote Tattoo

I like this custom blackwork upper chest tattoo that says “Family first.” The artist has given it excellent pop by crafting a contrasting effect between black ink filler and negative space. The tattoo also uses a flowing script to create a border that suits the design style.

IG: seventattoovegas

Quote Tattoos for Men 24

Light Moment Dark Moment Quote Tattoo

If you like German beer, chances are you can decipher the message on this man’s thigh tattoo. Helle means light, and dunkle means dark, so “Light moment, dark moment” is the English version. I like the simple use of a hand-written, capitalized font style.


Quote Tattoos for Men 25

Men’s Quote Tattoo on Calf

This calligraphy-style quote tattoo uses two contrasting font choices. The bold black ink stands out, but you can also tell from the spacing that each line was applied individually rather than in a block, as the framing is a little ‘out’ in the bottom word.

IG: inkhazard

Quote Tattoos for Men 26

“Let Go and Let God” Inner Arm Quote Tattoo

Religious-themed tattoo art has skyrocketed over the last two decades, mirroring society’s acceptance of body art. This beautifully flowing script is a small tattoo of the phrase, “Let Go and Let God,” a famous quote amongst Christians.

IG: faraaaz_tattoo_

Quote Tattoos for Men 27

“Become Who You Are” Quote Tattoo

This Italian language tattoo translates to “Become Who You Are,” the title of a popular Mezzosangue song from 2016. The design is simple and elegant, using a 3-line block to deliver the text in a hand-written font.

IG: __cursedlover__

Quote Tattoos for Men 28

Black Bold Hunter S Thompson Quote Tattoo

“Too weird to live, too rare to die” was a quote used by writer Hunter S. Thompson to describe his lawyer in his book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This wild piece of black ink script encapsulates the quote perfectly while also emulating one of the cover versions of the book.


Quote Tattoos for Men 29

“I Believe in You” Danish Quote Tattoo

Another simple but effective black ink tattoo on the upper arm. This one says, ‘I believe in you’ in Danish. I like having the words read back toward the clients’ eyes; this effect means the tattoo is for them specifically, and it doesn’t matter if others can read it!


Quote Tattoos for Men 30

Black and Gray Owl and Quote Tattoo

Owl tattoos are often associated with wisdom. This realistic piece matches detailed feathers and claws with support from background grayscale shading. It matches well with the quote etched into the left wing using a simple, flowing cursive.

IG: invictatattoopiercing

Quote Tattoos for Men 31

“Remember Why” Quote Tattoo for Men

I love the font choice and placement combination for this man’s “Remember why” neck tattoo. The large cursive font flows beautifully along the nape of the neck, and the flourish of splashing ink is a nice touch that works well with the theme. While script tattoos are often simple, they can be as eye-catching as any image!

IG: silas.becks

Quote Tattoos for Men 32

Men’s Black and Gray Forearm Quote Tattoo

This man’s black and gray forearm tattoo is applied with an excellent eye for flowing linework. The tattoo looks fresh, crisp, and exciting; I love the word placement of the cursive lettering on pockets of negative space between grayscale clouds.