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29 Lovely Rabbit Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women in 2024

Did you know that in China, 2023 is regarded as the Year of the Rabbit? In their Zodiac circle, the Rabbit symbolizes happiness and a long, well-lived life! In the West, you can often find bunny-shaped chocolate bars during Easter. It’s said that Rabbits are often associated with fertility, peace, and a whole lot of joy! Whether in the East or the West, it seems like the image of a Rabbit is always filled with positivity and delight.

But before you go and get your own Rabbit tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the boldest, most beautiful, and most captivating Rabbit tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 1

Neo-Traditional Arm Tattoo of Rabbit with Strawberries and a Crescent Moon Tattoo Ideas

A sweet, beloved animal right next to a sweet, beloved fruit – what could possibly be better? I love how graceful the Rabbit looks, gently placing its front legs on top of the vines. The Crescent moon is also nicely done showcasing some skillful Dotwork.

IG: attackofthe50footwoman

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 2

Minimal Shoulder Tattoo of Rabbit Sitting on the Moon Tattoo Ideas

Right off the bat, the crayon effect of this design is just absolutely delightful. I love the dreamy, whimsical vibe coming off from the clouds, staras and moon. The color palette also creates a peaceful feel with a delicate combination of light blue, light purple and black. Wonderful job done by artist IG: @tinybaki!

IG: tinybaki

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 3

Minimal Ankle Tattoo of Mommy and Baby Rabbits Embracing Each Other Tattoo Ideas

This design tugged at my heart the moment I saw it. I really like that the outlines are not solid but rather intentionally disrupted, making the Rabbits look so fluffy. The subtle, pinky blush on their cheeks, feet, ears and tails is absolutely adorable, too! This piece is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

IG: tattooist_yeonnie

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 4

Realistic Blackwork Tattoo of White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Ideas

If you’re into animations, you couldn’t possibly forget the White Rabbit, the lovely character from Alice in Wonderland who’s always obsessed with time. This is such a detailed and immaculate depiction of the character, down to the smallest details. I really like that the Rabbit appears to be coming through a mirror frame, as if he’s peeking into our world from another parallel universe!

IG: moco_tattoo

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 5

Realistic Black and Gray Arm Tattoo of Rabbit and Flowers Tattoo Ideas

If you’d like a Realistic picture tattooed on your arm, this is perfect for you. I love how lovely everything looks here, from the way the Rabbit curiously looks at the bee, to the delicate flowers under his feet. Absolutely magnificent job by artist IG: @madlynevanlooy

IG: madlynevanlooy

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 6

Minimal Black and Gray Tattoo of Rabbit over Biceps

This is something for those of you who like simplicity. I adore the gentle smile on this Rabbit’s face, along with his big, round sparkling eyes. Tattoo artist IG: @maria.das.tattoos does a lot of whimsical animal pieces like this one. Visit her page now for a dose of cuteness!

IG: maria.das.tattoos

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 7

Old School Tattoo of Rabbit Head on Back of Hand Tattoo Ideas

Talented artist Marina Goncharova excels at Old School style, and we pull this one straight from her personal page IG: @marina_goncharova_tattoo. I love that this gorgeous piece is placed right on the back of the hand, where it’s very visible. The composition of the design fits its placement so well, too, the long ears stretching above the wrist, while the leaves reach down towards the finger.s Brilliant design and execution!

IG: marina_goncharova_tattoo

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 8

Minimal Ankle Tattoo of Rabbit and Stars Tattoo Ideas

This sweet, dreamy piece is designed and executed by artist IG: @tattooist_yeonnie, who excels at whimsical tattoos inked in Cartoon Style.. As you might have already noticed, she’s also the brain behind that piece of Mommy and Baby bunnies we showed you before. What I love about this piece are the stars, flowers and leaves floating around the Rabbit, as if to form a beautiful picture frame. How adorable!

IG: tattooist_yeonnie

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 9

Blackwork Tattoo of Rabbit Hopping over Triceps Tattoo Ideas

I usually find Blackwork pieces to be bold, loaded with lots of intensity. But this one is just so charming! I love how most of the Rabbit’s body is inked in solid black, save for those spots where beautiful floral patterns bloom. It looks so graceful, like it’s hopping out of a fairy tale!

IG: justinecrawfart

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 10

Minimal Tattoo of Rabbit Holding a String to the Moon Tattoo Ideas

I adore the creative imagination of whoever designed this piece. The bunny is holding a string that’s tied to a Crescent moon, as if it’s a balloon. Every detail in this piece has such a feminine, delicate vibe: from the floral patterns on the moon, to the beautiful light shading. Lovely

IG: dan_tattooer

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 11

Minimal Red Ink Tattoo of Ornamental Bunny Tattoo Ideas

There’s a strong Asian influence in this tattoo, judging by all the bows. I also love that the artist went with the color red as it’s often associated with great fortune in many Asian cultures. This bunny tattoo might be little, but it packs a punch!


Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 12

Minimal Realistic Tattoo of Miffy on Upper Arm Tattoo Ideas

Another famous cartoon bunny character is Miffy, and she looks so cute in this design. I really like the white highlights used,, which give the piece a fantastically winter wonderland-like appearance.

IG: tattooist_f.59

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 13

Linework Tattoo of Rabbit with Diamond and Flower Garden Tattoo Ideas

I absolutely love how this tattoo looks like it’s straight out of a kid’s animation. The lovely bunny holds on to a diamond in the middle of such a dreamy, joyful garden. If you like tattoos of this style, definitely check out the artist’s page at IG: @teekatatts

IG: teekatatts

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 14

Minimal Finger Tattoos of a Bunny, Hearts and Numbers Tattoo Ideas

Minimalistic and Micro ink pieces always look so good on fingers, because of their simplicity and small sizes. I love that the color palette of this one is limited but very bright and delightful. The tattoos look like tiny, adorable pieces of jewelry. No Rings Needed

IG: soy_tattoo_

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 15

Linework Tattoo of Sleeping Rabbit Holding onto Flower Tattoo Ideas

I love the melancholic and whimsical vibe of this piece. The peacefully sleeping Rabbit is holding onto a skeleton, from which a beautiful flower blooms. I absolutely admire the Linework in this design, and how beautifully all the details look together. Wonderful job done by artist IG:!


Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 16

Blackwork Tattoo of Demonic Rabbit on Thigh Tattoo Ideas

We’ve seen a lot of adorable designs, but this one takes us for a dark turn. I love the intensity created with the use of Blackwork, which makes the Rabbit look so demonic and surreal. For more intimidatingly gorgeous designs, don’t miss out the artist’s profile at IG: @the_slaughterer_ink!

IG: the_slaughterer_ink

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 17

Sketch Style Arm Tattoo of White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Ideas

Here’s another tattoo of the adorable White Rabbit, but this time in the Sketch style. I really like the use of white highlights in this piece, which gives him such a polished, gleaming appearance. Amazing design by artist IG: @tadi_tattoo!

IG: tadi_tattoo

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 18

Neo-Traditional Tattoo of Rabbit on the Clouds Tattoo Ideas

Artist IG: @klptattoo does absolutely excellent Neo-Traditional designs, and this is one of his most recent works. I love how hopeful and dreamy the Rabbit is, holding onto the clouds while looking up at the moon. The muted, earthy color palette also does a wonderful job of giving this tattoo a warm, heartfelt vibe.

IG: klptattoo

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 19

Linework Arm Tattoo of Bunny with Whip Shading Tattoo Ideas

This one is just simply delightful! I really like how the whip shading adds so much texture to the piece both on the Rabbit’s fur and the leaves. The resulting stippled effect is beautiful. The solid, bold outlines look really good too, and they will probably help keep the tattoo intact for the long run.

IG: nox.tattoos

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 20

Blackwork Stomach Tattoo of Rabbit Cut in Half Tattoo Ideas

I’m impressed by the dark twist of this design, featuring a Rabbit cut in two. My favorite detail are the drops of blood dripping down toward the belly button, which adds such an ominous vibe to the piece. Wonderful job done by artist IG: @justinecrawfart!

IG: justinecrawfart

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 21

Minimal Arm Tattoo of Cute Bunny Holding Up a Knife Tattoo Ideas

I find it so funny how this little bunny is holding up a sharp knife, as if to threaten anyone who dares to deny his cuteness! One interesting fact is that this is one of two tattoos in a matching set! So if you’d like to see the color version of this humorous design, visit the artist’s profile at IG: @pigeonpokes_

IG: pigeonpokes_

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 22

Minimal Blackwork Tattoo of Rabbit on Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Don’t you just love the Medieval look of this artwork? It also works really well with the existing tattoos, without blending in and losing its spotlight. For more designs in the same style, definitely don’t miss out on the artist’s account at IG: @kajetankarczewski

IG: kajetankarczewski

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 23

Linework Tattoo of Butterfly Bunny with Deer Antlers Tattoo Ideas

Did I tell you how much I love designs of hybrid animals? They’re just always so full of surprises. This bunny looks so beautiful with its butterfly wings and graceful deer antlers. I also like how the dice and flowers line up like a pretty frame, highlighting the bunny right in the middle. Absolutely gorgeous!

IG: tattooastrid

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 24

Minimal Arm Tattoo of Bunny Lying on Grass Tattoo Ideas

There’s something so loveable and joyful about this piece, and I can find a lot of reasons why. I love how the Rabbit is lying so comfortably on the grass, giving off such a carefree, lovely vibe. The purple hearts on his cheeks are also super cute, and the crayon effect goes perfectly well with all of these details. Absolutely delightful piece!

IG: haenal_tattoo

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 25

Custom Neo-Traditional Tattoo of Rabbit with a Bow and Butterflies Tattoo Ideas

I adore the affectionate, sentimental feel that this piece carries. It’s so heart-warming how the Rabbit is watching the butterflies around him as if to admire their beauty. The best thing is how the Rabbit is wearing a bow of the same color as the butterflies. Quite The Fashionista

IG: muetattoox

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 26

Linework Thigh Tattoo of Rabbit and Mouse with Flowers Tattoo Ideas

What’s more wholesome than a love between different species? This tattoo features a Rabbit taking care of a little mouse in a garden filled with flowers, and it’s perhaps one of the sweetest pieces I’ve ever seen. I love the combination of Linework and fFneline too, which makes the tattoo very fascinating to look at.

IG: lu_lorammartin_tattoos

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 27

Blackwork Tattoo of Rabbit Hopping across Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

The best thing for me about this design is its placement. I feel like the shape of the hopping rabbit fits perfectly into the angle of the client’s shoulder. A very interesting detail is how the rabbit’s back legs are tied together. I wonder what that means?

IG: ouicha_tat

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 28

Minimal Black and Gray Tattoo of Rabbit over Biceps Tattoo Ideas

This has to be the fluffiest Rabbit I’ve ever seen! It really looks like a tiny ball of fur that will make anyone’s heart melt. Can you believe that this skillful piece is actually hand poked? Insane, right? Check out the artist’s page right here for some more mind-blowing designs at IG: @sugarangeltattoo

IG: sugarangeltattoo

Rabbit Tattoo Ideas 29

Minimal Tattoo of Two Sleeping Rabbits on Upper Arm Tattoo Ideas

This is one of those designs that brings peace to your heart, in the most natural way. I love how simple but impactful this tattoo is. The fluffiness of the Rabbit fur and the softness of the pillow are both so well presented, both created using only a few lines. Just brilliant design and execution!

IG: rottencandy_ink

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!