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28 Sensational Star Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Tattoos of Stars have always been popular among ink lovers, because of how awesome they look. They can be minimal and small, but they can also be extremely intricate and take up a large area. Whatever it is that your heart desires, a Star tattoo can grant you that wish!

But before you go and get your own Star tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most sparkling, gleaming, and brilliant Star tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Star Tattoo Ideas 1

Minimal Tattoo of Stars on Hand

We open the list with a small tattoo on the client’s hand. I really like how simple and subtle this one is, and the fact that it’s right where you can easily show it off. Its placement exquisitely accentuates and highlights the classic space between the thumb and index finger. This one came straight out of our home studio based in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Very Classy Indeed

IG: panumart_tattoo

Star Tattoo Ideas 2

Fineline Tattoo of Star on Side of Ankle

I absolutely adore this elegant design! The linework and dotwork around it make it look like a gorgeous snowflake, don’t you think? You can expect some fading though as the lines are so thin, but of course they can always be touched up. This design is perfect for the tattoo-newbie as it’s in an inconspicuous spot, but still perfect for those summer sandals.

IG: orma_tattoo

Star Tattoo Ideas 3

Minimal Tattoo of Heart and Stars on Shoulder

This minimal design has a few dashes of pastel color that I really like, purple and blue. I also love the addition of the Star’s orbit, which makes the heart stand out even more, and connects all the elements in the design. Lovely work by artist IG:!


Star Tattoo Ideas 4

Ornamental Tattoo of Stars on Upper Arm

I really like the symmetry of this design, making it look so visually satisfying. You can see how its dimensions perfectly align with the canvas which the arm and shoulder provide. Props to the artist IG: @orma_tattoo.

IG: orma_tattoo

Star Tattoo Ideas 5

Fineline Tattoo of Star on Upper Arm

Another elegant piece for anyone who likes minimalism. The client also has their initial placed right next to the Star, which is such a subtle but unique detail. For more wonderful pieces like this one, definitely check out the Korean artist’s page IG: @tattooist_bear!

IG: tattooist_bear

Star Tattoo Ideas 6

Minimal Linework Tattoo of Star on Shoulder

If you’re looking for the simplest of the simple, this might be something you’d enjoy. The design is extremely minimal, bringing out a light-hearted, joyful vibe. The placement of the tattoo is a great option, too, making it seem like a fine piece of jewelry on this client’s shoulder. Beautiful

IG: there.ttt

Star Tattoo Ideas 7

Ornamental Tattoo of Stars and Patterns on Forearm and Wrist

Here comes another piece from the collection of artist IG: @orma_tattoo. I really like how this design looks just like a bracelet on this client’s dainty wrist. And the patterns look so beautiful and classy, too, just like a high-end piece of jewelry!

IG: orma_tattoo

Star Tattoo Ideas 8

Purple Tattoo of Star and Orbits on Upper Arm

You might have recognized that this one comes from artist IG:’s page, thanks to the signature purple color. I love the natural glow on the star, created by the subtle blurry effect of the ink. Very creative, right?


Star Tattoo Ideas 9

Black and Gray Neck Tattoo of Star

I absolutely adore neck tattoos, because they always make such a bold statement. I really like how this design is positioned in the middle of the client’s throat, making it stand out so well, creating one mighty focal point. The ombre effect also works nicely to create the rays of light coming out of the star. Awesome work by artist IG: @natalyarosea!

IG: natalyarosea

Star Tattoo Ideas 10

StarTattoo on Forearm

The patterns on this design are absolutely to die for! I love how they look like the glow around a star, and flower petals at the same time! The light shading really breathes life into the piece, with no additional outline needed. Fantastic work by artist IG: @mossysticks!

IG: mossysticks

Star Tattoo Ideas 11

Blackwork Arm Tattoo of Hand Holding a Star

I always admire the intense and impactful look of blackwork designs, and this one is no exception. I feel like there’s something so spiritual, even sacred, about this design. Perhaps it is due to the mysterious imagery of a hand grabbing onto a star, as if from a higher power.. What a symbolic and thought-provoking piece!

IG: bohuntattoo

Star Tattoo Ideas 12

Minimal Fineline Matching Tattoos of Pisces and Capricorn Constellations

or fans of astrology, a Star design equals a horoscope constellation design. It’s really sweet how these two friends got matching tattoos, each with their own sign, Pisces (on the left) and Capricorn (on the right). Forever Connected!

IG: small.minitattoo

Star Tattoo Ideas 13

Fineline Tattoo of Five Stars on Arm

This simple, delicate design features five different Stars tattooed next to one another, each glowing in a slightly different way. I love the calming, gentle vibe coming off of this piece. Looks like it’s the perfect piece for anyone who wants some tenderness tattooed on their skin.

IG: tattoobychang

Star Tattoo Ideas 14

Fineline Shoulder Tattoo of Star Constellation

This beautiful design features a Star constellation inked in the most gentle way. I really like how the tattoo flows gracefully from the client’s shoulder onto the chest. This definitely calls for a strapless LBD. This delicate piece of ink is by artist IG: @tavi_tattoo!

IG: tavi_tattoo

Star Tattoo Ideas 15

Hand-poked Fineline Tattoo of Cherries and Stars Incorporating Dotwork

The dotwork looks absolutely amazing in this piece! Do you notice that the tattoo is actually hand-poked? The technique really provides a rich texture and an overall fascinating appearance. Props to the artist IG: @averykiyo for the amazing work!

IG: averykiyo

Star Tattoo Ideas 16

Minimal Full Black Arm Tattoo of Stars and Galaxy

I absolutely love the ink effect in this one, giving the galaxy such mesmerizing textures and movements! They look like ink splotches. The use of black ink next to the yellowish brown is really interesting too, providing contrast. If you like creative and lovely designs like this one, definitely check out the artist’s page at IG: @dranem.bag!

IG: dranem.bag

Star Tattoo Ideas 17

Black and Gray Arm Tattoo of Two Stars

It’s interesting how the shading and white highlights give the Stars such an ominous, sad appearance. It almost seems like they’re made of metal, and are melting under the heat! I wonder what the significance of this design is. What do you think?

IG: vee.inked

Star Tattoo Ideas 18

Fineline Tattoo of Stars in Different Sizes Along the Arm

These Stars come in all shapes and sizes, running from above the elbow all the way down to the wrist. I think that separately they’re very pretty, but the big picture for me is, they seem to resemble a rash. Not my favorite design.

IG: gracedoestattoos

Star Tattoo Ideas 19

Watercolor Sketch Tattoo of Star

This cute Star looks like the main character in “Twinkle Little Star”, with its adorable big eyes and golden glow. I really like that the artist combines sketch style with Watercolors, even including the beautiful gradient of yellow tones we see here.

IG: mireiamateostattoo

Star Tattoo Ideas 20

Micro Tattoo of Stars with Whip Shading

This adorable, tiny piece looks so interesting. That’s thanks to the specialized technique of whip shading that’s employed. You can especially see the characteristic stippled effect it creates along the ring on the upper Star. This tattoo has a simple, but sophisticated look. For more designs like this one, check out the artist’s page at IG: @kittenthorns!

IG: kittenthorns

Star Tattoo Ideas 21

Fineline Tattoo of Stars on Upper Arm

I really like the graceful, classy vibe coming off of this design, thanks to the fineline style that’s employed. Thin black lines create the delicate ethereal feel of this tattoo, perfectly matching the delicate lines of this client’s arm. Lovely

IG: sukza__art

Star Tattoo Ideas 22

Fineline Color Tattoo of Scorpion, Moon and Stars

This piece from artist IG: @kameenstudio looks fantastic with its pastel color palette of pink and purple. I love how all the Stars line up to form the shape of a crescent moon. The scorpion, on the other hand, looks so intimidating but stunning, attracting all the attention. This one is a very fascinating piece, don’t you think?

IG: kameenstudio

Star Tattoo Ideas 23

Blackwork Tattoo of Star with Face on Upper Arm

For fans of the more abstract side of ink designs, this one might be your cup of tea. I love the bold, black solid outline of the Star, that also makes it seem like an explosion. The artist did a great job packing the ink, so we won’t be seeing any fading here.

IG: idraw_youhappy

Star Tattoo Ideas 24

Custom Color Tattoo of Heart-Shaped Star

Korean tattoo artist IG: @tattooist_sonak has such a joyful and colorful collection of designs, and this one is pulled right from her personal page. I love the combination of pink and purple that gives this design such a light-hearted, feminine energy. And the heart in the middle, acting like the Sun, is perfect, don’t you think?

IG: tattooist_sonak

Star Tattoo Ideas 25

Watercolor Tattoo of Planets and Stars on Back of Arm

Hands down, this one has to be among my favorites on the list. I love the mystical color palette that gives the planets and the piece such a dreamy vibe. The lack of outlines works so well here too, adding even more magic. And the Watercolors, they’re applied in the most precise manner which requires considerable skill. Awesome work done by artist IG: @live_tattooer!

IG: live_tattooer

Star Tattoo Ideas 26

Fineline Tattoo of Stars on Upper Arm

Here’s another design that spreads Stars all along the arm. Don’t get me wrong, I love Stars, even groups of them. But a long and wide cluster of them looks too much like a rash to me.

Star Tattoo Ideas 27

Custom Design of Sleeping Star Over Biceps

This whimsical piece is such a great addition to the client’s arm. The Star looks amazing with its perfectly inked outline and blushed cheeks. The linework and shading are also so interesting, adding beautiful dimension and texture to the design. It’s interesting how the lower tattoo though is inked in very different styles from this one, something that we don’t often see.

IG: olyvona

Star Tattoo Ideas 28

Minimal Tattoo of Star on Forearm

Last but definitely not least, here comes something for the minimalist within you. A perfectly curated and symmetric star, placed on the forearm for everyone to easily admire! I love the sketchy, raw feel of the lines, that makes the piece seem like it’s gleaming! Awesome work by artist IG:!


We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!