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30 Lovely Leopard and Jaguar Tattoos For Men & Women in 2024

Leopard and Jaguar prints have always been a big part of fashion, because of how stylish and classy they look. The animals themselves are also very well-known for their incredible speed, as well as their agile and intimidating appearances For tattoo enthusiasts, Leopards and Jaguars can be very meaningful symbols. They represent patience, inner strength, power, and confidence. And so, they definitely work best for people with strong and influential personalities!

But before you go and get your own Leopard or Jaguar tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the boldest, most beautiful, and most captivating Leopard and Jaguar tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin. 

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 1

Micro Realistic Color Tattoo of Leopard on Ankle

This piece looks absolutely stunning and eye-catching despite its small size. I really like how the solid black and blue portions frame the Leopard without appearing to cage him in. . Wonderful job on the artist’s part!

IG: graycodetattoo

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 2

Black and Gray Tattoo of Jaguar on Thigh

We start off with something from our own tattoo studio based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My favorite part about this design is how the Jaguar just fades away, as if the rest of its body is too fast to be seen. The piece flows really nicely on this client’s thigh, too!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 3

Realistic Black and Gray Tattoo of Leopard on Back of Arm

This one is designed and executed by the same artist as the previous one, and they both really show how well he manages to recreate animals realistically. I love how the different shades of gray are incorporated into this design to give the leopard such a gleaming, gorgeous look while also providing plenty of detail!

IG: graycodetattoo

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 4

Custom Tattoo of Leopard on Side of Leg with Color

I really like the surreal, mystical and Asian look of this design. The lack of outlines makes everything seem like a dream; the smoke appears to pass through the leopard’s body and turn the moon blue. Very fascinating work by artist IG: @nana.orient!

IG: nana.orient

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 5

Realistic Black and Gray Forearm Tattoo of Leopard

I find this design so intriguing and creative! There’s no outline for what the Leopard is lying on,, but the negative space and the subtle shading are both really effective in sparking our imagination. I also love how relaxed and comfortable the Leopard appears, looking like a huge, adorable cat! The shading in this piece is off the charts crazy good!

IG: theartoftattooingofficial

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 6

Blackwork Chest Tattoo of Jaguar Head

The intensity of this design makes such a huge impression on me. I adore the power that Blackwork pieces carry, and it seems like this client would agree with me. The abstract highly packed ink effect is also mesmerizing, depicting the patterns of the Jaguar so effectively! What an amazing ink piece, don’t you think?

IG: danielkenji

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 7

Minimal Blackwork Tattoo of Cheetah on the Back of Arm

Now, we know this isn’t a Jaguar or Leopard, but we can’t skip past a beautiful design when we see it. I really like how there’s no clear outline of the Cheetah, which makes it look like a beautiful stamp on the client’s body. Very delicate and meticulous work done by the artist IG: @gyu_tattoo

IG: gyu_tattoo

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 8

Realistic Colored Arm Tattoo of Jaguar

Right off the bat, the vibrant color palette of this piece catches my eye. I love the bright orange on the Jaguar and how it looks so good next to the blue and purple leaves. There’s such a fascinating intensity to the piece because it seems like the Jaguar is hiding, about to attack. Watch out, you might be the prey!

IG: izzi_tattoo_gt

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 9

Micro Realistic Arm Tattoo of Cheetah and Jaguar Cuddling

Strong personalities don’t always have to be loud, just like how impactful ink pieces don’t always have to be big. I adore this design for how affectionate but also powerful these two appear. Despite being two of the most threatening wild animals, they appear to show compassion for one another.. This perfectly symmetric composition is also really pleasant to look at, too!

IG: milan_maya

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 10

Custom New School/Neo-Traditional Arm Tattoo of Jaguar with Flowers

There are elements of both New School and Neo-Traditional seen in this piece and they work well together, from the bold black outlines to the block shading. Have you ever seen a blue Jaguar? Probably not in real life, but now you know how gorgeous it would look! I love the pink shading on the Jaguar, too – what an unexpected but creative decision!

IG: taichimaster1

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 11

Realistic Black and Gray Full-Sleeve Tattoo of Jaguar and Cameleon

Now, this is something for those of you who love nature. I really like how the artist manages to create a full picture of the wild right on this client’s arm, using color, shading and highlighting. For similarly impressive works, definitely check out the artist’s page at IG: @samuelopeztattoo

IG: samuelopeztattoo

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 12

Micro Realistic Tattoo of Leopard Within a Frame

It’s so interesting how realistic this Leopard looks in such a surreal setting. I love the blurry effect seen both on the frame and the animal, making the whole piece seem so much more mystical. Doesn’t the Leopard look like he’s peering out from a window? Stunning Visual

IG: start.your.line

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 13

Black and Gray Tattoo of Leopard on Upper Arm

I find the placement of this tattoo absolutely genius, because you can’t really see the entire Leopard from just one angle. That makes the animal so much more intimidating, but fascinating to admire at the same time. The curved contours of the Leopard’s body also add a sense of movement to the design. Very nice job on the artist’s part!

IG: aleksandra.tattoos

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 14

Traditional Japanese Style Tattoo of Leopard

The traditional Japanese influence looks great in this design, creating such a nostalgic, Asian-inspired feel. I love the patterns on the Leopard’s body which resemble flowers yet simultaneously fierce. This design is surely for someone with a strong personality!

IG: rainbowdemondenver

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 15

Neo-Traditional Tattoo of Cheetah Head over Biceps

First of all, the placement of this tattoo works so well! Look at how perfectly the design fits over the biceps, perfectly mirroring its contours. I also really like the grounded, earthy color palette used ,that’s sure to attract the attention of all.

IG: alessio.effe_tattoo

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 16

Japanese Brush Tattoo of Leopard on Savanna

Here’s another Japanese-inspired piece, but this one is done with a beautiful brush effect. I really like how the whole design brings to mind a calligraphy piece of art. The horizontal and vertical lines at the edges of the design add a nice, modern touch which also creates a border along the client’s arm. Very clever and visually pleasing detail!

IG: tattooist_jaymee

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 17

Custom Black and Gray Tattoo of Jaguar with Geometric Frame

I really like that this design incorporates elements of Geometric style, because the frame looks simply magnificent and obviously makes the Jaguar the focal point. The Jaguar stands out even more thanks to the image being so realistic. I love how intimidating and intense its green eyes look!

IG: amanda.touchxp

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 18

Minimal Realistic Black and Gray Tattoo of Stretching Leopard on Arm

No matter how scary these predators might look, Leopards are still cats at heart. I love the sense of motion in this design, which makes the animal absolutely dashing but also adorable. This tattoo is done by French artist IG: @kathy_tattoo, who thrives at delicate Black and Gray pieces.

IG: kathy_tattoo

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 19

Illustrative Tattoo of Jaguar Head on Side of Thigh

The vibrant colors of this design immediately grab my attention. I really like how bright and warm all the shades are, the deep, blue eyes being the exception. This specific color palette, together with a lack of outlines, is actually the artist’s signature style. Check out more wonderful and unique works from the artist at IG:


Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 20

Custom Jaguar Tattoo on Hip, Thigh and Upper Leg

Getting an ink piece that uses up so much space is already a bold decision, but getting such an impressive piece of art is even bolder. I love how perfectly this Jaguar fits into the curves of this client’s body! The color palette and the whip shading are magnificent, too. This tattoo is simply a joy to look at!


Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 21

Geometric/Black and Gray Tattoo of Leopard on Arm

If you like Geometric style, you might be drawn to this tattoo. I fancy the Linework and Dotwork in this design, because they make the whole piece seem like an elegant dream catcher! I love how the artist did the Jaguar, too, making it absolutely dimensional and enticing.

IG: hobojacktattoo

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 22

Micro Realistic Tattoo of Leopard Head on Thigh

This Leopard head itself already looks amazing, but the diamond-shaped frames make it look even better. I really like the subtle optical illusion here, that makes me feel like the Jaguar is sticking its head out from another dimension. Did you see it? Nice 3D effect

IG: edyzet.g

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 23

Realistic Tattoo of Jaguar Head

I find Realistic tattoos so mesmerizing, because they make me feel like the animal is alive! I think the artist pulled this design off wonderfully, while also taking into consideration the existing tattoo. This piece comes from the studio of Korean artist IG: @yido_tt who does absolutely magnificent tattoos of wild animals.

IG: yido_tt

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 24

Color Tattoo of Jaguar with Fern

Here’s another Realistic piece, but this one depicts the Jaguar from a side angle. I really like how the head is sort of cut off by the fern, which adds such an unexpected, but interesting touch. The neon blue in the Jaguar’s eyes draws a lot of attention, too!

IG: mishelcastro_tattoo

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 25

Minimal Tattoo of Leopard with Sparkles

I find it so fascinating how half of the Leopard doesn’t have any outline, as if it’s fading and blending into the night sky around it. If you look closely, some of the Leopard’s prints are also seen floating around next to the sparkles. I just love how subtly abstract this design is. The more you look at it, the more interesting it becomes!


Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 26

Blackwork Tattoo of Jaguar Head on Forearm

This design has a nice simplicity to it, because no shading or highlighting is used. But despite being quite straightforward, it doesn’t lack tension at all. I really like how the Jaguar has so much intensity thanks to the intense bold Blackwork employed.

IG: sarahlouisealexanders

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 27

Black and Gray Tattoo of Boxing Leopard on Forearm

I really enjoy the humor in this one. Can you imagine a wild animal in the boxing ring? This Leopard seems to be absolutely ready to strike a punch! For more marvelous Black and Gray pieces from this artist, check out IG: @izzy___ink

IG: izzy___ink

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 28

Geometric Tattoo of Jaguar on Forearm

I love the conceptual, ancient Egyptian vibe coming from this design. There are so many elements, but they all work well together thanks to the Geometric composition. My favorite detail is probably the binary numbers on the side because they add a very modern, interesting touch to the piece.

IG: blades_ink

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 29

Micro Realistic Tattoo of Leopard on Forearm

Polish tattoo artist thrives at Black and Gray style and Micro tattoos. She also does wonderful pieces of animals, too. This one is pulled from her original collection, and it’s fantastic! I love how realistic this Leopard looks, from the movement of his legs, to the patterns on the skin!


Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 30

Minimal Black and Gray Tattoo of Snow Leopard

We’ve reached the end of the list, and I want to show you something special, a Snow Leopard design, appearing like a snowflake! I really like how fierce it still looks, despite its small size. The soulful icy blue eyes really stand out against the snow-white fur, too! Beautiful, right?

IG: oble_tattoo

Leopard and Jaguar Tattoo Ideas 31

Micro Realistic Cheetah Tattoo on Forarm

There’s something so melancholic about this piece, perhaps it’s the sad look on the animal’s face, as it leans over a windowsill, that’s perhaps a cage. I really like the brush effect that makes the window look really rustic and old. Perhaps this Leopard is longing to go back to the wild, where it can run truly free!

IG: wonniiink

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!.