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26 Lovely Lavender Tattoo Ideas to Inspire You in 2024

Plants. herbs, trees and flowers are common tattoo ideas, and that’s probably due to their simplicity, power and elegance. Since Lavender is a flower, there are many ways in which it can be incorporated into a tattoo. Not only is it a beautiful flower, but it also makes for a lovely addition to any design.

But before you go and get your own Lavender tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the prettiest, most feminine, and daintiest Lavender tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 1

Neat Lavender Tattoo With Script

Welcome to another list of tattoos to inspire you, In the menu today, are Lavender tattoos. First up, we have this gorgeous finely done Lavender and script tattoo. The daintiness of the Lavender suits how fine the script is; brought together they make for a beautiful dainty and feminine piece.

IG: diego.tattoos

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 2

Amazing Blackwork Lavender and Mouse Forearm Tattoo

Blackwork tattoos are always such a gamble because, as the artist, you need to know how to work with solid black ink without over saturating the design. Lucky for this client, the artist knew exactly how to work with solid black and gave their client one gorgeous forearm piece. Everything about this tattoo is extremely badass.

IG: ola.krupnik

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 3

Fineline Lavender and Butterfly Forearm Tattoo

Here we have a lovely fineline Lavender tattoo that’s been positioned in quite an unusual way; it almost looks like it’s wrapping around from the outer forearm. I love the addition of the little butterfly; it takes this piece from being a simple fineline Lavender to a cute little nature scene. Simply gorgeous.


Lavender Tattoo Ideas 4

Unique Lavender Tattoo On Woman’s Chest

This Lavender tattoo is so pretty and really suits the chest as it accentuates the collarbone quite nicely. Another thing that’s truly awesome about this tattoo is how softly the colors have been blended. I love that this tattoo screams feminine, so if you’re looking for a something in this category, here’s inspiration for you.


Lavender Tattoo Ideas 5

Simple Linework Lavender Biceps Tattoo

The biceps is a great placement choice for this simple Lavender tattoo. What’s truly cool about this design is the fact that even though it’s simple, it needs no shading or color to make it look good. It already looks amazing as it is.

IG: lucyvalentinatattoo

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 6

Lovely Fine Lavender Tattoo On the Ankle

The softness of the colors blended with white is complemented by the soft dotwork in the background in this design. I like the use of various shades of green in the leaves, which mixed with the vibrant purple, come together to give us this beautiful Lavender tattoo.


Lavender Tattoo Ideas 7

Fineline Black and Gray Lavender Chest Tattoo

If there ever was a poster child for fineline tattoos, it’s this one. This design is so neat and well done. The soft shades of gray blended into the darker contrasted tones, adds depth which is impressive because of how small the design is. Another noteworthy mention is the placement. The chest is a common area for Lavender tattoos and for good reason. They look great here especially when they beautifully accentuate the sensuous contours of the collarbone. Dainty but also…very sexy

IG: tattooist_gaon

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 8

Dainty Lavender Crescent Moon Tattoo

This Lavender moon is absolutely stunning. You don’t see it at first, but after noticing the little stars and the shape of the Lavender, you can’t help but notice that this is a crescent moon. The colors are lovely and the addition of the two stars adds a little sparkle this tattoo deserves.

IG: tattooist_gaon

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 9

Adorable Watercolor Lavender and Bugs Tattoo

I adore it when artists mix styles together and create something beautiful. Here there’s an element of watercolor and abstract while the bee looks more realistic. The color palette is true to nature and fully embodies the essence of this lovely natural scene.

IG: anita_olivetti

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 10

Precious Black and Gray Lavender Tattoo Over the Ankle

I really like this design; the use of various shades of gray gives this piece depth while the white highlights add extra sparkle. The ankle is a great placement choice especially because the composition of the design fits the length of the “canvas” provided here. As simple as this piece is, the artist did a wonderful job.

IG: lanena_tattoo

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 11

Impressive Blackwork Lavender Tattoo On the Forearm

This blackwork Lavender tattoo on the forearm is truly lovely. Not only is it extremely neat but the black ink has been packed beautifully. Within the design, the artist includes dotwork which suits the style and gives this tattoo a more abstract feel.


Lavender Tattoo Ideas 12

Dainty Feminine Lavender Forearm Wrap-Around Tattoo

Is this not the daintiest tattoo you’ve ever seen? I adore the thin linework and subtle shading, but there’s a catch when going this small with a tattoo. Over time this piece will fade and bleed under the skin causing the lines to blend together. Besides that, the lack of contrast will also cause this piece to fade significantly. Still, this is a lovely design.


Lavender Tattoo Ideas 13

Cute Illustration Kitty and Lavender Tattoo

I’m not entirely sure what style this tattoo is, but what I am sure of is the fact that it’s absolutely adorable. The little red cheeks and tiny tongue sticking out of the cat’s mouth is too cute for words. I love the colors, I love the design, and I love the placement. This is definitely a tattoo worth taking inspiration from.

IG: minari_tattoo

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 14

Soft Fineline Lavender Tattoo On Outer Wrist

Here we have an unusually placed fineline Lavender tattoo, and wow does it look cool. I like that it wraps around from the forearm and comes up onto the outer forearm; it’s almost like it’s hidden, while still being visible. The fineness of the linework is a true characteristic of a fineline tattoo and, in my opinion, the artist did a phenomenal job at giving this client a stunning and unique tattoo.

IG: cathy.artwork

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 15

Vibrant Lavender Outer Forearm Tattoo

How vibrant is this purple? The good thing about a tattoo being so vibrant is the fact that it will withstand the test of time. I like how the artist added highlights between each flower, creating a realistic feel that gives this piece both depth and contrast. Another worthy mention is the placement; when the client lifts her arm up, the design will be facing the right way up. I like that, especially because as a flower there is technically no right or wrong way for the design to face.

IG: o.ri_tattoo

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 16

Awesome Lavender Wrap-Around Outer Forearm Tattoo

I really like how this Lavender tattoo has been placed in a wrap-around position. The style is quite unusual as it appears to be realistic but it’s more of an illustrative design. As you can see, the client has a few moles on her outer forearm. Take note of how the artist tattooed around them. This is an important practice because there is a chance you can irritate the mole which is something you want to avoid.

IG: blondi_ink

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 17

Micro Realistic Lavender and Butterfly Tattoo

I love the colors in this piece, while not realistically accurate, the mix of purple, lilac and pink blend together stunningly and add deepness to this design. Micro tattoos are a popular choice, especially among Gen Z these days, so keeping things small seems to be the way to go. The butterfly is a cute addition and its bright blue contrasts nicely against the lightness of the Lavender.

IG: guseul_tattoo

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 18

Cute Fat Bee and Lavender Tattoo On Upper Thigh

Okay, this Lavender tattoo is on a whole other level of cute; how fat and adorable is that bee? I adore everything about this piece, from the style, to the color palette, to the placement. Talking about the placement, the area this design has been placed in is quite an intimate spot, so the only time anyone gets to see it is when the client has little to no clothes on, which is quite cool if you ask me because that means it can be hidden.


Lavender Tattoo Ideas 19

Color Realistic Lavender Forearm Tattoo

The fact that the artist gets so much detail into a piece this small is really impressive. There’s something about the addition of white to this piece that really gives it a realistic feel. The colors used in the leaves are also really nice, and I like that the artist uses different shades of green with some yellow as the highlight as opposed to using white, which wouldn’t have made sense because leaves don’t usually have white in them.

IG: modoink_vivi

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 20

Pretty Color Fineline Lavender Tattoo Under the Boob

Another intimately placed tattoo; I like it when a piece is placed in an area that only the client gets to see all the time. That makes it more personal for the client as opposed to an area that’s easily visible. I like this style; it’s very dainty and looks absolutely phenomenal where it’s placed.

IG: vii_tattoo

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 21

Gorgeous Fineline Lavender Bouquet Tattoo

Fineline tattoos are always so feminine and this one is more so because of the tiny little stars added to the design. One thing that may be an issue in the future is how light the tattoo is. This client can expect significant fading over time; luckily all that’s needed to correct that is a touch-up with darker ink if not solid black.

IG: lukasemmanuel

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 22

Gentle Micro Fineline Lavender Tattoo

The softness of this tattoo is gorgeous. I like that it’s a micro tattoo but am extremely impressed how the artist manages to keep things so neat and intricate in such a small space. Placing this over the biceps is a good idea; the shape and size of the design work for the size of the client’s arm. Kudos to the artist.

IG: zoeylinink

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 23

Awesome Color Realistic Lavender Tattoo

Color realistic tattoos are one of my favorite styles because it takes a lot of skill to get the piece to look the way it should. This one in particular looks fantastic on the mid back and that’s due to the fact that Lavender is elongated which works with the length of the spine. Great work by a great artist; the client can wear this tattoo with pride.

IG: ipek_tattoos

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 24

Delicate Pastel Lavender Biceps Tattoo

I cannot get enough of the colors in this piece. It doesn’t immediately look like Lavender because of the style it’s in, but once you look at the design you see what it is. This piece is extremely soft so if you’re aiming for something very feminine, here’s the perfect bit of inspiration for you.


Lavender Tattoo Ideas 25

Stunning Illustrative Lavender Tattoo On the Forearm

This piece is truly amazing. Not only does it complement the original work the client has on her arm, but also completes her sleeve. The colors are beautiful, but it’s the placement that really catches your eye. I love everything about this piece, especially because of the natural vibe this entire sleeve gives off.

IG: zeetatart

Lavender Tattoo Ideas 26

Uniquely Placed Lavender Tattoo

We’ve come to the end of the list and our final tattoo is this uniquely placed realistic Lavender tattoo. I love how the artist uses various shades of purples and pinks to create depth and contrast. It truly adds to the realistic feel and is insanely impressive because realism isn’t an easy style to perfect. The placement is very unique but truly looks amazing.

IG: bau_hontattoo

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!