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75 Absolutely Awesome Animal Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

As variety is the spice of life, I’m so glad that the Earth has blessed us with such a large, diverse group of amazing creatures. Birds, insects, reptiles, mammals, fish, and amphibians are all so fascinating and beautiful in their own way. An animal can be our best friend or a ferocious threat that should only be admired from a distance. Luckily, whether it be a powerful predator or a cute little critter, all animals can be honored on our very own skin.

But before you go and get your own animal tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the boldest, most beautiful, and most captivating animal tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 1

Cool Duck Tattoo

Here’s another Sketch style tattoo appearing like someone took pencil to paper. This style exudes simplicity. It’s like a story that’s Short and Sweet

IG: zeetatart

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 2

Japanese Crane Tattoos

The dabs of blue around these Japanese cranes look like they were painted on with a brush. Extending beyond the borders they’re suggestive of water. And beautiful. Who said you have to “paint” within the lines.

IG: ahm_style

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 3

Fierce Cat Tattoo

Although the muted tones of Neo Traditional style are used here this design is anything but subtle. That’s especially true due to its size and prominent placement on the forearm. The design itself is very creative from the florals and crescent moon framing the cat’s face to the scattered dots of opaque black ink. Hear This Cat Roar

IG: kromatique

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 4

Leopard Tattoo

This leopard is perfectly positioned over the side of the thigh. Just as a painting needs the right wall or space to maximize its aesthetic, the same holds true with a tattoo. The addition of what appears to be mountains on the right adds interest to the overall design.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 5

Men’s Bird Tattoo

In this tattoo we can see the the heavy outlines and vivid colors associated with New School style. The decision to use orange on both the bird’s face and the leaves creates a focal point adding interest to the design. Even the branch in the bird’s mouth is a nice unexpected touch.

IG: tattoo.spayk

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 6

Butterfly Tattoo

This butterfly tattoo is beautifully enhanced by the surrounding dotwork. When you think of Dotwork style, think of the paintings of French Impressionist Georges Seurat. Dots are placed next to each other without ever touching. The results: a picture which looks larger than it actually is. It also adds an ethereal or delicate feel to the work. Totally Dreamy

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 7

Crocodile and Elephant Tattoos

The story of the elephant and crocodile has its origins in Hinduism. The deity Vishnu is said to have come down to earth to liberate the elephant from the cycle of birth and death. There’s also the more contemporary story highlighting that each animal has its strengths and neither is better than the other. Whatever the case this is a beautiful tattoo showcasing skilled inking and design. The repetitive use of the triangle then serves to elevate this design to another level.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 8

Simple Snake Tattoo

Fineline style welcomes Geometric style in this simple but impressive tattoo. The curving lines of the snake’s body are accented by the surrounding angular lines. The two stand in contrast to one another serving to elevate the design. A perfect linear tattoo for the forearm.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 9

Red Snake Tattoo on Forearm

Red ink isn’t commonly used especially as the sole color of a tattoo. Here the red lines create a pattern akin to Indian jewelry. With the contrasting areas of negative or uninked spaces, this snake is sure to be noticed. It’s Big, Bold and Beautiful

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 10

Snake Outline Tattoo

There’s something so clean-looking about this design. That’s achieved by the extremely steady even lines and the absence of any additional detailing. Using only black ink further enhances this feeling. All this plus the interesting face of the snake makes you want to take a second look as it slithers across the forearm. Very Cool

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 11

Blue Bird Tattoo

When you look at a tattoo of a bird and it seems like you can feel the texture of the feathers, you know a skilled artist is at work. The thin lines and shading are excellent. It’s interesting how the body of the bird is so detailed yet so much negative or uninked space was left in the tail. I’m not sure if this choice adds to the design. What do you think?

IG: la2wolf

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 12

Animal Tattoos

If you’re not tattoo-shy it follows that you wouldn’t shy away from Blackwork style. The style is bold being characterized by solid planes of black ink. Drama is the result. Of course placing such a design on the stomach might allow even the less adventurous to say yes to Blackwork style…Seen By Invitation Only

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 13

Realistic Bear Tattoo

In creating realistic likenesses the artist must be skilled at inking steady lines and creating dimensionality. That’s achieved with the use of shading and contrast. Here the artist uses only black ink and diluted solutions to achieve the varying tones of gray employed. The result is not only a realistic portrait but a beautiful one.

IG: natashapanattoni

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 14

Women’s Owl Tattoo With Floral Design

This tattoo showcases several tattoo styles. The first is Floral with the lovely depiction of flowers. Whip style, a specialized technique, is then used to add the detailing and contrast seen on both the flowers and owl. A mandala design with its characteristic geometric pattern then completes the design. Within the Mandala there are even aspects of Ornamental style. Here shapes like jewels and feathers inspired by Greek, Roman and Indian art are added. The result: An Awesome Tattoo


Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 15

Colorful Squid Tattoo

Tattoos allow you to showcase your unique style or story. To truly personalize a tattoo, a custom design might be the way to go. Obviously good communication is a must between you and your selected artist. But then again that’s always important.


Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 16

Black and Gray Eagle Tattoo

Skilled use of contrast creates the light we see in this tattoo; this despite the fact that the tones which are used are all rather similar. We can differentiate individual feathers and patterns along the body. The glimmer of light reflecting off the eagle’s eye really pulls us in making it…Hard To Look Away


Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 17

Black and Grey Boxer Dog Tattoo

You gotta love this face; the detail and shading give it such a realistic cool look. Just look at the light reflecting off this pup’s eyes and the wetness of the nose. Obviously Man’s Best Friend

IG: jumillaolivares_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 18

Simple Chihuahua Tattoo

A Sketch tattoo looks just like the name implies; a sketch on a piece of paper. Characteristically there are overlapping lines and incomplete strokes. Large areas of negative or uninked space are also commonly seen. Obviously This Chihuahua Is A “Keeper”

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 19

Neo Traditional Polar Bear Tattoo

This is a beautifully designed and inked tattoo. The large snowflake and use of teal are suggestive of the Arctic; you can even sense the chill. The teal is also used to frame and highlight the polar bear. Simultaneously the bold blocks of shading render a sense of ruggedness. Awesome Tattoo.

IG: neotraditionaleurope

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 20

Realistic Jaguar Tattoo

This is a stunning tattoo dripping with personality – all brought to you using only black ink and varying gray tones. There’s a soulfulness to this jaguar as seen in its eyes. You can even notice light glistening from them. The adjacent flowers also add to this feeling. Big props to the artist IG: @dani.tex for this awesome design.

IG: dani.tez

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 21

Butterfly Flower Tattoo

Fineline style has become increasingly popular with the insta-crowd. Characterized by thin lines, minimal design and 2D, it’s often inked without color. This tattoo alternatively marries Fineline with Watercolor style with beautiful results. The graceful stem connecting the two butterflies is then the icing on the cake. Definitely Camera Ready

IG: 123tatuagens

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 22

Women’s Deer Tattoo

Deer tattoos might not be that common but if you’re looking for a pretty one this design certainly fits the bill. It’s perfectly positioned on the upper back between the shoulder blades. What really sets this tattoo apart is the beautiful Watercolor inking. Here the artist skillfully applied the colors in a very detailed and precise manner. Just Perfect

IG: ahm_style

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 23

Black and Gray Watercolor Tiger Lily Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Back

Flowers and Tigers? Of course if you’re one strong woman – and as a tattoo if you want to showcase that to the world. The black ink and gray tones provide detail and shading for the tiger. Of course since pink is your color you’d want to add those pretty pink flowers. Definitely Pretty In Pink

IG: ahm_style

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 24

Forearm Tiger Tattoo

There are beautiful black lines and subtle shading in this tattoo. There’s a sense of movement. There’s a feeling of power. And then there’s the black line running down the tiger’s back. And that’s what centers the viewer’s eye and draws you in. It’s a small but important detail making this small but mighty tiger roar.

IG: ahm_style

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 25

Sexy Bird Tattoos on Woman’s Ribs

The open wings of these two birds make them appear to be in flight over this woman’s ribs. But it’s the flow of the single curved line that really ups the ante. Beautiful. Anyone getting to see this work is among the lucky

IG: turkishink

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 26

Realistic Eagle Tattoo

This eagle is so realistic looking that it’s actually a little intimidating; especially with that fierce look. He looks like he’s ready to take a bite. Artistically the shading and resultant dimensionality are awesome. Similarly the heavy opaque inking at the top nicely mirrors the eagle’s tail resulting in a well balanced design.

IG: francescofrigenti_tats

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 27

Red Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo on Man’s Forearm

The first thing you notice about Japanese tattoos is that they’re large. Also they always contain symbols and themes representing Japanese culture with the Red Koi being a harbinger of love. Artistically there’s beautiful inking in this tattoo from the lines to the shading. Aesthetically I find that the Koi gets somewhat lost amongst the waves. Perhaps some darker shadowing around the Koi itself would have prevented this.

IG: kromatique

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 28

Realistic Elephant Tattoo

With steady lines and shading this elephant comes to life in exquisite detail; so much so that you can feel the leathery surface of the skin. The white ink around the eye, tusk and feet is just a small touch but one that elevates the design. Finish with dark shading at the top and bottom and you get one beautiful tattoo. Props to artist IG: @roniazevedotattoo from Natal, Brazil

IG: roniazevedotattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 29

Blackwork Octopus Tattoo

Blackwork style is characterized by solid, opaque layering of black ink. Here the artist employs tiny negative or uninked spaces within these opacities making it feel like you’re gazing into water. This along with the twists and turns of the octopus’ tentacles will definitely keep you looking.

IG: kromatique

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 30

Watercolor Lion Tattoo With Cub Reflection

This lion is super cool looking; fierce even though highlighted with dabs of pretty pastels. Whip style, a specialized technique, is used to create shading which appears stippled. Not immediately evident is the reflection of the lion cub.

IG: baltapaprocki

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 31

Leopard Calf Tattoo With Flowers

The tones seen in this tattoo are beautiful. They’re soft and muted but command your attention; and respect. The darker black ink on the leopard is a nice contrast and creates a sense of power. Certainly anyone who walks behind you will want to get a closer look.

IG: lyyn_arttattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 32

One of the Cutest Animal Tattoos You’ll See: A Small Cat Tattoo

Here kitty, kitty… and lucky for you this little guy will always be in view. The pink on the paws and the white ink around the eyes just draw you in. Nothing more is needed to declare “I love my cat”.

IG: edit_paints

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 33

Cute Yellow Duckling Tattoo With Green Frog Hat

This little duckling is so cute and even more so with his green frog hat. The contrasting color of the hat is actually a cool creative detail that adds interest and frames this duckling. It’s like a hug we’d want to give this little guy.


Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 34

Watercolor Clownfish Tattoo (Nemo)

Actual clownfish are playful looking so it’s perfect that Nemo is a Disney star. This little guy definitely fits the bill. Although the design is fun looking it takes considerable skill to employ Watercolors whether in paintings or tattoos. Here the colors are applied in both a precise manner as well in splashes ,spills and swirls. Sure To Make You Smile

IG: baltapaprocki

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 35

Watercolor Lion Tattoo

This lion looks wise. It’s something about the eyes which have tremendous depth seeming to pull you in. It’s nice how their blue color is repeated on the flowers and periphery. All the colors appear to have been dabbed on creating one pretty tattoo.

IG: baltapaprocki

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 36

Nautilus Tattoo

Doesn’t it seem like this Nautilus is floating in the water? Its angled position and of course the varied curves of the tentacles together create this sensation.. Highlighted by beautiful thin lines and Whip style’s stippled-looking shading, this is a perfect accent for your wrist.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 37

Watercolor Sea Turtle Tattoo

For many women the front shoulder is often a spot for a sexy tattoo. While this little guy isn’t necessarily sexy he is so cute and… beautifully inked. There’s precise application of the Watercolors on the turtle’s body. Alternatively the surrounding area is magically enhanced with splashes of color that create the perfect pond for this little guy.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 38

Humpback Whale Tattoo on Man’s Ribs

Whip style always creates an interesting design. It’s a specialized technique that creates contrast having a stippled-like effect. Often it looks like it’s been drawn with a pencil. This technique can be used with any style but is most commonly used when inking flowers and animals.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 39

Golden Retriever Tattoo

Everyone loves a Golden Retriever and if he’s yours you’d definitely want him close all the time. A realistic portrait on your forearm is the perfect solution. The triangular bands of heavy opaque black ink nicely frame the portrait tying it up just like a bow.

IG: bodyartmag

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 40

Hummingbird Tattoo

This is such a pretty Floral style tattoo. The style which is so popular actually has roots in ancient tattooing tradition. Today you can find many artists solely dedicated to this style. Here the forearm serves as the perfect canvas for this linear design.

IG: marta.madrigal_tattoos

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 41

Neo Japanese Fox Tattoo

Neo Japanese style builds upon Irezumi, the distinctive ancient style of Japanese tattooing. It’s a blending of this style along with aspects of pop culture, history and the likes and idiosyncrasies of the artist. The result: a very fresh, individualized ,unique style and as you can see Very Cool.

IG: lacortetattooer

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 42

Watercolor Whale Shark Tattoo

This design is really hypnotizing pulling you into an apparent body of water. It’s the color of the whale shark along with its incomplete outline. It’s the negative or uninked space around it and the drops of blue.. And it’s the rich blue border that frames and highlights the whale. I love it. Artist IG: @panumart_tattoo out of Chiang Mai, Thailand

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 43

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo

Sketch style tattoos look like the design was drawn with a pencil on paper with lines often overlapping and not fully closed. The shading is usually rough and accompanied by large areas of negative or uninked space. Here the unexpected use of Watercolors is a nice creative touch.

IG: baltapaprocki

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 44

Black and Grey Elephant Tattoos

The detailed Linework pattern seen on the elephants is called Kranok. It’s one of the most important of Thai motif patterns appearing on the doors of temples, on coffins and on Tripitaka cabinets. This tattoo is enhanced with beautiful subtle shading on the bodies of the elephants. The more dramatic shading at the bottom creates the platform supporting this lovely design.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 45

Bumblebee Tattoo

The small flecks of black ink adjacent to the opaque black bands is a nice artistic touch. Although there’s no yellow we definitely know that this is a bumblebee. It even seems to be slowly making its way across the skin but of course this little guy isn’t going anywhere .

IG: mat_paglione

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 46

Blackwork Bird Tattoo

Blackwork style is bold, intriguing and super-sophisticated and this tattoo doesn’t disappoint. Here there’s the combination of thin and bold black lines along with the creative use of negative or uninked space. Beautiful Work. Artist IG: @karolinaxmir out of Nurnberg, Germany

IG: karolinaxmir

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 47

Tiger Butterfly Tattoo With Blue Flowers

It’s not immediately evident but a tiger’s face makes up the left side of this design. So what’s up with combining a tiger with florals in a butterfly tattoo? In some cultures the butterfly represents the soul or the mind. Alternatively the tiger represents strength so combining the two makes perfect sense. Here’s To A Powerful Mind

IG: tutkucaliktattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 48

Blackwork Fox Tattoo With Orange Eyes

The beautiful even lines and shading of this design will have you taking a second look. Then those orange eyes will keep you looking. Their color and the light glimmering off them definitely draw you in. Small touches of white ink are then like the cherry on top.

IG: paskull

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 49

Watercolor Toucan Tattoo

If you can’t go to the rainforest why not bring it to you; in a tattoo of course. You can sense the lushness of the jungle thanks to the vibrant color palette. The peripheral colors, in contrast to the darker black and blue of the toucan, act like a frame. It’s a perfect touch to make this Toucan a standout.

IG: baltapaprocki

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 50

Black Snake Neck Tattoo

You’ve gotta love snakes to have one slithering up your neck. Here the curved line of the snake allows for a sense of movement. Positioning it along the neck is a beautiful artistic choice that highlights the sculptural curves of the body. Impressive

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 51

This Deer Tattoo is Super Creepy

This deer is super creepy. It’s the piercing purple eyes and of course the third eye in the middle. I’m not sure of the intended meaning of this design but there’s probably a story behind it that will invite questions. Here’s To Conversation Starters

IG: madness.ttt

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 52

Cartoon Dog Tattoo With Dog Paw Tattoo

This is such a sweet tattoo; your pup complete with a little orange tie and surrounded by hearts and a paw print. Placing him right on your wrist is the perfect way to keep him close all the time.

IG: nefelibata_ink

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 53

A Unique Lion Tattoo

Here’s a unique lion tattoo combining the face of a lion with the sun, the stars and element of the cosmos. The lion itself is inked in Sketch style. You can see this styles’s characteristic rough shading and use of large areas of negative or uninked space. I wonder what it all means together. Any Ideas?

IG: pablogambintattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 54

Realistic Leg Sleeve Tattoo of a Black Bear

A leg sleeve isn’t for the faint-hearted and that’s definitely true with this design especially if you plan on wearing shorts. For the bold though, this is one crazy good tattoo. The lines, shading and contrast are exceptional. Check the glimmer of light from between the trees. Really big props to the artist IG: @ sumok_tattooer from S Korea; home to some ol the best tattoo artists worldwide

IG: sumok_tattooer

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 55

Twin Koi Fish Back Tattoo

Twin Koi fish swimming alongside one another often symbolize the duality of life and the balance of opposing life forces. Here Fineline style is accented with Dotwork to create the pond; perfect for swimming.

IG: avramenko.yulia.tattooing

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 56

Giant Rhinoceros Beetle Back Tattoo

If you’re going for bold – go big, go Blackwork style and go with a giant Rhinoceros beetle. That’s obviously the goal here from the heavy areas of opaque black ink to the stylized eyes to the splat of ink on the bottom. I don’t know if I’d want this big beetle crawling on my back but that’s what makes tattoos great. It’s Your Story; Your Choice

IG: mrcoffee85

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 57

Mouse Tattoo With Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms

This is such a playful design from the red umbrella-like mushrooms to the vivid color palette used. The stylized shading of Neo Traditional style is evident on the face of the mouse. You can see the distinct areas of shading which are not intended to be blended. I don’t know about a mouse in your house but in this tattoo it’s a Yes.

IG: ameliefleury

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 58

Forearm Dog Tattoo

Although less detailed than a portrait inked in the Realistic style, this tattoo doesn’t disappoint. There’s a timelessness captured with the use of the all black palette. Of course the use of negative or uninked space makes this design work. If you’re ever in Castano Primo in the Lombardy region of Italy check out artist IG: @clodin_93

IG: clodin_93

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 59

Realistic Watercolor Dog Tattoo

Watercolor paintings and tattoos don’t always have to be flowers or butterflies; case-in-point: this pup. Here the Watercolors are beautifully applied in both a precise manner alongside dabs and spills of color. There’s still enough 3D achieved for this tattoo to look totally realistic. Props to the artist IG: @clodin_93 from Castano Primo, Italy

IG: clodin_93

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 60

Small Minimal Realistic Cat Tattoo With Cute Whiskers

Even if you’re not a cat lover you have to admit that this guy (or gal) is so cute. The look is tied together with cute whiskers and a touch of color on the nose and ear. The cuteness factor is further upped by setting this spherical, ball-like shape in a sea of negative or uninked space.


Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 61

Women’s Koi Fish Tattoo

A single Koi fish often represents perseverance in overcoming one’s obstacles. This is a particularly beautifully inked Koi fish. With thin black lines and shading in varying tones it’s as if you can feel the texture of the scales. A sense of movement is also created by the curving lines of the body and tail. All In All – Beautiful


Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 62

Forearm Bobcat Tattoo

This bobcat looks pretty ferocious from his growl to his glare. The design is really nice in how it fills the canvas provided by the forearm. Complemented by steady lines, muted shading and areas of opacity, this is an impressive tattoo.

IG: vladimir_beskrovny

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 63

Tiger King Tattoo on Woman’s Arm With Crown

Of course the lion is the King of the Jungle. Interesting that a female lion is depicted here so this must be the Queen of the Jungle. The attention to proportions and light is important in rendering a realistic portrait of this lion. Thin lines, shading and contrast are all used to achieve this. It’s only fitting that there’s a crown on top is highlighted by the sun.

IG: tattooist_dh

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 64

Small Sea Turtle Tattoo, Simple Outline Only

We often find the ankle serving as the canvas for small tattoos. Creatively the turtle is set at an angle and pops of orange color are added. Sweet And Discreet

IG: yoy__tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 65

Cartoon Rabbit Tattoo

“What’s up?” – this cute rabbit tattoo of course. Fields of pigment appearing like dots characterize the shading employed with Linework style. Here it lends an endearing quality to this rabbit who’s probably harkons back to a sweet childhood memory.

IG: nox.tattoos

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 66

Winking Cat Tattoo on Arm

This is such a cute design; who wouldn’t love a winking cat. The thin lines, contrast and shading help create a totally realistic portrait. Of course the design’s overall shape mirrors that of the biceps and is perfectly centered.

IG: tattooist_pen

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 67

Rat Tattoo

I’m not sure about a rat tattoo, especially on top of your forearm, but if you are here’s one for you. The shading is so cool and the heavy inking of the tail really looks like hair. The orange color is then a nice unexpected addition to this Blackwork style design.

IG: blvir_

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 68

Hedgehog Tattoo Listening to Music With Headphones

This small design is so creative and packs a punch. Artistically the thin black lines and pops of light glimmering off the eye and the nose are skillfully inked. I love that we can “hear” and feel the music coming from the headphones. Rock On

IG: tattooist_i_run

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 69

Two Headed Frog Tattoo

With a custom tattoo you can have whatever you want; even a two headed frog. Maybe that’s what you see when there are mushrooms around. The shading here is done by applying dots of ink which produces a totally cool look. This Is Fun

IG: daniturkeysammie

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 70

Black and Gray Gorilla Tattoo

When you’re bold enough to go for a half-sleeve guess you’re bold enough to go for this in-your-face realistic design. You can feel the texture of the lips, sense the pitting of the skin above them. If you were touch the tattoo you’d expect to feel the bristles of the hair. Look into the eyes and they’re looking back at you. True Artistry

IG: fermartintattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 71

Is This the Cutest Pug Tattoo Ever?

Yes this is definitely the cutest pug tattoo ever; I’m already in love. This little pug appears to be sitting comfortably right on the forearm. The angle of the front legs definitely helps to create this feeling. And then there are those eyes; so expressive, so captivating. Who wouldn’t want to always carry this little guy around.


Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 72

Simple Platypus Tattoo

Again the ankle serves as the perfect canvas for a small Minimal style tattoo. Here only the most basic components are inked but that’s all that’s needed to create the feel that this little guy is swimming around. The large area of surrounding negative or uninked space further enhances this feeling.


Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 73

Women’s Leopard Tattoo on Arm

What’s up pussycat? It looks like you’re on the prowl. This leopard comes alive with nothing more than black ink. It’s then watered down to create the varying shades of gray which are used.. There’s detail here; there’s great shading and there’s movement. When you walk away you’ll know that all eyes will be on you.

IG: gangbi_tattooer

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 74

Doe Tattoo / Female Deer Tattoo

This design is simple but the heavy layering of black ink is super sophisticated. The lines are so even as are the black opaque areas. And you can’t forget those doe-like eyes complete with long eyelashes.

IG: mknxbasei

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 75

Brush Style Birds on a Branch Tattoo

Brush style tattoos create the texture of a paintbrush on canvas. Here this is especially evident in the branches although this style is used throughout the tattoo.

IG: osmanergin_

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 76

Minimalist Chameleon Tattoo on Woman’s Forearm

With Minimal style “less is more”. Although chameleons are known for changing color, this little guy is perfect without any. He’s cute, sweet and perfect for the tattoo-newbie. Bet This Won’t Be The Last


Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 77

Linework Wolf Tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 78

Manta Ray Tattoos

These manta rays appear to be swimming right across the thigh. A sense of movement is created by the varying orientations of the rays’ bodies and fins. The shading is nicely highlighted by the adjacent areas of negative or uninked space. This Is Flow

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 79

Great White Shark Tattoo

Simplicity is often powerful as evidenced here. Devoid of much detail, this shark is still a shark – one of nature’s most powerful predators. The orientation of the shark creates the illusion that it’s actually swimming in a sea of water. All the surrounding negative or uninked space serves to heighten this perception.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 80

Awesome Octopus Tattoo

Although an octopus tattoo isn’t for everyone, this is great tattooing. The detailing seen – from the suction cups on the tentacles to the shimmers of light on the body – is impressive. And who could miss the awesome shading and steady lines. If you’re a fan of “My Octopus Teacher” this design might be for you.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 81

Colorful Jellyfish Tattoo

The Watercolors are so precisely applied in this tattoo that the colors seamlessly flow from one to another. The colors are also used here to create awesome shading resulting in light that glimmers off the body. Wonder if jellyfish are this pretty in person.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Animal Tattoo Ideas 82

Stingray Tattoo With Planets of the Solar System

This design combines different elements and styles but in a seamless, creative way. Black ink alone is used and then watered down to create the varying shades of gray. Beautiful thin lines and even planets of the solar system are added to the design mix.. This Is Custom Tattooing

IG: panumart_tattoo