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28 Inspiring Moon Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

If the sun is the symbol of daylight and energy, the Moon stands for darkness and the land of dreams. There’s something so mystical and delicate about the Moon, how it’s always been associated with intuition and deep feelings. Many tattoo lovers have an ink piece of the Moon for these very reasons. Not only do Moon tattoos look amazing, but they’re also inspiring and meaningful in the best of ways!

But before you go and get your own Moon tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most gorgeous, most intricate, and most inspiring moon tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Moon Tattoo Ideas 1

Beautiful Moon Phases Tattoo for Women

Here’s a lovely moon phase tattoo coming out of our shop. The positioning on the forearm works really well with this design.

IG: panumart_tattoo

More moon phases tattoo ideas <– here!

Moon Tattoo Ideas 2

Custom Linework Tattoo with Color of Crescent Moon

If the Moon were invited to a Halloween party, I’m sure it would dress like this. I love the spooky vibe coming off from the bats, the pumpkin and snail. Meanwhile the colorful dots give the Moon a candy corn appearance, which who doesn’t love!

IG: caitlinstairstattoo

Moon Tattoo Ideas 3

Black and Gray Tattoo of Elephants Walking Together Under the Moonlight

Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, our studio is always proud to help clients preserve their favorite travel memories in an ink piece. This is a peaceful design of a mother elephant walking her calf home under the sparkling Moonlight; the text adding the perfect sentiment to it. What better souvenir to remember your time in Thailand than a tattoo.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Moon Tattoo Ideas 4

Minimal Color Tattoo of Crescent Moon

I absolutely adore this piece! The Van Gogh influence definitely brings such a unique, artsy and eye-catching look. The lack of outlines also makes the design so much more interesting, and classy, too!

IG: plastic_tattoo

Moon Tattoo Ideas 5

Blackwork Forearm Tattoo of Red Moon and Butterfly Incorporating Color

The spooky, mystical vibe of this design is simply to die for! It looks like it came straight out of a dark fairy tale. I absolutely love the bloody red Moon next to the fantastical and beautiful butterflies, detailed with the addition of blue ink. Wonderful work by the artist IG: @tattooist_danha

IG: tattooist_danha

Moon Tattoo Ideas 6

Black and Gray Tattoo of One-Eyed Full Moon with Text and Whip Shading

There’s something very dark about this piece, perhaps because of the one-eyed Moon with an absolutely emotionless face. The smoke around it also adds more to the eerie feel. The lettering reads “A trip to the Moon”, also in a ghostly font. This piece would really keep anyone’s eyes lingering for a while!


Moon Tattoo Ideas 7

Minimal Tattoo of Crescent Moon with Vine over Triceps

If you’re looking for something subtle, this one might be perfect for you. I love how delicate the vine looks, making its way around the curve of the Crescent moon. Using no outline is also a nice choice, giving the piece a very elegant, minimalistic look!


Moon Tattoo Ideas 8

Minimal Tattoo of Crescent Moon, Stars and Cherry Blossoms

This adorable piece, with its anime-like art style and dreamy imagery, immediately reminds me of a nice spring setting in Japan. The soft pastel color palette also adds to this mood. The artist has other delightful pieces inked in this style which you can check out at IG: @tattooist_yeonnie

IG: tattooist_yeonnie

Moon Tattoo Ideas 9

Custom Ornamental Design of Crescent Moon with Text

This elegant design immediately stole my heart. I love everything about it: the blue-violet color palette, the delicate linework, the lovely flowers and stars. It looks just like a marvelous piece of jewelry dangling right along this client’s spine. How gorgeous is that?

IG: tattooist_giho_

Moon Tattoo Ideas 10

Minimal Color Tattoo of Crescent Moon and Orbits

What a magnificent design! I love how the blue and pink work so well together with the black ink. The artist also has a very unique technique that gives the Moon a polished, sparkling texture. Amazing work by the artist at IG: @tattooist_namoo

IG: tattooist_namoo

Moon Tattoo Ideas 11

Linework Forearm Tattoo of Crescent Moon

If you’re looking for simplicity, you might want to consider this tattoo. I really like the bold black outlines and the lack of color, giving the piece a very classic, old-time look. The shading is done very nicely, too, adding so much dimension and texture.

IG: _donbraga

Moon Tattoo Ideas 12

Micro Realistic Shoulder Tattoo of Pink Crescent Moon Surrounding Kitten

This has to be one of the loveliest designs on the list. I love how realistic the kitten looks, as if it’s really resting on the shoulder. The pink Crescent moon and stars add such a feminine, graceful touch to the whole design! Props to the artist at iG: for the delightfully poetic nature of this piece!


Moon Tattoo Ideas 13

Minimal Tattoo of Crescent Moon on Shoulder and Under Collarbone

Another feminine design that’s not too complicated, yet definitely not boring. It’s just right for those of you who want to make a fashion statement without going overboard! I really like how the tattoo runs all the way from the shoulder onto the chest, highlighting the delicate lines of the collarbone! Graceful And Sexy At The Same Time

IG: heim__tattoo

Moon Tattoo Ideas 14

Minimal Color Tattoo of Crescent Moon, Arrow, and Butterfly

Here comes something that makes me feel like it’s straight out of a romantic dream. I love the strong contrast between the dangerous arrow piercing the Moon, and the other softer imagery in the design. All the details are done with so much gentleness which gives this tattoo a very unique charm.

IG: heim__tattoo

Moon Tattoo Ideas 15

Blackwork Shoulder Tattoo of Crescent Moon with Snake

Now, this is something for those looking for something more bold. I love the intensity of the blackwork style and of the design itself. The Moon is positioned so well on the client’s shoulder emphasizing its graceful curves. Meanwhile the snake appears ready to attack, looking even more intimidating with the intensity of its white-highlighted eye.


Moon Tattoo Ideas 16

Black and Gray Tattoo of Baby Tiger Lying on Crescent moon

This design is simply delightful! I find it amusing how a predator animal could be so adorable, fitting right into the curve of a Crescent moon. I really enjoy looking at the white highlights in this piece, too, as they further add a sparkle and gentleness to this tattoo.

IG: tattooist_dh

Moon Tattoo Ideas 17

Blackwork Thigh Tattoo of Moon and Mushrooms With Whip Shading

What a fascinating piece for those of you who like a little mystery. I love the black, bold outlines and the whip shading which addsso much texture to the design. The resulting stippled texture is captivating as are the few strokes of white ink.

IG: dollheart.tattoos

Moon Tattoo Ideas 18

Minimal Tattoo of Crescent Moon and Snake on Upper Arm

The tattoo almost looks a bit spiritual, and carries a very peaceful vibe. I love the color palette, because the lighter shades of blue and purple really give this design a graceful, dreamy look. Do you know that this piece is entirely hand-poked? For more amazing pieces like this, definitely check out the artist at IG:


Moon Tattoo Ideas 19

Custom Black and Gray Tattoo of Ornamental Crescent Moon

Here comes another design that looks just like a beautiful ornament hanging down the client’s back. I love the delicate linework and shading that give it such a lovely look. For more gorgeous pieces, definitely check out the artist at IGL @sukza__art

IG: sukza__art

Moon Tattoo Ideas 20

Geometric and Blackwork Tattoo of Crescent Moon with Floral Patterns

This looks to me like a part of a beautiful half-sleeve tattoo, with floral patterns next to each other that look like lovely tiles. The Moon really stands out thanks to the bold outlines, and the intentional peripheral shading. Placing the design all the way down the arm and onto the hand is also such a bold, and awesome, decision!

IG: mitchin.tattoos

Moon Tattoo Ideas 21

Custom Black and Gray Tattoo of Crescent Moon with Vines and Stars

I love how the vines underneath form a delicate shelf for the Crescent Moon. The stars on the side are such a nice touch, too. The beautiful shading, using various gray tones, adds a metallic-like texture to both the Moon and vines. This tattoo looks like something from a faraway Wonderland!


Moon Tattoo Ideas 22

Minimal Fineline Matching Tattoos of Moon, Flower, and Date

If you’re looking for tattoo ideas to celebrate your best friendship, here’s one! I love that the flower branch follows the curves of the moon, forming a charming, graceful design. Although similar, these two tattoos have slight differences. I wonder what the dates mean, perhaps their birthdays?

IG: seora_tattoo

Moon Tattoo Ideas 23

Custom Arm Tattoo with Blue Crescent Moon and Jewels

Another tattoo idea that turns your ink piece into a marvelous accessory. I just love the texture and the color of the Crescent Moon, looking so exquisite. Who needs lapis jewelry when you can have this permanent, easy-to-wear forever adornment?

IG: yoda_ink

Moon Tattoo Ideas 24

Ornamental Tattoo of Crescent Moon with Jewels

This precious design really gives the Moon a makeover, turning it into a fabulous piece of jewelry. I love the green stones and the sparkles that absolutely set the whole piece apart. White ink is skillfully used to create sources of light that make the jewels look…exactly like real jewels! And look at the gorgeous patterns on the Moon – what a sophisticated design reminiscent of fine lace.

IG: tattooist_solar

Moon Tattoo Ideas 25

Fineline Tattoo of Crescent Moon and Flowers on Forearm

Tender and feminine, this tattoo is the perfect example of how a design can stand out without being bold or inked with color. I love the light shading and the delicate linework that really breathes life into the piece, but again in a most understated way.


Moon Tattoo Ideas 26

Minimal Tattoo of Crescent Moon on Shoulder

Here comes another simple design for the minimalist in you. I like how the shadow of the Moon is depicted by just two simple lines, mirroring the Moon’s outline. And placing it on the shoulder is such a nice decision too, making it easy to be show off! Strapless Top Please!

IG: howdy_tattoo

Moon Tattoo Ideas 27

Black and Gray Tattoo of Crescent Moon With Black Cat

Black cats are usually associated with witches, bad luck, darkness, and you guessed it, the Moon. But not all black cats are scary, and the one in this design is absolutely adorable. I really like how there’s no clear outline, making it seem like the cat and the Moon are one! Also the position is brilliant: hair down when you want to reduce the tattoo’s visibility; hair up when you’re in the mood to show it off!

IG: choiyun_tattoo

Moon Tattoo Ideas 28

Watercolor Tattoo of Moon and Orbits on Upper Arm

This absolutely vibrant piece caught my attention right away thanks to its beautiful color palette of blue, purple and pink. The geometric elements are magnificent along with the stars which are scattered around the periphery. Of course the upper arm provides the perfect canvas for this long, linear design.

IG: tattooist_ariel

Moon Tattoo Ideas 29

Linework Tattoo of Abstract Face and Crescent Moon on Upper Arm

If you’re a fan of abstract art, you’ll probably find this one fascinating. I love how subtle the Moon and the sun are, so you have to look closely to see them. The portrait itself is reminiscent of a Picasso; is the face depicted from a lateral or frontal view? For more unique and fascinating pieces like this one, definitely check out the artist’s page at IG: @na.nago

IG: na.nago

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!