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25 Incredible Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas to Inspire You in 2024

If you’re an August baby, you’ll be happy to know that the Gladiolus is the birth flower of those born in the 8th month of the year. Not only is it the flower for August but what it symbolizes is truly amazing. This stunning flower is known to represent strength of character, faithfulness, moral integrity, and remembrance. All characteristics of a well-put-together human.

But before you go and get your own Gladiolus tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the coolest, most unique, and best-looking gladiolus tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 1

Stunning Fineline Gladiolus Tattoo

The fineline style is a common style used for flower tattoos, especially ones with a lot of detail. Here the artist creates a neat Gladiolus without the need for much shading, which is very impressive. Alternatively lines are used to create a sense of depth. Another worthy mention is the placement; the biceps is the perfect position and there’s plenty of room to add more in the future.

IG: brittany_tattoos

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 2

Beautiful Black and Gray Gladiolus Tattoo On Ankle

Welcome to another list to inspire you, on the menu today is the gorgeous Gladiolus flower. First up is this lovely black and gray rendition on the ankle. The best part about this piece is not only the placement but the amazing way the artist displays impressive shading skills. I love how smooth the shading is and how it creates depth, which isn’t an easy task. Truly gorgeous, props to the artist for doing such an outstanding job.

IG: picsola

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 3

Micro Color Half Wreath Gladiolus Tattoo

How cute is this half wreath of Gladiola flowers? The color palette is to die for as all the shades stunningly complement each other. I also love where this tattoo has been placed. The shape of the design works well for this spot and the fact that it’s perfectly in the middle makes it even better, and truly complements how symmetrical the tattoo is.

IG: vane.tattoo_

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 4

Adorable Micro-Realistic Gladiolus Tattoo On the Wrist

Micro tattoos are on the rise and this one has so much to offer in terms of inspiration. It looks like there might be a constellation added to this design but which one, I can’t tell. Since this is the flower for August, it could be the Leo constellation which would definitely make sense. There’s nothing not to like about this tattoo, from the design, to placement, to overall execution. This is one pretty piece.

IG: donghwa_tattoo

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 5

Awesome Blackwork Gladiolus Tattoo On Arm

It’s hard to believe that this is considered a blackwork piece, but it’s quite evident that the artist used mostly black ink to create the shading and texture in this tattoo. The composition of this piece is quite unique. I personally feel though that it should have been placed elsewhere because it will be difficult to add onto because of the unusual shapes of the spaces left open. But hey, perhaps this is the start of an entire floral sleeve, which would make sense because there are many shapes and sizes of flowers that would fit perfectly in the open spaces.

IG: nicholasnak

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 6

Gorgeous Pink Gladiolus Tattoo Over Biceps

The pink and hints of purple and green in this piece are absolutely phenomenal, and they complement each other beautifully. What’s really nice is the fact that there aren’t any solid lines, which is a criteria for a realistic design. Color realism and black and gray realism differ greatly; color realism requires the skillful blending of shades in the most realistic way possible, and that’s exactly what this artist demonstrates. If you want more inspiration, show the artist’s IG some love.

IG: iristattooart

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 7

Black and Gray Gladiolus Tattoo On Woman’s Chest

While this is most definitely a Black and Gray tattoo, there’s also an element of blackwork because of how saturated the black ink is. I love the varying gradients of black shading; it adds a three-dimensional feel to the design and gives your eyes somewhere to focus on. Not only is the shading amazing, but the placement is too. I adore tattoos on the side of the chest; there’s something very feminine about them as they follow the curves found here.

IG: sukza__art

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 8

Lovely Fineline Dotwork Gladiolus Tattoo Over Triceps

Fineline and dotwork styles always come together so beautifully. There’s something truly feminine about the two styles so when you bring them together it creates an ultra-feminine feel. The softness of the pepper shading against the dark outlines is simply amazing. I feel that both the artist and the client can be super happy with the outcome of both the design and its execution of this piece.

IG: demidots_tattoo

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 9

Pretty Pink Gladiolus Tattoo Over Biceps

Here’s another lovely micro color realistic gladiolus. The best part about it is how it’s not fully in bloom, but rather represented at various stages of blossoming. There could be a plethora of meanings behind the chosen stage of blooming, and the greatest part is, only the artist and client know the true meaning behind it.

IG: frommay_tat

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 10

Black and Gray Ornamental Gladiolus Tattoo

Ornamental and flowers? Uh, yes please! Both are very feminine but can also symbolize more than what the eye sees. What’s really pretty, in particular about this design, is the way the ornamental dotwork pattern is framing the gladiolus, bringing the flower to the foreground. Everything about this piece is breathtaking, with the forearm providing the perfect “canvas”.

IG: jackieleightattoos

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 11

Purple and Pink Gladiolus Tattoo On Forearm

Purple and pink seem to be a firm favorite color choice for the gladiolus flower. I’m definitely not complaining; these colors mixed with the various tones of green are gorgeous. I adore the details in the flower petals and the fact that the artist did them in color rather than using black or white ink.

IG: tory_tattooer

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 12

Neat Fineline Gladiolus Calf Tattoo

The line work in this tattoo is almost perfect; there are no wobbles or shakes which shows just how steady the artist’s hand is. One thing however, and it might be a personal preference, the tattoo looks incomplete. A little bit of shading could definitely fix this, and maybe that will come in the future. Until then, this is still a very pretty piece, especially because of how neat it is.

IG: goodlucktattoosc

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 13

Amazing Color Realistic Gladiolus Tattoo On Forearm

Okay, this tattoo is truly out of this world; the attention to detail and the color scheme is breathtaking. I enjoy the fact that it looks like a photo was copied and pasted onto the client’s skin. That’s a true testament to how incredibly well done this tattoo is. Keep in mind that as color realism tattoos heal, they lose a bit of their contrast so this will fade slightly over time, but not so much that you won’t be able to see the details. I am absolutely in love.

IG: donghwa_tattoo

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 14

Beautiful Fineline Black and Gray Gladiolus Tattoo

There’s nothing better than a really well done fineline tattoo. What’s really nice about this one specifically is how saturated the black ink is. Often fineline pieces are done in such a way that the artist will use diluted black to create a smoother, more feminine feel, which can sometimes fade quite easily. When a tattoo is saturated like this one there’s a greater chance that it will last longer, as the saying goes, “bold will hold”.

IG: annarehtattoo

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 15

Tiny Purple Matching Gladiolus Tattoos

Matching tattoos are a great way to show appreciation for a special someone, the tricky part is getting them to be identical. Believe it or not, some artists are so good at what they do, they make it look like they copied and pasted the tattoos, just like these. I adore the purple tones and the finer details in both the flowers and the stems. This is definitely one (or should I say, two) for the books.

IG: soltattoo

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 16

Black and Gray Dotwork Gladiolus Forearm Tattoo

The dotwork shading in this design is absolutely outstanding; it’s neat and consistent, and really adds texture and detail. I like the solid black stems and the tiny negative spaces used to create highlights in the middle of the flowers. Again, placement is everything, and the artist and client couldn’t have chosen a better spot for this piece.

IG: brian_dicola_tattoos

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 17

Simple Fineline Gladiolus Tattoo Over Biceps

If a tattoo can be simple linework and still be impressive , then you know you’ve hit the jackpot. The thing that makes it even better is how neat the lines are here. There are a few areas where you can tell the artist didn’t go deep enough, the lighter lines indicating this, but that can always be touched up. Regardless, this is a beautiful piece.

IG: francielifranke

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 18

Soft Fineline Gladiolus Tattoo

The placement of this design is so unique and works beautifully, especially because it looks like it’s framing her biceps and forearm. I like how light the tattoo is, however, it will definitely fade over time because there’s not enough saturation. Even though it’s a fineline tattoo, going this light will require future touch ups. So if you’re taking inspiration from this piece, make sure your artist goes a little darker for longevity.


Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 19

Stunning Blackwork Gladiolus Forearm Tattoo

This blackwork Gladiolus is simply stunning; the fine lines making up the texture in the petals look amazing with their solid black outlines. The way the shading has been done from the center of the flower outward, is impressive and suits the overall design nicely. I also love the white highlights in the center of the flowers. They’re a nice change up from all the black ink.

IG: catlolitattoo

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 20

Fineline Black and Gray Gladiolus Tattoo On Forearm

The various gradients of shading in this piece add depth, mostly because of all the open spaces in the flowers. In a sense the shading is being used almost as a way to highlight the darker parts of the flowers. Another worthy mention is the placement; I really like how it takes up most of the forearm and extends slightly up onto the biceps. This is truly a stunning piece.

IG: inkbyyuen

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 21

Incredible Realistic Color Gladiolus Bouquet Tattoo

The colors in this tattoo are truly amazing, especially because they’re so true to nature. If there’s anything better than these colors, it would be the tattoo’s placement. It’s in such a visible place which means that not only does the client get to admire this piece, but others get to enjoy it too.

IG: breckmarquette

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 22

Micro Realistic Gladiolus Tattoo Behind the Ear

Behind the ear tattoos are always great fun because they can be both visible and hidden. The best part is the fact that only the wearer knows it’s there but can show it off whenever she wants to. I love the colors and how realistic it is, especially because of how tiny it is. Perfect for the tattoo-newbie!

IG: varonyart

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 23

Pretty Neo-Traditional Gladiolus Tattoo

Finally, a Neo-Traditional piece. Flowers and Neo Trad go together like pancakes and syrup. I absolutely adore the color palette; the colors are bright and beautiful which means they will definitely stand the test of time. This is something you want out of a tattoo because having to go for constant touch ups isn’t the ideal scenario to find yourself in.

IG: gon_pedrosa

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 24

Tiny Purple and Pink Gladiolus Forearm Tattoo

Tiny tattoos are always such a vibe; they can be as detailed as you want them to be these days, especially now that artists are finding different ways to get as much in as possible. The pink and purple colors work so well for the design; they’re bright and will hold over time. I love the placement too. The forearm is the best place for micro tattoos because there’s so much space for more!

IG: moonsharktattoo

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas 25

Dainty Fineline Gladiolus Tattoo On Calf

We’ve reached the end of the list and our final tattoo is this dainty fineline, dotwork piece. The linework is superbly clean and blends beautifully with the pepper shading. Again, this is another tattoo with lovely highlights that truly complements the shading and linework.

IG: grizzlyayretattoos

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!