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32 Amazing Music Tattoos for Men in 2024

Music is like tattoo art, reflecting a personal relationship manifesting time, place, emotion, and self-expression. Music tattoos for men are almost unlimited in style, theme, and manner of application. Whether it’s a music note, your favorite instrument, or a tribute to your favorite superstar, there’s a musical ink idea that’s perfect for you.

But before you go and get your music tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most impressive, exciting, and fantastic music tattoos in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size, and exact placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Music Tattoos for Men 1

The Best Music Tattoos for Men - Men’s AC/DC Color Portrait Tattoo

This neo-traditional portrait tattoo is a colorful tribute to AC/DC guitarist Angus Young. I like the realistic portrayal of Young – famed for wearing his schoolboy uniform on stage – its combination with the band’s logo, ringing bell, and bright orange flame filler.

IG: magicinkmagz

Music Tattoos for Men 2

Abstract Astronaut and Music Tattoo Design

This fine-detail astronaut tattoo melds a musical backing theme (represented by the pipes) with a geometric application style. I like how the themes merge to create the secondary imagery behind the realistic spaceman and add framing depth to the piece.

IG: koittattoo

Music Tattoos for Men 3

Men’s Musical Sleeve Tattoo

This tremendous sleeve tattoo utilizes a musical theme by depicting heavily stylized parts of instruments. There’s the stylus part of a record player, the strings and inputs of an electric guitar, and a skull that’s wearing headphones. The bright blue shade filler helps accentuate the close-up details in the black and gray central imagery.

IG: pimtotattoo

Music Tattoos for Men 4

“It Runs Through Me” Music Tattoo

I love how this inner bicep tattoo brings the concept of “It Runs Through Me” to life. The piece combines tremendous gray wash shading in the woman’s face with the stylized straight lines representing the strings of a guitar. The tattoo is an innovative and exciting tribute to music’s effect on us.


Music Tattoos for Men 5

Men’s Guitar Music Tattoo Design

This man’s tattoo is a tribute to his two loves: his daughter and music. I love the deconstruction of the guitar; instead of a full-length instrument, the artist cleverly depicts the illustrated sound hole along with the guitar neck (a thoughtful use of available space). The black ink silhouette of his daughter shows her on a swing made from strings, singing in accompaniment.

IG: ericksilvatattoo

Music Tattoos for Men 6

Blackwork Banjo Raccoon Tattoo

I’m always up for a large-scale thigh tattoo depicting a raccoon playing the banjo; it’s both an innovative concept and design style. The blackwork application is wicked to describe the animal rock star; I like the contrast between stipple-shaded gray fur and the clean line art of the raccoon’s neck and facial features.

IG: lipkalilla

Music Tattoos for Men 7

Summer Tunes Music Tattoo for Men

I like the old-school feeling of summer this tattoo creates by crafting the throwback young lady design. She’s drinking a milkshake and listening to music on a ghetto blaster, with palm trees in the background, a classic vibe of the carefree past. The artist’s use of targeted orange ink – in the headphones, tape deck, and woman’s make-up – adds to the vibrant summer effect built around the whip-shaded blackwork in the central imagery.

IG: enfant_timide

Music Tattoos for Men 8

Stipple Geometric Men’s Music Tattoo

This fine-detail inner forearm tattoo combines the love of music with fantastic geometric application. I love how the acoustic guitar is chopped, screwed, separated, and then combined with geometric shapes and an excellent pair of realistic landscape insets.

IG: yatatts

Music Tattoos for Men 9

American Traditional Phonograph Music Tattoo

The phonograph was the precursor to the record player – an instrument for reproducing sounds using the vibration of a needle (stylus), following a groove on a rotating disc. This old-school phonograph is etched in the American traditional style of application, which features a flat, limited color pattern, bold black ink lines, and minimal shading.

IG: lafuitetattoo

Music Tattoos for Men 10

Blackwork Drake Portrait Tattoo

The fine-detail portrait tattoo features award-winning rapper Drake. The design is a superb reproduction that could come straight from a magazine cover. The small orange owl tattooed adjacent to Drake represents his label OVO, “Our Very Own.”

IG: pelleossa_ink

Music Tattoos for Men 11

Realistic Men’s Fender Guitar Tattoo

Fender electric guitars are the most recognizable on the planet (unless you love the Flying V), and this brilliant tattoo replicates one of their coolest models, the Telecaster. The artist uses base black ink for the body and stipple-shaded relief panel, then perfectly applies white ink highlights to recreate the guitar strings, frets, pickups, and pots. If you love guitars, then you’ll love this body art!

IG: yeontaan

Music Tattoos for Men 12

Colorful DeeJay Music Tattoo for Men

Musical notes, upraised arms, and a stylized record deck make up this killer music tattoo. The application style – realism and street art – communicates good vibes and pumping sound, an idea accentuated by the excellent use of vibrant blue, purple, and aqua ink filler.

IG: barantattooart

Music Tattoos for Men 13

American Traditional Gramophone Tattoo

Another word for the phonograph is the gramophone. This American traditional calf tattoo differs from the previous one in the gallery by using predominantly yellow ink for the color element. I like the negative space skulls applied in the gramophone’s base.

IG: niamhxgannon

Music Tattoos for Men 14

Futuristic Cyber Music Tattoo

This unique sleeve tattoo combines a music theme with the Hannya mask and cyberpunk elements. In Japanese Noh theater (and tattooing), a Hannya mask transforms a woman from beautiful to terrifying- the horns represent great anger. The music in this tattoo is referenced by the bright neon colors attached to the top figure’s headpiece and transported through the other figures with aux cords, pipes, and headphones.

IG: leitetattoo

Music Tattoos for Men 15

Grasshopper Big Bass Music Tattoo

You won’t find many wilder tattoo ideas than a grasshopper playing the standing bass. The masterful realistic-style design utilizes black and gray ink in various shades, patterns, and line angles. The clean geometric angles and textures used to create the insect’s shell are particularly beautiful when contrasted against the circular shapes in its’ facial features.


Music Tattoos for Men 16

Bold-School Accordion Bear Music Tattoo

This bold black tattoo shows a bear playing the accordion. It’s a tremendous mix of fundamentals – bold black ink, thick lines, and packed grayscale shading – enhanced by a modern neo-traditional arrangement. The different gray shades depicted help showcase the artist’s impeccable technique.

IG: jj.neotraditional

Music Tattoos for Men 17

Men’s Geometric Music Tattoo Design

This brilliant forearm tattoo is called “graphic vision.” I like the central music theme – represented by the stylized record in the tattoo’s middle – and how it’s built with geometric lines, shapes, and patterns. I love how the fascinating geometric style makes you want to follow different composition parts to see where they take you.

IG: judz.ttt

Music Tattoos for Men 18

Watercolor Musical Note Tattoo on Man’s Forearm

I love the simplicity of this watercolor musical note tattoo. It’s clean and crisp, matching a precise black ink note with two expertly applied ink splashes. I like how the watercolor parts are flecked with more substantial dots of blue and purple ink, adding depth to the overall design.

IG: cientattoo

Music Tattoos for Men 19

Slipknot (Corey Taylor) Music Tattoo

This heavy ink black and gray tattoo shows Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor in action. All the members of Slipknot wear masks; this is the version Taylor wore after the release of the 2008 album “All Hope Is Gone.” While the ink is all about the mask, the technical skill used to create leather details in the gloves and coat is exceptional, and I like the way the black microphone has a different, sleeker texture than the other dark parts of the design.

IG: stevotattoos

Music Tattoos for Men 20

American Traditional “Memorial for Ty” Music Tattoo

This American Traditional piece is a memorial music tattoo done for the client, Ty. It’s about a deceased, likely elderly family member, as the DOB reads 12/01/27. The central part of the design is an expertly etched harmonica wrapped by the banner of initials and date. Old-school flowers surround the image in a wreath-like arrangement that adds framing depth and fits alongside pre-existing body art.

IG: alexduquettetattoos

Music Tattoos for Men 21

Delicate Woman and Music Tattoo

The music theme is a secondary concept in this beautiful, subtly crafted single-needle tattoo. The woman holds a tuning fork, and she has a conductor’s wand in one of the disembodied hands (used to create the idea of movement). Finally, deft musical notes float in the air around the woman as she plays.

IG: kromatique

Music Tattoos for Men 22

“Music in My Heart” Geometric Tattoo for Men

This intelligent, incredibly unique single-needle sleeve tattoo is described as “Music in My Heart.” There are a lot of geometric images, shapes, and patterns – including Metatron’s Cube, the solar system, a light bulb, and the Tree of Life – combined with different types of musical notes, line art, and code. It’s a visionary tattoo example melding clean lines, image placement, and flow from the client’s shoulder to wrist.

IG: gab7sz

Music Tattoos for Men 23

Men’s Realistic Saxophone Music Tattoo

This exceptional realistic saxophone tattoo couldn’t have been done 15-20 years ago – it would have had to be black and gray. The development in quality tattoo ink means that you can recreate the shiny instrument by pairing metallic colors and technical skills to make a life-like image.

IG: jooa_tattoo

Music Tattoos for Men 24

Geometric Michael Jackson Music Tattoo

This brilliant fine-detail tattoo pays tribute to Michael Jackson by combining realism with various geometric shapes and patterns. I love how the artist has crafted the illusion of movement with the deft use of grayscale shading and the smaller MJ image adjacent to the central one.

IG: johny_bozoki

Music Tattoos for Men 25

Simple Playlist Music Tattoo

This small forearm tattoo resembles a streaming player on your phone or laptop. I like the simplicity of composition, with a linework band running around the client’s arm, simple features, and a dotwork point set at 02.13 minutes into the song.

IG: ai_tattoo_

Music Tattoos for Men 26

Men’s Black and Gray Cassette Tape Music Tattoo

Kids of the 80s and 90s know how important the blank cassette tape was to your love and enjoyment of music – and the horror that an unspooled tape could create. This black and gray tattoo is a remarkable ode to the cassette. I love the handwritten ‘’High Times” label, the complex composition of the cassette tape’s edge, and the tape thread that bursts free from its housing.

IG: santo_tattoo

Music Tattoos for Men 27

Absurdist Men’s Music Tattoo

This “Music is the Answer Tattoo” is equally strange and wonderful – I love it! The absurdist design features a few clever application tricks: gray wash shading to craft the record/penny farthing wheel, impressive layers of squares giving the disco ball its radiance, and a nifty linework pattern that adds detail to the snail’s sticky skin. Come for the weird idea. Stay for the excellent execution!

IG: kolomnie_tattoo

Music Tattoos for Men 28

Blackwork Mic and Guitar Music Tattoo

This inner forearm tattoo matches an old-school guitar body and microphone. I love the heavy gray wash shading application that gives the design subtlety and depth, but the negative space is the tattoo’s star – it’s used for the guitar’s detail work, including the strings, pickups, frets, and the wah-wah arm.

IG: fallowtattoocollective

Music Tattoos for Men 29

Men’s ECG and Sheet Music Tattoo

This inner forearm tattoo is a crisply delivered combination of sheet music and ECG image, depicting the idea that music is life. The artist’s skill in line art and black ink is on full display – the design looks simple but needs precise technical application to look this strong.


Music Tattoos for Men 30

Men’s Skull with Headphones Music Tattoo

This skull with headphones and red rose tattoo is loaded with symbolic meaning. Traditionally, a rose and skull tattoo symbolizes duality (life and death, love and hate). Adding the headphones means that music (and the emotions it feeds) intertwines both aspects as a complex part of the journey. I like the design details throughout the piece and the clever choice to etch the rose in red ink instead of black and gray.

IG: lovins_tattoos

Music Tattoos for Men 31

Anatomic Heart and Phonograph Music Tattoo

This unique line art tattoo integrates an old phonograph into an anatomical heart tattoo. The artist constructs tremendous levels of detail by applying complex line patterns and angles, paired with occasional patches of dotwork shading, to craft the idea that “music is my heart.”

IG: thortattoo

Music Tattoos for Men 32

Neo-Traditional Skull with Headphones Music Tattoo

This colorful skull-with-headphones tattoo has an aesthetic focus instead of more symbolic ideals. I love the neo-traditional colors and shading patterns, which give the skull a futuristic look, and I like how the glow from the skull’s eyes influences the filler colors.

IG: k8tattoo