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35 Fabulous Foot Tattoos for Women in 2024

Foot tattoos for women are depicted using various styles and art, featuring a variety of images and inspiration. They can be as large as to cover the entire foot and even extend upwards the shin as a half sleeve, or they can be as tiny as a single shining star. They can be the image of a flower or that of a dragon. Whatever the case may be, they reflect the wearer’s vibe and personality.

But before you go and get your own foot tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most beautiful, captivating, and sexiest foot tattoos for women in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin!

Foot Tattoos for Women 1

The Best Foot Tattoos for Women - A Black and Gray Half Leg Sleeve Geometric Floral Art Foot Tattoo

Inked in thin and thick lines of black and gray, this tattoo of a flower in geometric pattern covers the right foot and shin. The top flower is in fractals while the middle flower is a petal of leaves. The stem is a swirling line that ends in an abstract geometric pattern on the foot.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Foot Tattoos for Women 2

Watercolor Tidal Wave Foot Tattoo

A tiny tattoo of a tidal wave in watercolor style inked on the side of the right foot in shades of blue, white, and gray. It’s discreet yet beautiful in its own way.

IG: ink.traveler

Foot Tattoos for Women 3

Black and Gray Komodo Dragon Foot Tattoo

Bilateral foot tattoos of a heavily scaled Komodo dragon inked in black and gray, with the gray tones giving off a red orange tinge. Its tail is adorned by sharp spikes.

IG: hi_himi

Foot Tattoos for Women 4

Neo Traditional Rose Foot Tattoo

Inked in pastel colors of red, yellow, and orange, this tattoo of a rose adorns the right foot in large shades of red and black with a few splotches of yellow and orange mixed in the petals. The leaves are inked in light and heavy shades of black.

IG: natsi_tattoo

Foot Tattoos for Women 5

Watercolor Floral Art Foot Tattoo

Both feet are used as a canvas for this colorful floral art tattoo of red and pink roses in full bloom. Amidst the roses are green leaves and yellow sunflowers. A few tiny red berries can be seen together with the roses.

IG: tattooist_silo

Foot Tattoos for Women 6

Blackwork Flower Foot Tattoo

Inked in varying shades of black, this single-stemmed flower tattoo covers the left foot. With a large splotch of black as its backdrop, the roots of the flower go deep into the toes.

IG: frl.ka

Foot Tattoos for Women 7

Multicolored Splotch Tattoo

Looking like splotches of different-colored watercolor, this foot tattoo is simple and understated. It doesn’t scream but it whispers something beautiful.

IG: sinewpark_tt

Foot Tattoos for Women 8

Photo Realistic Face of a Woman Tattoo (Left and Right Foot)

Inked using black and gray, this photo-realistic tattoo depicts a woman’s face with her eyes entirely covered by a hand in the right foot tattoo; while the left foot tattoo has the hands only covering the right eye while the left eye peeks from underneath the splayed fingers. The woman on the right foot wears a dangling earring.

IG: hautmalertattoo

Foot Tattoos for Women 9

Black and Gray Fighting Fish Foot Tattoo

Resting on top of the left foot, this tattoo of a fighting fish is inked in black and gray using fine, thin, sweeping lines. The fish is facing on its left side.

IG: emmajanemaris

Foot Tattoos for Women 10

Black and Gray Floral Art Foot Tattoo

A flower tattoo adorning the left foot inked in black and gray. Its leaves are inked in thin shades of black while its petals are inked in a gray wash. The tattoo is simple yet very feminine.

IG: marrowtattoo

Foot Tattoos for Women 11

Symmetrical Paired Flower Tattoo (Right and Left Foot)

A pair of single-stemmed petunias tattooed on the left and right foot. The red petunia has black and purple leaves, while the purple petunia has black and red leaves. The tattoo extends from the lower shin down to the midfoot.

IG: moun.flakes

Foot Tattoos for Women 12

Neo Traditional Skull in a Cup Foot Tattoo

The right foot is adorned with the tattoo of a skull in a cup. The skull and the cup are inked in black and gray while the threads of cloth, blood, and tears are in tinges of orange. The eye above the skull is crying orange tears.

IG: saschafriederich

Foot Tattoos for Women 13

Watercolor Cherry Blossoms (Left Foot)

Using watercolor style, this tattoo of a cherry blossom uses shades of pink and black. Pink for the cherry blossoms, and black for the tree trunk. The artwork is reminiscent of Ikebana paintings.

IG: tattooist_arirang

Foot Tattoos for Women 14

Black and Gray Venus Fly Trap Tattoo

Bilateral foot tattoos of a Venus fly trap in both its closed and open state. The Venus fly traps on the right foot are closed while the Venus fly traps on the left are open. The tattoos are entirely inked in black and gray.

IG: frl.ka

Foot Tattoos for Women 15

Black and Gray Geometric Mandala Foot Tattoo

Bilateral, symmetrical foot mandala tattoos in geometric leaf patterns. The tattoos are dotted by small dots in clumps. Inked in medium thick lines of black.

IG: lennblacklotus

Foot Tattoos for Women 16

Sun Face and Moon Face Foot Tattoo

A black and gray tattoo of a sun with a female face inked on the left foot and a moon with a male face inked on the right foot. The moon has two stars accompanying it. Clean and simple tattoo with no frills.

IG: notretattoo

Foot Tattoos for Women 17

Intricate Filigree Gem Foot Tattoo

A pair of symmetrically designed foot tattoos featuring a filigree jewelry with an inlaid gem around circular beads with hanging tear drop gems adorned by more beads and pearls.

IG: black_casket

Foot Tattoos for Women 18

New School Child Sketch Foot Tattoo

Employing new school style, this colorful child sketch tattoo on the side of the left foot shows a smiling white cloud riding on a blue plane while blue-yellow thunder flashes around it. Magazine cutouts of the letters e, j n, o, y spell out the word “enjoy.”


Foot Tattoos for Women 19

Tiny Foot Tattoos

Inked in black and gray, random images of tiny tattoos are scattered across the right foot. There’s a flower, a scorpion, a butterfly, a duke, and a painting of an animal. The yellow green nail polish provides a stark contrast to the tiny images.

IG: kyle.england

Foot Tattoos for Women 20

Gold Ring and Gilded Mirror Foot Tattoo

Adorning the left foot is a black and gray tattoo of a gilded mirror in gold and gray. The face of the mirror is cracked, with the cracks showing in gold. Higher up, there is an interlocking ring of gold.

IG: olie_siiz

Foot Tattoos for Women 21

Watercolor Floral Art Foot Tattoo

Inked in watercolor style, this tattoo of pink and lavender flowers amidst green leaves and tiny red buds is aesthetically pleasing and calming.

IG: tattooist_silo

Foot Tattoos for Women 22

Black and Gray Girl with Butterflies Foot Tattoo

Inked in black and gray, this tattoo features a girl with hair flowing upwards inked in very soft tones of black and gray which makes her look almost ephemeral while the butterflies around her are inked in heavy tones of black and gray. Exquisite and captivating.

IG: rohatattoo

Foot Tattoos for Women 23

Feather Foot Tattoo

Tied together in a knot, this tattoo of a pair of feather and red berries on a stem is inked in shades of black, brown, red, and green. The leaves are green and the feather is black and brown.

IG: ernstkronetattoo

Foot Tattoos for Women 24

Ornamental Foot Tattoo

A simple pattern of geometric dots lining the sides of both feet. The dots form diamond shapes. It is assumed that both the inner and outer sides of both feet are tattooed with the same design.

IG: pauvre2nous

Foot Tattoos for Women 25

Black and Gray Abstract Geometric Foot Tattoo

Using black and gray ink, this tattoo uses abstract geometric patterns with the black lines employing heavy tones and the gray shades employing lighter tones. The middle foot features a flower petal.

IG: kiwa_jip

Foot Tattoos for Women 26

Heart-shaped Water Ring Foot Tattoo

A tiny tattoo of a heart-shaped water ring with the words “Happy to die” inscribed below it. The ring itself contains a swimming whale with only its tail visible. Small shades of yellow and red can be seen on the top left of the ring, while the water is azure blue.

IG: tattooist_toma

Foot Tattoos for Women 27

Cute Foot Tattoos for Women

Inked in new school style, this left foot tattoo looks like child graffiti of the words “LOVE” written thrice. Clouds, heart, and flowers are scattered throughout. On the right foot is a tiny tattoo of a red heart pierced by a black arrow. A green snowflake and random green twirl accompany it.

IG: yeguclub

Foot Tattoos for Women 28

Orange Cheshire Cat Foot Tattoo

A tiny tattoo of a grinning orange Cheshire cat with orange eyes drawn to look like a bus with legs. Windows adorn its sides while its head has a top hat with a red light on it.

IG: kirbeeys

Foot Tattoos for Women 29

Abstract Black Drops Foot Tattoo

A pair of bilateral symmetrical tattoos of thin black drops of filigree. The image looks like a chandelier. The tattoo employs very thin lines of black. Effectively etched on white skin so the tattoo stands out.

IG: orma_tattoo

Foot Tattoos for Women 30

Tiny Shining Star Foot Tattoo

Nothing can be simpler and understated than this very tiny tattoo of a shining star inked in light shades of pink and green. It’s a solitary star on a lonely canvas of skin.


Foot Tattoos for Women 31

Blackwork Abstract Foot Tattoo

A pair of bilateral symmetrical blackwork tattoos featuring the abstract image of a man holding up an eye while standing up on a cup. The inkwork is composed of heavy dark tones of black.

IG: soana____

Foot Tattoos for Women 32

Black Spiral Art Tribal Tattoo (Left Foot)

Adorning the left foot is a tribal tattoo of octopus tentacles spiraling around the ankle and foot, with intricate geometric patterns lining the tentacles.


Foot Tattoos for Women 33

American Traditional Foot Tattoos

A paired tattoo of a man and a woman facing each other. The man wears a mustache and pompadour hairstyle while wearing a green scarf and red shirt. His right forehead has a light blue cobweb tattoo and underneath his right eye is a tiny light blue heart tattoo. The woman wears her hair in an undercut while wearing a green-collared shirt, red-orange pearl earring on the left, red lipstick, and red blush just underneath the eye.

IG: daniqueipo

Foot Tattoos for Women 34

Wall-E and Eve Foot Tattoo

Wall-E and Eve are depicted in a new school style tattoo. Wall-E on the right foot, and Evey on the left foot. Wall-E is clutching a red fire extinguisher spewing out blue gas while Evey is holding a brown shoe with a seedling inside it. They are facing each other with arms outstretched reaching for each other.

IG: bigluketattoo

Foot Tattoos for Women 35

Black and Red Diamonds and Heart Foot Tattoo

A tattoo of diamonds and heart inked in shades of black and red with occasional shades of gray. The tattoo is inked in sweeping lines of varying thickness and tones.

IG: choi_tattooer