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31 Cool Calf Tattoos for Women in 2024

Calf tattoos are simple yet elegant tattoos that are easy to get and don’t require anything special from the wearer. You can ask for any design you want. The style and art is not limited by the calf. Only your imagination and the artist’s skill vary. It’s also one of the less painful parts of the body to get a tattoo on.

But before you go and get your own calf tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most interesting, eye-catching, and beautiful calf tattoos of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Calf Tattoos for Women 1

The Best Calf Tattoos for Women - A Michelangelo-inspired Creation of Adam Tattoo

Using both calves, Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam fresco painting is recreated in this calf tattoo as the famous hands touching is recreated in both right and left calves. The artist expertly uses light and dark tones of black to produce life-like hands. Shades of gray are used to denote movement.

IG: matteonangeroni

Calf Tattoos for Women 2

Black and Gray Geometric Calf Tattoo

Using fine lines of black and gray, an image of a flower made out of leaves lined in geometric patterns is tattooed on the right calf. The stem is a simple line going downwards which ends in a swirling pattern. Five small circles that look like planets highlight the contours of the flower.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Calf Tattoos for Women 3

Tarot-inspired Art Calf Tattoo

Using both calves, the Joker is depicted as a demon mask held by the left hand tattooed on the left calf, while the right calf is inked by an upside-down hand holding an oblong object with leaves. Both hands depicted are themselves tattooed with a dotted circle with rays. Both hands are wearing sleeves patterned in medieval design.

IG: soana____

Calf Tattoos for Women 4

Ikebana Watercolor Art Tattoo (Calf)

Taking its inspiration from Japanese Ikebana, this tattoo is drawn on both calves using muted colors of green, red, and white with dashes of pink on the pollen. The tattoo starts from a thin long stem of flower going downwards. The tattoo’s style evokes the realism of Japanese flower art.

IG: newtattoo_qiqi

Calf Tattoos for Women 5

Line Sketch House Tattoo (Calf)

This calf tattoo is a meticulously detailed tattoo of a house. Inked in black, the house’s design is intricate, with a visible roof and the house situated amidst some plants. Using thin black lines, the tattoo is rendered in a sketch like fashion. Clean and visually appealing.

IG: ulaluart

Calf Tattoos for Women 6

Orange Tulip Neo Traditional Calf Tattoo

Inked in a simple neo traditional design, this tulip is drawn in light and dark shades of orange while the stem and leaves are drawn in medium thick lines. It’s nothing outrageous and doesn’t call attention to itself yet for some reason, it just works. Simple yet effective.

IG: moun.flakes

Calf Tattoos for Women 7

Black and Gray Tarot-inspired Calf Tattoo

Using a tarot motif, an image of a naked woman holding up a headdress covering her face is inked on the right calf. The woman is half-submerged in water and the headdress depicts a sun with a face. In upright position, the sun card Resh denotes positivity, freedom, and fun.

IG: malikasticht

Calf Tattoos for Women 8

Neo Traditional Knife Tattoo (Calf)

Featuring strong curves, different line weights, and subtle gradients, this knife calf tattoo uses muted shades of red, orange and black to depict a knife adorned with leaves. The hilt is composed of a curved cross guard with an inlaid jewel in the center. The grip is wrapped in brown leather, ending with a scent stopper pommel.

IG: jack_the_lantern

Calf Tattoos for Women 9

Black Crane Calf Tattoo

A simple image of a crane inked in black geometric lines. The crane appears to be preparing to lift-off. The tattoo is crisp and clean and doesn’t feature intricate details. Nonetheless, it’s still very good to look at.

IG: mama.yaga

Calf Tattoos for Women 10

Blackwork Floral Calf Tattoo

Featuring a single stem of poppy flower, this calf tattoo uses thin lines of black with highlights of darker shades of black at the petals’ tips and leaves. The tattoo covers the entire right calf starting from below the knee and ending just above the ankle.

IG: oddmaree

Calf Tattoos for Women 11

Realistic Color Tiger Calf Tattoo

In this calf tattoo, an orange tiger hides in a field of blue green and black shade, with only its head visible. Flame-orange oak leaves float above the tiger. The tiger possesses realistic yellow eyes that look directly at the observer at any angle.

IG: debrartist

Calf Tattoos for Women 12

Crystal Knife Calf Tattoo

A beautiful realistic rendering of a clear glass knife with a dust storm color palette in dark and light shades of pink hue. The cross guard is adorned by a dragonfly encased in the glass and the pommel is forged and faceted.

IG: arte.perdura

Calf Tattoos for Women 13

New School Dragon Head Calf Tattoo

Drawn on both calves, this dragon head tattoo is styled in the new school, with a 3D graffiti effect. The left dragon head is tinted in red while the right dragon head is tinted in light blue. Both dragon heads have gold curling hair as eyebrows and mustaches. Wisps of smoke in light red and green moss rises out from under the dragon head.

IG: marcoxschneider

Calf Tattoos for Women 14

Half Sleeve Blackwork Kelp Calf Tattoo

Covering almost the entire calf, this tattoo starts from below the underside of the knee and goes down until just before the ankle. Drawn in light lines of black, the tattoo depicts kelp that flows downward met by kelp flowing upward. Dots of crosses litter the artwork.

IG: zouz.ttt

Calf Tattoos for Women 15

Neo Traditional Conifer Cone Flower Calf Tattoo

A tiny three-stemmed conifer cone flower tattoo inked in green and purple, this tattoo stands out in a light skin canvas. Simple with no frills, this tattoo is the very definition of the saying: “beautiful things don’t ask for attention.”

IG: frommay_tat

Calf Tattoos for Women 16

Half Sleeve Neo Traditional Mirrored Skull Tattoo (Calf)

An intricately designed piece, the tattoo covers both the left and right calves and features slight differences in its memento mori motif. The skull on the left calf is looking upwards holding a forget-me-not flower while the skull on the right is looking down on the rose it is holding. Both magnificent pieces are highlighted by an inlaid obsidian top and bottom,, with the bottom obsidian tied off by a red ribbon.

IG: mermaidsketches

Calf Tattoos for Women 17

Black and Gray Moth Calf Tattoo

Styled entirely in gothic blackwork, this tattoo is a symmetrical depiction of a moth with a skull for a head. Its wings are filled in with a sun and sphere pattern. The moth is carrying an egg. Both moths are flying off two flower petals.


Calf Tattoos for Women 18

Watercolor Swallow and Bee Calf Tattoo

A pair of tattoos on the left and right calf, styled in watercolor art. The left calf features a blue/white swallow atop a pink orchid with clover green leaves in shades of black and gray. The right calf features a yellow/black bee sipping pollen from a pink orchid with fern green leaves.

IG: pablo_ortiz_tattoo

Calf Tattoos for Women 19

Tiny Rabbit Calf Tattoo

Inked on both the left and right calves, this tiny tattoo of rabbits facing each other uses simple line sketch art with very thin lines of red (left) and blue (right). On top of the rabbits’ heads are two tiny flowers of blue, red, and orange.

IG: fu__chuang

Calf Tattoos for Women 20

Black and Gray Sand Hourglass Calf Tattoo

Using line sketch art, this tattoo inked on the right calf shows a small sand hourglass depicting miniscule grains of sand falling on a skull while atop it sits a tiny seedling. Nothing too complicated, this tattoo can be done fast and easy.


Calf Tattoos for Women 21

New School Pokemon Calf Tattoo

A pair of calf tattoos using neo traditional style, the left calf depicts an Umbreon Pokemon in a light blue and violet background with cutout stars while the right calf shows a Sylveon Pokemon in a pink background with cutout hearts. Absolutely cute and brimming with personality.

IG: illustday

Calf Tattoos for Women 22

Black Mandalas Floral Calf Tattoo

Inked in very thin lines of black, this mandala stencil shows an intricate repeating geometric pattern in floral design. In spiritual tradition, mandala motifs are used as an aid to meditation and trance induction.


Calf Tattoos for Women 23

Half Sleeve Black Gray Calf Tattoo

Inked in stained glass motif, this right calf tattoo is patterned in dots and lines of varying weight and shade of black. Its main pattern is a crescent moon with kelp on its sides while below sits a teardrop jewel. Flaring outwards are tiny dots and rays of line.

IG: anais_chabane

Calf Tattoos for Women 24

Trash Polka Ghostface Calf Tattoo

Covering the entire calf, this tattoo is inked in trash polka style. Mainly using black and red tones, Ghostface is depicted clutching a bloody knife with the name “Ghostface” in calligraphy below him while sitting atop his head is a bloody rose.

IG: angeloparente

Calf Tattoos for Women 25

New School Face Tattoo (Calf)

Both right and left calves are inked in new school style featuring a female face in blue (left calf) and red (right calf) tones. Atop the left face is a cloud with rain and lightning flashing on the side of the face. The right face is crying in tears of blood licked by thin gouts of flame. Almost photorealistic, this tattoo is visually arresting and eye-catching.

IG: hansdeslauriers

Calf Tattoos for Women 26

Half Sleeve Colorful Floral Calf Tattoo

A pair of tattoos on both calves featuring a floral design with a butterfly on the left lined in black and tinged with slight shades of pink pollinating an orange anemone and an orange and red moth on the right pollinating a pink anemone. Both lepidopteras sit on an ornately designed metal in gold and silver.

IG: moun.flakes

Calf Tattoos for Women 27

Tiny Black and Gray Calf Tattoo

A pair of tattoos inked in black and gray style. The left calf depicts a matryoshka doll in gray and red while the right calf shows a bird with a tiny flower on its beak atop a walking house with legs.

IG: mama.yaga

Calf Tattoos for Women 28

Black and Gray Crown and Sword Calf Tattoo

A heraldry of crown and swords, this tattoo uses black and gray gradients. Two hands appear to carry the sword piercing a crown with shining rays with the sword’s tip shining in a ray of sunlight ringed by spheres of the different phases of the moon.

IG: dusi.2

Calf Tattoos for Women 29

Realism Style Face Tattoo (Calf)

Both calves are tattooed of a woman’s face wearing an eagle (left calf) and a hawk (right calf) headdress in realism style. The left tattoo uses a mix of black, gold, and orange tones while the right is more subdued, with the face mainly in gray wash while the headdress is in tones of black, gray, and red. This piece screams majestic and defiant.

IG: jeanpaulmaratt

Calf Tattoos for Women 30

Tiny Green Blob Calf Tattoo

A pair of tiny green blobs in a new school style depicted rollerblading (left calf) and riding a unicycle while wearing a top hat(right calf). The tattoos are simple yet cute.

IG: buoythefishlover

Calf Tattoos for Women 31

Multicolor Floral Art Calf Tattoo

Both calves are inked in colorful flowers of varying colors and types. There’s the red anemone, the pink sunflower, the purple lavender, and the green tulip. Both flower tattoos are depicted as flowers in the wild, looking like dried pressed flowers on the skin.

IG: hettiebakertattoo