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33 Bold & Badass Tattoos for Women in 2024

Badass tattoos for women are often depicted in gothic, rock metal, and BDSM art style. They feature women in their most vulnerable, sexiest, yet silently strong phase. Mostly inked in black and gray, a few contain splotches of red and pink as the rare tones of color used to highlight an artwork.

But before you go and get your own badass tattoo for women, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most intense, alluring, and arresting badass tattoos for women of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Badass Tattoos for Women 1

The Best Badass Tattoos for Women - A Blackwork Horned and Fanged Demon Below Navel

Covering the entire lower abdomen starting from the navel down to the pubis, this blackwork tattoo features the head of a horned and fanged demon covered in scales with its tongue protruding out from its mouth. Above it on either left and right side is a dotted crescent moon.

IG: soana____

Badass Tattoos for Women 2

Blackwork Butterfly and Snake Abdomen Tattoo

Covering the lower abdomen, the tattoos entirely etched in black ink in this piece include a butterfly caught in a cobweb and a snake wrapped on a branch of leaves. On the upper abdomen slightly covered by the shirt is a calligraphed word.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Badass Tattoos for Women 3

Blackwork Body Horror Art Lower Abdomen Tattoo

Covering the entire lower abdomen, this tattoo depicts the abdomen breaking open with teeth and nails growing out of it. Inside its dark hollow pit is an eyeball. Atop it are what looks like demon feet. This piece exemplifies body horror art to a T. It’s terrifying yet oddly sexy.

IG: mogilkinatattooer

Badass Tattoos for Women 4

Blackwork BDSM Woman Strapped in Ball Gag Tattoo

Featuring a heart-shaped tattoo dripping in ink, the lower half face of the woman is depicted strapped with a ball gag with piercings on it. Her mouth is bleeding. Her nose has a piercing. Her eyes are unseen.

IG: albaprietotattooart

Badass Tattoos for Women 5

Gagging Woman in Heart-shaped Tattoo

A heart-shaped tattoo of a woman with her index and middle finger inserted inside her mouth forcing her to gag as semen drips out her mouth. She wears a choker and a stud earring on her left ear. A hand is pulling back her head by grabbing her hair.

IG: natsi_tattoo

Badass Tattoos for Women 6

Blackwork Female Vampire’s Mouth Tattoo

A simple tattoo of a female vampire’s mouth with her teeth and fangs bared. Blood is dripping out the mouth. It almost looks like a kiss mark, except for the teeth and blood. Oddly sexy and arousing.

IG: michelbrustolon

Badass Tattoos for Women 7

Black and Gray Broken Chain and Cross Tattoo

Inked in gray and black just below the right breast, this image of a chain breaking with a cross hanging in the middle is a badass tattoo. On the far right, at the center of the chest is a heart pierced by sharp nails.

IG: fernando.maleta

Badass Tattoos for Women 8

Hanging Beheaded Heads of Women Tattoo

Working almost like a necklace, this grisly tattoo of seven beheaded heads of women hanging on a rope is pure gothic horror. The heads are depicted in various states of emotion. Some have their eyes open while some have it closed. Either way, this tattoo is certainly arresting.

IG: ar.bel

Badass Tattoos for Women 9

Blackwork Tiny Heart-shaped tattoo in flames

A tiny heart-shaped tattoo of a heart in flames inked on the left side of the lower left leg, this tattoo is almost inconspicuous and hardly noticeable unless pointedly shown. Nonetheless, it shows a woman willing to go out of her comfort zone.

IG: fiorile.ttt

Badass Tattoos for Women 10

Red Succubus Tattoo

Entirely in shades of red and black, this small tattoo of the face of a horned succubus with pointed ears and pupil-less eyes is captivatingly sexy and screams “Vixen” to anyone who may see it.

IG: elena.noire

Badass Tattoos for Women 11

Blackwork Six-Eyed Demon Tattoo

Covering the entire upper abdomen from below the breasts down to the navel, this tattoo is an intricate design of a terrifying six-eyed female demon with her face ripped in half and her teeth showing. Her horns look like brains. The head hangs on multiple straps attached on both sides of the head.

IG: jeanchoir_tattoo

Badass Tattoos for Women 12

Black and Gray Bleeding Girl Tattoo

Inked in black and gray, this tattoo depicts a long-haired girl bleeding from an eye injury. Between her legs is a knife with only its hilt jutting out. Both her hands are covering the bleeding eye. Her right eye is visible and uninjured.

IG: neko.ttt

Badass Tattoos for Women 13

Black and Red Woman in Lingerie Tattoo

Using mainly black and red ink, this tattoo depicts a woman with long black hair in red lingerie and black heels. The woman has a large breast and wide hips. Her lips are open in a sigh as she looks at the observer in a beguiling manner.

IG: jandruff

Badass Tattoos for Women 14

Winged Female Angel in Black Line Sketch Tattoo

Inked in black line sketch, this tattoo features a naked female angel wearing only fishnet stockings and heels. Her right leg is raised while her right arm supports her head which has a halo on it. Her wings are upright and unfolded.

IG: gombas007

Badass Tattoos for Women 15

Blackwork Gothic Monster Tattoo

Inked entirely in black, this tattoo of a monster covers the entire abdomen and is almost too hard to describe. Its mustache cleverly hides the navel which seems almost a part of the artwork. Its wings stretch upwards to the breasts where swirls of dark black lines follow the contours of the breast. The wings end as claws.

IG: jeanchoir_tattoo

Badass Tattoos for Women 16

Red-eyed Black Devil’s Goat Tattoo

An exquisitely detailed tattoo, the photorealistic image of a red-eyed devil goat jumps forward in 3D-effect. The breasts are cleverly hidden by tattoos of red tapes while the horns of the goat jut upwards to the upper chest and neck. Hanging by swirling veins from the neck is a heart.

IG: raptorlazer

Badass Tattoos for Women 17

Half Sleeve Succubus Tattoo (Left Arm)

Inked in black and red, this tattoo depicts a succubus with only the right side of her face showing. Her face is red and her cheeks have a large black dot. Her hair and horns are in shades of black. Her chin looks to be resting on her shoulders.

IG: dariastahp

Badass Tattoos for Women 18

Multiple Eyes with Mouth and Lips Horror Art Tattoo

Featuring three expressive sexy eyes with long and thick eyelashes, this tattoo breaks into horror art with the mouth below having protruding tongue and bared teeth. There’s blood on the tip of the tongue. The entire piece is inked entirely in black and gray.

IG: ellenheald_tattoo

Badass Tattoos for Women 19

Black Rose in Flaming Pink Tattoo

A symmetrical pair of thorned roses tattooed across the abdomen, both roses are inked entirely in black with pink flames rising out of it. The smooth, white skin of the wearer makes the tattoo jump out.

IG: michelbrustolon

Badass Tattoos for Women 20

Red Kiss Mark Tattoo

A simple tattoo of a red kiss mark with the word “queen” stenciled below it tattooed on the left upper thigh almost near the buttocks, this tattoo is small yet effectively sexy and arousing.


Badass Tattoos for Women 21

Black and Gray Smoking Succubus Tattoo

Featuring a horned succubus wearing leotards, this tattoo inked in black and gray shows the succubus looking left and back, smoking a cigarette. Her cheek has a heart tattoo. She has thick eyebrows and wears long fake eyelashes.

IG: kennypixie

Badass Tattoos for Women 22

Black Barbed Wire Tattoo

A pair of symmetrical tattoos of a black barbed wire just above the knees. The art style is reminiscent of rock metal. The tattoo is simple and muted. Isn’t flashy but still sexy.

IG: ellenheald_tattoo

Badass Tattoos for Women 23

Woman in Bondage to a Demon Tattoo

The tattoo artwork depicts a woman in bondage to a demon. The woman is naked and kneeling, sweating profusely. Her arms are in chains and her neck is in a choker attached to a chain held by the demon. The demon has a face for a pubis.

IG: gombas007

Badass Tattoos for Women 24

Black and Gray Chained Heart Pierced by Nails Tattoo

Inked in black and gray, this tattoo of a chained heart pierced by two nails in the center while other nails are jutting out from its side is reminiscent of rock metal art. The chain breaks at the very top.

IG: alonneey

Badass Tattoos for Women 25

Black and Gray Centipede Heads Tattoo

Running across the entire abdomen from the breast down to the pubis, this tattoo depicts a centipede with human heads for a body, each head having legs like a spider. On the right abdomen (left of the image) is a tiger. On the left abdomen (right of the image) is a lion. The navel contains a stud piercing. This tattoo is absolutely horrific body horror art.

IG: jeanchoir_tattoo

Badass Tattoos for Women 26

Black and Gray Heart-Shaped Skull and Woman’s Face Tattoo

A small heart-shaped tattoo on the right shoulder, this tattoo of black and gray in very light lines depict a woman’s head besides a skull. The woman’s eyes are open but has no pupils. Her hand is across her chest covering her breast.

IG: vaanitate

Badass Tattoos for Women 27

Blackwork Gothic Horror Tattoo

Covering the entire abdomen from the breast cleavage down to the upper navel, this tattoo is inked entirely in black and features a winged demon with hollow eyes. The artwork is sensuous and alluring.

IG: ellenheald_tattoo

Badass Tattoos for Women 28

Naked Angel with Bloody Hands Tattoo

Covering the right shoulder and upper arm, this tattoo of a long-haired, winged, naked angel with bloody hands is inked in black and gray with a tinge of red on the hands. The woman hides her vagina slightly by bending her left leg up.

IG: elena.noire

Badass Tattoos for Women 29

Scared Face Reflected on a Knife Tattoo

A simple black ink tattoo of kitchen knife reflecting the face of a scared woman. The tattoo is reminiscent of the movie poster of The Shining, except for the knife reflecting Jack Torrance’s face, the tattoo reflects the face of a woman.

IG: 60jams

Badass Tattoos for Women 30

Blackwork Floating Head Tattoo

Inked in black, the tattoo covers the lower left abdomen and features the floating head of a Japanese girl upheld by a myriad of hands. The girl’s long tresses slip through the fingers of the hands upholding her head.

IG: al_tattooer

Badass Tattoos for Women 31

Half Sleeve Sexy Naked Woman Tattoo

Inked on the left calf, this black and gray tattoo of a sexy naked woman wearing a horned goat skull headdress with a small python draped across her arms and around her legs and body is both enticing and arousing. The woman is long-haired and wears a bead necklace.

IG: ruki_kushaju

Badass Tattoos for Women 32

Black and Gray Magazine Cutouts Face Collage

A black and gray tattoo of a face collage formed using magazine cutouts, the face ends in a melting mouth with the figure of a tiny man walking towards the melting mouth. Underneath the right eye is a heart tattoo. On the left forehead is a downed insect.

IG: patrykchybowski

Badass Tattoos for Women 33

Mirrored Black Cats Tattoo

A pair of symmetrical black work tattoos mirroring each other just above the breasts, the tattoo features two winged cats facing each other, fangs bared in a hiss. Between them is an upside-down crescent moon.

IG: michelbrustolon