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33 Fabulous Full Back Tattoos for Women in 2024

71% of people say they like back tattoos on men and women. That’s all the more reason to get a back tattoo, and ensure you get a quality back tattoo. while you’re at it. Back tattoos can be accommodated to anyone’s personality and taste. There are delicate, traditional, neo-traditional, ornamental, watercolor, and endless other ways to decorate your back. No matter what you choose, your artist can work with you to ensure it will turn out amazing. 

But before you go and get your own back tattoo, we’ll guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below you’ll find a variety of the most unique, creative, detailed, colorful, and greyscale back tattoos of 2024. You’ll definitely be inspired by the most innovative back tattoo idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body. 

With that said, let’s start!

Full Back Tattoos for Women 1

Full Back Tattoos for Women: A Full Greyscale Back Tattoo

Everywhere you look there’s something amazing to look at. This black and gray full back tattoo is one of a kind featuring two different ethereal females. The pristine details in both of their faces is awe-inspiring. From the eyebrows to the fingers, the lines are impeccable. The knife in the top left is beautifully designed with a jewel in the middle.


Full Back Tattoos for Women 2

Traditional Flower Mandala Back Tattoo Outline

These unique flowers and mandalas are outlined in thick blue lines meant to last a lifetime. The flowers in this back tattoo outline are called peonies. In the middle of her back is the best part of this tattoo. Leaves are at the end of the mandala frame, connected to two other peonies.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Full Back Tattoos for Women 3

Delicate Flower Lion Back Tattoo

This back tattoo is the definition of delicate excellency in tattooing. Every single flower is lightly shaded to perfection. In the middle of the flowers lies the mighty Lion, staring at you head on. The lines in the Lion are so realistic and make this tattoo stand out from others. It’s hard to look away from this fine line masterpiece from Dobby. That’s exactly what you want out of a back tattoo idea.


Full Back Tattoos for Women 4

Creative Unique Pastel Back Tattoo

Using black and pastel colors, this tattoo features an interesting array of hands with a snake slithering through them. This particular style is similar to Japanese traditional tattoos, especially with the linework. The pastel colors are eye-catching and perfectly complement the black shading of the multiple hands.

IG: n.o.u.v.e.a.u

Full Back Tattoos for Women 5

Detailed Horror Full Back Tattoo

Are you into the more spooky side of life? You might want to consider a black hell-themed back tattoo piece like this. Someone could easily stare at the piece for hours if they wanted. The spider legs coming out of the group of skeletons out of the bottom is genius. There’s no shortage of art in this back tattoo.

IG: jeanchoir_tattoo

Full Back Tattoos for Women 6

Mandala Black and Grey Back Piece

Mandalas remain one of the most popular tattoo styles. This full back piece starts at the top of her neck then ends at her lower back. The impeccable shading in every nook and cranny of this back tattoo is mesmerizing. All of the small and big details in the linework and shading will catch everyone’s eye.

IG: chalanadots

Full Back Tattoos for Women 7

Mandala Full Back Piece

Insanely thick outlines start of this mandala back piece. The thick black lines make this mandala different from any other pieces. Parts of the mandala are fully shaded in black which bring out the creative look of this back piece.

IG: jenza_tattoo

Full Back Tattoos for Women 8

Black and Gray Crow Full Back Tattoo

Three crows circle around what looks to be like a sun. This back tattoo is full greyscale, with no deep black shading. The crows have beady eyes and long tails growing from their wings. The center of this greyscale back tattoo offers a perfect focal point for this piece.

IG: xingxaxa

Full Back Tattoos for Women 9

Mandala Dot Work Full Back Tattoo

Mandalas always look great with dotwork. The dotwork goes through the entire piece and gets more intense at the top near the shoulders. Lovers of mandalas should consider getting a back tattoo similar to this one.

IG: dino_vallely

Full Back Tattoos for Women 10

Delicate Colorful Flower Back Tattoo

This flower themed tattoo has lavender going across the center of her back. The gorgeous butterflies on the right and left are perfect additions to this delicate back piece. Ideal for those in search of something less intensive than a full back sleeve.

IG: tattooist_sion

Full Back Tattoos for Women 11

Half Mandala Half Lines Back Piece

This tattoo is one of the most unique back tattoos ever. There’s nothing quite like it. The mandala sits at the top of her back and blends into the squiggly lines on the right. The lines go down into her lower backside.

IG: dotstolines

Full Back Tattoos for Women 12

Colorful American Traditional Full Back Tattoo for Women

Vibrant colors are everywhere in this traditional back tattoo. Her entire back is covered from the top to the bottom. The skeletons on the bottom cheeks are sexy and artistic. If you want to stand out, this is the type of tattoo for you.

IG: genotattoo

Full Back Tattoos for Women 13

Galaxy Koi Fish Women’s Full Back Tattoo

Fans of colorful tattoos will love this. The background features a galaxy that the koi fish is swimming around in. The blues, purples, and oranges make this back tattoo beautifully shaded into perfection.

IG: kristinataylor_tattoo

Full Back Tattoos for Women 14

Creepy Halloween Full Back Tattoo

Sometimes the best tattoos are the spookiest. If you’re into spooky tattoos, this type of back tattoo will surely fit your tastes. The sullen faces of the pumpkins and witches give an eerie feel. The gray shading enhances the spookiness of this piece.

IG: mogilkinatattooer

Full Back Tattoos for Women 15

Full Snake Back Tattoo

Full of snakes, this back piece is not for the weak. The two snakes wrap around her entire back down to the side of her hip with both of their mouths fully open ready to attack their enemies.

IG: konradkrajdaart

Full Back Tattoos for Women 16

Beautiful Unique Feminine Back Tattoo

Not everyone is into horror or eerie tattoos. This beautiful back tattoo is simple yet remarkable. Perfect for showing off in bikinis every summer. The light pink line running through the tattoo makes it even better.

IG: tattooist_sion

Full Back Tattoos for Women 17

Mandala Flower Full Back Tattoo on Woman’s Back

“Wow” is the first word that comes to mind after looking at this exceptional, stunning blackwork flower mandala-themed back piece. This back tattoo starts from her back and extends to her bottom where two flowers sit.

IG: stipplewhipper

Full Back Tattoos for Women 18

Black Distinctive Full Back Piece

This entire back piece is the definition of artistic work. The definite lines mixed with leaves on the shoulders make this tattoo awe-inspiring. This piece would look amazing on anyone.

IG: zouz.ttt

Full Back Tattoos for Women 19

Flower and Snake Back Tattoo

Filled with beautifully colored peonies, there’s nothing imperfect about this back piece. There’s a snake running through and wrapping around the flowers. The snake and the flowers make for a one of a kind back tattoo to cherish for decades to come.

IG: yuuztattoo

Full Back Tattoos for Women 20

Traditional Back Outline Tattoo

Traditional back tattoos will never go out of style. This tattoo has traditional linework that has thick, black lines.

IG: moducommun

Full Back Tattoos for Women 21

Sunburst Full Back Tattoo

There’s so much beauty to this full back tattoo. The fallen angel is the star of the show with hollow, sullen eyes. There’s a mandala in the top right corner that fits in perfectly with the theme. Sharp rays with negative space stick out into the fallen angel.

IG: a_siberia

Full Back Tattoos for Women 22

Mirror Frame Back Tattoo

This back tattoo has a mirror frame that sits in the middle of the back. The frame doesn’t feature heavy shading, which works for this piece.

IG: la__gatta

Full Back Tattoos for Women 23

Flower and Moon Black Full Tattoo

Flowers are a common tattoo idea, but this flower-themed tattoo is special. The deep shading gives it a darker feel vs. brightly colored flowers in other back tattoo pieces.

IG: t.arttoo

Full Back Tattoos for Women 24

Black and Red Skull Back Tattoo

Go big or go home, right? That’s the idea if you decide to get something similar to this full back piece. The skull has fangs and is the centerpiece of this tattoo. Choosing to add a pop of red in the flowers was a great idea.

IG: tattoosbysantiago

Full Back Tattoos for Women 25

Vase of Flowers Grayscale Back Tattoo

A vase full of flowers filled with monstera plants is in the center of her back. There’s an extremely detailed snake going around the vase. The small details in the snake are aesthetically pleasing.

IG: moducommun

Full Back Tattoos for Women 26

Black Ornamental Flower Back Piece

Flowers look better with ornamental designs. The light gray shading in the background of the flower makes this piece unparalleled in terms of creativity.

IG: lisaammertattoo

Full Back Tattoos for Women 27

Old School Dragon Full Back Piece Tattoo

The colors and shading in this back piece are the epitome of traditional tattooing. This traditional piece has a dragon going through the entire back with a woman leaning on it.

IG: francesco__ferrara_

Full Back Tattoos for Women 28

Fine Line Back Tattoo

Filled with fine lines, this back tattoo features a sad looking female knight holding a sword.

IG: filouino

Full Back Tattoos for Women 29

Swan Back Tattoo

You see a lot of flowers, roses, and skull tattoos, but you rarely see swan tattoos. This impeccably colored swan is sure to get tons of compliments. If this is up your alley, check out Carina at Panumart.

IG: carina_anne_

Full Back Tattoos for Women 30

Fern Back Tattoo

Leaves are the theme of this full back piece. Ornamental designs sit at the top and bottom of this tattoo, adding extra pizazz.

IG: madame._.medusa

Full Back Tattoos for Women 31

Delicate Flower and Mandala Dotwork Back Piece

Dots caress the outside of this piece with the flowers being the stars of the tattoo. There’s flowers in the middle with a heavy black background. Two other flowers sit on her shoulders. Mandala linework makes this tattoo come to life.

IG: tattoodo

Full Back Tattoos for Women 32

Grim Reaper with Dog Back Tattoo Idea

A grim reaper and a feral dog are featured in this unique back tattoo. In the background of the reaper and dog sits a high, wired fence. Those who love darker-themed tattoos will love work done by _____/

IG: blxckdizztor

Full Back Tattoos for Women 33

Devilish Traditional Black and Red Back Tattoo

Black and red are the main colors used in this innovative back tattoo. This tattoo has eerie elements that are perfect for those wanting a tattoo not so feminine and girly.

IG: joel_soos