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50 Ravishing Rib Tattoos For Women In 2023

Few forms of body art are as captivating as rib tattoos for women. The rib cage, with its elegant curves, provides a canvas that beautifully complements the female form. A rib tattoo is not just an inked design; it’s a statement of personal expression, a piece of art that intertwines with the wearer’s identity.

But before you go and get your own rib tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below, we’ll show you the most enchanting, alluring, and meaningful rib tattoos for women in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Rib Tattoos for Women 1

Watercolor Floral Rib Tattoo for Women

Flaunt your feminine side with a watercolor floral rib tattoo. Delicate blooms in dreamy blues and purples dance across your curves. It’s a masterpiece that whispers elegance and artistry. Get ready to turn heads and embrace your inner artist!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 2

Graceful Dancer Outline Rib Tattoo for Women

Embrace the art of dance with a graceful dancer outline rib tattoo. Minimalist lines capture the essence of movement and poise. Simplicity at its most beautiful. Panumart Tattoo’s execution is pure magic. A must for dance enthusiasts and lovers of subtle artistry!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 3

Simple Scripted Rib Tattoo for Women

Cherish simplicity with a scripted rib tattoo. Graceful text hugs your ribcage, making a subtle statement. Minimalist beauty that’s elegantly personal. Kudos to the artist for clarity and style. Embrace your inner poet!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 4

Hummingbird Rib Tattoo for Women

Embrace nature’s wonder with a stunning hummingbird rib tattoo. In black and gray, it’s a masterpiece of delicate detailing. The rib placement adds a touch of subtlety to this personal emblem or showcased art. Kudos to Panumart Tattoo for this realistic beauty. For those who cherish nature’s intricate marvels!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 5

Colorful Berry Branch Rib Tattoo for Women

Turn heads with a burst of nature’s colors in a berry branch rib tattoo. Luscious berries and lively leaves come alive in vibrant greens and oranges. The rib’s curve adds harmony and aesthetics. Perfect for those who crave a touch of autumn’s splendor on their skin!

IG: natsi_tattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 6

Red and Gray Blooms Rib Tattoo for Women

Elevate your elegance with red and gray blooms on your rib. This mesmerizing tattoo brings flowers to life with 3D-like depth and texture. It gracefully traces your curves, adding natural allure. For those who crave vibrant hues and monochromatic charm, it’s the perfect blend of both worlds.

IG: arte.perdura

Rib Tattoos for Women 7

Black Ink Mandala Rib Tattoo

I love how this mandala tattoo uses brilliant dotwork effects and solid black ink shapes to create intricate geometric patterns. All of the shading in this rib tattoo is found in the top leaves, the mandala is all about dot patterns, neat needlework, and flowing lines.


Rib Tattoos for Women 8

Passionate Heart and Rose Rib Tattoo for Women

Let your heart bloom with this captivating rib tattoo. A vivid red heart entwined with a piercing eye and a blossoming rose tells a tale of emotions. The intricate black accents make colors pop. Positioned on the rib, it’s beautifully enigmatic and striking. For those who wear their heart on their rib!

IG: futrblacktattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 9

Delicate Floral Rib Tattoo for Women

Embrace elegance with a delicate floral rib tattoo. In black and gray, it’s a sketch-like masterpiece. The intricate blooms exude femininity and grace. Positioned on the rib, it complements your natural curves. Kudos to the artist for capturing nature’s delicate beauty. For those who adore subtle, nature-inspired artistry, this one’s a gem!

IG: emmajanemaris

Rib Tattoos for Women 10

Twin Fish Outline Rib Tattoo for Women

Find harmony in the elegance of a twin fish outline rib tattoo. Two gracefully intertwined fish symbolize balance and connection. The fluid lines capture aquatic life’s beauty. Subtle on the rib, it’s a minimalist masterpiece. For those who cherish deep connections and the intertwining of souls, this one’s a keeper.

IG: richi.tats

Rib Tattoos for Women 11

Mystical Serpent Timepiece Rib Tattoo for Women

Unveil the mystique with a serpent timepiece rib tattoo. Realism meets dark fantasy in black, green, and bronzed gold hues. The serpent and hourglass symbolize time’s duality. For those who cherish deep symbolism and a touch of mystique, this ink is your masterpiece!

IG: chou_tatt

Rib Tattoos for Women 12

Sleek Serpent Outline Rib Tattoo for Women

Discover elegance with a sleek serpent outline rib tattoo. Minimalist and striking in refined black. Rib placement follows your body’s lines seamlessly. The artist’s clarity and finesse shine through in this subtle yet captivating piece. Perfect for those who crave elegance with an enigmatic edge.

IG: its_banzo

Rib Tattoos for Women 13

Vibrant Dahlia Blooms Rib Tattoo for Women

Adorn your rib with vibrant dahlia blooms. Rich pinks meet contrasting greens. Symbolizing elegance and strength, these full blooms nestle amid lush foliage. Artist’s precision in shading and texture wows. Perfect for nature enthusiasts craving colorful ink

IG: vanessa.core

Rib Tattoos for Women 14

Monochrome Peony Bloom Rib Tattoo for Women

Elegance in monochrome with a peony rib tattoo. Ethereal sketch-like beauty in black and gray. Detailed petals and robust leaves depict the peony’s grace. Rib placement enhances your silhouette. The artist’s meticulous layers and shading shine. For lovers of timeless monochromatic elegance.

IG: j_nooodle

Rib Tattoos for Women 15

Starry 'Your Name' Moment Rib Tattoo for Women

Embrace the anime magic with a ‘Your Name’ rib tattoo. Rich colors echo the film’s essence. The iconic comet and silhouettes against twilight pay heartfelt tribute. Rib placement frames a cinematic moment. The artist’s adeptness recreates animated magic. Perfect for anime enthusiasts cherishing poignant moments.

IG: tattooist_sigak

Rib Tattoos for Women 16

Flowing Abstract Waves Rib Tattoo for Women

Ride the waves of modern artistry with an abstract rib tattoo. Sleek black contours define its contemporary style. Fluid, wave-like patterns evoke movement and serenity, mirroring water or wind. Wrapping around rib to hip, it flows with your body’s grace. Perfect for those who embrace fluidity and contemporary art.

IG: moon.cheon

Rib Tattoos for Women 17

Whimsical Cat and Bird Rib Tattoo for Women - Single Line Cat Tattoo

Gentle colors and outlines create playful artistry. Rib placement adds a personal touch, like a cherished secret. Kudos to the artist for capturing this fleeting moment so beautifully. Perfect for nature and companionship enthusiasts treasuring tender moments.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 18

Celestial Sun and Moon Rib Tattoo for Women

Embracing a deep connection between the sun and moon, this tattoo embodies the beauty of celestial bodies. Positioned on the rib, the intricate details and shading highlight the artist’s talent. Perfect for those who are drawn to the mysteries of the universe.

IG: its_banzo

Rib Tattoos for Women 19

Roman Numeral Rib Tattoo for Women

This tattoo stands out in its minimalistic style. The roman numerals indicate a significant date, adding a personal touch. Located on the rib, it’s subtle yet meaningful – perfect for those who appreciate understated beauty.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 20

Elegant Dagger Rib Tattoo for Women

This dagger tattoo, with its detailed hilt and ornate design, exudes both strength and femininity. Its placement on the rib accentuates its slender form. The precision in shading reveals the artist’s adeptness. Perfect for those who appreciate a blend of beauty and boldness in their tattoos.

IG: tattooist_eheon

Rib Tattoos for Women 21

Minimalistic Star Cluster Rib Tattoo for Women

This trio of stars captures simplicity at its finest. Set against the rib, their symmetrical placement resonates with balance and harmony. The delicate lines and sharp points showcase the artist’s finesse. Perfect for those who adore subtle yet striking statements in ink.

IG: its_banzo

Rib Tattoos for Women 22

Mystical Cat Mask and Floral Rib Tattoo for Women

A fusion of mysticism and nature, this tattoo depicts a cat mask adorned with moon symbols and surrounded by blooming flowers. Located on the rib, it exudes an air of enchantment. The soft color contrasts and intricate details are a testament to the artist’s creativity. Perfect for those who cherish whimsical designs with depth.

IG: svartesorg

Rib Tattoos for Women 23

Vibrant Floral Rectangle Rib Tattoo for Women

This piece is a delightful splash of nature on skin, showcasing blooming flowers within a rectangular frame. Its position on the rib brings an intimate touch to the vivid colors and details. The depth and texture highlight the artist’s expertise. Perfect for those who love a blend of geometry and nature in their tattoos.

IG: myungdo___

Rib Tattoos for Women 24

Majestic Dragon Rib Tattoo for Women

This masterfully inked dragon winds its way along the rib, breathing life into a tale of power and mysticism. The intricate scales and fiery wisps demonstrate an impeccable attention to detail by the artist. Its flowing design complements the body’s curvature. Perfect for those who seek to embody strength and mythology through art.

IG: tattooer_intat

Rib Tattoos for Women 25

Ethereal Jellyfish Rib Tattoo for Women

This captivating jellyfish tattoo, floating gracefully on the rib, embodies serenity and freedom. The gentle shades of color and subtle star embellishments add a dreamy touch. The delicate tendrils cascading downward showcase the artist’s finesse. Perfect for those who are enchanted by the beauty and mystery of oceanic wonders.

IG: peria_tattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 26

Suspended Fruit Rib Tattoo for Women

Elegantly suspended fruit graces the rib. Meticulous detailing brings lifelike realism. Flowing tendrils complement the rib’s contour. Black and gray shading enhances nature’s organic beauty. Ideal for those who treasure nature’s bounties and intricate details.

IG: mor__asraf

Rib Tattoos for Women 27

Blinded by Memories Rib Tattoo for Women

Figures, each covering their eyes, convey the theme beautifully. Dates on trailing tags emphasize the past’s hold. The artist’s skill in details and emotion is praiseworthy. Perfect for those embracing the idea that while memories are a part of us, they shouldn’t dictate our present. A poignant reminder to let go and live in the moment.


Rib Tattoos for Women 28

Whimsical Watercolor Floral Rib Tattoo For Women

This tattoo showcases a delicate blend of nature’s beauty with watercolor strokes. The vibrant blue splash sets a contrasting backdrop for the intricately sketched flowers. Its abstract design and splash of colors convey a sense of free spirit and creativity. Perfect for those who have a love for nature and a penchant for artistic expressions.

IG: bk_tattooer

Rib Tattoos for Women 29

Floral Line Art Rib Tattoo For Women

This ethereal tattoo captures the essence of nature in a delicate line art design. The minimalist depiction of flowers gracefully cascading down offers timeless elegance. It’s a subtle yet impactful statement, perfect for those who appreciate understated beauty and the poetic dance of nature.

IG: pauline.son

Rib Tattoos for Women 30

Black Ink Stencil Rib Tattoo

Heavy black ink stencil designs are often difficult to put into tattoo art, yet this piece is delivered beautifully. The strength of this piece is its theme of two airborne tumblers mid-trick, deftly made to look like a silhouette against the client’s skin. There’s no shading – negative space offsets the black ink to manufacture the realistic details needed to bring it to life.

IG: s_pac_e_

Rib Tattoos for Women 31

Enchanted Locket Rib Tattoo for Women

In black and gray, it features a heart-shaped locket with a captivating eye inside. Whimsical charms and a shining star add a touch of magic. Rib placement complements your contours gracefully. Kudos to the artist for their intricate detailing, especially on the eyelashes and locket’s design. Ideal for those who adore mystique and enchantment in their ink.

IG: y2k_tattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 32

Delicate Floral Rib Tattoo for Women

Embrace nature’s grace with this tattoo. The detailed soft petals and winding stems shine in black and gray, adding lifelike depth. Its flowing design follows the rib’s curve gracefully. The artist’s expertise in petal and leaf subtlety is commendable. Ideal for those who carry nature’s beauty with them, always.

IG: frommay_tat

Rib Tattoos for Women 33

Ethereal Pink Blossoms Rib Tattoo for Women

The tender inked petals against the skin backdrop create a subtle, organic flow. The artist’s mastery in capturing nature’s fragility and beauty is evident. Perfect for those drawn to dreamy botanical designs, cherishing nature’s delicate grace.

IG: yeoyoungyoung

Rib Tattoos for Women 34

Norigae with Peony Rib Tattoo for Women

Capture cultural elegance with a Norigae and peony rib tattoo. Stunning details in the peony petals and delicate threads showcase the artist’s skill. A vibrant touch of red adds contrast, making it pop against the skin. Gracefully positioned on the rib, it’s a blend of tradition and botanical beauty, perfect for appreciators of both.


Rib Tattoos for Women 35

Women’s Colorful Realistic Dreamcatcher Tattoo

This is a sensational dreamcatcher tattoo. I love how the softly colored flowers and feathers, blue central heart, and rich gold baubles build on the realistic theme instead of giving it a neo-traditional look. The artist’s skills are brilliant – every needlework element of the piece delivers perfectly – especially the detail in the multi-faceted jewels and crisscrossed lines of netting.

IG: tattooist_siia

Rib Tattoos for Women 36

Stylized Red Dragon Tattoo Across Ribs

An exceptional ‘boneless’ Easter dragon tattoo. I love the single-color red ink palette and almost complete lack of linework (except for the occasional body curve). This tattoo design creates the impression that it’s the ‘thought’ of a dragon rather than one made of flesh and blood.

IG: uzotattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 37

Delicate Branch Rib Tattoo on Woman’s Ribs

I love the simplicity of this leaf and branch rib design. The flow of numerous weaving lines gets augmented by light shading effects and canny use of negative space. The tattoo looks like it has been lifted directly from an artist’s sketchbook.


Rib Tattoos for Women 38

Delicate Flowers Tattoo Design for Women

I like the skilled application demonstrated in this realistic floral tattoo running from the ribs and down the client’s abdomen. The flowers are all inked crisply with little ostentation, while white ink highlights provide an extra layer of finishing detail.

IG: noon_gyul_tt

Rib Tattoos for Women 39

‘In Another Life’ Cursive Script Tattoo

I like this subtly unique ‘in another life’ cursive script tattoo. The decision to make the words get slightly larger as they are spelled out across the ribs (and the fine black lettering moves smoothly) results in a design that’s just a little bit different from the norm.


Rib Tattoos for Women 40

Stylized Olives Tattoo Design

This tattoo combines an interesting color aesthetic with fine-line tattoo application. Choosing to ink the olives in orange offsets green leaves and gives the piece an artistic feel. The off-center shading application and clean negative space elements frame the design in a unique fashion.

IG: miko_nyctattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 41

Black Ink Rib Tattoo

This is an enjoyably weird abstract rib tattoo replicating a piece of art – a sheep jumping through a square. The black lines and dots create an interesting ink effect where the art looks like it was created with a regular pen and then transferred directly onto the skin.

IG: charlieking2000

Rib Tattoos for Women 42

Colorful Juggler Tattoo on Woman’s Ribs

An epic juggler tattoo combining American traditional elements with vibrant new-school art flourishes. The piece uses flat colors and solid shapes yet deploys a pleasantly broad color palette within the unique design choice. The decision to use colored leaves to better frame the precariously juggling character is an excellent use of space.

IG: katia.zuela

Rib Tattoos for Women 43

Cherry Blossom Calligraphy Tattoo Design on Woman’s Ribs

This classically feminine rib tattoo combines flowering cherry branches with calligraphy. The colorful, finely shaded blossoms are offset effectively by the sweeping black paint brushstrokes and darkly shaded branches.

IG: yeobaeg_tattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 44

Realistic Crane Rib Tattoo Design

This is an exceptionally realistic crane tattoo of the highest quality. The array of color and shading techniques bring this bird to life in magazine photo clarity. The artist displays talent, especially in the wing composition, color contrasts, and the stillness of the crane’s facial features.

IG: inkflow_franky

Rib Tattoos for Women 45

Women’s Black and Gray Flower Arrangement Tattoo on Ribs

There’s always a place for the traditionally feminine black and gray bird and flower tattoo. This example uses great detail in line and shading, making a large piece seem delicate and fragile. The artist’s crisp needle skills shine through in the individuality of leaves and petals, matched by each bird’s well-defined wing feathers.

IG: krapiva_tattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 46

Delicate Abstract Line Tattoo

This delicate fine-line abstract tattoo displays great technique to create crisp lines. The needlework is simple but elegant and meticulously applied – both the woman/heart and the small bunch of flowers are cleanly etched in black ink.

IG: stephen_doyle_tattoo

Rib Tattoos for Women 47

Illustrative Purple Petunias Tattoo on Rib Cage

This is a vibrant purple petunia tattoo in a realistic style. It’s an eye-catching, visually appealing tattoo – the purple ink color is beautiful – backed up by sound technical application. The shading and highlights in petals and leaves provide a solid base for the pop of bright color work, and I also like the decision to add softer purple as filler shading to solidify the rest of the design.

IG: ophelia.bespoke.tattooing

Rib Tattoos for Women 48

Line Art Hands Tattoo

This unique line art tattoo is fascinating. The oversized, cartoonish black hands stretch across the client’s ribs, creating a wonderfully expressive yet simple contemporary design juxtaposing thick ink with negative space. It’s an innovative and eye-catching design choice for a women’s tattoo.

IG: nicolasagus15

Rib Tattoos for Women 49

Traditional Black and Gray Eastern Dragon Tattoo

A killer traditional black and gray Eastern dragon tattoo. It utilizes detailed crosshatch lines and shading to create unique dragon scales. The restrained use of white ink highlights help finish off the artwork.

IG: tattooer_intat