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31 Amazing Neck Tattoos for Women in 2024

Introducing the epitome of self-expression and artistry, the neck tattoo for women is a canvas for elegance and empowerment. In a world where every inked line tells a unique story, a neck tattoo becomes an intimate narrative, a brushstroke of personal style. From delicate floral designs to bold and confident statements, these neck tattoos redefine the boundaries of creativity and femininity, offering a captivating fusion of aesthetics and individuality.

But before you go and get your own neck tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking neck tattoos of 2024. 

With that said, let’s begin!

Neck Tattoos for Women 1

The Best Neck Tattoos for Women: A Watercolor Wind Fan Neck Tattoo

Immerse yourself in a surreal dreamscape as soft pink and light blue clouds gracefully dance across the inky canvas, while the deep, mysterious midnight blue night sky sparkles with a constellation of bright white stars. This watercolor masterpiece blends art and skin seamlessly, offering a captivating fusion of surrealism and serenity. Elevate your body art game with a tattoo that’s as unique as you are. Whether you’re an ink enthusiast or a celestial wanderer at heart, our Windfan Neck Tattoo promises to be a showstopper, making you the star of any night.

IG: neuneu_centuryink

Neck Tattoos for Women 2

Crescent Moon Linework Neck Tattoo Masterpiece

Unveil the cosmic allure with this jaw-dropping neck tattoo, a symphony of linework and dots that showcases the enchanting crescent moon as its centerpiece. The intricate black ink ornamental design weaves together timeless mystique and modern artistry. Embrace the celestial and adorn your canvas with this celestial linework masterpiece.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Neck Tattoos for Women 3

Aztec Inspired Vibrant Neck Tattoo

Dive into the mesmerizing world of ancient Aztec mystique with this extraordinary neck tattoo. Inked in striking shades of yellow, black, and green, this tattoo is a vivid homage to the grandeur of Aztec artistry and symbolism. The intricately designed motifs and patterns tell stories of a rich history, while the vibrant colors breathe life into a once-lost world. Are you captivated by the allure of Aztec culture? Seeking a tattoo that embodies power, heritage, and individuality? Look no further! Our Aztec-style neck tattoo is a masterpiece of artistic expression, combining traditional elements with a contemporary twist. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a history buff, this tattoo is a visual feast.

IG: n.o.u.v.e.a.u

Neck Tattoos for Women 4

Unveiling the Sensational Neck Tattoo

Behold the epitome of tattoo artistry – “Amour” in exquisite Amour-ic script, gracefully adorning the nape of the neck. The design, a symphony of chic and charm, brings your love for all things amour into the limelight. This tattoo marries timeless sophistication with modern flair, making a statement that transcends boundaries. Incorporating the delicate, yet bold, Amour-ic script, our artist has crafted an intimate narrative that whispers passion and love with every glance. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of minimalist elegance or seek a captivating conversation piece, this neck tattoo speaks volumes. Join the ranks of ink enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of classic and contemporary. Make your neck a canvas for emotions, expressions, and style. Explore the art of self-expression, embrace love, and make a lasting impression with this mesmerizing tattoo.

IG: stefano__mazza

Neck Tattoos for Women 5

The Enigmatic Black Ribbon Neck Tattoo

This neck tattoo embodies the essence of sophistication, combining the classic allure of a black ribbon with the exquisite artistry of tattooing. The intricate design weaves itself around your neck like a sensuous melody, embracing your unique beauty with every curve and contour. Whether you seek to honor a cherished memory, symbolize resilience, or simply bask in the sheer elegance of black ink on skin, this tattoo is a poetic expression of your innermost desires.

IG: tattoo_chamsae

Neck Tattoos for Women 6

A Playful Neck Tattoo Delight

Unveiling a bold, daring, and heartfelt neck tattoo like no other! Behold “Mommy, I’m Sorry” in elegant italics. This captivating ink art beautifully marries sentiment with style, making a statement that’s impossible to ignore. Crafted in striking black ink, the design dances gracefully in italics, showcasing a playful yet sincere apology. It’s the perfect blend of creativity and confession! Our talented artist infused this piece with pure emotions and artistry, leaving an indelible mark that screams individuality. Explore the world of neck tattoos and let this masterpiece inspire your ink journey

IG: silas.becks

Neck Tattoos for Women 7

A Captivating Abstract Neck Tattoo

Dive into a world of artistic wonder with our mesmerizing Abstract Tree Neck Tattoo, a bold expression of nature’s enigmatic beauty! This ink masterpiece blends deep black ink with abstract design to create an intriguing tree motif that elegantly stretches down your neck. The tree represents life, growth, and resilience, while the abstract strokes invite personal interpretation. It’s an embodiment of your unique journey: Explore the hidden secrets within the branches and leaves – a true visual enigma that keeps revealing new facets. This tattoo is a conversation starter, igniting your rebellious spirit, and showing off your love for art and nature. Whether you’re a tattoo enthusiast, an art lover, or a nature admirer, this tattoo is bound to resonate with your soul. Bring the wilderness to your skin and let your individuality shine!

IG: mentvnegrv

Neck Tattoos for Women 8

Shaded Japanese Chrysanthemum Back Neck Tattoo

Delve into a world of ink and creativity with this enchanting neck tattoo, featuring exquisitely shaded Japanese chrysanthemums, inked in deep, mysterious black. Embodying the rich history and symbolism of chrysanthemums in Japanese culture, this tattoo combines tradition with modern flair. The intricate shading captures the delicate petals’ play of light and shadow, creating a striking, almost three-dimensional effect. Style: Black & Grey Realism. Design/Idea: Japanese Chrysanthemums, Symbolizing Beauty & Transformation

IG: kubrickgood

Neck Tattoos for Women 9

Chinese Script Neck Tattoo

This whimsical piece weaves ancient script with contemporary flair, artfully fusing tradition and modernity. Delicate light pink and vibrant green lines embrace the Chinese characters giving it a 3D effect and making it blurry. Embodying serenity and style, this neck tattoo speaks volumes about your unique journey and appreciation for art. Explore the elegance of Chinese script while staying on the cutting edge of tattoo fashion.

IG: lit_tattoo_

Neck Tattoos for Women 10

Fierce Medusa Tattoo on Back Neck

This captivating Medusa design is not for the faint of heart, as it skillfully combines the enchanting allure of ancient myth with a touch of spine-tingling fright. Medusa’s striking white eyes, menacingly sharp teeth, and her venomous tongue make for a fierce and unforgettable inked experience. Our talented artist has expertly crafted this tattoo, ensuring that every detail is beautifully shaded to perfection, emphasizing the sheer artistry of this mythical creation. The snakes adorning her head come alive in vivid black and red, curling and twisting in an otherworldly dance. If you’re a fan of Greek mythology, powerful women, or simply crave an attention-grabbing, fearlessly stylish tattoo, look no further!

IG: swan_tattooer

Neck Tattoos for Women 11

Mandala Neck Tattoo

Embrace the Universe with our captivating circular mandala tattoo, a work of art that’s as mesmerizing as the cosmos itself. Starting with a delicate flower-like center, this masterpiece blossoms into a radiant swirl of red, blue, white, and black ink, symbolizing life’s ever-evolving journey. Our talented tattoo artists have skillfully woven mystic geometry, harmony, and serenity into this exquisite design. It’s not just a tattoo; it’s an experience, an expression of your inner universe. Dare to stand out and wear your unique cosmic connection proudly on the back of your neck. Elevate your style and elevate your spirit with this breathtaking neck tattoo. Book your session today and let the universe adorn you.

IG: kiwa_jip

Neck Tattoos for Women 12

The Black Bold Brush Line Neck Tattoo

Embrace the elegance of minimalism as intricate lines dance across your neck, creating a captivating fusion of art and body. This design seamlessly marries subtlety with striking, promising a timeless addition to your personal canvas. Unveil the abstract allure of your inner thoughts and dreams with this unique piece. It’s a visual expression of the untamed creativity within you, a story told through the medium of ink. Whether you’re a minimalist lover, an art enthusiast, or a seeker of bold self-expression, this tattoo bridges the gap between worlds.

IG: sadhakaya

Neck Tattoos for Women 13

A Vertical Firework Landscape Tattoo on the Side Neck

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of a serene lake, its surface mirroring an explosion of vivid fireworks that dance across the cosmos. The cool, calming hues of blue and black, accented with the warm embrace of yellow, create a stunning contrast that captures the essence of this celestial spectacle. ‘Starry Serenity’ is more than just a tattoo; it’s a portal to a dreamscape. This vertical thin-rectangle design elegantly graces the right side of your neck, allowing you to carry a piece of celestial magic wherever you go. If you’re in search of a tattoo that marries art, serenity, and stardust, look no further! It’s a cosmic masterpiece that speaks to your soul.

IG: tattooist_eq

Neck Tattoos for Women 14

A Cosmic Dotwork Tattoo Masterpiece on Your Back Neck

Dive into the realm of tattoo artistry with our enchanting “Celestial Connections” ink, where minimalist linework meets celestial allure. This exquisite piece, delicately etched in black, finds its elegant abode on the back of your neck, making a bold yet understated statement. The heart of this design is a captivating dotted circle, resembling a cosmic portal beckoning you to explore the unknown. On either side, two gracefully inked lines extend, adorned with meticulously placed dots, as if connecting you to the universe’s secrets. The dots are not just decorative; they represent the stars that guide your journey in this vast cosmos. Let this mesmerizing tattoo be your reminder that we’re all stardust, interconnected with the cosmos in ways we’re only beginning to understand. It’s more than body art; it’s a poetic expression of your connection to the universe.

IG: eleonora.cercato

Neck Tattoos for Women 15

Dotted Line Work Tattoo on Back of Woman’s Neck

This exquisite neck tattoo is a captivating fusion of dot work and single-needle precision, creating a stunning linework design set amidst a delicate mandala-inspired tapestry. Dive deep into the artistry of tattooing with this celestial piece that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. Our talented artist has crafted a cosmic symphony that echoes the harmonious dance of the universe, drawing you into a universe of creative expression. Seekers of exceptional ink, this is a visual masterpiece that beckons with intricacy and elegance. Whether you’re a tattoo enthusiast, an art connoisseur, or someone in search of unique body art, this creation will leave you spellbound.

IG: sandragioriatattoo

Neck Tattoos for Women 16

Black and Grey Realistic Rose Neck Tattoo

Delicate yet daring, this tattoo captures the essence of elegance and mystery, blending the traditional beauty of a rose with a contemporary twist. This intricate work of art is more than just ink on skin; it’s a story waiting to be told, a secret garden to be explored. The monochromatic palette brings depth and dimension to the petals, while the lifelike details draw you into a world of beauty and enigma.Whether you’re searching for the perfect floral neck tattoo to accentuate your individuality or seeking an edgy way to express your love for nature and symbolism, this design is a head-turning choice. It’s the embodiment of timeless style with a hint of rebellion.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Neck Tattoos for Women 17

Black Inked Mouth Neck Tattoo

This ink masterpiece combines elements of surrealism and edgy elegance, with sharp teeth and twin fangs on each side of the luscious lips. The captivating design features a bewitching, tongue-wagging twist, ensuring your tattoo stands out from the crowd. If you’re into avant-garde ink that breaks the mold, you’ll love this blend of fantasy and artistry. Dive into the world of unique body art, where surreal meets sensational. Get ready to captivate attention and leave a lasting impression

IG: soana____

Neck Tattoos for Women 18

Evil Black Crow Neck Tattoo for Women

A masterstroke in the world of body art! This captivating tattoo features a meticulously sketched, lifelike bird, adorned in striking shades of black, soaring proudly with outstretched wings. But wait, there’s more to this majestic avian beauty! Etched within its body, a fiery red skull, a hidden secret that symbolizes the juxtaposition of life and death. Dark, intricate branches sprout from the bird’s back, intertwining with elegance and a touch of mystique. It’s a tattoo that whispers stories of resilience, transformation, and the enduring spirit. Whether you’re an ink enthusiast, an aficionado of avian art, or someone seeking symbolism and beauty in body modification, this masterpiece speaks to the soul

IG: swan_tattooer

Neck Tattoos for Women 19

Daisy Neck Tattoo for Women

Dive into the world of avant-garde ink with this exquisite neck tattoo, where the delicate petals of a daisy unfurl to reveal a mesmerizing eye at its heart. Our artist masterfully blends contemporary realism with a touch of mysticism, making this tattoo a captivating fusion of elegance and enigma. Channel your inner flower child and explore the symbolic depth of the daisy, representing purity, transformation, and the all-seeing eye that watches over your journey. Adorn your neck with a statement piece that embodies style, spirituality, and a touch of the extraordinary.

IG: a.go.ta

Neck Tattoos for Women 20

A Neck Tattoo Odyssey of Celestial Wonders

This amazing new style design is a celestial revelation, featuring a central star encircled by intricate patterns of mesmerizing concentric circles, reminiscent of the vast cosmos. The design draws inspiration from the grandeur of mountains, infusing an adventurous spirit and a yearning for heights into your inked canvas. With each line and curve, this neck tattoo tells a story of exploration, daring to reach for the stars, and a love for the mysterious and the unknown. Let your inner wanderer shine through with this one-of-a-kind body art, and join the ranks of those who appreciate the extraordinary.


Neck Tattoos for Women 21

Kaleidoscopic Rainbow Watercolor Butterfly Neck Tattoo!

Indulge in a harmonious fusion of radiant shades, expertly inked into the delicate curvature of your neck. It’s not just a tattoo; it’s a wearable work of art, a testament to your vibrant spirit and love for beauty. The butterfly, a timeless symbol of transformation and rebirth, flutters gracefully on your skin, reminding you of the boundless possibilities that life offers. Our artist’s precise brushwork creates the illusion of a watercolor painting that seems to dance on your skin, making it a true conversation starter. It’s a symbol of your unique self, reflecting your love for art, nature, and individuality.

IG: studio_jaw

Neck Tattoos for Women 22

The Intricate Single Needle Neck Tattoo Masterpiece

The delicate artistry of the minimal black ink design dances on your skin, a symphony of ornamental perfection. Each line tells a story, each curve whispers secrets of timeless beauty. This breathtaking piece seamlessly blends ornate intricacy with modern minimalism, creating an aesthetic that’s nothing short of enchanting. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of fine line tattoos, the mystique of single needle work, or the elegance of neck ink, this design offers a sensory feast that’s sure to captivate. Feel the magic of self-expression through ink as you explore the interplay of light and shadows in this exquisite tattoo. It’s more than just art; it’s a symbol of your unique journey.


Neck Tattoos for Women 23

Minimalist Lotus Linework Tattoo Behind the Neck

Embrace serenity with our mesmerizing lotus neck tattoo – a delicate, minimalistic masterpiece that weaves beauty into every line. This intricate lotus design, delicately etched on the nape of your neck, exudes an aura of grace and tranquility. The minimalistic approach celebrates the lotus as a symbol of purity and enlightenment while enhancing your natural beauty. With clean, precise lines, this piece is a true example of fine line artistry. The lotus is rendered in a striking, minimal style, making it a timeless accessory that complements any look.

IG: richi.tats

Neck Tattoos for Women 24

Spellbinding Traditional Blackwork Neck Tattoo

Immerse yourself in the ancient artistry of traditional blackwork with this spellbinding tattoo design. Crafted with precision and power, it’s a potent emblem of your inner strength and mystique. Dive into the depths of tattoo magic, where timeless patterns and meticulous detail fuse into a masterpiece that commands attention. Perfect for those seeking bold, captivating body art, this bewitching neck tattoo is your gateway to a world of aesthetic allure and spiritual symbolism.

IG: lue.tattoos

Neck Tattoos for Women 25

Sceneric Chinese Fan Neck Tattoo

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing blend of colors – fiery oranges, deep blues, and bold blacks, as they dance across your skin in the form of a stunning Chinese fan. This unique masterpiece captures the serenity of a setting sun over tranquil waves, with a graceful swan soaring majestically across your neck. The delicate and intricate details in this tattoo design make it an absolute showstopper. From the delicate brushstrokes to the dynamic composition, it’s a work of art that tells a story of beauty, tranquility, and grace. Whether you’re a fan of Asian-inspired ink, watercolor-style tattoos, or simply want to experience the allure of serene body art, ‘Eternal Serenity’ is your perfect choice. Let this masterpiece leave a lasting impression as it gracefully adorns your neck, enchanting all who behold it.

IG: manjitattoo

Neck Tattoos for Women 26

Abstract Wave Linework Side Neck Tattoo

Dive into a mesmerizing world of ink and imagination with this abstract wave linework neck tattoo. The elegant, flowing design is a dance of shadows and lines, creating a hypnotic rhythm that’s as unique as your own story. Let the tattooed waves represent your fluidity, adaptability, and the ever-changing nature of life. Whether you’re a seasoned ink enthusiast or a first-time tattoo adventurer, our talented artist will transform your vision into a masterpiece.

IG: joytattoo_

Neck Tattoos for Women 27

The Enigmatic Butterfly Neck Tattoo

This stunning piece is a bewitching blend of dark elegance and ethereal beauty, featuring a meticulously sketched butterfly that seems to emerge from the depths of your soul. The intricate detailing and deep black ink create a mesmerizing contrast that’s nothing short of spellbinding. Designed to transcend traditional tattoo norms, the “Mystic Monarch” neck tattoo embraces the enigmatic. It’s a fusion of neo-traditional and sketch-style artistry, elevating the butterfly’s presence to a realm of mysticism. This piece isn’t just a tattoo; it’s a story, a statement, a part of your identity. If you’re seeking a tattoo that speaks volumes about your unique journey and love for all things extraordinary, this is it.

IG: tattoo_chamsae

Neck Tattoos for Women 28

A Intricate Linework Beetle Tattoo on the Neck

Dive into the mesmerizing world of linework tattoos with our deep black beetle neck masterpiece. The graceful blend of nature’s artistry and human ingenuity takes form in this striking design, captivating both tattoo aficionados and insect enthusiasts. The intricately detailed linework gracefully encircles the enigmatic beetle, symbolizing transformation, resilience, and the mysteries of life. Each line and curve tells a story, capturing the essence of this remarkable creature. This neck tattoo seamlessly marries the elegance of linework art with the raw power of nature. The juxtaposition of bold lines and delicate details creates a harmonious balance that’s simply breathtaking. With each glance, you’ll discover something new, a hidden world of symbolism, and an appreciation for the craft that brought this design to life. It’s more than just a tattoo; it’s a masterpiece waiting to be explored.

IG: madame._.medusa

Neck Tattoos for Women 29

Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Dive into the captivating realm of body art with our stunning monochromatic butterfly tattoo delicately inked on the side of your neck. This exquisite piece of art boasts a blend of light black and white shades, giving it an ethereal quality that’s bound to turn heads. The butterfly, a timeless symbol of transformation and freedom, takes flight on your skin in a style that’s both elegant and captivating. Its elegant design and symbolic depth make it a top choice for both tattoo connoisseurs and those stepping into the world of ink for the first time.

IG: jku_tattoo

Neck Tattoos for Women 30

Japanese Chrysanthemum Neck Tattoo

When art meets skin, magic happens! Behold the enchanting allure of a Japanese Chrysanthemum linework neck tattoo, where minimalism and tradition collide in a burst of red and black ink. This stunning masterpiece celebrates the ancient symbolism of the chrysanthemum – resilience, beauty, and life’s fleeting nature. Crafted with precision and creativity, this exquisite tattoo captures the essence of Japanese minimalism and the vibrant energy of contemporary ink art. The delicate linework weaves a tale of strength and grace, while the choice of colors adds a touch of drama and mystique. Whether you’re a tattoo enthusiast or a connoisseur of Japanese culture, this inked masterpiece is sure to resonate. Explore the world of inked beauty and let the chrysanthemum’s story adorn your neck.

IG: ninteendo

Neck Tattoos for Women 31

Line Work Neck Tattoo

This lined person, cradling a miniature house, showcases the epitome of creativity and individuality in body art. The minimalist, yet intricate design of this tattoo evokes a sense of nostalgia and warmth, making it a unique symbol of comfort, security, and adventure all rolled into one. Whether you’re a tattoo enthusiast or someone in search of meaningful ink, this delightful piece combines artistry and personal expression in one harmonious design. Get inspired and make a statement with your ink journey today!

IG: beyon.wren.moor