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32 Simply Small Tattoos for Women in 2024

Small tattoo designs are becoming an increasingly utilized form of body art, especially for women. Better tattooers, more artistic styles, and increased versatility in design, placement, and visibility have contributed to the explosion in small tattoos for women. Small pieces can be considered some of the most innovative tattoos in the world!

But before you go and get your small tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the coolest, sexiest, and most interesting small tattoos for women in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size, color, and exact placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Small Tattoos for Women 1

The Best Small Tattoos for Women - Minimalist Stars Tattoo on Hand

A simple small star tattoo design. I like how easy the small crosshatched stars look on the skin, as hand tattoos can fall out or fade quickly. The solidity of this design will help the piece hold up well as it ages.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Small Tattoos for Women 2

Women’s Small Behind the Ear Tattoo

I like the use of color in this small pixel tattoo placed just below the woman’s ear. The artist has executed the short lines and dot patterns with great skill, considering the small size of the body art. It will be interesting to see how the colors look in the future.


Small Tattoos for Women 3

Small Heart Tattoo on Woman’s Collarbone

This is a beautifully executed small, three-dimensional heart tattoo. Located just between the shoulder and collarbone, the artist has deftly applied colored ink (the metallic bronze heart packaging bright pink liquid) to give the piece a more realistic feel. The pink bow is well-crafted via pink shading and crisp linework.

IG: chou_tatt

Small Tattoos for Women 4

Emoji Tattoo Design on Woman’s Upper Arm

A well-etched series of emojis helps make this a fun upper arm tattoo idea for women. The combination of designs and colors works well against the client’s skin, and the choice to apply white ink framing adds another dimension to the artwork. I love how this emoji tattoo pops with the added structure.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Small Tattoos for Women 5

Small Friendship Arm Tattoos for Women

Friendship tattoos are a lot of fun because they match the whole experience with the tattoo design – making it a memorable shared event! This series displays similar design styles, color schemes, and placement but retains individuality for each participant. I love the simplicity of the designs – they work well with the artist’s use of color and clean line technique.

IG: seon_tattoo

Small Tattoos for Women 6

Small Lavender Tattoo on Woman’s Ankle

It’s often challenging to create pinpoint detail in small tattoo designs, yet this floral ankle piece displays excellent skill. The artist applies tremendous line work and shading skills to craft a realistic lavender bloom that offsets flowing leaves and a delicate stem wrapped up with a tidy purple bow.

IG: abii_tattoo

Small Tattoos for Women 7

Tiny Finger Tattoo for Women

This delicate women’s flower tattoo applies color only; the lack of black ink is rare for this type of placement. I like that the minimalist design is inked with realistic colors, although small pieces like this may quickly fade or need retouching regularly.

IG: dareumtattoo

Small Tattoos for Women 8

Cute Tiny Tattoo Idea for Women - A Sea Creature Forearm Tattoo

There’s much to like about this colorful sea creature women’s tattoo. The intelligent use of colors, image placement, and highlight effects combine to bring the cute creatures to life. The depth in detail (created with white ink) and simple fill patterns along the vertical frame help flesh out the design, enhancing the overall look.

IG: seon_tattoo

Small Tattoos for Women 9

Women’s Simple Four Leaf Clover Tattoos

These are finally-etched four-leaf clover tattoo designs inked in emerald green. The imprints are simple yet crisp, displaying a solid application technique. This clover tattoo should maintain brightness and shape as it ages.

IG: soy_tattoo_

Small Tattoos for Women 10

Women’s Small Floral Ear Tattoo

Ear lobe tattoos are intricate to apply due to the problematic characteristics of this placement – the small size, lack of muscle and bone, and the ear’s shape all present issues for the artist. This women’s floral ear tattoo demonstrates technical skill, with the artist using colors in various patterns to create detail and depth in the leaves and flowers.

IG: heeyajenny

Small Tattoos for Women 11

Double Love-heart Wrist Tattoo

This is an excellent small optical illusion tattoo for women. The artist successfully creates a disorienting double-vision effect by offsetting a black and a green line love heart. It’s a cool tattoo (applied with tremendous skill) but not one I’d want to look at for a long period, or it will make me cross-eyed!

IG: _tan_tattoo

Small Tattoos for Women 12

Line Art Shoulder Tattoo for Women

This is a well-crafted collection of small tattoo designs that make up a larger shoulder piece. The compositions display excellent line work in flowing patterns (I love the elegant butterflies). The dotwork filler looks good, and I like the bold decision to use yellow ink in various ways. Unfortunately, the tiny white ink dots will quickly fade completely. Replacing them with a bolder color would be a sensible decision.

IG: pureum_tattoo

Small Tattoos for Women 13

Women’s Tiny Paw Tattoo

This woman’s tiny paw tattoo is simple but effective, contrasting black and red ink to create two animal paw-prints on the client’s upper right arm. The application of solid colors is crisp and neat, which means the design should age well despite its size.

IG: _tan_tattoo

Small Tattoos for Women 14

Black Ink Micro Heart Tattoos for Women

I don’t think you could make heart tattoos much smaller than this trio etched on the woman’s bicep. They are incredibly tiny, yet the clarity is excellent despite the small size. I think it will age well over time, but it will be interesting to see if the client wants to use this space for more body art at a later date.

IG: _tan_tattoo

Small Tattoos for Women 15

Simple Heart Outline Tattoo on Woman’s Collarbone

Simple is beautiful! This small heart tattoo displays excellent technique. Often, small and simple designs are difficult to get right, but this collarbone tattoo (the precision placement is certain to draw comment) balances clean lines against the client’s skin to give it a classic look.

IG: tattooer_jina

Small Tattoos for Women 16

Small White Ink Star Tattoo

A finely etched trio of stars done with simple linework. I like the dot effect in the middle of each constellation that makes them seem to twinkle. White ink tattoos look brilliant early but fade quickly and must be touched up to remain vibrant.

IG: tattooer_jina

Small Tattoos for Women 17

Small Foot Tattoos for Women

A colorful pair of small foot tattoos where the artist shows excellent skills in matching up tiny lines on the client’s toe. The white flower is also crisply inked just above the toes. I like both designs, but the natural wear and tear on tattoos with this placement means the client must take care of the ink for each to remain bright.

IG: _tan_tattoo

Small Tattoos for Women 18

Red Heart Tattoos on Woman’s Shoulder

I love this collection of small love heart tattoos over the woman’s shoulder and upper arm. The seemingly random placement matches the haphazard nature of the heart images. This piece offers individuality you don’t often find, and I think the decision to combine freehand design with the bold red color is tremendous!

IG: tattoomoon_vl

Small Tattoos for Women 19

Linework Tiger Cub Tattoo in Woman’s Arm

This woman’s tiger cub tattoo is an excellent example of minimalist style, showcasing pinpoint technical skills in linework and simple shading. The clean black ink design and absence of other tattoos help this delightfully fun body art stand out.

IG: zoeylinink

Small Tattoos for Women 20

Small Watermelon Tattoo on Woman’s Side

This is an epic small watermelon tattoo across the woman’s ribs. The artist’s decision to cut out a section of the fruit enables more color and detail than just the watermelon. The pink flesh, black pips, and shiny husk look impressively realistic – just like a natural watermelon, but at 1/100 the size!


Small Tattoos for Women 21

Tiny Angel Script Tattoo

This is a unique script tattoo. There’s not much to it, just a tiny expression of the word angel in freehand capital letters. I like it because it’s a small piece retaining individuality instead of stenciled, formatted lettering. The sharp black text should ensure the ink holds up over time.

IG: pollytatttoo

Small Tattoos for Women 22

Emoji Ankle Tattoos

Another cute emoji collection forms this woman’s ankle tattoo. It’s simple but colorful and well-etched, featuring contrasting flat colors and patterns that fit well thematically. This piece is a smartly applied, well-executed small tattoo that can inspire any ink lover.

IG: handitrip

Small Tattoos for Women 23

Small Floral Shoulder Tattoo

I love this shoulder tattoo design and how each section is different despite being similar in realistic application and general features. The artist displays their technical skills through subtle colors and arrangement of leaves and flowers. They look like a gust of wind has carried them away.


Small Tattoos for Women 24

Small Black and Gray Bee Tattoos for Women

The detail applied to this black and gray traditional bee tattoo is exceptional. The tiny wings, antennae, stingers, and contrasting body bands look realistic, inked using old-school techniques in line and shadow.

IG: picaraclavel

Small Tattoos for Women 25

Cute Women’s Upper Arm Tattoo

I like the randomness of these cute women’s upper arm tattoos. Nothing links them in style, design, or application, but they mesh well despite their individuality. I like the small cross tattoo at the top because it resembles a button. The blue and white ink contrasts delightfully, giving the image a vibrant pop compared to the other doodles.

IG: n.o.u.v.e.a.u

Small Tattoos for Women 26

Small Goldfish and Green Leaves Tattoo

I like the delicate colors and deft lines within this small goldfish tattoo. Aside from two tiny dots for the fish’s eyes, there’s no black ink. The tattoo artist creates detail by combining subtle shading and offsetting colors.


Small Tattoos for Women 27

Small Cowboy Boot Tattoo for Women

This woman’s colorful arm tattoos feature numerous small designs, with the intricate cowboy boot being the highlight. The artist’s vibrant color choices create beautifully detailed, highly realistic flowers. Again, choosing not to use black ink in the colorful tattoo pays off – the piece is fun-filled and unique!


Small Tattoos for Women 28

Small Korean Tattoo on Woman’s Wrist

I love this Korean script tattoo despite not knowing what it means! The ink is crisply applied with a single needle to make it look like elegant calligraphy. This woman’s wrist tattoo is another excellent demonstration of the ‘simple is beautiful’ theme and means a lot to the client (script tattoos are often reminders or motivational designs).

IG: tattooer_jina

Small Tattoos for Women 29

Small Cursive Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Arm

An elegant cursive tattoo of the word thirteen. I like the placement and the flowing script, but it may get lost in the space of her upper arm. Delicate cursive designs are often inked in smaller areas such as the wrist, ankle, or collarbone. This tattoo is applied with simple technique, so it should remain bold over time.

IG: stefano__mazza

Small Tattoos for Women 30

Shaded Black Ink Tattoo on Woman’s Forearm

I like the shading techniques used in this woman’s geometric forearm tattoo. While the piece uses only black ink, the artist has created contrast by utilizing four shades amidst negative space to add depth and framing to the patterns.

IG: kristinevodon

Small Tattoos for Women 31

Tiny Dandelion Tattoos for Women

I love these tiny linework dandelions. The tattoos are simple but well-etched and technically flawless, combining smooth, flowing lines punctuated by dots. The deft single-needle design is likely to age well!

IG: tatthans

Small Tattoos for Women 32

Women’s Cartoon Onion Tattoo

I can’t say I’ve seen too many onion tattoos before! I love the whimsical nature of this piece (the crying vegetable) and the brilliant linework skill displayed in the brown ink. The lines are crisp, with just a hint of shadow used to add more depth. It’s a simple, fun tattoo!

IG: zoeylinink