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69 Creative Body Placement Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Discreet, on show, or somewhere in between, one of the most difficult aspects of getting a tattoo is choosing the body placement. As we all know, tattoos are pretty much permanent and there is nothing worse than getting a tattoo and hating the spot you chose! For some people, the placement of the tattoo is more important than the actual design, and that is usually true if you get tattooed purely for aesthetic reasons. 

But before you go and get your own body placement tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the coolest, most astonishing, and magnificent body placement tattoos of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

ankle tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 1

Discreet Ankle Tattoo for Men

Ankle tattoos are usually seen as a feminine body placement, but we are seeing more and more men getting ankle tattoos. Putting the design slightly higher up means that the artist had a flatter surface area to work with, and was able to get a lot of detail in the design. It’s easy to hide and will age well as the spot does not come into a lot of direct contact with the sun.


Tattoo Placement Ideas 2

Dainty Ankle Tattoo for Women

This tattoo is the epitome of feminine tattoos. Everything from the placement to the style, to the subject matter is dainty and sophisticated. I adore the way this tattoo wraps around the client’s leg as it reminds me of an ankle bracelet. If you are looking for a sexy tattoo placement, this is a great option for you to flaunt your legs and show a secretive side of yourself to the world.

IG: peria_tattoo

Tattoo Placement Ideas 3

Meaningful Woman’s Ankle Tattoo

This tattoo shows how ankle tattoos can be meaningful and beautiful rather than provocative. I enjoy the composition of this tattoo as it fits the ankle perfectly, and ends just before the really sore spot (right on the ankle bone!). The line work is clean and the soft shading adds to the gentle nature of the tattoo. As the ankle is generally kept out of direct sunlight, this tattoo should age very well.


armband tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 4

Colorful Band Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Arm

This tattoo depicts two opposing things – a bonfire and a rainforest. I love the contrast between the blues and the yellows. While this tattoo is on the bicep, it is thin so it does not warp too badly. The artist is very talented as this band is almost perfectly straight. The style of this tattoo would work for both women and men.

IG: newtattoo_demi

Tattoo Placement Ideas 5

Mandala Band Tattoo on Forearm

Armband tattoos are becoming very popular and make quite a statement. It’s best to choose a part of the body like the forearm as it does not warp as badly as the bicep. A solid armband tattoo can symbolize strength and luck, and combined with a mandala which symbolizes balance and perfection, this makes for a very strong and masculine tattoo.

IG: j_jack_ink

Tattoo Placement Ideas 6

Geometric Band Tattoo on Forearm for Men

This has got to be my favorite armband tattoo thus far! I adore how straight the fine, thin lines are and the light, delicate shading. This shows a lot of skill from the artist. The original pattern is from Ukraine, but it could be replaced with an important pattern from your family or a special piece of fabric for a unique twist.

IG: jjjaylud

back tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 7

Man’s Etched Back Piece Tattoo

This tattoo was done over 4 consecutive days which shows incredible dedication from both the artist and the client. The linework is incredibly clean and I love the religious imagery that has a dark side to it. Your back is the biggest canvas on your body and you need to be very sure of what you want to have done so that you don’t waste it.

IG: ivan.zagusta

Tattoo Placement Ideas 8

Realism Tiger Tattoo on the Back

This is another example of a few consecutive day sittings for a large back tattoo. It shows a lot of love and dedication to one subject matter to have it take up your entire back, so I assume this client loves tigers. The tattoo is badass, and clean, and the artist was able to create great texture. I think it could do with another day sitting just to tie up some of the loose ends.

IG: mattiabretti

Tattoo Placement Ideas 9

Simplistic Script Back Piece

This artist is known for creative text tattoos with lots of different fonts based around a central image. It is an interesting take on text tattoos, but personally, I wouldn’t use my entire back on a tattoo in this style. I think it could have had some more intricate detail, but it is still cool that it was done at this impressive size!

IG: poesie_muette

behind the ear tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 10

Delicate Bird Tattoo Behind the Ear

This tattoo is incredibly dainty and feminine. I like the composition as it flows along the neck, and the fine details are very impressive, especially for such a tricky spot to tattoo. I am not sure that it will hold up well over time, and would suggest doing something with a bit less detail on this part of the body.

IG: tattooist_sion

Tattoo Placement Ideas 11

Mandala Tattoo on Head and Neck for Men

This tattoo is not only clean but almost perfectly placed which is tricky to achieve on this part of the body. The mandala is everything it needs to be – balanced, perfect, and divine. I love the soft dotwork shading which contrasts the areas of solid black. The design is simplistic and will hold up extremely well over time.

IG: enola_tattoo

Tattoo Placement Ideas 12

Asemic Text Tattoo Behind Ear

This is a great example of how clean and delicate a tattoo can be behind the ear. Asemic writing is a type of writing that doesn’t have a meaning, but the meaning is left up to the reader to interpret. Behind the ear is a popular area of the body for script tattoos as it is quite a secretive and feminine spot.

IG: art__by__zaya

calf tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 13

Geometric Fu Dog Calf Tattoo for Men

 I am a big fan of calf tattoos as it is another part of the body that is large and flat, making it a good spot for bigger pieces. Fu Dogs are a Chinese symbol of protection and they guard the entranceways of homes and temples, making them a great option for a calf tattoo. The sacred geometry is clean, but I think it could have been a bit lighter to help with contrast.

IG: grumpy_doper

Tattoo Placement Ideas 14

Delicate Small Calf Tattoo

I love these abstract designs as they are extremely unique and show a lot of creativity. The calf is an interesting body placement for such a small tattoo, but I think it works in this context as it flows upwards along the leg beautifully. I like the muted color palette and the fine, delicate lines.

IG: handitrip

Tattoo Placement Ideas 15

Woman’s Matching Calf Tattoos

There is nothing cooler than matching tattoos, and these asymmetrical matching calf tattoos are no exception. I love how solid and bold they are while keeping a feminine touch with the flowers and the dots around them. The heart shape works perfectly with the shape of the calf and these tattoos will catch people’s eye!

IG: hyliabe_tattoo

chest tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 16

Men’s Cerberus Chest Tattoo

This is one of my favorite tattoos on the list thus far. I love the movement and the ferocious facial expressions on the Cerberus. The texture is interesting and I like how dark it is. The chest is another large canvas on your body that needs a lot of thought before committing to a design, so be extra sure before you go ahead and get it done.

IG: tessa.von

Tattoo Placement Ideas 17

Dynamic Chest Tattoo for Men

This is an interesting design which is a comment on balance and perspective. The image is a bit confusing and if I met this client in real life I would ask them all about the imagery they chose. It is well executed and the detail is impressive, but I think it would have looked better if it had taken up the whole chest instead of the single panel.


Tattoo Placement Ideas 18

Flowers and Bubbles Tattoo on Woman’s Chest

I am usually not the biggest fan of chest tattoos on women, but I love how unique and delicate this tattoo is! It does not draw away from the femininity of the client and is subtle. I like that the artist chose not to use black in the design as this will aid in the tattoo healing softly.


collarbone tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 19

Dainty Peony Tattoo on Collarbone

The collarbone is very feminine and could be seen as either a sexy or meaningful body placement for a tattoo. It is common to see fine script tattoos along the collarbone, but this peony design is bold and unique. I love how delicate the line work is and the soft, smooth shading adds just the right amount of depth to the design.


Tattoo Placement Ideas 20

Cybersigilism Collarbone Tattoo for Women

Cybersigilism is taking the tattoo world by storm, drawing inspiration from old school 90’s tribal tattooing. I like that the artist chose to use both black and red ink for this design, and added a tiny pink heart to soften it even more. This design works well with the flow of the collarbone, but I think it could have been done with a bit more finesse as I am not sure how well it will age.

IG: toothfairytats

Tattoo Placement Ideas 21

Snake Tattoo Wrapping Around Collarbone

I love the concept of a snake wrapping around and under the client’s collarbone. I’ve seen this tattoo done in a few different ways, but this one has an interesting pattern on the top of the snake. I don’t think that this amount of detail will last well on such a delicate area of the body, so I would recommend doing something a bit more simplistic if you choose to go ahead with a design like this.


ear tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 22

Full-Color Ear Tattoo

This artist is very well known for doing bold, well-saturated areas of bright color and this ear tattoo is no exception. Ears are notoriously difficult to tattoo and the ink does not hold as well as other areas of the body. This tattoo is bright and beautiful and flows perfectly with the anatomy of the ear. I would love to see how it heals.

IG: heeyajenny

Tattoo Placement Ideas 23

Tribal Ear Tattoo

90’s tribal tattooing is more popular than ever before, and I love the modern, thin take on this timeless style. This tattoo is super unique and the different pieces of tribal fit the eat perfectly. I love how it subtly comes onto the client’s face and the elongated piece along the top fold of the ear. This is a modern and unique tattoo!

IG: artesobscurae

Tattoo Placement Ideas 24

Hand Poke Ornamental Ear Tattoo

A hand poke tattoo is a great idea for an ear tattoo as they usually hold up better on areas of the body that don’t hold ink well such as the ears, fingers, and palms. I love how this ornamental design fits the client’s eat perfectly. The swirls create great movement and I especially like how it ends on the client’s face with a sneaky little heart.


face tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 25

Hand-Poked Face Charm Tattoo

Face tattoos are gaining popularity and aren’t as frowned upon as they once were. I like this design because it is feminine while still being bold. It is a hand poked tattoo which is a great way to perform a face tattoo as it is a more gentle process. I like the placement and symmetrical nature, and it suits the client very well.

IG: bb.hurricane

Tattoo Placement Ideas 26

Butterfly and Sword Face Tattoo

There is a misconception that butterfly tattoos are inherently feminine, but this tattoo shows us that they can be for both men and women. I am very impressed by the fine line work and the gentle shading throughout the design. I don’t know if this style will hold up well on the face, as the skin is quite thin, but it looks amazing while it is fresh!

IG: delphinmusquet

Tattoo Placement Ideas 27

Black and Grey Rose Tattoo on Man’s Face

Rose tattoos are classic and timeless, making them the perfect addition to your collection. Putting a rose tattoo on your face is quite a statement – they represent passion, sacrifice, and love. I like how bold it is as face tattoos are often quite small and simplistic. The artist chose a softer shading technique which works well for the style and placement.

IG: kaysiepaints

foot tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 28

Sun and Moon Feet Tattoos

Foot tattoos are notoriously painful, and this client was able to sit through both which is very impressive. I love the artist’s illustrative take on a classic sun and moon tattoo as it is unique and eye-catching. The line work is clean, bold, and will hold up well over time which is important as foot tattoos do tend to fall out.


Tattoo Placement Ideas 29

Symmetrical Pattern Feet Tattoos

This is another great example of a hand poke tattoo, and how well they hold up on parts of the body that tend to fade. I love the way that this tattoo flows on the client’s feet. The pattern work reminds me of designs seen on old tiles, and I love the bold use of solid black and thicker line work.

IG: bb.hurricane

Tattoo Placement Ideas 30

Color Realism Flower Foot Tattoo

This tattoo is beautiful, feminine, and flows along the client’s foot perfectly. I like the bold color palette and the texture created throughout. I am not too sure that full-color realism will hold up well on the foot as it is an area with a lot of movement and friction from socks and shoes, so I would recommend choosing a design with bolder line work.

IG: hollyridingtattoo

forearm tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 31

Neotraditional Forearm Tattoo for Men

This avant-garde, full-color Neo Traditional style of tattooing is one of my absolute favorites. The artist chose contrasting colors which are very eye-catching, which is perfect for a forearm tattoo. Forearms are one of the most visible spots to get tattooed, so you may as well go full-out on the design you choose!

IG: atelier.penumbre

Tattoo Placement Ideas 32

Floral Forearm Tattoo for Women

This tattoo combines the classic armband tattoos with beautiful, fine-line peonies to create an eye-catching and unique design. The design flows perfectly with the client’s arm, and I appreciate the subtle shading and fine line work. Your forearm is something you see every day, so make sure that you choose a design that you won’t get bored of.

IG: natalia_musiol

Tattoo Placement Ideas 33

Delicate Forearm Tattoo

I love this conceptual style of tattooing that is gaining popularity like crazy. The artist combined natural imagery with some simplistic geometry, creating a cohesive and bold tattoo. The forearm is great “real estate” for a large, intricate piece as it is a relatively flat area, so this design is a great choice.

IG: gab7sz

full-sleeve tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 34

Painterly Japanese Full-Sleeve Tattoo

This design is unique, bold, and interesting to look at. It takes a lot of dedication to get an entire full-sleeve tattoo and to decide on one subject matter for it, and this is a great option especially if you love Japanese paintings and imagery. I love the contrast of the areas of solid black and the striking red sun.

IG: inkdistrictamsterdam

Tattoo Placement Ideas 35

Traditional Japanese Full-Sleeve Tattoo

This is a completely different take on a Japanese full-sleeve tattoo. Japanese dragon tattoos are said to guard and protect the wearer and their families and spread happiness and good luck. This style of tattooing takes a long time to do and will require complete dedication and trust in your artist.

IG: jeroni_tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 36

Geometric Illustrative Full Sleeve Tattoo

This is one of my favorite examples of conceptual tattooing. I love all of the different meaningful subject matter on this sleeve and it can be easily customized to include images that are important to you. The geometry is intricate, and detailed, and contrasts beautifully with the natural images like the tree, skull, and figures.

IG: tiago__dot

half-sleeve tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 37

Realistic Greek Half-Sleeve Tattoo

Black and gray realism is a popular choice for half-sleeve tattoos, especially Greek and Roman imagery. I love the painterly brush stroke that flows along the design and the gentle texture in the Greek statue’s face. This tattoo is sure to attract a lot of positive attention!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Tattoo Placement Ideas 38

Blue Japanese Half-Sleeve Tattoo

This tattoo artist is well-known for creating beautiful, intricate tattoos using only blue ink. It reminds me of old Chinese pottery designs and has a classic feel to it. I love how the artist framed the dragon and the water using an interesting border, and all of the fine details throughout the design.

IG: saki.lss

Tattoo Placement Ideas 39

Realistic Wolf Upper Half-Sleeve Tattoo

Wolf tattoos represent loyalty, strength, and strong determination which make them a great animal for such a big tattoo. I love the addition of sacred geometry in the background and the feathers give this design a Native American feel. The upper arm is a large, flat area of the body which makes it perfect for large, intricate designs.

IG: d.gone_ttt

knee tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 40

Geometric Dotwork Knee Tattoo

Knee tattoos are notoriously badass and there is nothing cooler than seeing them peek through torn jeans. My knee tattoo was one of the most painful ones I have ever gotten, so be prepared if you plan on getting yours done. I love the way that this mandala fits the knee and the use of dot work instead of line work is a unique take.

IG: undulmood

Tattoo Placement Ideas 41

Modern Yin-Yang Knee Tattoo

I am obsessed with these trendy Y2K-inspired tattoos, and this one really takes the cake. I love the bold flames around the yin-yang and the popping red hearts. The spider web makes for the perfect gap filler behind these elements. A badass, clean, and bright tattoo for a badass area of the body!

IG: giuseppe.messina

Tattoo Placement Ideas 42

Matching Peony Knee Tattoos

These knee tattoos were done over two consecutive tattoos and I am extremely impressed that the client was able to sit for both of them. I love how they frame the knees and the choice to do the solid areas of black in the chrysanthemums. This means that the tattoo is easy to read and will hold up well over time.

IG: maaya_j

hip tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 43

Neotraditional Bird Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

The thigh is quite a painful area and I am impressed that the client was able to sit for such a large design, especially in full color! I adore the color palette as it reminds me of autumn. The glow around the bird is a cool addition and I especially like how it flows with the thigh perfectly.

IG: robin_b_tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 44

Illustrative Medusa Thigh Tattoo

Medusa tattoos have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and the thigh is the perfect spot for a large, intricate tattoo. I feel that the anatomy of the Medusa could have been a bit more feminine and that the snakes could have had more details and less of a childlike feel to them to utilize this prime piece of canvas.

IG: hungryxhound

Tattoo Placement Ideas 45

Dripping Octopus Tattoo on Thigh

This tattoo reminds me of a ceramic octopus that has been dipped in liquid gold. The artist is well known for creating tattoos in this style and I would love to see how it heals. I think that the design could have been a bit bigger to fit the thigh better, but it is still a cool tattoo.

IG: jooa_tattoo

knuckle tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 46

American Traditional Script Tattoo on Fingers

Finger tattoos are usually only performed by artists if you are already heavily tattooed as they are almost impossible to cover up if needed. I love this classic American Traditional font as it is not only bold but lasts extremely well over time. I love that the artist included some nautical imagery of the anchor and the helm as this speaks to the American Traditional style.

IG: badlittleyou

Tattoo Placement Ideas 47

Woman’s Dainty Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are known to fade as we use our hands often and the skin is extremely thin. This dainty style of finger tattoos is becoming quite popular as they look like jewelry. I don’t think that they hold up well over time and that they tend to disappear after a few months, so perhaps consider getting something that is a bit bolder.

IG: orma_tattoo

Tattoo Placement Ideas 48

Bold Ornamental Finger Tattoos

This is a great example of how the same dainty jewellery-like design can be done in a bold style and still look amazing! I adore the way the artist chose to lay out the different designs as they suit the client well. I love the dot work and the different symbols like the eye, moon, and stars. This could be easily customized to include symbols that are important to you!

IG: bb.hurricane

ribs tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 49

Bold Floral Rib Tattoo for Women

Your ribs have got to be one of the most painful areas of the body to get tattooed. The skin is extremely thin and it can feel like you are being tattooed right on your bones. This is what makes this tattoo even more impressive – the lines are extremely bold and I can only imagine how painful it must have been. I love how the design flows with the body and the addition of textured dotwork.

IG: zuz_tattoo

Tattoo Placement Ideas 50

Colorful Snake Tattoo on Ribs

Snakes have been associated with healing, change, and eternity and are a popular choice among people who get tattooed. I love the way that this snake wraps around the client’s hip and onto the stomach. The red is an interesting choice and adds a dynamic element to this tattoo. It does look a bit unfinished and I think it could use some more black in the design.

IG: winigreeni

Tattoo Placement Ideas 51

Illustrative Geometric Rib Tattoo for Men

I am so impressed with how clean the geometry is on this design, considering how difficult it is to tattoo the ribs. I love the way that the artist illustrates the leaves of the tree as they are soft and delicate. This tattoo is unique, but I think it would have been simplified a bit for easy readability.

IG: noma_tattooer

ring finger tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 52

Delicate Sparkle Finger Tattoos

This is another example of dainty, sparkle finger tattoos that remind me of jewelry. I appreciate that the artist chose to make some of the stars a bit bolder as I think it will hold up better on the fingers over time. I like that they chose to just do one finger as this is unique!

IG: tavi_tattoo

Tattoo Placement Ideas 53

Painterly Bamboo Hand Tattoo

Bamboo is often used in tattoo imagery as it symbolizes growth, development, and resilience. I love the painterly effect that the artist used for the leaves and the way that the stem goes onto the client’s finger. This design is perfect for someone who is looking to do a more subtle hand tattoo.

IG: mukyeon_tattoo

Tattoo Placement Ideas 54

Color Realism Finger Tattoo

While this may be a cute idea, I do not believe that this amount of color (especially yellow) will last as a finger tattoo. If you are looking for longevity for your finger tattoos, stick to bolder designs that use black ink. Finger tattoos are notorious for falling out, so if you choose to go this route expect that you will need to get a lot of touch-ups.

IG: tattooist_namoo

shin tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 55

Mandala Shin Tattoo

Shin tattoos are quite painful as the skin is thin and right on the bone, but they sure do look badass! I love the composition of the mandala and the way it wraps around the client’s leg. Sacred geometry and mandalas are a popular choice for tattoos as they symbolize the balance of body and mind, and are extremely impressive when done as well as this one is!

IG: tommbirchtattoo

Tattoo Placement Ideas 56

Buddha Eye Tattoos on Shins

What stands out to me in this tattoo is the gradient from red to black. It is creative, unique, and eye-catching! I love the repetition of the eyes and it fills the gaps that the client has on her legs. Buddha’s eyes represent wisdom and unity, making them a beautiful and meaningful tattoo.

IG: kiwa_jip

Tattoo Placement Ideas 57

Woman’s Delicate Shin Tattoo

Knowing how painful shin tattoos can be, you might prefer to get something more minimal and delicate like this geometry design. I love how it flows with the client’s leg and the contrast between the thick flowy line in the background and the thin mandalas along the center of the shin.


shoulder tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 58

Soft Floral Shoulder Tattoo

This style of soft peony tattoo is very popular. They can be designed to fit pretty much any area of the body, including the shoulder. I like how it flows onto the arm and along the collarbone. It is feminine, delicate, and timeless, making it the perfect design for such a feminine area.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Tattoo Placement Ideas 59

Delicate Bird Tattoo on Woman’s Shoulder

This has got to be one of my favorite tattoos on the list. I love the delicate use of grey in the bird’s tail and the soft wings. It looks like the bird is hovering on the client’s shoulder and I adore how the tail matches the flow of the arm. I would absolutely love to see how the tattoo heals!

IG: newtattoo_studio

Tattoo Placement Ideas 60

Snake Tattoo Wrapping Around Man’s Shoulder

This is such a unique take on a snake tattoo. I like how it wraps around the shoulder and comes onto the client’s chest. The snake has a creepy facial expression and I love the horns coming off of its head. I would have preferred to see the tail wrap down the rest of the client’s arm as it would have ended it better.

IG: 47volt

sternum tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 61

Fine Line Sternum Tattoo

Your sternum is a very feminine area of the body, and because it is so close to the bone it can be quite painful. If you’re worried about pain, getting something simplistic is a clever way around the pain. I love how delicate and simple this tattoo is, and yet it is also striking. Symmetry is difficult to accomplish and the artist absolutely nailed it!

IG: gisant.orient

Tattoo Placement Ideas 62

Floral Sternum Tattoo

As I mentioned before, the sternum is an incredibly painful area to get tattooed, and this one also goes onto the ribs! I love the asymmetrical nature of this piece as it makes it more dynamic. It flows beautifully with the client’s body and accentuates her curves. I love that the artist went with a more fineline approach as it softens the tattoo.

IG: thesingingfinch

Tattoo Placement Ideas 63

Badass Bat Sternum Tattoo

This is a great example of how a sternum tattoo does not have to be feminine and that it can rather be badass! I love the idea of a bat hanging upside down. It fits the body placement well and I love how ragged the bat wings are. The face is creepy and striking, but I feel that the artist could have left more open skin to let the design breathe.

IG: jackyloewenberg_tattoo

stomach tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 64

Lettering Tattoo on Man’s Stomach

Your stomach is one of the more painful areas as it is not exposed to the elements often and is very sensitive. This is such a cool example of how cool script tattoos can look if they are done in the right style. The artist knows how to design script to make it fit the body well which takes a lot of skill.

IG: pietrotattooer

Tattoo Placement Ideas 65

Japanese Creature Tattoo on Stomach

I am a huge fan of Japanese imagery especially these sorts of funky creatures. I like how the tattoo is slap-bang on the middle of this client’s torso as it really stands out. People tend to move quite a bit when getting their stomach tattooed so the fine line work in the hair and the scales is especially impressive

IG: dokgonoing

Tattoo Placement Ideas 66

Unique Illustrative Stomach Tattoo

This stomach tattoo is from a Manga called Chainsaw Man. It is extremely unique and unlike anything else that we have seen on this list. I like the illustrative style that the artist used and the perspective is really interesting. The stomach is the perfect placement for such a large tattoo.

IG: belzebubtattoo

wrist tattoos

Tattoo Placement Ideas 67

Feminine Wrist Tattoo

The wrist is one of the least painful areas on the body to get tattooed. It is also one of the most visible and the design that you choose to place there needs to work well with the arm. This ornamental design is the perfect example of how beautiful and dainty a wrist tattoo can be. I especially like the symmetrical nature of it as it looks like a decorative piece of jewelry on the client’s arm.

IG: uweoljansang

Tattoo Placement Ideas 68

Colorful Friendship Tattoos on the Wrist

Floral elements are a popular choice in tattooing, and I especially like how the artist created a friendship tattoo that flows from one client’s wrist onto the other without it just being a copy. The painterly effect is unique and I like the choice of colors. This tattoo could be customized to include flowers that are special to you!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Tattoo Placement Ideas 69

Ornamental Wrist Tattoo

Ending off strong is this beautiful floral wristband. I adore the use of solid black in such a feminine design as it adds a bold element to the tattoo. The line work is extremely clean and I love the way that the frame ends at the top. This is a beautiful stand-alone tattoo, or it could eventually be part of a beautiful ornamental sleeve.

IG: saki.lss