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40 Amazing Mandala Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

The mandala is one of my favorite types of tattoos and I bet it is for you too. Instead of simply choosing an image to place on your body, you get to turn your body into a piece of art, with this geometric shape adorning it. Unlike most tattoos, mandala tattoos don’t necessarily mean anything, they are simply pure pieces of art made to adorn your body. That’s why I love mandala tattoos and I’m sure the one you choose will look great on you!

But before you go and get your own mandala tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the coolest, most stylish mandala tattoos of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired to pick out the perfect design and perfect location to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin. 

Mandala Tattoo Ideas 1

We Hope You Enjoy These Mandala Tattoos! First Off: A Circular Mandala Tattoo on Woman's Upper Arm

Similar Mandala tattoos can be masculine or feminine. Sometimes it just depends on who’s wearing it; point proven above. The circular piece wraps around this woman’s shoulder and arm literally adorning it. It’s Beautiful; It’s Feminine; It’s What I Want.

Mandala Tattoo Ideas 2

Shaded Butterfly Mandala Tattoo on Top of Woman's Forearm

This is a nice example of a Mandala tattoo where in addition to bold black lines, shading is used. Although a floral motif or theme is incorporated here there is nothing feminine about this tattoo. Prominently displayed on the upper forearm, this unique butterfly tattoo design can’t help but be admired.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 3

Thai Mandala Elephant Tattoo on Man's Forearm

Mandalas mesmerize with their repeating geometric patterns. Stare into them and you can’t help but think about people and places from long ago. In fact Mandalas have their origins in the ancient Sanskrit language of Hinduism and Buddhism. This is a lovely mandala elephant tattoo!

Interesting Fact: This tattoo  mandala design was done with the hand-poking method, which in Thailand a lot of people call a Bamboo Tattoo.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 4

Watercolor Lotus Mandala on Woman's Thigh

Mandalas: Dark and Mysterious. Yes but this tattoo shows how different tattoo styles impart different feelings to the work. This Mandala tattoo: Fun and Beautiful all made possible by use of the Watercolor style. Watercolor splashes and spills inside and outside of the lines add fun to this Mandala. Water fight anyone?


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 5

Geometric Line Work Lotus Tattoo on Woman's Upper Back

This beautiful lotus mandala tattoo fits perfectly in the middle of the upper back. The thin black lines make this mandala feel delicate; almost like crystals floating on the skin. Amazingly the tattoo artist didn’t use needles but employed the ancient Thai method of hand-poking. Called bamboo tattoo, sticks rather than needles are used to deliver the ink. Another reason to visit Thailand.



Mandala Tattoo Ideas 6

Lotus Mandala Bamboo Tattoo on Calf

What a beautiful mandala design; the repeating pattern looks like a flower, the sun and moon dreamily float around it and a dangling ornament sensuously extends to right above the ankle. Can you take anymore? Adding to the wonderment; no needles were employed in making the masterful tattoo. It’s all done in the hand-poking method known as Thai bamboo tattoo. The tattoo artist for this tattoo is Aun, out of Panumart Tattoo in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 7

One of the Best Mandala Tattoos You'll See: An Ornamental Lotus Mandala Underboob Tattoo

Comment: Love, Love, Love this mandala tattoo which incorporates elements of the Ornamental style. Who wouldn’t want flowers and jewels effortlessly floating on her chest? I would! Seen by few but admired by all those who do. What a beautiful mandala design!


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 8

A Manly Mandala Design! A Full-Sleeve Blackwork Mandala Tattoo

Mandala Tattoo: Check as evidenced by the repeating patterns. Full-Sleeve: Check as evidenced by the tattoo extending from hand to shoulder. Bold: Check. But not only Bold but Bold On Steroids! Welcome to Blackwork style where all the ink is delivered in solid planes of black ink. Not your mother’s tattoo.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 9

Mandala Tattoo in Front of Woman's Ear

This tattoo’s simply mandala design has fine lines and a pattern reminiscent of flower petals. Although solid black areas are incorporated, the design remains super-delicate, even reminding me of feathers floating in the air. Adding to the interest of this tattoo is its surprising placement in front of the ear. Notice how its shape mimics the contour of the ear just like a mirror image. Wow, that’s cool! Great work by Ahm, the owner and head tattoo artist of Panumart Tattoo!


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 10

Large Mandala Tattoo on Woman's Sternum

If you want to make a statement, place your Mandala tattoo running from sternum down to your cleavage. There’s no better way to create a focal point on your body. In this case the tattoo is feminine without being overly delicate looking. When fully dressed just a portion of the tattoo is visible. Who wouldn’t want to take a peek to see it all.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 11

Ornamental Mandala Tattoo on Woman's Triceps

Repeating patterns, black lines and a perfect custom fit above the elbow all come together to make this Mandala tattoo so beautiful. With elements of the Ornamental style it’s really the perfect accessory for your little white (or black) dress.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 12

Body Art for Dark Skin: A Henna Style Mandala Tattoo on Woman's Wrist and Hand

Who needs rings or bracelets when your fingers and hands are adorned with beautiful tattoos. Done in the Ornamental style and including the repeating patterns of Mandalas, this design and its placement lead the eye from above the wrist to the tips of the fingers; here punctuated by an artful manicure. Look familiar? These tattoos are like Mehendi, the ornamental henna body art Indian women get for their wedding day.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 13

A Colorful Piece of Body Art: A Woman's Watercolor Mandala Tattoo on Side Thigh

What better place for a big round Mandala. Look how the tattoo’s shape is so uniquely framed by the thigh, even leaving room for the watercolors to drip down the leg. No need to grab a towel though; these splashes of color aren’t going anywhere not even on a hot summer day.

Mandala Tattoo Ideas 14

Mandala Tattoos for Men: A Colorful Floral Mandala Tattoo on Man's Arm

Ok you’re wondering is this a Mandala or not. Did you know that Mandala is the Sanskrit word for “circle”? Well we do have a circle in this tattoo as well as the typical repeating patterns of Mandalas. So yes this is a Mandala. Here bright pops of color are used rather than the more typical use of just black lines. Looks like a Mandala for a sunny day.


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Mandala Tattoo Ideas 15

Line Work Mandala with Thai Unalome on Ankle

This Mandala tattoo with its repeating circular pattern also incorporates the Thai unalome at its lower portion. In Buddhism, the unalome represents the path to enlightenment as you traverse life’s twists and turns and ups and downs. It’s all part of the journey; hope yours is good.

Mandala Tattoo Ideas 16

Floral Black and Gray Mandala Tattoo on Back of Head and Neck

This Mandala tattoo is awesome in so many regards. First it’s perfectly executed from its design, from its smooth uninterrupted lines, to its placement. This piece of body art seems to effortlessly hug the back of the head and back of the neck. So big props to the artist. Can’t forget big props to the client too as the head and neck are notoriously painful areas to have tattooed.

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Mandala Tattoo Ideas 17

Realistic Lion With Mandala Tattoo on Forearm

This Mandala tattoo with its repeating geometric pattern and geometric shapes also incorporates the Realistic style. Tattoos done in the Realistic style typically are portraits or depictions of animals. This style is very difficult and requires considerable skill on the part of the artist. Mastery of fine lines, contrast, shading and 3D work are all required. Here it works; hope he doesn’t bite.

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Mandala Tattoo Ideas 18

Mandala Artwork to the Extreme: A Mandala Tattoo on Face!

The fine black lines and ornamental aspects of this tattoo make it reminiscent of jewels dangling from a crown. This along with the gentle lines and curves eliminate any intimidating aspect often associated with facial tattoos. It’s clear that style definitely imparts meaning to your tattoo.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 19

Woman's Ornamental Mandala Finger Tattoo

This woman definitely likes style; from her manicure, to her jewelry and of course to her perfectly positioned finger tattoo. This tattoo’s style and dimensions accentuate the graceful sweep of her thumb and hand. It’s a perfect body art accessory for everyday and everywhere.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 20

Ornamental Lotus Mandala Tattoo on Top of Forearm

This half-sleeve Mandala tattoo extending from the elbow to the wrist is awash in lotus blossoms. Mandalas whose origin is in Hinduism and Buddhism often incorporate the lotus flower. Beyond its beauty the lotus is associated with purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness. Sprouting in muddy waters the lotus survives to blossom into a beautiful flower. This lotus mandala tattoos provides a good lesson to remember: Don’t Give Up!


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 21

Mandala Tattoos on the Spine: Woman's Line Work Mandala Spine Tattoo

This Mandala incorporates the Thai unalome which symbolizes life’s journey with its ups and downs. This is characterized by the zig-zagging and looping lines in the center and lower third of the tattoo. The Ornamental style is so effectively used here. This tattoo really makes me think there’s a beautiful jeweled chain running down the back. Bet you see it too.

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Mandala Tattoo Ideas 22

Woman's Lotus Mandala on Upper Back

What can I say…this is a beautiful tattoo. The large central lotus flower exclaims who you are; faithful and strong while the central positioning of this tattoo across the back is so dramatic. It’s perfectly framed by the shoulder blades. Adding to that is the use of the Ornamental Style; jewels gracefully dangling onto the back. Lovely.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 23

Woman's Mandala Tattoo Framed by Shoulder and Collarbone

This circular Mandala is typical in its repeating patterns, incorporation of the lotus flower and use of fine black lines. What’s not typical is its location. Usually centered over the shoulder this Mandala tattoo is moved onto the chest and nestled by the collarbone, making it the perfect accessory.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 24

Woman's Mandala Foot Tattoo

This lotus Mandala adds extra sparkle with its use of the Ornamental style. What’s particularly intriguing is the extension of the tattoo onto the top of the foot and then the toes themselves. A pretty pedicure is nice but made even nicer by the appearance of jeweled toes. Can’t wait to kick off my shoes!


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 25

Fine Line Mandala Tattoo on Calf

They’ll see you coming and then going – once they get a glimpse of this delicate Mandala tattoo. The back of the calf is the perfect location for this long, slender tattoo done in the combined Ornamental and Minimal Styles. All eyes will be following you.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 26

Fine Line Floral Mandala Forearm Tattoo

Hey, who ever said you have to stick with just one tattoo style? Case in-point; this forearm tattoo that incorporates fine lines, floral and even Mandala styles all together. The focus of the tattoo is the lotus flower Mandala but look there’s more: flowers, leaves, branches – all inked with fine lines. Mixed-up just like life.

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Mandala Tattoo Ideas 27

Fine Line Mandala Tattoo on Forearm and Wrist

This tattoo has characteristic Mandala features: central lotus flower, fine lines and ornamental elements at the periphery. While most mandala tattoos aren’t consider minimalist, this one’s small stature could fall into the minimal tattoo category. All said and done, it’s Small and Sweet.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 28

One of the Most Beautiful Mandala Tattoos You'll Ever See! A Large Ornamental Mandala Tattoo on Back and Triceps

You want drama; well you got it. This large Mandala tattoo design in the Ornamental style certainly makes a statement. Perfectly symmetrical it covers the whole of the back from top to bottom, side to side. Look how beautifully the tattoos over each of the triceps compliment and frame the larger tattoo. They say the whole world’s a stage or better said here – The whole body’s a canvas.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 29

Dotwork Portrait Mandala Tattoo on Thigh

This is an interesting subject for a Mandala tattoo design. It uncharacteristically includes a portrait as the central focus rather than a lotus although flowers appear in the periphery. Take a closer look and you’ll see that the artist used Dotwork style to shade in the leaves. If you want a big tattoo with these dimensions the thigh is the perfect place. Notice how the tapered design of the tattoo simulates the dimensions of the thigh. In all – a Perfect Fit!


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 30

Mandala Tattoo on Ribs and Hip

You can see multiple Mandala tattoos joined together to make this bold statement. It actually looks like a Hawaiian lei to me with the contours nicely accentuating this woman’s small waist. (Who’s jealous?) Hula dance anyone?


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 31

Fine Line Mandala Tattoo on Inner Elbow

With a lotus flower at its center and a repeating pattern around it, this tattoo has the familiar characteristics of a Mandala. It’s done in the Fine Line style which perfectly syncs with the tattoo’s location. The inner elbow is a soft area which really “calls” for delicate artwork. The use of a lighter contrasting ink to the black further enhances this feeling. So pretty – cradled right into the elbow.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 32

Dotwork Style Mandala Knee Tattoo

This Mandala tattoo design is truly amazing. Not only are the proportions perfect for this muscular leg but the knee also perfectly supports the central circular portion of the design. The colors used also enhance the masculine feel of the tattoo. Now look closer. The artist employed Dotwork style within the center of the Mandala. Painstakingly dots are inked in close proximity to each other without ever touching – all creating the illusion of a bigger picture. Again perfect for this perfectly masculine-looking leg.

Mandala Tattoo Ideas 33

Woman's Mandala Hip Tattoo With Flowers and Ornaments

This Mandala tattoo design quietly screams “Beautiful”. Enhanced first by its positioning over the hip (beautiful too) and then by its exquisite shading and subtlety of color selection. The Dotwork style is used to shade the Mandala. Here the artist must carefully ink multiple dots while never having any of them touch. A second style of shading is then introduced within the flowers. Here a Whip-Shading style is employed to avoid the creation of any solid lines.
Masterful – Sophisticated – Beautiful.

Mandala Tattoo Ideas 34

Ornamental Mandala Tattoo on Hand

This is such a pretty Mandala tattoo. The dots inked along its edges give the appearance of fine lace; a nice touch of the Ornamental style. The leaves add interest as they extend upwards along the arm – but what really adds interest is the ink on the hand and wrist. Only seeing one half of the circular Mandala gives the appearance of fine lace draping over the wrist to frame the hand. Very sophisticated indeed.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 35

Mandala Tattoo With Shading on Hand

This cool hand tattoo is a perfect example of expert shading going from black to light gray. The shading gives this Mandala dimension. Here the artist works with only black ink and waters it down or dilutes it to create the varying shades. I love how this Mandala with its characteristic circular shape seems right at home on top of the hand. Doesn’t it look like it was always meant to be there.

Mandala Tattoo Ideas 36

One of the More Unique Mandala Tattoos You'll See: An American Traditional Mandala Tattoo on Woman's Feet

Ok this tattoo really makes a statement. It’s bold done in the Old School style (think Grandpa’s tattoo) with black outlines and a simple color palette. But wait, it’s also a Mandala. Notice the characteristic lotus in the middle of the circular design. And there’s still more. This tattoo is done in the Realistic style but sure you knew that. Hey, you can tell it’s a lotus flower, can’t you?


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 37

Large Mandala and Floral Tattoo on Woman's Upeer Arm

Although not a typical Mandala tattoo there’s evidence of the characteristic circular shape; here it’s the lotus flower with its fine shading as the central focus. The lotus is precisely centered over the shoulder extending from its upper border onto the arm; the arm serving as the perfect canvas for the suspended jewels. I can even picture the jewels swaying a little from side to side. Don’t worry no one’s grabbing them. Check out that evil eye.


Mandala Tattoo Ideas 38

Strong Black Diamond Mandala Tattoo on Woman's Sternum

Dark, powerful and in your face. If you want to make it clear you’re not someone to be messed with, then a tattoo like this one would be a good choice. The mandala patterns, with their angular shape and bold lines really give this tattoo its edgy look.

Word of warning, though, on the chest tattoo lines spread over time more so than other areas. So this tattoo may end up getting darker over time.

Mandala Tattoo Ideas 39

Turtle Mandala on Bicep

It’s your tattoo and you can have anything you want. Love turtles?… then why not have a turtle on your bicep. What makes this turtle tattoo so interesting is that it contains a Mandala design. Take note of the lotus flower in the middle which continues to the circular border. Wish they really looked like this in nature.


We hope you enjoyed and found inspiration from our mandala tattoos gallery!