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33 Breathtaking Blackout Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

You guessed it because it’s in the name, Blackout is a style of tattooing where large areas of the body are completely covered with black ink. Nowadays, people have gotten a lot more creative by incorporating designs into them through various means, either by packing white ink over the Blackout or by using the negative spacing technique, the preferred method as there is little to no need for touch-ups. This style is often used to cover entire sleeves that a person no longer wants.

But before you go and get your own Blackout tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the loveliest, most-intricate, and most perfect Blackout tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 1

Dotwork Mandala Half-Sleeve Blackout Tattoo

Any fans of Dotwork out there? Here’s one just for you. I love it when artists mix styles to create something unique for the client. The mashup of Dotwork and solid black creates a stunning contrast, however, the solid black could use a bit of work. It’s not consistent and it will become more obvious as the tattoo heals and settles into the skin. Luckily it’s not a train crash as it can be touched up.

IG: cristinaflaviatattoo

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 2

Gorgeous Peony Blackout Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Welcome to another awesome list of tattoos to inspire you. Today’s list is all about Blackouts and we’ve got some amazing pieces to show you, like this one!
What makes this piece such an eyecatcher is how well the solid black has been packed. Believe it or not, there are many artists that struggle to perfect Blackouts. Many of them come out patchy and require multiple touch-ups because of poor packing skills. That’s not the case with this piece and I’m living for it. The negative space peonies are beautiful and the way they transition into solid Linework is phenomenal. What a lovely piece to start off this list.

IG: juandagomeztatt

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 3

Simple Negative Space Mandala Blackout Arm Tattoo

Have you ever seen such an amazingly done Blackout? There is not a single inconsistency, just smooth packing that’s absolutely to die for. The negative spacing used to create the Mandala is perfectly symmetrical, what a treat for the eyes!

IG: (link is incorrect, I think he changed his handle)

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 4

Unique Geometric and Mandala Blackout Tattoo On Man’s Arm

I love how unique this piece is, it’s definitely something I’ve never seen before. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the Blackout is acting as a cover-up, a common practice when a tattoo is too dark to cover up with a design or too poorly done to fix. The placement is wonderful and works well with the size and shape of the arm. If you need to see more of this artist’s amazing work, give their IG a like and follow @tinta_negra506

IG: tinta_negra506

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 5

White Ink On Black Snake and Peony Blackout Full-Sleeve Tattoo

This tattoo kind of reminds me of a chalk drawing on a blackboard, in a good way of course. It’s extremely unique, the design flows nicely with the shape of the client’s arm. One thing to consider with both a Blackout and blasting white over it is the fact that both will fade and require touch-ups. Especially when using white over black as white ink doesn’t saturate as well as darker inks. This piece will definitely require a touch-up at some point.

IG: danny__reynolds

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 6

Abstract Blackout Full-Arm Sleeve Tattoo

There’s something about abstract tattoos that just look both badass and elegant at the same time. It reminds me of something an artist would get to showcase their love for art. The way this one has been done is giving off paintbrush-stroke vibes and I love it. Credit to the artist for this great piece, nothing like a flawless Blackout tattoo.

IG: aaronzaghab

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 7

Adorable Mickey Mouse Over Blackout Tattoo

I can’t get enough of how solid that black ink is, it’s as smooth as butter! What’s really eye-catching is how crisp the lines are in the Mickey Mouse. Packing white can be tricky because it’s not an ink that saturates well, but the artist clearly knows how to work with white ink because they got it in there flawlessly. I wonder if the client is going to add more or leave it as it is?


Blackout Tattoo Ideas 8

Stunning Abstract Blackout Tattoo On Man’s Arm

Another amazing abstract Blackout tattoo that flows so beautifully with the client’s arm. What I enjoy is the busy motion created by the splashes and the negative spacing that separates each stroke. The black is solid and without any error, which makes for a great tattoo that will stand the test of time. I like how it wraps around the arm and flows upward. Check out the artist IG: @bgxgrim for more abstract designs.

IG: bgxgrim

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 9

Floral Japanese-Inspired Full Blackout Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Here we have a beautiful floral Japanese-inspired Blackout. The artist used white ink to blast over the Blackout with these stunning intricate designs. If you’re wondering what makes it Japanese, it’s the traditional clouds and style of the peony. This, like many of the tattoos on this list, is very unique which is lovely, as nobody else will have something similar. There are a few inconsistencies with the solid black, but nothing that can’t be touched up.

IG: tattianart

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 10

Traditional Japanese-Inspired Peony Blackout Full-Arm Sleeve

Okay, this is not quite a “black” out, but more of a Grayout. I like that the artist uses various shades of gray in this tattoo as it creates a lovely contrast. It could be that the artist didn’t actually use various shades of gray and it’s actually just fading from a previous Blackout. Either way, I like it, it’s unusual and quite eye-catching.

IG: bjartefraverden

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 11

Flattering Feminine Tribal-Inspired Blackout Abdomen Tattoo

This Blackout frames her body so nicely, it’s actually extremely sexy. I can imagine that it must have been extraordinarily painful as this area is known as death valley and as the name suggests, it’s such a painful spot. Kudos to the artist for doing such an exceptional job, that black is packed to pure perfection!

IG: jotatattooer

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 12

Incredibly Badass Finger Blackout Tattoo On Man’s Hand

Another extremely painful area to get tattooed, but well worth it because is this not the coolest looking thing you’ve ever seen? It looks like he stuck his fingers in charcoal, but in a cool gothic way. I like how the black extends up in strokes and speckled dots. Finger tattoos don’t tend to last long because of the type of skin on the hands. This piece will definitely require touch-ups in the near future.

IG: 10masters_es

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 13

Full-Sleeve Geometric Blackout Combination Tattoo

Here we have a mashup of Geometric and Blackout and wow does it work well together! The contrast between the solid black and subtle shading in the Geometric design is amazing. It adds depth to this piece that would otherwise have been very flat. You’ll notice a pattern with Blackouts;they’re normally placed on arms and sometimes legs as both offer enough space to go big, and that’s usually what you want to do when blacking out an area.

IG: black_pariah

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 14

Beautiful Mandala Blackout Tattoo On Guy’s Back and Neck

Mandalas and Blackouts honestly are a match made in tattoo heaven. The contrasts between Dotwork, light, and dark shading, and solid black complement each other so nicely. I love that this backpiece extends up to his neck, but what really catches my eye is the shading used to create a three-dimensional effect. The composition of the tattoo also accentuates the shape of his back.

IG: tompoucetattoo

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 15

Awesome Band and Blackout Forearm Tattoo

Another common Blackout is one that extends onto the hand and doesn’t go all the way up the arm but incorporates a band. I like how this one shades off onto the hand with a stippled effect. It breaks away from the solid black and lessens the harshness of all the solid black ink.

IG: tompoucetattoo

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 16

Impressive Abstract Full-Sleeve Blackout Arm Tattoo

Okay, this might be one of the coolest tattoos on this list. It looks like he was splashed with black paint, but what’s really cool are the different styles of strokes and splashes. The top looks more like Watercolor splashes while the bottom half of the tattoo almost reminds me of brush strokes or charcoal. It may be messy but wow does it look cool!

IG: hansblk

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 17

Unique Negative Spacing Full-Sleeve Blackout Arm Tattoo

A lot of the tattoos on this list have been extremely unique, but this Blackout is on a whole other level of uniqueness. Jihoon, the Berlin-based artist responsible for this awesome sleeve, is a professional in this style and creates designs that flow with the client’s body in an immaculate way. I love the traditional Japanese clouds; they work with the flow of the design as well as the wispy circular elements.

IG: undulmood

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 18

Beautiful Feminine Floral and Mushroom Full-Arm Blackout Sleeve Tattoo

There is great depth to this sleeve, and that has been created by the subtle shading and composition of elements overlapping each other, bringing some of the design to the foreground and pushing others into the background. I really like how the artist framed the entire piece, as it brings all the elements together. Truly phenomenal work.

IG: stipplewhipper

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 19

Outstanding Floral Mandala Blackout Sleeve On Man’s Arm

What stands out about this tattoo is the use of gray against the solid black. The consistency of the Linework created by the white ink is absolute perfection and works well with the gray; it almost gives the piece a silvery shine. I like how it extends onto his chest and fades into a geometric pattern, very unique and well planned out.

IG: auraninetyfour

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 20

Super Trippy Arm-Sleeve Blackout Tattoo

Is that drip not the coolest thing? Most Blackouts end abruptly or extend onto the hand down the fingers, but not this one. I like that the drip starts as a fade and gets progressively darker as it reaches the wrist and hand. As simple as this piece is, it’s really well done and breaks away from the traditional style of blacking out an arm.

IG: atrixbelle

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 21

Neo-Traditional Full-Sleeve Blackout On Woman’s Arm

Here we have an afterthought Blackout sleeve. If you’re wondering what that means exactly, it’s when there are original tattoos present, and an artist blacks out around them. The cool thing about this form of Blackout is it makes the original pieces stand out because the negative spacing around them almost acts as a highlight. This is a trend that’s been on the rise in recent years, with some people even opting to do both the designs and blacking out at the same time. There are some areas of the Blackwork that could use a touch-up but other than that, awesome work.

IG: frakeverdugo

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 22

Masculine Warped Abstract Full-Sleeve Blackout Tattoo

Okay, this isn’t a full Blackout, but it’s still such an awesome design. It almost looks like the pattern created when mixing various paints. The varying line weights add a lot of character to this piece and help create the wavy motion. I like the mix of solid black, lLnework, and stippled shading; they work very well together.

IG: franciscomontoyart

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 23

Blackout Japanese Mask Full-Leg Sleeve Tattoo

This tattoo seems like it’s still a work in progress but so far, it’s looking good. The black is consistent, the Linework is crisp, and the flow of the negative spacing is equal and even. I like that the artist used white ink as well; it complements the design nicely. The way the artist ended the Blackwork on the ankle in a point rather than a straight line is a lovely touch and breaks away from the norm. IG: @oscarhove has some serious talent, check out hia Insta for similar inspiration, you won’t be disappointed.

IG: oscarhove

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 24

Feminine Full-Sleeve Blackout Arm Tattoo

You might be wondering how a Blackout can be considered feminine because I mean, it’s a Blackout, but here we have what I would consider a feminine style. The negative spaces used to create the awesome pattern are what give this sleeve a feminine feel. I love how it extends all the way up her arm and wraps around. The black is packed solidly and the negative spacing is equal; all criteria for a great Blackout tattoo.

IG: maggie.elena

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 25

Dotwork Mandala Ornamental Blackout Sleeve Tattoo

Okay, so this tattoo isn’t quite a full-on Blackout but it sure is pretty to look at. The mix of solid Linework, Dotwork, and subtle shading is exquisite. I like how the solid black creates a three-dimensional effect, giving this sleeve the depth it so deserves. This piece could work for both men and women because Mandalas have no gender. Great work by the artist IG: @black_tweigelt, keep it up!

IG: black_tweigelt

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 26

Neo-Traditional Floral Blackout Full-Arm Sleeve Tattoos

These Blackout sleeves are absolutely breathtaking; the saturation of black ink contrasts perfectly with the negative spacing and the Linework used to create the floral designs and insects. I love how smooth the Blackwork is and how the artist ended it at the wrists in a pattern rather than abruptly in a straight line. Ciara Havishya is a Canadian tattoo artist and the creator of these wonderful sleeves, go check out her IG for more just like this.

IG: la__tigresse__

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 27

Exquisite Black and Blue Peony Blackout Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Another one that’s not quite a Blackout but rather a Blueout. The intricate details and use of various shading techniques in these sleeves make them stand out, you’d definitely turn your head for a second glance if you saw her out in public. I love the use of black and blue ink; it’s very distinctive and something I’ve not seen before. The blue is also a very unique shade, and the use of solid black ink gives it the pop it deserves.

IG: inkartarchive

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 28

Amazing Japanese Style Blackout Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo

I love how crisp the linework is, especially since it’s been done in white ink, and we know that it can be a difficult ink to saturate, particularly over a Blackout. The designs are very Japanese-inspired and work well for the style. If you look closely you’ll see how the white has faded at the top of the sleeve, something to keep in mind if you’re going this route. I love how the artist ended the Blackout at the wrist, again not ending in a straight line keeps things interesting, giving the sleeve a personal touch.


Blackout Tattoo Ideas 29

Full-Sleeve Abstract Blackout Tattoo Extending Onto Hand

What stands out about this piece? The fact that it extends all the way onto her hand in a very abstract style. I love that it goes all the way to her nails, it’s very badass, especially since the knuckles and ends of the fingers can be a very spicy spot to get tattooed. The solid black could do with a bit of work as some areas aren’t packed nicely, but I do like that the lighter areas look almost like smoke or charcoal. I wonder if this tattoo has symbolic meaning to the client as it’s quite unusual.


Blackout Tattoo Ideas 30

Full Arm Sleeve Blackout Negative Space Leaves Tattoo

A full Blackout with a single negative design is always a winner in my books, and the best part is if she doesn’t like the design anymore, she can simply fill it in with solid black and have a fully blacked-out arm. Great saturation, there’s not a single inconsistency, but she might want to put some sunscreen on if she wants it to last.

IG: hoode215

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 31

Gorgeous Smoke-Like Abstract Blackout Tattoo On Man’s Forearm

Does this not remind you of wispy smoke? Or even paint? I’m loving the mix of dainty lines; they complement the thick bold Blackout. The cool thing about this design is the fact that he could extend it further up his arm or completely black the top out and create a cool contrast between a solid Blackout and the wispy smoke-like abstract design. I really like this one, the artist did a fantastic job at saturating the ink, and there’s not a single error.

IG: 33.tattooer

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 32

Superb Sketchy Lower Leg Blackout Tattoo

We’ve had a few abstract Blackouts on this list but this one is very much on its own level. It looks like an artist took charcoal and went to town on the leg, and I’m loving it. The way it spreads out onto his foot is also really cool. It’s a messy tattoo but a good kind of messy. I like the chaotic brush strokes and how some areas are left open while others are closed by solid black ink. The placement is perfect for the style because there’s a nice amount of space to work with. If you like this, then you’ll definitely like the rest of the artist’s work at IG: @thebrooktattoo

IG: thebrooktattoo

Blackout Tattoo Ideas 33

Masculine Blast Over Blackout Full-Sleeve Arm Tattoo

We’ve come to the end of the list and our final Blackout is a masculine armor-looking design. What’s unique about this piece is that the elbow has been left open, perhaps he was a bit nervous to get that area tattooed because it can be a bit spicy. Either way, I enjoy the way this sleeve has been done, it’s not your typical Blackout. The only thing that needs some work is the wrist area, as it looks like it’s faded slightly.

IG: bastibutcher

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!