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32 Awesome Anime Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women in 2024

More than fun shows to watch, Anime is a safe haven for a lot of people around the world. The Asian-inspired animation styles, and its countless genres, tell the stories of wars, fantasy worlds, or just casual romance and friendships. Anime often carries a lot of meaning, and people get attached to their favorite characters in many indescribable ways. 

But before you go and get your anime tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most kawaii, artistic, and unique anime tattoos in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired by the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size, and exact placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Anime Tattoo Ideas 1

The Best Anime Tattoo Ideas - The World Jojo’s Tattoo

This golden man is the spirit form of Dio, from part 3 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Aiming to take over the entire planet, The world is a powerful being with combat hunger. This neotraditional tattoo captures the essence of The World: The menacing form. Done by Yeray Perez in Spain.

IG: ikostattoo

Anime Tattoo Ideas 2

Shigaraki Tomura Manga Still Tattoo

Shigaraki Tomura is an antagonist from the anime My Hero Academia. He has the power of decay. He drains the life of everything he touches and decimates the livelihood of many. This blackwork tattoo shows an illustration of Shigaraki being taken over by the hands he possesses in his quirk. Done by Oman in Australia.

IG: omantattoo

Anime Tattoo Ideas 3

Cyber Motoko Kusanagi Half-Sleeve Tattoo for Men

This gorgeous neo traditional tattoo depicts Motoko Kusagani from Ghost in The Shell. This design paints a spin-off of Motoko, utilizing some cyberpunk elements to create a unique piece. The color palette helps create the vibe of a cyber ghost. It was done by nomad tattooist, Roland Junior.

IG: akuma.ronald

Anime Tattoo Ideas 4

Jolyne Cujoh Butterfly Tattoo

Jolyne Cujoh is the first female protagonist of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series. Daughter of Jotaro, Jolyne is a strong woman whose symbol of femininity are butterflies. This linework tattoo shows Jolyne, sporting big butterfly wings. Fan Wu is a tattooer whose works show this linework style. More often than not, Fan is tattooing manga and anime.

IG: fanwuink

Anime Tattoo Ideas 5

An Awesome Anime Tattoo Design - A Water Saga Poseidon Tattoo

Poseidon is the Ocean God, and one of the Twelve Gods in Olympus. The armored warrior is from Saint Seiya, the anime. His blue hair, golden armor, and menacing trident give Poseidon his characteristic traits. This colorful illustrative tattoo sleeve is done by Brazilian tattooer, Pedro Inou.

IG: inoutattoo

Anime Tattoo Ideas 6

Sound Hashira Half-Sleeve Tattoo for Men

Also known as The Sound Hashira, Uzui Tengen is one of the most popular characters from the anime Demon Slayer. Uzui is praised by fans for his love for women, his snappy personality, and his mighty power. This blackwork tattoo is applied with careful attention to line weight and color value, making for an outstanding tattoo. Done by Wade Whitman in his signature blackwork anime style.

IG: wade.whitman

Anime Tattoo Ideas 7

Wrathful Guts Manly Tattoo

Also known as “The Black Swordsman”, Guts is a mercenary, and the main character from the anime Berserk. The struggler is constantly seeking retribution, and the series follows his journey. The wrathful, bloodied, vicious depiction of Guts captures his essence. This manly neotraditional tattoo is an outstanding piece of art. Done by Spanish artist, Toni Angar. Toni’s works follow this bold style and comprise many depictions of anime tattoos.

IG: toniangar

Anime Tattoo Ideas 8

All Might Graphic Blackwork Tattoo

Also known as Toshinori Yagi, this mighty hero is a beacon for justice and the Symbol of Peace. The smiling hero shows his determination, as his body emanates smoke and power. This neo traditional blackwork tattoo follows the signature style of Wade Whitman, whose works include many iterations of manga, anime and video game characters.

IG: wade.whitman

Anime Tattoo Ideas 9

Law and Doflamingo Battle Tattoo

Trafalgar D Water, also known as “Law”, is a pirate from the anime One Piece. Similarly, Donquixote “Doflamingo”, is a captain sailor of the Seven Seas. During the 661st episode of the series, the two brawl and engage in deep combat. This outstanding tattoo sleeve on the body of the woman, depicts the image of both pirates, right before their duel. This neotraditional, illustrative style of tattooing is the bread and butter of nomad tattooist, Ronald Junior.
IG: akuma.ronald

Anime Tattoo Ideas 10

Collection of Anime Men Blackwork Tattoo

Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul, Hisoka Morow and Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter, Soma Yukihira from Food Wars at the top, then right is Quinto Baam from Tower of God, followed by Saitama from One-Punch Man, and lastly, in the very middle, Shigeo Kageyama from Mob Psycho. The illustrative blackwork tattoo compiles all fictional men. Done in the signature style of tattooer Baco, from Korea.

IG: wildbaco

Anime Tattoo Ideas 11

Reaper Death Seal Tattoo for Men

The devious demon of death can be summoned by powerful hokages like Orochimaru. Also known as Dead Demon Consuming Seal, the martial technique and its origins lay in the Naruto series. The wicked demon is tattooed on the forearm, utilizing an illustrative blackwork design. The tattoo follows the signature style of American tattooer, Alicia Jagels.

IG: scarpo

Anime Tattoo Ideas 12

Ocean View The Thousand Sunny Colorful Tattoo

The Thousand Sunny is the name of the second ship of the Straw Hat Pirates in the anime One Piece. This ship is a reinforced, armored version of their first ship, named Going Merry. A colorful Kraken accompanies the mighty ship, creating a colorful neotraditional tattoo. A solid piece splashed with illustrative style and fineline technique. This colorful tattoo was done by Paulo de Deus, a Brazilian tattooer.

IG: paulinhodedeuss

Anime Tattoo Ideas 13

Gaara Arm Tattoo

The mysterious red-headed man is a shinobi from the Naruto series named Gaara. This powerful ninja is capable of utilizing sand to channel the powers of the Earth, Wind and Lightning. This illustrative tattoo uses a minimal color palette and engulfs the figure in smokey ornamentals, to make it more enthralling. Done by Brazilian artist, Danilo Fernandes Santos.


Anime Tattoo Ideas 14

Feral Kurama Bold Shoulder Tattoo for Men

Kurama is the nine-tailed beast that is sealed inside the body of Naruto Uzumaki. This ferocious monster transforms, thanks to Naruto’s kind soul, and his ability to harness its powers for good. This masculine neotraditional tattoo is carefully placed on the man’s shoulder. Done by Jesus Mendoza Alfaro in Costa Rica.

IG: jesusma_tattoo

Anime Tattoo Ideas 15

Uchiha Shisui and Susanoo Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo for Men

The green humanoid spirit is summoned by Uchiha Shisui. The fictional characters from Naruto are paired together to make one of the strongest forces in the Uchiha Clan. This outstanding tattoo sleeve channels the power of the ninjas, and dresses the body of a man. Done in a neotraditional style, by the Taiwanese artist, Che Wei.

IG: che_tattooist

Anime Tattoo Ideas 16

Imposing All Might Arm Tattoo for Men

Toshinori Yagi is a human hero from the anime “My Hero Academia”. After his transformation, Toshinori is known as “All Might”, and is recognized as the Symbol of Peace. The character’s impetus is captured by this blackwork tattoo. Designed in an illustrative style, the balance between skin breaks and pure black makes this an amazing piece. Done at the Send Tattoo Studio in Alessandría.

IG: send_tattoo

Anime Tattoo Ideas 17

Titan Eren and Levi Battle Half-Sleeve Tattoo for Men

To understand the deep meaning behind this tattoo, you would have to watch Attack on Titan. The feud between Levi Ackerman and Eren Yaeger, as a Giant, extends through many seasons. The illustrative tattoo depicts the fierceness of both characters, as they as immortalized in the forearm in the form of a half-sleeve. Done by the nomad artist, Martina.

IG: mar_tattoo

Anime Tattoo Ideas 18

Simple Saitama Arm Tattoo

Saitama is one of the most ambivalent characters in anime’s history. His blank expression, and his calm demeanor, are completely opposed to his superhuman strength. With a simple touch, Saitama is capable of breaking the borders that contain him. This illustrative linework tattoo is done by Hash, a Manga tattoo artist from Paris.

IG: hash.artwork

Anime Tattoo Ideas 19

Hurt Rengoku Tattoo

This is one of the most precious moments of the Flame Hashira, Rengoku. The honorable character from Demon Slayer, defends the innocent until his body is breaking. The dotwork details, spread through this piece of art, give it that rugged style that this iconic moment deserves. Done by Anthony Bear in Dallas, Texas.

IG: abeartattoos

Anime Tattoo Ideas 20

Makima Hugging Denji Tattoo

The female boss Makima is hugging Denji, who is transformed into his demon stance. The pair from Chainsaw Man sustain a bittersweet relationship, and interact in odd ways. This fineline blackwork tattoo depicts the intentions of both characters, capturing their personalities. Done in the signature style of Oman, an artist from Australia.

IG: omantattoo

Anime Tattoo Ideas 21

Mirio Togata and Eri Leg Tattoo for Men

Mirio and Eri have a special bond. This connection is shown through many episodes of the My Hero Academia series. A mighty hero, helping a small girl in danger, bonding through the harshness of battle. This colorful calf tattoo plays with composition and balance. Its illustrative, neotraditional design makes it an outstanding tattoo. Done by Christopher Oldhouser at his own studio, Nimbus Tattoo.

IG: chrishouse_tattoo

Anime Tattoo Ideas 22

Miyamoto Musashi Tattoo

Miyamoto is an adept swordsman from the Vagabond series. Starting out as a hotheaded youngster, and later evolving into one of the strongest Samurais of Japan, Miyamoto is a testament to personal growth. This fineline tattoo shows a hurt Miyamoto, ready for his next battle, with a sword in hand. Laurelupo is a Canadian Artist, who prides themselves on their Tattoos for Otakus.

IG: laurelupo

Anime Tattoo Ideas 23

Draken and Mikey Blackwork Tattoo

Draken and Mikey are a symbol of friendship and brotherly love. The best friends are from an anime series called Tokyo Revengers. The strong duo live through many adventures, constantly fighting for their lives in the streets of Tokyo, Japan. This illustrative blackwork tattoo was done by Faella in Brazil.


Anime Tattoo Ideas 24

Yami Sukekiro Half-Sleeve Tattoo

Yami Sukekiro is a Magic Knight, from the anime series Black Clover. The tall swordsman is known for his immense power, and his reckless personality. This blackwork tattoo shows the visage of the man, whose legacy is built upon outstanding might. The signature style of Wade Whitman gives this piece an invaluable look that cannot be recreated by other artists.

IG: wade.whitman

Anime Tattoo Ideas 25

Sukuna Leg Tattoo for Women

Ryomen Sukuna is the main antagonist from the anime series, Jujutsu Kaisen. The reincarnation of an evil spirit, residing inside the body of Yuji Itadori, a young demon hunter. The manga panel tattooed on the woman’s thigh shows Sukuna’s bloodthirst, as he stared into his sharp nails and open hand. A gorgeous linework piece done by the expert anime tattooer, Almu, from Madrid.

IG: almtattoo

Anime Tattoo Ideas 26

Shoto Todoroki Leg Tattoo

Young Shoto is a character from the popular anime and manga series, My Hero Academia. His dichotomy of cold and hot grants his personality a twist of duality, that is perfectly reflected in his appearance. This linework leg tattoo plays with illustrative elements. Done by the Manga tattooer, Hash, from Paris.

IG: hash.artwork

Anime Tattoo Ideas 27

Noble Rengoku Arm Tattoo

Also known as “The Flame Hashira”, Kyojuro Rengoku is one of the most noble characters in the Demon Slayer’s series. Known for his cheerful attitude and his selfless actions, Rengoku smiles, even through the harshness of battle. The illustrative linework tattoo utilizes color to add dramatic effect and capture the essence of The Flame Hashira. Tattoo done by Sebastian, at the House of a Thousand Roses in Miami.

IG: sebastian_tattoo

Anime Tattoo Ideas 28

Itachi Uchiha Manga Tattoo

Itachi Uchiha is a young Shinobi that sacrificed everything for his brother and his village. The young ninja from the Uchiha Clan, belongs in the world of the anime and manga series, Naruto. The fine line tattoo borrows elements from blackwork and utilizes a shaded, dotwork approach to give the piece a more dramatic flair. Done by Yakir, an avid anime tattooer from Los Angeles.

IG: yakir.tattooer

Anime Tattoo Ideas 29

Kagome and InuYasha Leg Tattoo for Women

If you’re a child of the 90s, chances are you know the anime InuYasha. This iconic classic tells the story of Kagome Higurashi and her supernatural co-star, InuYasha. This blackwork tattoo shows the half-demon characteristics of InuYasha, the fox man. Done at Core Latino in Rome, by Martina. 

 IG: mar_tattoo

Anime Tattoo Ideas 30

Armored Titan Tattoo Arm Sleeve for Men

The Armored Titans are the biggest threat to the human race. First encountered in the battlefield near the Wall Maria, the warriors from Attack on Titan are astonished at his menacing presence. This colorful neotraditional half sleeve tattoo depicts the Armored Titan, as smoke comes from his eyes, and he lets out a scream of rage. Done by Toni Angar in Spain.

IG: toniangar

Anime Tattoo Ideas 31

Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo Tattoo

Midoriya and Bakugo are childhood friends that later engage in a rivalry. Their combat takes place inside the manga and anime series, My Hero Academia. Their friendship turns toxic, and though they were once very close, the duo is forced to fight. This blackwork tattoo was done by the Korean artist, Nunu.

IG: nunu.ttt

Anime Tattoo Ideas 32

Titan Eren Tattoo Sleeve for Men

This Attack on Titan tattoo sleeve is a true masterpiece. Its intricate design includes elements from the anime series, such as Eren Yaeger in his titan form, which is the focal point of the piece. It is truly outstanding to see the realistic approach, woven in blackwork style and drawn with amazing illustrations. Done in France by Ken.

IG: ken.inkaholiks