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30 Alluring Black Rose Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women to Inspire You in 2023

While the rose is a flower of love, different colors are often associated with different meanings. The Black Rose, for example, is a very popular option for tattoo lovers because of its meaningful symbolism: new beginnings, rebirth, and light at the end of the tunnel. Furthermore, these designs also look incredibly amazing, like a charming mystery that no one can resist.

But before you go and get your own Black Rose tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most mysterious, charming, and alluring Black Rose tattoo ideas for 2023. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 1

Blackwork Tattoo of Rose on Shoulder and Upper Arm

First off you should know is that I adore blackwork rose tattoos. They’re absolutely sultry, and downright sexy. If you like something that takes up a little space, this one might be your cup of tea. I love how the design perfectly mirrors the curves of the shoulder, and then flows beautifully down the arm. Pretty awesome work by the artist IG: @@f_bianco!

IG: f_bianco_

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 2

Blackwork Tattoo of Rose with Woman’s Face

This piece is just absolutely gorgeous, and it’s from the same artist as the last one. I really like how the woman’s face adds such a nice mysterious touch. The shading is beautiful and those small areas of heavy opaque black inking perfectly frame the tattoo.

IG: f_bianco_

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 3

Sketch Tattoo of Black Rose on Calf

Such an eye-catching piece of ink! The sketch effect definitely makes an impression on me right away. It actually looks like the artist took pen to paper, in this case ink to skin, to create this alluring design. The calf is also the perfect “canvas” for this long linear tattoo.

IG: 0one_tattoo

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 4

Realistic Arm Tattoo of Black Rose and Butterfly

I love this beautiful piece! It has a very feminine and calming energy, which I absolutely adore. It looks to me like the butterfly is born out of the pretty roses, and I think that’s such a lovely image by itself – not to mention the artist’s skillful execution!

IG: peria_tattoo

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 5

Blackwork Tattoo of Black Rose on Arm

I love how it seems like the rose is simply printed on the client’s skin, because of how well the ink is packed. These solid black opacities are to die for. Interesting also, how well the rose tattoo goes with the other existing tattoos, too. If you like this style, definitely check out the artist at IG: @gonytattoo!

IG: gonytattoo

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 6

Blackwork Tattoo of Woman Adorned With Roses

I am so drawn to tattoos like this, because everything about it is simply alluring: the intensity, the imagery, and the whole design idea. My favorite detail is the black line coming out from the woman’s eye. Is it her tear or a crack on her face? Either way, it’s so interesting to look at. I Love it!

IG: 9rukim

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 7

Brushwork Tattoo of Black Rose Over Ribs

Here comes something for fans of brushwork. It really looks like the artist used an ordinary brush to create the graceful lines and strokes seen here. I also really like the composition of this piece, because it lies right at a very sweet spot over the client’s ribs.

IG: pppppppptattoo

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 8

Blackwork Tattoo of Rose Over Biceps

 Another powerful blackwork piece, this one showcasing a more realistic image. My favorite detail are definitely the tiny thorns. Running your hand over this tattoo, you might anticipate be pierced by them The artist did a great job breathing life into this pretty flower!

IG: tattoo_chamsae

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 9

Blackwork Forearm Tattoo of Dragon With Roses

If you’re into a more Asian style, you might like having a dragon tattooed alongside some roses. The stippled surface you see on the rose is created using the specialized technique of whip shading. The resulting surface texture and detailing is absolutely beautiful.

IG: f_bianco_

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 10

Blackwork Tattoo of Rose with Teeth and Crescent Moon

What if the tooth fairy is actually a Black Rose? What a creative and interesting idea, right? I really like how the Crescent moon appears to be “stamped” across the rose petals, adding such an edgy, mysterious vibe to the whole piece! I find this tattoo to be exquisite, from its design, to its shading, to itsplacement. Perfection!

IG: evil.chef

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 11

Black and Gray Tattoo of Roses Below Collarbone

We’ve seen a handful of blackwork designs, so here comes something slightly different, inked in black and gray style. I really like the graceful look of this tattoo, which perfectly highlights the delicate contours of the collarbone. I do feel that a slightly more linear outline might better fit this location. But overall, an awesome work by the artist IG: @donghwa_tattoo!

IG: donghwa_tattoo

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 12

Old School Blackwork Arm Tattoo of Rose

This is something for those of you who like traditional tattoo style. I love the bold lines and the fully black opaque rose petals. They make such a strong impact, immediately catching your attention. The use of negative or uninked space completes the design, truly making this tattoo a winner. Amazing work by the artist IG: @seoneul_tattoo!

IG: seoneul_tattoo

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 13

Blackwork Tattoo of Rose and Lucky Charms on Forearm

First things first, I love the whip shading seen here, as it adds so much texture and dimension to the tattoo. With this beautiful shading, outlines and placement, the two lucky charms are then like…“Icing On The Cake”

IG: 9rukim

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 14

Black and Gray Forearm Tattoo of Rose

This is such a beautiful rose! I love how the artist uses white highlights to create a gorgeous silver glow on the petals. The white ink perfectly creates a source of light which is reflected off the petals. Again we see how the forearm provides the perfect “canvas” for a long, slender design.

IG: jku_tattoo

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 15

Forearm Tattoo of Black Rose with Whip Shading

If you’re a fan of whip shading, you’re probably already in love with this piece. The resulting stippled surface of the rose is exquisite, rich with texture. The heavy outlines of each petal further highlight the surface of the rose. The dotwork shading on the leaves is equally impressive. Props to the artist IG: @9rukim for this beautiful work.

IG: 9rukim

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 16

Blackwork Tattoo of Black Rose on Forearm

Hands down, this one is probably my favorite design on the list. There’s something so abstract about it, and this makes it even more fascinating. It reminds me of a champagne glass. I really like the sketchy lines surrounding the leaves and the petals, which look a bit like a spider web. Such an alluring, mysterious vibe. Love It!

IG: encretattoo

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 17

Blackwork Tattoo of Rose on Lower Leg and Back of Hands

This client has such an awesome collection of Black Rose tattoos! I love how each of them is a little different, but somehow they still look so good together. As you can see, many clients fall in love with one style and consistently stick with it for all their tattoos. It definitely provides a cohesive look. The hand tattoos appear older, showing some fading which will probably require touch-ups in the future. Nonetheless, they’re all beautiful.

IG: maia_forster

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 18

Forearm Tattoo of Black Rose With Linework Shading

I love the look of linework shading, with its very classic appearance. The thin, even black lines add so much dimension to the petals and leaves, while the solid black outlines add interest to the piece. These outlines are sharp and crisp, so nice in relation to the dainty feel of the rose.

IG: dopeydraws

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 19

Black and Gray Tattoo of Rose on Forearm

I love the shading in this piece. The flower petals and the leaves all look so alive, almost as if they are reaching out to you. Like many forearm tattoos, this one has long, slender dimensions. What’s interesting, and different, is how the stem here is intentionally not centered. Wonder if you like this variation?

IG: baegx_

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 20

Minimal Black Rose Tattoo on Forearm

This one’s a little smaller and simpler, for those of you who don’t like anything too complicated. And who said roses are just for women? Obviously not this client! I personally think it looks awesome on his forearm, and pretty sexy too. Nice work by the artist IG: @adi_inc

IG: adi_inc

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 21

Custom Tattoo of Black Rose on Forearm

This design looks really unique, thanks to the knots on the branch. They almost look like twisted metal fences, reminiscent of barbed wire. I wonder if the meaning here is: even something beautiful can “bite”, or look but don’t touch? Overall, I find the shading in this piece to be beautiful. Excellent tattoo from the artist IG: @alexvasconcelosb!

IG: alexvasconcelosb

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 22

Black and Gray Tattoo of Rose on Side of Neck

I love the placement of this piece. It’s bold, because obviously it’s very visible, but definitely worthy of all the attention it will get. Real inking skill is on display in this tattoo from the beautiful shading, to the steady lines, to the creative use of negative or uninked space. Although the linear dimension of the design accentuates the neck, I think the rose could have been designed to better follow the contours below the ear.

IG: tatawitt

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 23

Blackwork Tattoo of Rose on Calf

How about a fully opaque design? It looks simple, but it makes such a strong statement! I like how this tattoo fits right between the other existing ones, definitely complementing them. I think the lines are a bit uneven and that the ink could have been better packed on the rose, but overall this is an impressive piece.

IG: gangtatts

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 24

Old School Blackwork Tattoo of Rose Behind Ear

This is an absolutely iconic piece. I really like how it’s both intimidating and beautiful at the same time. The stem perfectly follows the contours behind the ear, with the rose itself dangling down onto the open space below it. This tattoo follows the style of the earlier ones. Unfortunately you can see how fading has occurred in these. For more cool tattoo inspiration, definitely check out the artist’s personal profile at IG: @jayscarmato!

IG: jayscarmato

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 25

Black and Gray Tattoo of Rose Over Triceps

The best part about this piece is probably the black ink dripping off of the leaves. Don’t you think it looks like blood, or maybe dew drops? I’m not sure, but it definitely adds movement and energy to this piece. And the location over the triceps is perfect, guaranteeing easy viewing by all. An incredible piece by the artist IG: @ye__hoo, another talented artist from South Korea..

IG: ye___ho

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 26

Blackwork Tattoo of Rose

I really like the fact that there are no solid outlines in this design, which makes this tattoo look so dreamy and magical. This also adds dimension and a 3D effect. The white highlights on the petals, well they’re like…The Cherry On Top!  This awesome ink piece is from the studio of artist IG: @tattooist_soma!

IG: tattooist_soma

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 27

Blackwork Rose Tattoo on Forearm

This tattoo has such a cool ink effect; it makes me feel like the rose comes straight out of an alternate reality, or simulation of some sort. The fact that the rose has no clear outline also makes the piece mysterious and eye-catching. I absolutely adore the use of negative or uninked space and exquisite shading on display here. Beautiful

IG: baegx_

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 28

Old School Blackwork Tattoo of Rose With Chains

The chains in this piece definitely caught my attention. I really like how they bring such an edgy vibe to the whole piece, not to mention the big, sharp thorns that look so cool inked in Old School style. The theme seen here, along with the blackwork, definitely make Old School…New

IG: ezratattoos

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 29

Black and Gray Tattoo of Rose on Forearm

This piece really made me speechless for a moment. There’s so much to love, from the muted gradients of black and gray tones, to the lack of outlines “allowing” some petals to drift away, to the subtle highlighting with white ink. And the fact that it’s on the outer forearm, means it’s readily visible for all to see.

IG: peria_tattoo

Black Rose Tattoo Ideas 30

Black Watercolor Tattoo of Rose on Forearm

We’re at the end of our list. If the previous one looks like it belongs to a beautiful princess, this one has a more mysterious vibe. Have you ever seen black ink applied in watercolor style? Here the artist applies it in drips and splashes, giving this Black Rose an other-worldly look. Stunning

IG: baegx_

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!