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13 Popular Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

For many years, the Celtic Cross has been a way for people of Irish and European heritage to stay connected to their history. These burial stones can be found all over Europe but mostly in Ireland and are a symbol of the life-giving properties of the sun. Most individuals who either have pagan ancestry or follow the pagan religion today, adorn their bodies with these symbolic crosses. Others simply admire the artistry of Celtic Crosses.

But before you go and get your own Celtic Cross tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the best and most intricate Celtic Cross tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas 1

Custom Black and Gray Celtic Cross With Skulls Tattoo On Man’s Back

Welcome to another list of tattoos to inspire you in 2024. Today’s focus is Celtic Crosses and boy do we have some cool pieces for you.
First up is this awesome custom Celtic Cross, I say custom because the artist uses an image from the internet and adda onto it, to create a design for their client. What’s cool about this piece is the symmetry. I love that the artist perfectly mirrors both sides. The placement in the center of the back is really cool and will definitely turn heads when he takes his shirt off.

IG: kingdom_ink_vermont

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas 2

Dainty Black and Gray Celtic Cross Rosary Tattoo On the Hand

The rosary is a popular religious element people like to get tattooed; usually they get a cross that represents the Catholic faith but here we have a really intricate Celtic Cross. The way it wraps around the client’s arm is very cool and the added highlights on the beads and cross give this tattoo depth.

IG: ozzyink_art

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas 3

Intricate Blackwork Celtic Cross Tattoo

Blackwork tattoos are becoming ever so popular and that’s because almost any design looks good in this style, especially this Celtic Cross. I love the way the artist shades the knots, giving them an almost three-dimensional feel, which is needed for this type of design, to avoid it from appearing flat.

IG: bill__harrington

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas 4

Black and Gray Skin Rip Celtic Cross Arm Tattoo

There was a time when every single person wanted a skin rip tattoo; most of them would have a batman or superman logo under it but this one takes Celtic Cross tattoos to a whole new level. The shading and negative spacing in this piece are so well done. I love the way the artist does the skin rip. It looks very realistic, which means this is an amazing job, 10/10.

IG: briannetattoos

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas 5

Realistic Black and Gray Celtic Cross Tattoo On Forearm

Many Celtic Cross tattoos are done in a realistic or black and gray style, but this one, in particular, is incredible. The artist does an amazing job at creating a stone-like appearance that ties in with the origin of the Celtic Cross, which were carved from stone all over Ireland. I love the placement on the forearm; the shape of the design is perfect for this spot.

IG: iconicinkkevin

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas 6

Amazing Color Realistic Celtic Cross On Man’s Arm

While most of the Celtic Cross tattoos on this list are done in black and gray, here we have a gorgeous scene done in full color. The muted tones chosen for this piece really do the piece justice. My favorite part are the clouds coming over the cross, adding that extra bit of depth to this tattoo and bringing the cross to the foreground. This is one impressive half-sleeve, I wonder if the client will add more onto it in the future?

IG: seanduffytattoos

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas 7

Uniquely Placed Blackwork Celtic Cross Tattoo On Man’s Hand

Hand tattoos are always a bold statement; what’s unique about this one is how it’s placed. It’s facing the client which means that it has significant meaning and isn’t only meant to be something pretty to look at. I love the intricate details, although, with something this small and where it’s placed, the likeliness of the ink bleeding out is high. Unfortunately, in a few years most of the details will be lost.

IG: johnb.designs

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas 8

Blackwork/Color Celtic Cross With a Heart Tattoo On Guy’s Thigh

This Celtic Cross is such a stunning addition to this client’s body. The pop of red in the heart breaks away from the blackwork and complements it beautifully, bringing it to the foreground and making it the centerpiece that draws your eye in. I like that the artist uses negative spacing rather than linework and shading for detailing. Great Choice.

IG: leahtattoos631

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas 9

Fineline Black and Gray Celtic Cross Forearm Tattoo

The forearm seems to be a popular area to get Celtic Crosses; it might be because tattoos on the forearm are closer to your body. The fine linework matched with smooth shading makes for one awesome tattoo. I love how clean the lines are, although this tattoo looks like it’s going to fade a bit over time. Luckily all it will need is another once-over.

IG: ray_perea

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas 10

Stunning Blackwork Celtic Cross Arm Tattoo

Talk about “bold will hold”, this Celtic Cross will definitely withstand the test of time. I love the sketchy almost abstract style this piece is done in. It definitely suits the blackwork and overall design. I like the placement on the arm too and the cool part is there’s enough room to add more tattoos around it or add onto the Celtic Cross itself in the future.

IG: elias.deandrade

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas 11

Gorgeous Blackwork Celtic Cross Arm Tattoo

There’s not a single bad thing I could say about this tattoo. The linework is impeccable, the shading is amazing, and the design itself is perfection. I love that it’s on the arm, great placement choice. It could perhaps have gone slightly further up, but it still looks great where it is.

IG: mv_tattooer

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas 12

Black and Gray Four-Leaf Clover Celtic Cross Tattoo On Guy’s Forearm

We’ve reached the end of our list and the final tattoo is a beauty. I love that the design incorporates a four-leaf clover, a symbol of the luck of the Irish. The placement is quite unique because it’s not fully on the forearm but wraps around onto the outer forearm. Another thing worth mentioning is how realistic the tattoo is; the artist was aiming for a stone-like look and hit the nail on the head.

IG: su_ink_tattoo

Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas 13

Neat Blackwork Celtic Cross Tattoo On Forearm

I love that the artist uses white ink to accentuate the negative spacing. The design is really pretty and quite intricate, especially with all the loops and bends; it must have gotten a little confusing at times while tattooing it. Again, the forearm is the perfect spot for this piece as it’s a nice flat area with plenty of space.

IG: moreno_tattoo

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!