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34 Captivating Script Tattoo Ideas for Women & Men in 2024

Tattoos using written words are a beautiful way to express yourself through body art. Lettering and script tattoos for women are gaining popularity, with ideas ranging from motivational quotes and inspirational messages to the names of loved ones and significant milestones. There are so many different options you can choose from using a variety of design ideas!

But before you go and get your script tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most sexy, interesting, and fantastic script tattoos in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size and exact placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Script Tattoo Ideas 1

The Best Script Tattoo Ideas- Matching Thai Script Tattoos on Women’s Forearms

Script tattoos make great matching tattoo ideas, especially when traveling. This couple got matching forearm script tattoos in Thai. The Thai language is excellent for black ink designs because of the shape and flow of curving letters!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Script Tattoo Ideas 2

Thai Script Ankle Tattoo

Another professionally executed black ink Thai script tattoo. The letters are inked with a nice thickness and shape above the ankle. It’s a tricky area, but this design will have little trouble holding up over time.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Script Tattoo Ideas 3

“Sad” Little Man Script Tattoo

I love this alternative script tattoo, made from a series of little men. The design juxtaposes black ink and negative space to create contrast, with the tattooist bending the little man into different shapes to make words. It’s an interesting design concept executed with skill!

IG: oeltattoo

Script Tattoo Ideas 4

Women’s Upper Arm Blackwork Script Tattoo

I like the individuality in this upper arm script tattoo. The black ink font is crisp, and the lettering is spot on. The key feature is how the words slide down the arm and start to melt, becoming a single black line. It’s an excellent concept etched with professionalism.

IG: lit_tattoo_

Script Tattoo Ideas 5

Women’s Cursive Script Tattoo

I love the font choice and placement combination for this woman’s neck tattoo script. The large cursive font flows beautifully along the nape of the neck, and the flourish of splashing ink is a nice touch that works well with the theme. While script tattoos are often simple, they can be as eye-catching as any image!

IG: silas.becks

Script Tattoo Ideas 6

Woman’s Script Tattoo on Upper Thigh

I love the concept and execution of this large font script tattoo, although I’m not sure I could put it on my skin. The solid black ink looks disorientingly blurry – an excellent piece of technical application at either end of each letter makes them hazy and out of focus.

IG: poesie_muette

Script Tattoo Ideas 7

Red Ink Cursive Rib Tattoo for Women

This small rib tattoo features the word angel in red-colored ink. It looks good in contrast to the client’s skin tone and the absence of other tattoo work covering her ribs and belly. The location should mean the red ink holds up well over time.

IG: amylowdontattoo

Script Tattoo Ideas 8

“Amore” Graffiti Style Script Tattoo

This amore (love) tattoo is an exceptional ‘belly filler.’ The piece mixes a base graffiti font with a split shading method similar to ambigram script tattoos. The artist’s application skills are first-class. The work balances clean, crisp lines against clever shading depth.

IG: moskid_tattoo

Script Tattoo Ideas 9

Colorful Women’s Forearm Script Tattoo

A beautiful tattoo on the woman’s outer forearm. The design is perfect for any traveler, matching the cursive “onward adventure” script with a black ink airplane. I love how the trailing smoke from the jet creates the colorful transition ink of the text.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Script Tattoo Ideas 10

Cursive Women’s Forearm Tattoo

This small cursive tattoo is placed just above the wrist and reads “Happy ending.” Affirmation tattoos are often placed at various points of the forearm as it’s a good location for reminding the person, yet can still be covered up if necessary. This design is professional – clean black ink in a pleasing cursive font that will likely hold up well as it ages.

IG: baekryeon_tattoo

Script Tattoo Ideas 11

Custom Chrome Lettering Tattoo Design

I love this custom color forearm tattoo. The artist has given it excellent pop by crafting a 3D chrome effect popular with car and motorcycle lovers. The skulls work well with the word chaos, and the color scheme makes the tattoo bright and visually attractive.

IG: ansya_got_game

Script Tattoo Ideas 12

Digital Lettering Tattoo on Woman's Forearm

This script tattoo is an epic design idea matched by skilled application. The tattoo has been applied so the wearer can read it in front of the mirror. Given that there is a date, time, and weight measurement in the digital-style script, the design is a marker for the birth of a baby.

IG: roy_ta2

Script Tattoo Ideas 13

Upper Arm Script Tattoo for Women

This tattoo spells happiness in a mixture of upper and lower case lettering. Using two lowercase letters in the middle to spell pi is a nice touch! The highlight of this upper arm tattoo is the layering of four colored inks into the script so that the outline of each letter provides a nifty border for them to work within.

IG: tattooist_hei

Script Tattoo Ideas 14

Circular Black Ink Script Tattoo

A well-etched circular black ink script tattoo. It’s a significant tribute piece for the client, signifying her daughter’s name (who passed away). The black ink script is clean and robust, while the circular pattern utilizes sound spacing and shape.

IG: richi.tats

Script Tattoo Ideas 15

Korean Family Name Script Tattoo

This inner forearm tribute tattoo illustrates the character symbol of the woman’s parent (in Korean). The transition shading goes from heavy black ink to a nearly translucent gray color and is well done.

IG: choiyun_tattoo

Script Tattoo Ideas 16

Gothic Script Tattoo on Woman’s Neck

This woman’s neck tattoo is a tidy example of black ink gothic script. The lettering for the word resilience is effective – it’s solid and crisply drawn up. The design will have no issues holding up as it ages.

IG: poesie_muette

Script Tattoo Ideas 17

Magazine Cutout Lettering Tattoo

This unique script tattoo is one of my favorites in the gallery. It’s reminiscent of a ransom note cut from a magazine and then sent to the authorities. I love the mix of white and black ink letters contrasted against bright, solid-fill colors and how they seem to be applied randomly. It’s a new-school design with old-school sensibilities.

IG: pureum_tattoo

Script Tattoo Ideas 18

Heavy Black Ink Thai Script Tattoo

This heavy black ink script tattoo says, “Be inspired.” I like the smoothly inked, thicker black lines that look more like a Sharpie drawing than a needle impression.

IG: amata_zzz

Script Tattoo Ideas 19

3D Effect Script Tattoo on Woman’s Arm

The simplicity of this 3D script tattoo makes it stand out (and makes it a much cheaper tattoo). The clever outline ink does the heavy lifting. The mix of black ink and white highlights allows the negative space inside the tattoo to make the effect that’s popping off the skin. It looks like an old 3D word from a computer screensaver.

IG: gullytattoo

Script Tattoo Ideas 20

Colorful ‘Love’ Lettering Tattoo

This color forearm tattoo depicts LOVE in a quasi-3D design. The design uses four colors, with each letter touching the one next to it. This lettering technique makes for an intentionally jumbled word and adds a more profound meaning to the design – for what is love, if not a bit messy.

IG: lit_tattoo_

Script Tattoo Ideas 21

Neo-Contemporary Women’s Script Tattoo

A bold, two-layer script tattoo using two types of lettering. It’s a brilliantly produced tattoo crafted with great skill and a fitting application style for the ink’s message. The red block font matches the black spray paint perfectly- adding small white highlights is a clever method of creating more sharpness in contrast.

IG: lit_tattoo_

Script Tattoo Ideas 22

Chinese Calligraphy Women’s Forearm Tattoo

I love the execution of this Chinese calligraphy tattoo. The characters are beautifully brushed onto the skin in deft strokes, just like they would be if painted. The depth and vibrancy of the black ink and the precise spacing of each character further showcase the artist’s masterful skillset.


Script Tattoo Ideas 23

Chicano Script Tattoo on Woman’s Shoulder

A wonderfully placed and executed Chicano-style script tattoo. The flowing letters (which spell out loyalty) are applied with beautifully flowing linework, and the black and red color palette mixes flawlessly at different points along the script.

IG: stillballin6_

Script Tattoo Ideas 24

Delicate Handwritten Script Tattoo

A lovely single-needle script tattoo. The simple, handwritten design is etched cleanly above the elbow. The little smiley face at the end of the lettering is a beautiful, friendly touch that works well with the letters.

IG: handitrip

Script Tattoo Ideas 25

Colorful Handwritten Women’s Script Tattoo

Another cool handwritten script tattoo, this time on the woman’s ankle. The colored inks match up well, and the flowers are an intelligent choice to bookend/finish off the tattoo. The tattoo is cheerful and happy, much like euphoria can be!

IG: _tan_tattoo

Script Tattoo Ideas 26

Large Poetic Script Tattoo on Woman’s Back

This epic back tattoo is based on ‘A Season in Hell’ by the famous French poet Arthur Rimbaud. I love the clean upper case letters matched against the header’s significantly larger hollow font. The solid, long-stemmed black rose is the piece’s highlight that artfully ties all the text together. Magnifique!

IG: poesie_muette

Script Tattoo Ideas 27

Balloon ‘23’ Thigh Tattoo

Script tattoos can include numbers! This grayscale 23 looks just like helium birthday balloons. The shading techniques giving the numbers a silvery, reflective sheen are spot-on, and the design also makes good use of thigh space. It wouldn’t have the same impact if it were a smaller tattoo placed elsewhere!

IG: jenniferpalomaa

Script Tattoo Ideas 28

Inner Forearm Script Tattoo for Women

A women’s script tattoo on the inner forearm featuring a motivational phrase. The linework letters for this piece are well done, but you can tell it’s inked freehand because it’s not entirely in straight lines. Some people don’t mind this naturalistic approach, while others will downright hate it and need it to be exact. Make sure you know which one you are before you attempt.

IG: tattoobydorna

Script Tattoo Ideas 29

‘Dirty Love’ Lettering Chest Tattoo

An epic chest tattoo combining elements of graffiti and ambigram script tattoos. The design spells out ‘dirty love’ with negative space, and the cleverly applied tattooing supports the non-tattooed area to make the clean skin the focal point. Using black and red coloring in the central filler, with grayscale smoke effects, further demonstrates the artist’s framing, spacing, and filler skills.

IG: dannielcuervo

Script Tattoo Ideas 30

Women’s Upper Arm Handwritten Script Tattoo

Another simple but effective black ink handwritten tattoo on the upper arm. This one says ‘love is courage’ in German. I like the choice to make each word go on a separate line – it makes the tattoo bigger and fits the freehand linework application.


Script Tattoo Ideas 31

Flower and Letter M Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo features a thickly inked M framed by two beautiful roses. It’s a tremendous small design applied with great skill. The realistic, delicately colored flowers contrast against the bold lettering.

IG: _rony_tattoo

Script Tattoo Ideas 32

Black Ink Script Tattoo on Woman’s Shoulder

I don’t recognize the language of this character tattoo, but it’s applied with precision and an excellent eye for flowing linework. The tattoo looks fresh and exciting, and I love the placement between the collarbone and the upper arm. The vivid black ink will hold up very well as it ages.

IG: tattooer_jina

Script Tattoo Ideas 33

Artistic Upper Arm Script Tattoo

This tattoo adds a lightly etched artistic script to three musical notes. It uses a delicate cursive style with a light application that may not hold up firmly over time. The wearer may need to re-touch the script so it matches the music.

IG: pppppppptattoo

Script Tattoo Ideas 34

Hebrew Script Tattoo on Forearm

This Hebrew script tattoo spells Emanuel down the woman’s arm. Again, it’s a simple design, but the lettering is clean, and each gap in the tattoo is precise.

IG: tattooer_jina