You came to Thailand to create great memories, right?

Well at Panumart Tattoo we offer you a truly one-of-a-kind Thai experience.

Pictured in the middle, Ahm is the owner and one of the artists at Panumart Tattoo. Ahm studied fine arts in university and trained professionally to become a tattoo artist before opening our shop.
Not only will you get a great tattoo, but you will get to see a part of Chiang Mai and a side of Thailand that very few tourists have ever gotten to see. You’ll get to meet real Thai people and you’ll get to view Thai culture in a legit Thai household (it’s nice and clean, don’t worry).
You’ve already traveled halfway around the globe to reach here, make sure to go to a tattoo shop worthy of your journey. Come visit us at Panumart Tattoo!

Located in the Chiang Mai suburb of Pa Daet, we at Panumart Tattoo invite you into our home.

Tattoo Chiang Mai - When you want to get tattooed in Thailand, come visit us over at Panumart Tattoo!
Before becoming a professional Ahm studied under one of Chiang Mai's top tattoo artists.

I’m Ryan Astaphan. I handle the tech and business side of Panumart Tattoo, but the star of the show is my wife Ahm. In just a short time she’s become one of Chiang Mai’s hottest tattoo artists. People like her because she’s sociable and treats them with respect. Happy customers and well-done tattoos bring her legitimate joy.

If you choose to come visit us I believe you’ll leave happy having met Ahm and having gotten your tattoo from her.

We are a home-based shop that is located on a cute rural road. Just a couple of hundred of meters from us is where a family of cows live – a neighbor of ours tends to them. We’re basically the least likely place you’d expect to find a tattoo shop, but that’s part of what makes us the perfect place to visit.


  • Visiting us will take you away from Chiang Mai’s tourist traps.
  • You’ll get to hang out in a cool setting.
  • You’ll get a taste of real Thai culture.
  • And when you come you’ll be the only customer we have that day, which means you get a chance to listen to music, watch television or watch a movie as you wish. More important, it means you get treated with importance.

Just feet away from our tattoo room is this beautiful, relaxing garden.

About Ahm

Favorite tattoo style: Realistic

Ahm had an interest in art from a young age. She pursued that interest as she studied fine arts in university.

In October of 2016, Ahm began training professionally to become a tattoo artist. This is rare, as many artists in Thailand are self-taught. Having received professional training from her tattoo teacher and classical training in university, Ahm quickly learned how to make really nice tattoos.

Outside of work, Ahm likes spending time with her son (who you may very well meet in the shop), watching movies, eating food and traveling.

View Ahm's work here in our tattoo gallery.


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