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30 Awesome Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas for 2024

“The sun is up, the sky is blue. It’s beautiful, and so are you.” These words from John Lennon of The Beatles speak true to the blue butterfly tattoos you’re so interested in getting. Blue is a lovely color. You view yourself beautifully, just like you do for butterflies. So it only makes sense that you want to create body art on your lovely self.

But before you go and get your own blue butterfly tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking blue butterfly tattoo designs of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea for your next piece of ink.

With that said, let’s begin.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 1

Fineline with Color Butterfly Tattoo on Upper Back

Offset by the Crescent moon and florals, this butterfly has found its perfect home. Framed by the shoulders, it’s as beautiful as any piece of jewelry. Bold black lines accented with blue and green add detail to the butterfly and contrast nicely with the delicate lines of the florals. The dangling emerald is the finishing touch. With a touch of white ink it even sparkles like a real jewel. Gorgeous.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 2

Realistic Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Arm

Most people love butterflies and wouldn’t mind one landing right on their arm. This pretty one gets to stay there forever to be admired. The thin lines, color and shading are all beautiful. Adding visual interest and realism are the pops of white ink along the black edges especially the lines at the top.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 3

We hope you enjoy these blue butterfly tattoo ideas!

A dagger piercing a flower is often symbolic of betrayal and heartbreak. Of course it’s helpful to remember that transformation and new beginnings are possible as symbolized by the butterfly. On a technical level this tattoo showcases whip shading; a specialized technique used to create a stippled or salt and pepper effect. The linear aspect of the design fits perfectly over the forearm with the Crescent moon the jewel at the top. 

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 4

Minimal Butterfly Tattoo Over Woman’s Sternum

The sternum is always a perfect spot to place a tattoo creating a focal point. With no background or shadow added, this butterfly has a static quality to it much like a sticker. Without total realism being achieved it still will earn many compliments.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 5

Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo With Florals on Inner Biceps

It looks like this artist was going for perfection. The thin black lines; perfect. The skilled application of color; perfect. The heavy black shading on the butterfly’s edges; perfect. The black body of the butterfly connects it to the branch resulting in a design that’s perfect.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 6

Two Sweet Butterfly Tattoos on Woman’s Ankle

Who wouldn’t love these two sweet butterflies; their blue and purple tones are beautiful. Set at different angles, it looks like they’re in a “dance” together. Luckily they won’t be flying off anywhere.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 7

New School Butterfly Tattoo on Biceps

New School style has its roots in (what else?) Old School. They’re both characterized by bold outlines and simple colors but the themes have changed. For Old School think Grandpa’s tattoo of a flag or pinup girl; not a butterfly. This butterfly has the added touches of white ink which make it a standout.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 8

Tattoo Of Butterfly Silhouette With Floral Pattern

Flowers and butterflies are a joy to look at so why not combine the two. Gracing the inner biceps, this butterfly is accented by a beautiful shade of blue. There’s also extensive detailing within its borders. As this is a small space real skill is required to execute this. Before committing to a similar design be sure your artist has the requisite skills by checking a portfolio.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 9

Pretty Pastel Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Wrist

The remedy for a dreary day; this pretty pastel butterfly of course. One glance down at your wrist and thoughts of a summer day are sure to come to mind. The pastel colors are precisely applied with a few dabs of color floating about. Appearing like petals from a flower, they’re a nice touch adding interest to the overall design.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 10

Two Small Blue Butterfly Tattoos

It can’t be said enough, butterflies can look good tattooed anywhere on your body – just make sure you orient them so that they look good on the location you choose.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 11

Realistic 3D Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

Doesn’t it look like this butterfly just landed on this woman’s back? That’s achieved with the use of fine lines, contrast and shading which together create a 3D effect. But what really achieves this realism is the inking of a shadow around the edges of the butterfly. Amazing.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 12

Half Butterfly / Half Floral Watercolor Tattoo on Front Shoulder

The butterfly alone would have been beautiful as would the flowers; combining them doubles the visual appeal. Although the two halves have similar shapes they’re not mirror images. For some this makes for a more interesting design. The location of the tattoo is beautifully framed by the shoulder and collar bone. Something to consider: positioning the design at a slight angle which might make it even more appealing. What do you think?

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 13

Blackwork and Color Butterfly Forearm Tattoo

Butterflies can be dainty looking or dramatic. Of course Blackwork style with its solid planes of black ink always imparts drama to any design. Here the boldness of the Blackwork is nicely offset by muted pastels and thin black lines. Some whip shading serves up a stippled effect in the background adding an element of 3D to the mix.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 14

3D Blue Butterfly Tattoo on a Woman’s Shoulder

When getting an ultra-realistic color tattoo, there is an important decision that needs to be made:

  • Have no background and have the tattoo look like a sticker
  • Add a background
  • Or add a shadow and make it look like the tattoo is an actual 3D object sitting atop your body

You can see that this customer chose the shadow and wow, does this butterfly look realistic or what?!

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 15

Floral With Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo on Upper Back

From the thin lines and shading of the florals, to the shades of blue, black lines and white ink of the butterfly, this is an exquisite tattoo. Alluringly set on an angle, the butterfly seems integral to the design and not an add-on; appearing to be part of the branch itself. Love This Tattoo!

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 16

Geometric Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Outer Forearm

Combine Geometric, Ornamental, Fineline and Watercolor styles and you get this beautiful, unique tattoo. Skillful inking across all these different styles is evidenced here. Its positioning on the outer forearm then allows this design to be admired by many. I’m not sure what all this means but that can always be the basis for an interesting conversation.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 17

Floral Butterfly Tattoo

Here’s another design where the butterfly looks like it just landed on the flowers. It’s amazing how real it looks. What creates this is the use of dark shadows around the edges of the butterfly. What’s interesting is that these shadows work double duty as they also form the florals. Very Creative.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 18

Realistic Color Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo

Wow does this look real. The shadows around the butterfly are actually inked (of course) and make this butterfly look like it’s fluttering right above the skin. Its angled positioning then adds to the realism and of course beautifully accents the shoulder.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 19

Blue Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Chest

This butterfly tattoo looks like a beautiful Watercolor painting with the butterfly serving as the canvas. There’s a light, airy feel to the design thanks to the Watercolor style employed. The colors are lightly dabbed on with wonderful shading on display. Set at an angle, this is one beautiful butterfly.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 20

Two Cute Minimal Butterfly Tattoos With Color on Woman’s Thigh

These two little butterflies are so sweet and look like a happy pair. With a beautiful turquoise color and black outlines they’re small but mighty. Perfect for the Tattoo-Newbie.

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Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 21

Custom Blue Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

With a custom tattoo you can have whatever design you want. Here the moon’s phases are illustrated with the day sky accenting the left wing and the night sky the right. Different moons surround the butterfly along with pretty Linework and Ornamental accents. Not only is this an impressive design but it’s yours and yours alone.

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Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 22

Half Butterfly Tattoo With Blue Flowers

This is such a beautiful tattoo. From the varying shades of blue, to the tiny pops of yellow and green to the exquisitely fine lines, this tattoo looks like an artist picked up a brush to paint it. It’s made all the more interesting combining florals with the butterfly. One of a Kind.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 23

Pair of Fineline Butterfly Tattoos on Biceps

These delicate blue butterflies look like they’re made from a silky fabric. With their fine, fine lines they have a definite feminine feel. This design would be perfect for the tattoo-newbie who wants some ink without proclaiming it to the world.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 24

Half Butterfly Tattoo With Blue Flowers

This is such a beautiful tattoo. From the varying shades of blue, to the tiny pops of yellow and green to the exquisitely fine lines, this tattoo looks like an artist picked up a brush to paint it. It’s made all the more interesting combining florals with the butterfly. One of a Kind.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 25

Three Watercolor / Floral Butterfly Tattoos on Arm

With their opaque black inking and royal blue color, these are some dramatic looking butterflies. At first you might not even notice that florals make up one half of the butterfly design. It’s creatively changed up from the florals being symmetrical to the opposing wing. Tying these three butterflies together are the dabs of blue ink. Beautiful.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 26

Large Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo With Florals

At first glance this is a beautiful tattoo. The muted colors and delicate shading along with the twists and movement of the leaves and branches come together to create an amazing design. At second glance you realize that this is a creative take on a butterfly / floral design. Gracing the upper back, it doesn’t get better than this.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 27

Realistic Watercolor Half Butterfly / Half Floral Tattoo

Although the flowers don’t precisely mirror the wing of the butterfly, this design fits the half butterfly / half floral motif. Realistic style typically uses only blacks and grays but the addition of color is definitely welcome here. Shading then creates a sense of light emanating from beneath the wing; like a stained glass panel. The flowers similarly showcase beautiful shading. Very Pretty Indeed.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 28

Trio of Realistic Color Butterfly Tattoos on Forearm

Often we’ll see a trio of butterflies set at different angles creating a sense of movement. These three, neatly lined up, look more like stickers which is somewhat unexpected. With varying colors, each has beautiful lines and shading making these three butterflies look right at home together.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 29

Half Butterfly Watercolor Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Back

Beautiful blues and turquoise bring this butterfly to life. The colors are light and dabbed on reminiscent of a Watercolor painting. Whereas the right wing has defined outlines and highlights of black shading, swirls of color which look like drops of water make up the left wing. Together they make for one beautiful butterfly gracing this woman’s back.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 30

Minimal Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

Sometimes “Less is More as with this Minimal style tattoo. With a few “strokes” that appear to be painted on the skin, a beautiful butterfly is created. Set at an angle this little gem perfectly accents the shoulder. Nothing More Needed.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 31

Linework Butterfly Tattoo With Color on Forearm

We don’t have just one green (with blue) butterfly in this tattoo but four; and of course one very green eye. We also have lots of other things going on. Black and Gray style is used to render the realistic portrait and its accompanying background Mandala (a fractalized, geometric pattern). Even Dotwork is featured in this design. The finishing touch are the pops of white ink which especially on the face reflect as glimmers of light.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 32

Delicate Fineline Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

With thin black lines and light accents of opaque shading, this butterfly looks like it gently touched down on you. Fineline tattoos are favorites among the Insta-crowd so all eyes will be on you – or your post. Camera Please