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40 Awesome Butterfly Tattoos for MEN in 2024

You’re a modern man. Tough? Maybe. But one thing for sure is that you’re confident enough to put a butterfly tattoo on your skin. And why not? Butterflies are awesome. They start as these little caterpillars and then undergo an amazing transformation to become these beautiful, chill creatures that we love. A butterfly tattoo will look great on you!

But before you go and get your own butterfly tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the coolest, most stylish, and best-looking butterfly tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 1

Blackwork and Linework Butterfly/Crystal Tattoo

Here’s a creative take on the butterfly / floral tattoo with crystals added to the mix. Blackwork when done well is always impressive and powerful. That’s definitely evidenced in the heavy planes of black ink seen on the left. The Linework on the right is equally impressive with the lines showcasing meticulously steady ink application.

IG: melow_tattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 2

Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoos With Flames

This artist went for a more stylized, cartoonish butterfly instead of a realistic approach. But the long, sharp edges of the butterfly wings work really well with the fire flames that are coming off of it. The stars act as some nice filler to bring the piece together. Props to the artist @miss-preciouss out of Melbourne, Australia


Butterfly Tattoos for Men 3

Blackwork Butterfly With Knife Tattoo

This design is angled to make use of the space between the two older tattoos. Not only does it fit in nicely but its positioning creates heightened interest. The white ink applications adjacent to the negative spaces similarly increases interest. The netting is a nice extra touch.

IG: ___soyboy

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 4

Large Blackwork Butterfly on Chest

If you want a focal point on your body why not do it in a big way. The butterfly alone would work as would the tattoo of the Scales of Justice. Combining the two just makes for a bigger statement. With its perfect positioning, the butterfly highlights the chest and specifically the pectoral muscles. You then have bold Blackwork and whip shading used to create a stippled or salt and pepper effect. Add to the mix a little Ornamental detail and you get one eye-catching tattoo.

IG: marcusgillot_tattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 5

Blackwork Moth Wrist Tattoo

Fans of blackwork tattoos regularly place them on their body in a sticker-like fashion. With this piece, the customer placed the moth tattoo in an untraditional way along their forearm, but even then it looks nice. Props to artist Tyler Baker @tylerbaker

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 6

Large Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

The dark black shading of this butterfly is beautiful against this skin tone. The butterfly itself is detailed using thin lines and tones of gray. To complete the picture, the butterfly’s legs frame the knee. Looks like this butterfly found a perfect home.

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Butterfly Tattoos for Men 7

Black and Gray Butterfly on Neck

Looks like one fearless butterfly has landed amid all those snakes; and looks right at home. Somehow all this ink looks good together. The gray tones used to shade the butterfly are beautiful and contrast really nicely with the opaque black edges. Set at an angle, this butterfly is perfectly framed by the contours of the neck.

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IG: tattooartdesignideas

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 8

Blackwork Butterfly With Spider Web Tattoo

This tattoo is artistically and technically crazy good. The heavy opaque lines of the butterfly dramatically contrast with the thin lines of the spider web. Not only is this visually appealing but also replacing the spider with a butterfly is unexpected. Although this is a simple design, it’s also super sophisticated.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 9

Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

This is a beautiful example of Black and Gray style. Only black ink is used then watered down to create the different gray tones. You can see how the artist uses the gray tones to shade the wings which lends itself so well to realism. Perfect.

IG: leroygiesbers

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 10

Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo with Text and Linework

There’s no questioning the meaning of this tattoo: “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”. With the butterfly symbolizing rebirth, the message is there’s always hope for new beginnings. And in case you might forget, all this is beautifully said within a forever design.

IG: joshcoetzee_art


Butterfly Tattoos for Men 11

Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo

There’s a haziness to the shading seen on this butterfly. Some describe it as a salt and pepper look created using the technique of whip shading. Not everyone is well versed in it as it requires both experience and some specific skills. When it’s done well – it looks great.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 12

Complex Moth and Floral Design Tattoo

There’s lots going on here but it works to serve up one very interesting tattoo. With seriously awesome shading, the moth is surrounding with a floral wreath and patterned inking. The design allows for the black pattern to join with the head of the moth; Connection made. Meanwhile the lighter tones of the florals contrast beautifully with the darker tones of the moth. Masterful

IG: reverse_de_dante


Butterfly Tattoos for Men 13

Linework Butterfly Tattoo on Chest

This butterfly showcases beautiful Linework and black shading. Additionally two elements stand out elevating the design. First is the unexpected use of red ink; a small but important detail. Second is the awesome shading around the butterfly’s head. Together these add up to a great tattoo.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 14

Large Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Upper Back

The upper back is always a great place for a large tattoo. There’s the obvious space the back provides and the fact that it’s usually hidden by clothing. Of course for some that’s a negative. This butterfly looks great centered between the shoulder blades. The steady lines and smooth shading are both wonderfully done.

IG: ornela_ttt

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 15

Fineline and Blackwork Butterfly With Knife Tattoo

If you’ve got great abs why not highlight them with a great tattoo. The detailed pattern of this butterfly is created using opaque black inking complemented by adjacent thin lines. This combination really works to produce a unique design. An added touch: the nail attaching the knife to the chest. Guess it’s not going anywhere

IG: mike__end

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 16

Black and Gray Butterfly Hand Tattoo

I love this butterfly tattoo. The gray shading has an almost metallic quality to it like some cool metal jewelry. Set off to the side it’s got a swagger to it too. Offset by the smaller finger tattoos, this butterfly is totally cool. Note that the butterfly and text are both positioned for the customer’s viewing.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 17

Large Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

It’s nice how this butterfly fills the space provided by the thigh; another example of how the art and the frame must fit. There’s considerable detailing that’s created by the black lines and heavy black shading. It’s interesting though to note the large amount of negative or empty space making up this design.

IG: cristi.mero

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 18

Custom Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

With a custom tattoo you can have whatever design you want. Here, the moon’s phases are illustrated with the day sky accenting the left wing and the night sky the right. Different moons surround the butterfly along with pretty Linework and Ornamental accents. Not only is this an impressive design but it’s yours and yours alone.

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IG: peria_tattoo


Butterfly Tattoos for Men 19

Black and Gray Butterfly and Floral Tattoo on Thigh

Butterfly tattoos are becoming increasingly popular with men as they’re associated with transformations, new beginnings and mental health. All of which are gender-neutral themes and hopes. On a purely aesthetic level, this tattoo showcases awesome black lines and shading achieved with varying tones of gray.

IG: vic.ink_

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 20

Old School Tattoo of Butterfly With Woman’s Face

Like most Old School style tattoos, simple shading and a simple color palette are used here. But this isn’t your Grandpa’s tattoo of a flag or pinup girl. Perhaps symbolizing transformation, the face is framed with the deep dark red of the butterfly. Stylized swirls of hair and the antennae then form a headpiece. Looks Like an Art Deco Painting

IG: haleyy.mccann

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 21

Black and Gray Butterfly / Floral Hand Tattoo

We don’t often see this type of tattoo on the hand but it obviously works. The butterfly is nicely centered over the hand and oriented for viewing by others. If you’re considering building upon this for a half-sleeve design, it might be preferential to orient the design in the opposite direction.

IG: bars_work

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 22

Black and Gray Butterfly and Skeleton Tattoo

This tattoo is not only expertly done but the overall design is super cool. Of course it’s not for everyone. Black ink alone is used and then watered down to create tones of gray which is used for shading. Note that the shading seen here is truly masterful.

IG: eddie_dit

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 23

Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo With Switchblade

This is one fantastic tattoo both stylistically and technically. The heavy opaque inking of the butterfly is dramatic and beautifully done. Whip shading is then used for contrast. This is a specialized technique that creates a stippled effect which the moon perfectly showcases. Beyond technique, the moon itself elevates this design to another level.

IG: idlehands_tattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 24

Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo

This is such a fresh take on butterfly tattoos. The non-defined outlines and drips of ink create a watercolor effect rarely seen using only black ink. It’s reminiscent of an ink blot. Somehow the drops of ink coming off the butterfly seem to have a 3D look. All together this is a fantastic tattoo.

IG: pomade_ink

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 25

Custom Fineline Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo

With a custom tattoo you can combine multiple styles. Here we’ve got Fineline, Black and Gray, Geometric and Text. What’s nice about it is that it works and it’s uniquely yours.

IG: rubink_tattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 26

Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

Although these two tattoos are separate they appear to be related. The date is obviously significant to this client and perhaps memorializes a life changing event. Enter the butterfly which signifies transformation and new beginnings. Tattoos are definitely a way to tell your story.

IG: ceniza.rota

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 27

Two Blackwork Butterfly Tattoos With White Ink

These two butterfly tattoos are fantastic. Inked with heavy planes of black ink they’re a standout sure to attract attention. White ink is then used to create the thin lines which are truly beautiful. It’s important to know that many artists aren’t skilled with white ink. For that reason make sure to always check an artist’s portfolio if you want this to be included in the design.

IG: koji_tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 28

Large Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Side of Arm

This is a great tattoo; from its clean black lines, areas of opaque black ink to its positioning on the arm. The design too is really interesting. Although it’s not the typical half butterfly / half something else design, we do have two mismatched halves here. At first glance you might not even realize this as you’re just taken in by the overall look. This is how artists separate themselves from the pack.

IG: crimclay

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 29

Black and Gray Butterfly / Snake Tattoo

A couple of things stand out about this tattoo. First of course is the addition of the snakes which actually is very interesting. The second is the awesome shading. Although subtle, the snakes are never “lost” against the similarly shaded background. This artist has a really cool style.

IG: choiyun_tattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 30

Custom Fineline and Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo

Here’s another custom design where the butterfly might have been inked at a different time. The point is that you can add to existing tattoos or create one large design showcasing various styles. Here we’ve got Geometric, Fineline and Black and Gray. Nice Mix

IG: jamestrece

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 31

Fineline Black and Gray Butterfly With Dagger Tattoo

Butterflies and daggers are known icons in the tattoo world. So it’s not surprising to see them married up together. Beyond the skilled inking on display, the design is perfectly aligned with its positioning. By adding the dagger the linear space that the triceps provide is used. That’s what’s called perfect framing.

IG: flokuhl.tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 32

Realistic Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

There are such different markings on the upper wings vs the lower wings, it’s like two different butterflies are joined. The dark inking of the upper wings is nicely accented with white ink at the edges. In contrast, there’s lots of negative space making up the lower wings. Together they look really good.

IG: schmutz.fink

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 33

Fineline Butterfly Tattoo With Flames

Steady symmetrical lines are nicely showcased in this tattoo. They’re then accented and contrasted by bold strokes of heavy black ink. Then of course there are the flames. Butterflies are known to be attracted to the light and for some the butterfly with flames tattoo symbolizes purification by fire.

IG: clarabndtattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 34

Bold Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo

At first glance this tattoo is striking with its beautiful shading, steady lines and symmetry of design. At second glance though you start seeing other things. Is there a skeleton head imbedded within the butterfly? Is there a cape draped over the lower wings? Guess this tattoo will invite lots of conversation. Props to artist Carrington Tattoo.

IG: carryontattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 35

Realistic Black and Gray Butterfly on Chest

If you want to make a focal point on your body, go for a large dramatic inking right over the sternum. Case-in-point: this butterfly tattoo. Perfectly centered on the chest with wings highlighting the pectoral muscles, this tattoo is a scene-stealer. The masterful shading completes the picture.

IG: mark_l_tattoo_artist

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 36

Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Chest

This guy’s got several tattoos so he’s definitely not tattoo-shy. Sometimes though you want the option of having your tattoo in an inconspicuous location like the chest. Then it’s up to you alone to decide who’s lucky enough to see it. Anyone who does will certainly admire the beautiful Blackwork showcased on this butterfly.

IG: ifonlytattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 37

Neo Traditional Butterfly Tattoo

Characteristic elements of Neo Traditional style are seen in this tattoo. Heavy chunks of color and patches of shading are used rather than subtle transitions. Of course this really makes the design pop as does the white ink seen on the butterfly’s edges and head. The vibrant greenery surrounding this butterfly can’t be overlooked.

IG: andreadawntattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 38

Men's Butterfly Tattoo

The diagonally placed butterfly atop of the forearm is a good choice for men seeking a masculine butterfly tattoo.

IG: il.est.libre

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 39

Fineline and Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo on Leg

With tattoos you get to do whatever you like; combine different styles, choose your theme, etc. It’s really up to you and a way to showcase your unique style. And that’s exactly what this customer did.

IG: the_moderndayhippie_tattoo

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 40

Old School Moth Tattoo

You’ve got to love Old School style with its bold black outlines and simple color palette. In this tattoo the artist went for a metallic-like quality to the colors. Creativity then rules the day with a skeleton-like face “imprinted” onto the moth. By adding the lotus flower and beautifully shaded moon, this design is elevated and made to look special.

IG: traditionalartist

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 41

Fineline Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo with Florals and Skeleton

It looks like the story behind this tattoo might be one of death and renewal. That’s what’s so cool about a tattoo; you get to tell a story. Whether the story is obvious or not or if you even want to share it, it’s up to you. Beyond the symbolism, this work is beautifully done. The fine lines, shading and overall design are all standouts.


Butterfly Tattoos for Men 42

Realistic Watercolor Butterfly / Floral Tattoo

This is an awesome rendition of a butterfly tattoo mixed with florals. It’s also an awesome example of very skilled inking. Watercolors, whether in a painting or a tattoo, aren’t easy to pull off. Here the colors are expertly applied with beautiful shading seen in the petals. With the very slightest addition of white ink they’re taken to another level.

IG: tattooist_color.b

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 43

Black and Gray Butterfly Hand Tattoo With Eye

This butterfly tattoo is interesting for both its location and design. Regarding location, we don’t see that many butterfly tattoos on the hand. Of course the eye in the design is not commonly seen either. Although the design is oriented for viewing by others, the eye seems to be looking at you from either orientation. Very interesting

IG: adnanburak.d

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 44

Realistic Black and Gray Butterfly Hand Tattoo

This butterfly has a super masculine feel to it. Of course that’s enhanced by the rugged look of this guy’s hand and the other two tattoos. It’s nice how the tattoo is oriented with the wider part towards the wrist and the legs accenting the fingers. The touches of white ink are precisely applied and add to the overall design.

IG: giuliafrancesca_

Butterfly Tattoos for Men 45

Trio of Black and Gray Butterflies

Roses and butterflies have always gone together and they seem right at home on this man’s arm. The varied positioning of each of the butterflies adds interest and a sense of movement. The band of opaque black shading on the lower edges is a great accent to each butterfly.

IG: herzdame


Butterfly Tattoos for Men 46

Realistic Black and Gray Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Here’s another butterfly tattoo that looks great on a guy’s hand. The heavy black shading adds a particularly masculine feel. Overall the black lines are steady, symmetrical and beautifully inked.

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IG: ilforestierotattoo