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Butterfly Tattoos / Butterfly Thigh Tattoos

30 Awesome Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

The thigh is a great place to get tattooed on your body. It provides a relatively flat surface, lots of room, and the option to show off your body art to the world or keep it your own little secret. Surely your butterfly tattoo is going to look great here! 

But before you go and get your own butterfly thigh tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking butterfly thigh tattoo designs of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea for your next piece of ink.

With that said, let’s begin.

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 1

We Hope You Enjoy These Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas! First Off: A Fineline Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Outer Thigh

Of course this butterfly would want to land right in a field of flowers. Both are inked with thin black lines yet the butterfly manages to stand out. It’s all thanks to the heavy band of black ink around its edges. The only decision left: who gets to admire this beauty.

IG: katrin_inktattoo

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 2

Two Cute Little Butterflies Above the Knee

This is a great starter tattoo; and enough even if it will be your one and only. With pretty lines and touches of opaque black ink, this little duo still makes a statement. The negative space around each butterfly makes them pop and serves to connect them. This pair definitely seems to have flown in together.

IG: mylittleblueforest

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 3

Large Blackwork Butterfly and Solitary Rose Tattoo with Text

Together the black lines, heavy shading and solitary rose support the sentiment expressed in the text: “Living hope”. Often a butterfly with a rose will signify growth and transformation after a particularly difficult end to a relationship. This is a forever reminder that we’re stronger than we might think.

IG: tattoopalace2020

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 4

Black and Gray Butterfly and Floral Tattoo on Man’s Thigh

Butterfly tattoos are becoming increasingly popular with men as they are associated with transformations, new beginnings and mental health. All of which are gender-neutral themes and hopes. On a purely aesthetic level, this tattoo showcases awesome black lines and shading achieved with varying tones of gray.

IG: vic.ink_

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 5

Bold Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

“Go Big or Go Home” or as with this butterfly “Go Bold or Go Home”. This design is perfect for someone with a big personality or someone who wants to make a statement. The level of detailing created is impressive using a combination of heavy planes of opaque ink, shading and gaps of negative space. Making It Unforgettable

IG: lighthouse_professional_tattoo

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 6

Old School Tattoo of Butterfly With Woman’s Face

Like most Old School style tattoos, simple shading and a simple color palette are used here. But this isn’t your Grandpa’s tattoo of a flag or pinup girl.. Perhaps symbolizing beauty or transformation, the face is framed with the deep dark red of the butterfly. Then stylized swirls of hair and the antennae form a headpiece. Looks Like an Art Deco Painting

IG: haleyy.mccann

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 7

Fineline with Watercolor Half Floral, Half Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

Not only is this tattoo beautiful but it also symbolizes beauty. With thin black lines and the use of Watercolors, there’s a delicate, light feel. Is this art improving on nature? Maybe

IG: inkrediblestudio

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 8

Fineline Butterfly Tattoo Above Woman’s Knee

It might be a jungle out there (nod to the leopard print) but underneath it’s soft and light. And beautiful with this butterfly. Graced with thin black lines and hints of shading around the edges, this tattoo calls for miniskirts. Please

IG: moonstonetombstone

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 9

Symbolic Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo with Text Above the Knee

The butterfly often symbolizes both faith and transformation. And with this text it seems like that’s exactly the message of this tattoo. Here it’s told beautifully with opaque black inking, shading and perfect black lines.

IG: jhill_artboi

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 10

Ornamental Butterflies on Woman’s Thighs

There’s no better way to adorn your legs than with these two Ornamental style tattoos. At once just decorative; look again and you see they’re butterflies. This style is inspired by Greek, Roman and Indian art. This Is Living History

IG: ta2ist_jiwoo

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 11

Large Linework Butterfly Tattoo with Florals

There’s just such awesome Linework and shading in this tattoo. With its angled positioning and the undulating of the wings and leaves, a sense of graceful movement is created. The essence of a beautiful day is captured right here.

IG: mxszymanska

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 12

X-Ray Style Butterfly on Woman’s Upper Thigh

X-Ray style is among my favorite tattoo styles. This butterfly is reminiscent of alluring lace lingerie with its transparency letting you see right through the wings. The areas of heavy black inking then add another layer of sensory delight. Very Sophisticated And Very Alluring!

IG: tattoostime

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 13

Realistic (and Beautiful) Watercolor Floral Butterfly Tattoo on Upper Thigh

This tattoo has it all: gorgeous porcelain-looking roses within the confines of a pretty black butterfly. It simply doesn’t get better than this. The inking is meticulous from the reds and greens to the heavy black to the gaps of negative space. This design is often symbolic of freedom after a relationship.

IG: forest__tt

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 14

Dainty Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

It’s interesting how the same style can impart different moods to a design. With this tattoo, Black and Gray style renders a realism to the butterfly but also a delicate feel. This is achieved by the use of the curved, rather than linear, black shading along the lower half of the butterfly. There’s also light that literally emanates from the butterfly itself. This is achieved by the creative use of negative space. Lovely

IG: schmutz.fink

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 15

Large Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo Above the Knee

Certain portions of this tattoo have the heavy planes of black ink typical of Blackwork style. Others seem less opaque as very small to large gaps of negative space are present. This lends a more nuanced look to the butterfly. Creatively, the very heavy black inked legs of the butterfly encircle and frame the knee. This butterfly found its perfect home.

IG: racheljfriel

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 16

Small Delicate Realistic Butterfly Above The Knee

With black lines and tones of gray used for shading this butterfly is brought to life. This is often the color palette that affords realism to a design. Positioning the butterfly off-center is a nice creative touch.

IG: its_banzo

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 17

Large Black and Gray Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Above the Knee

“A Rose by any Other Name is Still a Rose” and a monarch butterfly without its characteristic deep orange color is still a monarch butterfly. Here it’s immortalized with black ink and gray shading. And it’s come to a perfect landing spot above the knee.

Check out our butterfly tattoo designs for men gallery!

IG: nickyink

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 18

Large Colorful Realistic Butterfly and Floral Tattoo on Thigh

The perfection of Mother Nature is on full display here – as is the skill of this artist. Watercolors are never an easy technique; whether on paper or skin. True technical skill is required to avoid creating the unintended mess. Here the Watercolors are expertly “painted” on in a very detailed, precise manner. Happily these flowers and butterfly will last forever.

IG: non_lee_ink

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 19

Playful Old School Butterfly on Thigh

I love the simplicity of this design: from the bold outlines to the big splashes of red, green and orange accented with black ink. Old School style originated in the 1930’s with sailors’ tattoos of pinup girls and flags. You’ve come a long way baby and so has Old School.

IG: nick_colin_corbett

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 20

Creative Linework Butterfly Tattoo with Florals

Combining butterfly tattoos with flowers is not new but this design certainly is. It’s got a little bit of several different elements: flowers, thin black lines, thick black lines, dots and text. And it’s a butterfly. Of course there’s its intended meaning too which I’m sure is special too.

IG: wellertattoos

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 21

Trio of Pretty Blackwork Butterflies on Woman’s Thigh

Seems like Three’s A Charm with these pretty butterflies. Each of the three is different but all have beautiful black lines and black shading. The negative or uninked space in each allows “light” to shine through. With varying orientations on the thigh, this trio makes for a beautiful and interesting group.

IG: emhalbs

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 22

Large Black and Gray Butterfly on Thigh

This butterfly definitely has a delicate feel thanks to its thin black lines and subtle gray shading. The bolder black ink around the periphery in no way distracts from this but rather serves as a beautiful accent. Perfect with a pair of shorts.

IG: leroygiesbers

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 23

Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo with Text and Linework

There’s no questioning the meaning of this tattoo: “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”. With the butterfly symbolizing rebirth, the message is there’s always hope for new beginnings. And in case you might forget, all this is beautifully said within a forever design.

IG: joshcoetzee_art

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 24

Beautiful Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo with Ornamental Elements

If you’ve got it flaunt it; this beautiful butterfly that is. And it is truly beautiful with its gorgeous black lines and both heavy and light black shading. The dots and touches of Ornamental style then add interest to the design. This Is Tantalizing Sophistication.

IG: v.ffoxx

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 25

Large Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

This tattoo really showcases beautiful black lines and heavy black shading. The butterfly definitely is a statement piece accenting both the thigh and the knee on which it sits.

IG: cristi.mero

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 26

Two Cute Butterfly Tattoos with Color on Woman’s Thigh

These two little butterflies are so sweet and look like such a happy pair. With a beautiful turquoise color and black outlines they’re small but mighty. Perfect for the Tattoo-Newbie

IG: t.i.g_tattoo

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 27

Custom Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

With a custom tattoo you can have whatever design you want. Here, the moon’s phases are illustrated with the day sky accenting the left wing and the night sky the right. Different moons surround the butterfly as well as pretty Linework and Ornamental accents. Not only is this an impressive design but it’s yours and yours alone.

IG: peria_tattoo

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 28

X-Ray Style Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

I love X-Ray style. These tattoos are typically of flowers that look like they’ve been…Yes X-rayed. This makes the petals, or in this case the wings, look transparent; just like you could see through them. X-Ray style lends a delicate, haunting feel to the subject.
Very Beautiful Indeed

IG: domenico_virecci_tattoo

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 29

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

This is such a beautiful tattoo. From the varying shades of blue, to the tiny pops of yellow and green to the exquisitely fine lines, this tattoo looks like an artist picked up a brush to paint it. It’s made all the more interesting combining florals with the butterfly. The negative space within the wings then around them and the main body creatively make this butterfly One of a Kind
And Gorgeous


Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 30

Large Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo on Thigh

The dark black shading of this butterfly is beautiful against this skin tone. The butterfly itself is detailed using thin lines and tones of gray. To complete the picture, the butterfly’s legs frame the knee. Looks like this butterfly found a perfect home.


Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 31

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo on Side of Thigh

The wings of this butterfly look like a beautiful fan that’s just opened. It’s the negative or white space that gives the wings this accordion appearance. Accented with pretty pastel pinks and blues, it’s in a aesthetic position just to the side of the knee. Very Alluring Indeed.

And if you’re a fan of red ink, check out our red butterfly tattoo designs for more inspiration.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas 32

Delicate Fineline Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

With thin black lines and light accents of opaque shading, this butterfly looks like it gently touched down on you. Fineline tattoos are favorites among the Insta-crowd so all eyes will be on you – or your post. Camera Please

IG: ssukim_tattoo