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Butterfly Tattoos / Red Butterfly Tattoos

40 Beautiful Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Red ink tattoos give a really unique look on the skin. Butterfly lovers who find this look interesting, will surely be intrigued to go ahead with this style.

But before you go and get your own red butterfly tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking red butterfly tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea for your next piece of ink.

With that said, let’s begin. 

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 1

Pretty Red Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Hip

This butterfly comes to life with its beautiful thin uniform linework. Of course the cherry red ink also gets your attention. It’s also sure to get the attention of anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

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Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 2

Women’s Simple Red Butterfly Hand & Finger Tattoos

Pretty red ink and fine lines set the mood here: delicate and feminine. A sense of movement is created by the angled positioning of the butterflies as well as the fluttering wings. Looks like these butterflies have found a home.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 3

Red Butterfly Tattoo With Fire

At first glance you think this is an awesome butterfly tattoo. There’s skilled linework and color. But wait, there’s more. We actually have flames coming off this tattoo. With the butterfly symbolizing change and transformation and flames rebirth, it looks like there’s a story being told here. And that’s what makes tattoos so cool.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 4

Two Cute Red Butterfly Tattoos

It’s not surprising these butterflies are attracted to the pretty flowers. Accented in red ink, these blossoms are just about to bloom.The negative space around each butterfly really creates a sense of movement as do the stems that appear to float right on the arm. Suggestive of a gentle breeze, it’s springtime forever.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 5

Butterfly & Red Rose Petal Tattoos on Woman’s Hand

The subtle red and green tones of the rose are really beautiful; something you might see on a piece of porcelain. Yet what really sets this design apart is its orientation on the forearm and hand. A sense of movement is created by positioning the flower upside down and allowing the petals to then gently cascade downwards. Just like these butterflies, many are sure to be attracted.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 6

Cool Red Butterfly Tattoo With Knot in Center

What better way to connect the two halves of this butterfly than with a red knot. The ever-so-tiny gaps of negative space then make this knot exquisitely pretty. It definitely complements the red and black shading of the butterfly. Add elements of ornamental design and you get one awesome tattoo.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 7

Three Red Butterfly Tattoos on Woman’s Arm

These red butterflies are characterized by the parallel lines on their upper wings. This angularity differs from the curved and flowing lines typically associated with butterfly tattoos. Each butterfly is defined by heavy red ink outlines which complements this angularity. Positioning each butterfly at alternating orientations adds interest and movement to the design.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 8

Dramatic Red Butterfly and Rose Tattoo

If you’re looking for beauty and drama; look no further. This is one gorgeous tattoo. Using only slight gaps of negative space alongside Blackwork, the subtle detail of the butterfly is created. Vibrant red ink is then used for accessory detailing and to create the gorgeous roses and falling petals. All tied up with a red bow, this design is definitely a priceless gift.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 9

Beautiful Red Butterfly Tattoos With Asian Ornament

Can’t you sense these two butterflies flying above; gracefully carrying a pretty red ornament? Of course you can. All the elements here add to this sense of movement. First there’s the angled position of the butterflies. Then the ornament has not one but two entwined strings. You can even sense the swaying of its fringe. Last but not least are the red stars that bring all these elements together. Beautiful

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 10

Beautiful Red Butterfly Tattoo With Flowers

This is one off-the-charts beautiful tattoo. Showcasing masterful skills, the linework and outlines are meticulous as is the Blackwork. Aesthetically it’s asymmetrical yet so balanced. The pretty flowers on the right seem to be held in place by the pinkish red ribbon at the center of the butterfly. Set off by the negative space all around it, this butterfly is a showstopper.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 11

Simple Red Tattoo on Woman’s Back

This stylized butterfly artistically adorns the back. With the wings perfectly framed by the shoulder blades, the midsection then runs vertically over the spine. Of course this midsection creatively takes the shape of a vase dripping with flowers. And these flowers, like the butterfly, are highlighted by beautiful shading and dotwork. A low back LBD is definitely in order.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 12

Cute Red Sternum Butterfly Tattoo

If you want to make a statement with a small tattoo, place it over a focal point like the sternum. Then ink it in red. As seen here, all eyes will be on you. With small areas of heavy opaque ink as well as subtle shading, this butterfly becomes Body Jewelry.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 13

Red Butterfly Tattoo on Back of Arm

This perfectly symmetrical butterfly has found its home right over the triceps. It’s then positioned to ideally frame the elbow showcasing how location and design are intimately linked. The shadowing along the outlines is a nice creative touch adding interest to this pretty design.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 14

Red Butterfly Tattoo With One Half Made of Flowers

If you can’t decide between a floral tattoo and a butterfly tattoo, why not just combine the two. As seen here the matchup works perfectly. The thin lines, delicate shading and subtle tones create a soft, feminine feel. The touch of red ink outlining the petals is especially eye-catching. It’s hard to improve on Mother Nature but this is one beautiful tattoo.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 15

Red Butterfly Tattoo on Lower Back

Ooh La La La – what a pretty red butterfly way down there. This butterfly is at once bold yet shy. It has thick solid outlines but thin linework too. It’s inked in a nice-looking cherry red and is positioned daringly low on the back. But then again it’s inked in a rather private location. Guess this tattoo is By Invitation Only

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 16

Red Butterfly Outline Tattoos on Woman’s Neck

It’s like two butterflies just landed on the neck. Pretty Linework highlighted by red ink is artfully used to create this design. The red ink is an especially good choice. As it’s a highly saturated color, it looks extremely good on this woman’s skin.

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Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 17

Red Monarch Butterfly Tattoos on Woman’s Ribs

These red monarch butterflies are bold and beautiful; a nice alternative to the more common subtle, delicate styling. The heavy red outlines and linework make a statement as these butterflies dance across the back. Red color is not part of camo design but these butterflies can stay “undercover” if you prefer.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 18

Butterfly Tattoo Flying Along Forearm

And you thought butterflies were only attracted to flowers. Obviously some like math. This one, with wings in motion, looks like it just flew in. On its own the red color would be a standout; adjacent to the other inkings it’s a really a nice accent.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 19

Two Minimal Butterfly Tattoos With Red Ink

With their red ink and the space between them, these two little butterflies pop. This is Minimal style where “Less Is More”. This design is perfect for the Tattoo-Newbie; Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Just Right

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 20

Dramatic Red and Black Butterfly on Woman’s Shoulder

It’s hard not to fall in love with this design. First there’s the drama of the heavy planes of red and black ink. These are then beautifully offset by the gaps of negative space seen on the butterfly. So pretty, this design is wrapped up with delicate red twine trailing right down the back. Bet you can feel those two black beads dangling too.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 21

Large Red Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. That definitely describes this butterfly tattoo with its thin red lines, red shading and deep red opaque borders. This tattoo is very attractive! This is a statement piece that will be seen By Invitation Only.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 22

Red Ink Butterfly & Crescent Moon Tattoo

This is a beautiful tattoo; the thin lines and shading are perfect. Artistic skill is then married with this technical skill. Dividing the butterfly in two allows the upper wings to frame the neck. The Crescent Moon then adds a sense of cohesion to the two halves.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 23

Two Red Butterfly Tattoos on Woman’s Wrist

Here’s another red butterfly tattoo but with a twist: its location. The wrist, in itself delicate, provides such a lovely canvas for these two butterflies. What’s interesting is how they’re oriented. The upper one with its lateral view calls to mind movement. The lower one which is 2D is static in nature. Together they’re the perfect complement to each other.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 24

Red Butterfly on Upper Arm

Red butterfly tattoos come in all different shapes and sizes. This one is small but mighty with its use of heavy red ink and perfect linework. It’s amazing how much detail can be created with just these lines and gaps of negative space. With this lateral view, 3D is achieved even in the absence of any shading. Looks like this butterfly just landed here. Thankfully it won’t be going anywhere.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 25

Two Red Butterfly Tattoos on Woman’s Arm

Simple lines are the basis for these two butterflies. Though delicate, the strong red ink gives them a sense of presence. As seen here, when butterflies appear as pairs or multiples, differing orientations are used to create interest.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 26

Delicate Red Butterflies on Woman’s Arm

Minimal style can tell a story in a few words; or in a tattoo with a few images. Here you can sense a summer day as the butterflies swirl around the petals and leaves. The negative space around each of these components allows room for the movement that’s sensed. It’s a story simply told.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 27

Pretty Red Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Bicep

This tattoo illustrates how any design can be made new and fresh. The butterfly’s upper wings are reminiscent of a robot with their angular outlines and straight lines. The lower wings seem to resemble dice. Together – Impressive

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 28

Three Red Butterflies over Woman’s Ribs

These butterflies look like they’re dancing. There’s a lightness and playfulness to this design created by the space between the butterflies. The orientation of the butterflies also adds to this. The tilt of the two outer butterflies along with the lateral view of the middle one create a sense of motion. If you’re going for light and airy, this design is for you.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 29

Half Floral Half Butterfly Tattoo

With both traditional markings and flowers, this butterfly is Pretty In Pink. The beautiful thin red lines and pastel shading create a soft feminine feel. The falling petals, green leaves and gray shading are then nice added touches.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 30

Large Red Linework Butterfly Tattoo on Outer Forearm

Butterflies are often soft and dainty but sometimes they’re big and bold. With red ink, beautiful linework and shading, this butterfly is sure to make a statement. Expect All Eyes To Be On You.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 31

Three Small Red Butterfly Tattoos on Forearm

Three butterflies on your forearm; different yet similar. Each has different lines, shapes and orientation. Yet each has floral accents and all are red. Together they seemingly fit together and beautifully accent the inner forearm.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 32

Minimal Red Butterfly Tattoo on Outer Hip

Yup – pull up your shorts cause that’s the only way anyone’s getting to see this butterfly. So yes, you can have a bold red tattoo and be discreet at the same time. Anyone lucky enough to see this butterfly will be impressed by the beautiful red lines and solid red shading along its edges.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 33

Minimal Red Butterfly Tattoo On Woman’s Biceps

Defined by muted red ink and highly stylized wings, this butterfly packs a punch. The upper portion of the body has curved red lines while the curves of the lower portion are gaps of negative space. At once these two parts are the same but different. Beautiful.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 34

Minimal Red and Black Butterfly Tattoos

Mix and Match using both red and black ink. Why not – it looks great. Each of the butterflies has thin lines and no shading. Although this typically renders a tattoo 2D, a sense of movement and depth is created here. Setting each of the butterflies at different angles is the trick. Fly Little Butterflies, Fly.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 35

Five Red Butterfly Tattoos Along Outer Forearm

Sometimes “Less Is More” – but not always. Case-in-Point: these five butterflies which make a statement on the forearm. With pretty red ink and thin lines they’re sure to catch your attention – right on down to the little one adorning the finger. Just Like Jewelry.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 36

3D Red Butterfly Tattoo

You’ll have them wondering with this tattoo. First Look: A butterfly just landed on your body. Second Look: This is one super-realistic butterfly tattoo. The inked shadows make the butterfly look like it’s actually sitting atop the body. Amazing.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 37

Red Striped Butterfly Tattoo

Creativity is the rule for this butterfly tattoo. First off it’s inked in Cherry Red. Then stripes replace the typical markings of a butterfly. The stripes actually form the butterfly’s body. The Takeaway: When It’s Your Tattoo You Can Do Whatever You Want.

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Red Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 38

A Unique Black & Red Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Stomach

Stylized elements connect the wings on each of these butterflies. The one on the right has a small red ornamental detail while the larger butterfly is adorned with what looks like jewelry. These touches, along with pretty red ink and heavy black shading, together create a beautiful tattoo.