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Butterfly Tattoos / Butterfly Tattoos Behind Ear

20 Awesome Butterfly Tattoo Behind Ear for Men & Women in 2024

You’ve come to the right place to find inspiration for your upcoming butterfly-inspired body part. Tattoos behind the ear are very intimate, delicate and open for the world to see. While face and neck tattoos can be considered bold and hardcore, tattoos behind the ear are much more gentle. And since the butterfly is such a beautiful, gentle creature, tattooing it behind your ear is a wonderful choice of location.

But before you go and get your own behind the ear butterfly tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking butterfly tattoos behind the ear of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea for your next piece of ink.

With that said, let’s begin.

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 1

Two Minimal Blackwork Tattoos Behind Woman’s Ear

Thanks to the heavy opaque Blackwork, these two butterflies are small but mighty. If that’s the statement you want to make about yourself this tattoo could be perfect for you.

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 2

Two Tiny, Tiny Butterflies Behind Woman’s Ear

Unless your hair is up no one will ever know about these two tiny butterflies. Of course somethings you do just for yourself. Like pretty lingerie, they make you feel better. And That’s All That Matters

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 3

Two Large Red Butterflies on Woman’s Neck

You want some artwork – not too big and not too small – but makes a statement. Well say hello to your next tattoo. These butterflies are bold and beautiful. Inked on the neck they’re not as inconspicuous as ones behind the ear. And with the pops of cherry red ink they’re sure to be noticed. Which Is Very Nice.

Check out more red ink butterfly tattoo ideas.

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 4

Red Butterfly Outline Tattoos on Woman’s Neck

It’s like two butterflies just landed on the neck. Pretty Linework highlighted by red ink is artfully used to create this design. The red ink is an especially good choice. As it’s a highly saturated color, it looks extremely good on this woman’s skin tone.

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 5

A Pair of Red Butterflies Behind Woman’s Ear

These two butterflies definitely look like a pair. Each has pretty red lines and the absence of any shading. Small but not dainty with the red certainly packing a punch.

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 6

Dainty Watercolor Tattoo Behind Woman’s Ear

No wonder we love butterflies; they’re beautiful just like this one. With the prettiest of pastels and thin black lines this butterfly has a delicate feel. Its lateral view makes the butterfly’s wings appear to be gently fluttering right against the skin. Hope you’re not ticklish

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 7

Fineline Butterfly Tattoo with Color on Woman’s Neck

The fine, fine lines of the butterfly contrast so nicely with the darker shading at the edges. The muted pastels then make this shading pop even more. Lucky if you’ve got a ponytail; all eyes will be on you.

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 8

Beautiful Color Butterfly on Woman’s Neck

This is Pretty In Purple. No doubt everyone will be admiring this beautiful butterfly. It’s got it all: dabs of pastel colors and perfect black outlines punctuated with the tiniest gaps of negative space. Props to Kamal Das of Black Pearl Tattoo Studio out of Kasaragod Kerala, India.

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 9

Three Black and Gray Butterflies on Woman’s Neck

Black lines and tones of gray define these butterflies.. The negative space around them further defines each one but also pulls the three together. Set at an angle, they beautifully follow the curve of the hairline. Picture Perfect

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 10

Three Tiny Butterflies Behind Woman’s Ear

Guess three’s a charm. With Minimal Linework these stylized butterflies come to life right behind the ear. You can even sense that they’re flying. They’re not big but they make a statement just like a pretty gold earring.

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 11

Behind the Ear Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

When it comes to behind the ear tattoos I’d recommend going simple as too much detail in this location might not age well. But luckily for the customer, artist Tori Li out of Sydney, Australia did a fantastic job with this monarch butterfly tattoo. You can check her out at

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 12

Two Behind the Ear Minimal Butterfly Tattoos

This customer looks like she might be a tattoo-newbie making these tattoos a perfect choice. They’re small and inconspicuous which is what many first timers look for. These two butterflies also seem to complement the jewelry seen here; small and delicate. A Perfect Match

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 13

Delicate Butterfly Tattoo Behind Woman’s Ear

With this design the goal is simplicity. There’s no shading, there’s no color. The result is a pretty little butterfly that’s easily hidden away. Perfect For A First Tattoo

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 14

Minimal Fineline Butterfly Tattoo Behind Woman’s Ear

This butterfly has a little of everything. It’s delicate but packs a punch with the heavier inking around the edges. Tucked away behind the ear it’s inconspicuous yet with an updo it’s sure to attract attention. That’s what’s so nice; You Get To Choose

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 15

Delicate Butterfly Tattoo Behind Woman’s Ear

Sometimes small and delicate can be a showstopper. Case-in-point: this butterfly tattoo. Presented from a side view, this butterfly definitely comes to life. It looks like it’s still flying or perhaps just landed. It’s a perfect accessory just like the pretty amethyst earrings.

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 16

A Pair of Pretty Butterflies

With large gaps of negative space this pair of butterflies appear to have a lace-like quality. The uninked areas on the edges create the characteristic white markings seen on many butterflies. Set at an angle, there’s a sense of movement but it looks like this pair have found their forever home.

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 17

Behind the Eat Blackwork Butterfly Tattoos

Blackwork style with its heavy opaque inking lends drama to any tattoo. And this tattoo doesn’t disappoint. The two butterflies are not only dramatic but super beautiful. The close, angled positioning of the two further enhances the design. This Is Sophisticated Style

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 18

Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Behind Woman’s Ear

Small yet detailed, this butterfly’s got both beautiful black lines and subtle shading. The shading actually elevates this design to another level. Just like an accessory, this butterfly tattoo is a beautiful counterbalance to the three earrings. Picture Perfect

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 19

Single Line Butterfly Tattoo

I love the simplicity and creativity of single line tattoos but I’m not sure about this one. It’s hard to see that it’s actually a butterfly. Maybe that’s the point. What do you think?

Butterfly Behind Ear Tattoo Ideas 20

Two Dramatic Butterfly Tattoos Behind Woman’s Ear

The space between these two butterflies helps to create a story; the connection between the two. That’s Minimal style where the design is deconstructed into its most basic components. Accented with beautiful black lines and gray shading, this design is simple and… Simply Beautiful