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30 Awesome Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Getting a butterfly tattooed on your hand is a bold statement reserved for those who want to display the butterfly’s beauty and its symbolic meanings of transformation, freedom and gentleness. While hand tattoos can come off as edgey, the image of our small winged friend can let others know that there’s nothing to fear. Plus this piece of body art is going to have you looking great.

But before you go and get your own butterfly hand tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking butterfly hand tattoos of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea for your next piece of ink.

With that said, let’s begin.


Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 1

One of Our Favorite Butterfly Hand Tattoos for Women

I love this butterfly from its inking, to the design, to its location. It all works. It’s cool how the head looks like leaves or petals from a flower. Positioning the butterfly at an angle creates a sense of motion. The arc created by the wings and abdomen gracefully accent the hand.  Artist: 


Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 2

We hope you enjoy these butterfly hand tattoo ideas! First off: A Realistic Butterfly Tattoo With Color

This is such a beautiful white and blue butterfly tattoo by Moni Scharnagl of Bavaria, Germany. The black lines and grey shading lend a sense of realism. But it’s the varying shades of blue that make this butterfly pop. It’s interesting how the blue is used on both the body of the butterfly as well as for the background. The red ink is then the cherry on top.

IG: monischarnagltattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 3

Butterfly Tattoo on Hand

The design really works well in this butterfly tattoo. The artist or the customer wanted to achieve a light look, without any one image really jumping out. This is achieved with the butterfly and flowers forming as one. And this hand tattoo even fades in pretty well into the customer’s geometric tattooo. 

IG: brittany.beware

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 4

Neo Traditional Butterfly Hand Tattoo

This butterfly tattoo isn’t a butterfly at all, it’s actually a moth. But it has it all from great inking to great design. It’s an obvious standout with its bold black lines and highly saturated colors which btw would look great against darker skin tones too. The design is off-the-charts with the lower body of the butterfly artistically extending onto the fingers. There are even dots highlighting the ring finger. Props to the tattoo artist @neotraditionalspain

IG: neotraditionalspain

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 5

Pretty Red Butterflies Hand and Finger Tattoos

Pretty red ink and fine lines set the mood here: delicate and feminine. A sense of movement is created by the angled positioning of the butterflies as well as the fluttering wings. Looks like these butterflies have found a home. Props to out of NYC.

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Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 6

Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Hand

Set at an angle, this butterfly instantly gains importance. It’s a very small but important creative decision. With beautiful lines, both heavy and light, the design gracefully drapes onto the fingers. The heavier opaque inking here imparts a velvet-like feel to the butterfly. If this weren’t all enough the specialized technique of whip shading creates a moody background for this design. Gorgeous


Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 7

Fineline With Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

With thin black lines and dabs of Watercolors this butterfly has a delicate feel to it. That’s nicely balanced and offset by the strong opaque black inking on the lower body. Positioned so it’s oriented to the customer’s view, the legs accent the wrist while the upper wings frame the fingers.

IG: studiobysol

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 8

Realistic Black and Grey Ink Butterfly Tattoo

This butterfly has a super masculine feel to it. You’ll notice that when it comes to butterfly tattoos, most men go for the black and grey look. Of course the masculinity of this tattoo is enhanced by the rugged look of this guy’s hand and the other two tattoos. It’s nice how the butterfly tattoo is oriented with the wider part towards the wrist and the legs accenting the fingers. The touches of white ink are precisely applied and add to the overall design.

IG: giuliafrancesca_

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 9

Butterfly Tattoos on the Hand are Most Definitely For Men Too!

If you’re a man who loves butterflies but who is worried about coming off as too feminine, then just follow this guy’s lead. Add some flames to your butterfly tattoo and some bold fingers tattoos to go along with it and you’ll be looking as manly as they come.

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IG: ap_tattooer

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 10

Realistic Black and Grey Butterfly Tattoo

This butterfly has a super masculine feel to it. Of course that’s enhanced by the rugged look of this guy’s hand and the other two tattoos. It’s nice how the tattoo is oriented with the wider part towards the wrist and the legs accenting the fingers. The touches of white ink are precisely applied and add to the overall design.

IG: giuliafrancesca_

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 11

Fineline Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Hand

Fineline style typically imparts a delicate feel to a tattoo; and this butterfly’s no exception. It should be noted that it’s orientation, almost like a sticker, is in the customer’s sightline. The legs neatly frame the wrist while the antennae create movement towards the fingers. Props to @hitta_7 out of Siegen, Germany

IG: hitta_7_

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 12

A String of Pretty Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Hand

If you want to make a statement but not necessarily shout it, this could be your tattoo. These pretty butterflies seem to dance right along the hand. Their varying angled positions create a sense of movement from the wrist right down to the finger. With muted shading offsetting the black edges, the cool mani is the exclamation point. Nicely done by @karelbecktattoos out of Huntington Beach, CA.

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IG: karelbecktattoos

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 13

Whimsical Butterfly Wings Tattoo on Hand

What makes this butterfly tattoo look great is its position on the hand. The shape of the butterfly really flows well tucked in above the thumb and the pointer finger. Always remember that placement is super important when getting tattooed!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 14

Realistic Arm Tattoo of Siamese Fighting Fish

This tattoo undoubtedly perfectly depicts the beauty of real-life siamese fighting fish, from their vibrant colors to their graceful fan-like tails. I also adore the very interesting detail of the little puddle forming below the fish. Are the fish underwater or not? That’s something interesting the design leaves open for interpretation.

IG: vandal_tattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 15

Illustrative Tattoo of Colorful Fish on Lower Leg

There’s some influence of New School style in this Illustrative zany depiction of a fish that’s been sliced open. The color choices are on point, immediately capturing my attention with its vivid color palette. The bold black outlines similarly make this design a standout.

IG: catwongtattoos

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 16

Minimal Linework Tattoo of Fish in a Tea Bag

The design is without question among the most adorable on the list. I love how the tiny tea bag becomes the whole world of a goldfish, and how a little drawing of the fish can be found on the label, too. Of course, the Linework is satisfyingly clean and neat!

IG: wanderrrlusstt

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 17

Realistic Black and Grey Butterfly Tattoo

Here’s another butterfly tattoo that looks great on a guy’s hand. The heavy black shading adds a particularly masculine feel. Overall the black lines are steady, symmetrical and beautifully inked. Tattoo artist: @ilforestierotattoo out of Corso, Italy

IG: ilforestierotattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 18

A Simple Black Butterfly Tattoo

Set at varying angles, these three butterflies beautifully accent the hand and arm. Having the largest of the three butterflies in the middle adds interest and prevents a static look. The even and uniform black inking is skillfully done and elevates this design. Artist: @bearcattattoo out of San Diego, California USA

IG: bearcattattoo


Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 19

Minimal Butterfly Hand Tattoo

“Less Is More” with this sweet little butterfly tattoo. With nothing more than a few very thin black lines the butterfly comes to life. Its angled positioning even makes it appears to be flying right above the hand. This design is perfect for the tattoo-newbie who likes pretty, dainty designs just like the floral mani, Thailand

 IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 20

More Butterfly Hand Tattoo Designs!

I imagine that this butterfly tattoo on the hand is just the first step in what is soon to become a full-sleeve. I say that because the butterfly isn’t positioned “perfectly” on the hand. Instead it’s tilted, allowing it to be larger and for one of its wings to overflow onto the wrist. Thus giving it the potential to flow really well with a larger overall piece.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 21

Big Beautiful Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo

This tattoo is so impressive from its inking to its design. The absolutely regular, steady, symmetrical lines are amazingly beautiful. Positioning the butterfly at an angle adds a graceful accent to the hand. while whip shading creates a stippled or salt and pepper effect. Offsetting all of this is the very smart use of negative or blank space to provide detailing and drama. Beautiful

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 22

One of the Prettiest Butterfly Tattoos You'll See on a Hand

When it comes to the black and grey style, I’m a diehard fan of going with the light-look, especially on fair skin. Just like black ink tattoos seemingly “fade” into dark skin people, lightly-done black and gray tattoos blend into the skin a lot better, giving a much less bold look. A look that I adore.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 23

Minimal Butterfly Tattoo on Hand

The overall aesthetic of a tattoo is influenced by its design and inking. But positioning is also definitely part of the equation. This butterfly leads the eye to the anatomical junction of the thumb and index finger. It’s almost like an architectural feature which is highlighted by the butterfly just as the anatomy highlights the butterfly. Checkout Nick @wickynicky when you’re in NYC

IG: wickynicky

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 24

Keeping a Consistent Look With This Butterfly on Hand Tattoo

This is such a pretty tattoo. It’s large and bold while simultaneously having a delicate feel to it too. That’s achieved with the muted shades of grey used for shading. Although the butterfly is positioned directly in line with the hand it doesn’t have a sticker-like appearance. That’s thanks to the beautiful shading which creates depth and 3D.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 25

Linework Butterfly Tattoos on Woman’s Hand

There’s certainly a lot going on here but it works due to the delicate nature of the inking. With no shading or contrast there’s an intended absence of 3D. The pretty butterflies are offset by stars which bring cohesion to the design. Checkout other Blackwork tattoos from artist: out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

IG: artesobscurae

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 26

Why Get 1 When You Could Get 2 Butterfly Tattoos?

A simple butterfly tattoo design like this one is all the rage. Because butterflies are so beautiful and so beloved, it’s not necessary to add tons of detail. Instead just stick one, two or butterflies on your skin like they were stickers and you’ll end up looking beautiful!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 27

Dramatic Black and Grey Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Like floral butterfly tattoos? Then you’ll love this dramatic, provocative, white butterfly tattoo. The bold black shading is highlighted by adjacent gaps of negative space and white ink accents. The white ink also highlights the thin delicate black outlines of the flowers. Mix in the dark shading of the leaves along with a salt and pepper effect in the background and you get – Drama, Drama, Drama

IG: marjetmendez

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 28

Complex Moth and Floral Design Tattoo

There’s lots going on here but it works to serve up one very interesting tattoo. With seriously awesome shading, the moth is surrounding with a floral wreath and patterned inking. The design allows for the black pattern to join with the head of the moth; Connection made. Meanwhile the lighter tones of the florals contrast beautifully with the darker tones of the moth. Masterful

IG: reverse_de_dante


Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 29

Black and Grey Butterfly and Skull Hand Tattoo

This is one awesome tattoo with beautiful black lines and grey shading. It’s really cool how the butterfly’s legs accent the fingers and outline the knuckles. But it’s the use of white ink that really sets this tattoo apart. The very thin white lines are seen on the butterfly and the skull; here defining bones and even the tips of the teeth. The amount of detailing in this very small space requires considerable skill. Topping it all off are the stars which sparkle in the background. Big props to artist:


Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 30

A Unique & Cute Butterfly Hand Tattoo

 This person’s hand looks amazing. The positioning of the two butterflies is great, with the small butterfly trailing behind the larger one. And with the larger butterfly extending beyond the hand and onto the wrist, looks great. Then you have all the minimal space elements filling up the empty space on her hand. What a lovely concept!



Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 31

Black and Grey Butterfly Hand Tattoo

I love this butterfly tattoo. The grey shading has an almost metallic quality to it like some cool metal jewelry. Set off to the side it’s got a swagger to it too. Offset by the smaller finger tattoos, this butterfly is totally cool. Note that the butterfly and text are both positioned for the customer’s viewing.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 32

Black and Grey Butterfly Hand Tattoo With Eye

This butterfly tattoo is interesting for both its location and design. Regarding location, we don’t see that many butterfly tattoos on the hand. Of course the eye in the design is not commonly seen either. Although the design is oriented for viewing by others, the eye seems to be looking at you from either orientation. Very interesting

IG: adnanburak.d

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 33

Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Hand

This tattoo is masterfully done with its design making full use of the “canvas” provided. It also definitely makes a statement. The large planes of opaque black ink are beautiful. With gaps of adjacent negative space, this tattoo looks particularly good against the customer’s skin tone . If you’re in Los Angeles, CA checkout artist: @raitattoos

IG: raitattoos

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 34

Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Don’t be alarmed, you’re not in church – the butterfly’s wings in this hand tattoo just happen to look like they were cut out of some stained glass. The muted colors work really well together in this piece.

We hope you enjoyed and found inspiriation from our butterfly hand tattoo ideas!

IG: jerzeyinktattoo