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Butterfly Tattoos / Butterfly Neck Tattoos

25 Cool Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

With a butterfly tattooed on your neck, you can show your strength and sensitivity at the same time. You’ll be able to show off how stylish you are as well. In my humble opinion, no other tattoo looks better on the neck than the butterfly. Butterfly neck tattoos offer you the chance to do something bold, while still keeping things light. And that duality is something I love, and I bet you do too.

But before you go and get your own butterfly neck tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking butterfly neck tattoo designs of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea for your next piece of ink.

With that said, let’s begin.

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 1

A Trio of Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoos

Neck tattoos are often bold in-your-face designs. This one is visible for all to see but doesn’t shout. With thin black lines and exquisite gray shading these butterflies are both pretty and feminine. Their angled positions create a playfulness supporting this feel. Sure to make this customer happy.

IG: emilioalonso.mtt

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 2

Realistic Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo on Back of Woman’s Neck

Everything about this tattoo is amazing. The butterfly seems to be illuminated from behind with light emanating from it. This really makes the design come alive. The gray shading is so artfully done as are the pops of white ink. Overall this is a work that is sure to garner much praise.

IG: bars_work

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 3

Minimal Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Neck

The delicate and feminine butterfly is often chosen by tattoo-newbies who position it behind the ear to keep it inconspicuous. The next step in one’s tattoo journey might be placing the butterfly on the neck; a somewhat daring move. This butterfly though with its very thin lines and subtle shading doesn’t overwhelm. Rather it gracefully accents the neck just like the other tattoos.

IG: liqfromthewood

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 4

Minimal Butterfly Tattoos on Woman’s Neck

The upwardly curved wings and antennae of these butterflies create a sense of lightness and playfulness. They seem to be interacting together almost like in a dance. The negative space between them actually allows for this connection with the stars bringing the designall together.

IG: dvminiquex

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 5

Butterfly With Dagger Neck Tattoo

Butterflies and daggers are both popular icons in the world of tattoos. Although you might not necessarily associate them together, it’s definitely a personal choice to mix them together as seen here. This design beautifully accents and enhances the lines of the neck. With the dagger running from the hairline to the base of the neck this dimensionality is created.
Bold And Beautiful

IG: tattoopappy

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 6

Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Neck

Looks like this butterfly isn’t scared of snakes. With the use of black ink you can see how this tattoo stands out. I love how it’s positioned on the neck accenting its curves as well as the collarbone. Just like a piece of art, framing is important.

IG: thedimforest

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 7

Linework Butterfly Tattoo on Man’s Neck

Centered right at the center of the neck over the jugular notch, this butterfly becomes a focal point. Its clean black lines, in contrast to the subtle shading of the leaves, draw you in and command attention. This Is One Mighty Little Butterfly

IG: tattooerdb

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 8

Combined Linework and Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo

This butterfly tattoo is truly exquisite; from the thin black lines, to the dots creating shading to the opaque black inking accenting the edges. Its positioning also masterfully enhances the artistic appeal. The forward stretch of the antennae are in perfect balance to the outstretched wings. In short this design perfectly fits the canvas the neck provides. Props to the artist.

IG: cristobal.morales

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 9

Custom Blue Butterfly Neck Tattoo With Flames

This custom design frames both sides of the neck of this tattoo fan. The blue ink is beautiful as is the floral detailing and shading. While the red flames are an unexpected detail they strengthen the design both literally and figuratively. They also nicely create appropriate dimensions for the canvas provided by the side of the neck. Nice Fit.

If your a fan of this tattoo’s red ink, check out our red butterfly tattoo designs for more inspiration.

IG: swanissober

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 10

Realistic Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Neck

Although realistic tattoos are typically rendered in black ink and gray tones, there’s no reason Watercolors can’t be added to the mix. In fact go ahead and you can have a beautiful tattoo like this one. Here the Watercolors are precisely applied rather than in drips and drabs. Just remember Watercolors aren’t easy so check your artist’s portfolio to confirm they’re skilled in this style.

IG: winigreeni

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 11

Beautiful Linework Butterfly Tattoo at Nape of Neck

This butterfly is so beautiful it even has a regal bearing. Its position affords the best of all worlds. It can easily be inconspicuous with hair or clothing covering it or be on full display with an updo. For those lucky enough to catch a glimpse, they’ll certainly be impressed by the Linework, dot-like shading and tiny pops of negative space along the tips of the wings. Accented with Ornamental detail at the top and opaque inking This Butterfly is a Star.

IG: hoze__tattoo

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 12

Fineline Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Neck

What goes better with a LBD than this dramatic butterfly. Of course this tattoo would look great with jeans too. The bold opaque black inking plays beautifully against the thin black lines. Positioned on an angle, this butterfly becomes a statement piece.

IG: mentesinrecuerdos

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 13

Dramatic Old School Butterfly Tattoo on Man’s Neck

Who said butterflies are for girls? No one after seeing this awesome tattoo. Centered right over the neck there’s no hiding this butterfly; not that I think this guy would want to. Old School style with its 2D renderings and bold black outlines is seen here. Its customary simple color palette though is absent. Of course the theme is updated too; this certainly isn’t Grandpa’s Old School flag tattoo. Guess Times Change

IG: danyelidelfiol

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 14

Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo on Man’s Neck

Looks like one fearless butterfly has landed amid all those snakes; and looks right at home. Somehow all this ink looks good together. The gray tones used to shade the butterfly are beautiful and contrast really nicely with the opaque black edges. Set at an angle, this butterfly is perfectly framed by the contours of the neck.

IG: tattooartdesignideas

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 15

Big Bold Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Neck

Take note; this is how you create a dramatic focal point on your body. This is a beautiful tattoo but obviously not for the faint of heart. Perfectly centered at the midline of the neck, the butterfly is framed by the chin and collarbones. With perfect black lines, opaque shading and a pretty brown skin tone – This Is Poetry In Motion


Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 16

Large Butterfly Tattoo on Man’s Neck

I’m not sure what this tattoo means but it certainly attracted my attention. From its sweeping size across the entire neck to the unexpected portraits, this tattoo is a showstopper. Beautiful thin lines are on display as is Black and Gray style. Here black ink alone is used and then watered down to create varying tones of gray. You can see how these tones are expertly applied to create the shading. This is a masterful tattoo done by a very skilled artist.

IG: cuevas_____

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 17

Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Side of Woman’s Neck

This butterfly beautifully accents the lateral aspect of the neck with the horizontal black bands adding interest and defining the space. Between these bands and the butterfly itself, it looks like lace and velvet are bringing this design to life. Beautiful

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 18

Butterfly Skull Tattoo

This butterfly neck tattoo design reminds me of the work of Salvador Dali. The design uses an illusion to make the eye sockets of the skull blend seemlessly into the wings of the butterfly.

IG: jku_tattoo 

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 19

Two Minimal Butterfly Tattoos on Woman’s Neck

Everything looks right about these tattoos. The black lines and shading effortlessly create detail as they play off against the adjacent negative space. For someone who wears earrings, the butterflies serve as a perfect counterbalance to the bigger design look. And for the style conscious – checkout the mani – these tattoos are sure to up your game. Props to

Check out our gallery of butterfly tattoos behind  the ear

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 20

Large Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Back of Neck

The shading in this tattoo is subtle but off-the-charts awesome. It’s really amazing. There’s perfect symmetry and exquisite thin lines on display too. This butterfly definitely deserves to take center stage.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 21

Four Little Butterfly Tattoos on Side of Neck

These little butterflies are small but full of life. With their lateral orientation they actually appear to be in flight. With lots of negative or empty space around them, the orange and black really pop. These butterflies are soft and delicate; and Definitely Ultra Feminine.

IG: j.colorist

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 22

Realistic Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo on Front of Neck

Who needs a necklace when you have a butterfly right at your neckline. The realism of this butterfly is achieved by using shading and contrast to create 3D. When you take a second look you realize how much negative or empty space makes up this design. The detailing is in the surrounding lines.

IG: heloisegeslain

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 23

Large Black and Gray Butterfly Tattoo on Front of Neck

Mix and Match. That’s the theme here with a butterfly tattoo and an eagle. The butterfly showcases Black and Gray style. In comparison with the eagle, you can see how the black ink adds drama to the butterfly. Complementing that is the awesome shading done in tones of gray.

IG: marie_taenzer

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 24

Large Black and Gray Moth Tattoo on Back of Neck

Go big but discreetly. That’s just what this design achieves with its location allowing you to decide when and by whom it’s seen. The watered down black ink that produces gray tones is beautifully used for shading. This design is at once subtle and mighty.

IG: leroygiesbers

Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas 25

Beautiful Black and Gray with Watercolor Butterfly Tattoos

These butterfly tattoos are like looking at a beautiful watercolor painting. It’s like the artist picked up a small brush and precisely applied the Watercolors to the skin. Drama is then added with the presence of heavy black shading. I don’t think it gets better than this. FYI: Watercolor style is not easy and it’s easy to make a mess. Be sure to check out your artist’s portfolio first.

IG: forest__tt