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32 Enchanting Earth Tattoo Ideas for Women and Men in 2024

Planet Earth is what we call home. Earth tattoos may symbolize a respect for nature, the desire to travel, or a passion for space and the universe. Earth tattoos may also pay homage to a loved one. Whatever your reason for getting a tattoo of Earth, there are so many different options to choose from and symbolisms you can include in your Earth tattoo to make it even more unique to you and your reason for getting one. 

But before you go and get your own Earth tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most beautiful, delicate, and dynamic Earth tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Earth Tattoos 1

The Best Earth Tattoos - A Fine Line Earth and Planets Tattoo

This is a very subtle and delicate earth tattoo and it is very well-executed. This artist knows how to work with fine lines as this tattoo has almost no mistakes in it. I like the concept of the earth having a ring around it with little icons dangling from it. This could be easily customized to include symbols that are important to you!

IG: zitae_tattooer

Earth Tattoos 2

Colorful Light Bulb Earth Tattoo

This is quite an interesting take on an Earth tattoo. The artist chose to depict Earth in a lightbulb, and lightbulbs usually represent creative thinking and enlightenment making it a good combination of imagery. I like the sketchy feel that this tattoo has and the way the artist chose to make it look like it’s been colored with a crayon.

IG: lucatestadiferro

Earth Tattoos 3

Micro Realism Earth Tattoo for Men

This tattoo is extremely impressive – I cannot get over the amount of fine detail on the planet and the animals. This artist has exceptional skill and understands how to work with color. I do wonder about the longevity of this kind of tattooing as black linework helps to hold ink in place, but it is a beautiful piece nonetheless. 

IG: guseul_tattoo

Earth Tattoos 4

Delicate Earth Tattoo for Explorers

These tattoos instantly tell me that this client loves everything to do with traveling and exploring. I love the fine textures created in the clouds, earth, and waves. The composition of the compass tattoo is very clever and I like the addition of the piece of text at the bottom of the telescope tattoo as it rounds it off well.

IG: bombayfoor

Earth Tattoos 5

Astronaut Holding the World Tattoo

This tattoo looks as if it has been painted on using the tiniest oil painting brushes. I am blown away by the amount of detail captured in the astronaut’s glove and the shine on the Earth. This tattoo is eye-catching, dynamic, and packed with meaning.

IG: jiro_painter

Earth Tattoos 6

Earth In Your Hands Tattoo

This tattoo was done for someone who is an avid traveler and who has the world in their hands. I adore the contrast between the black and gray hands and the colorful Earth. I don’t usually like galaxy tattoos, but the galaxy effect works in this context and this style. This tattoo is clean, bright, and interesting to look at.


Earth Tattoos 7

Earth in Solar System Tattoo for Men

I like the dynamic movement that this design has – it flows with the client’s arm perfectly. The color shading has a Neo Traditional feel to it which works well with the design. The line work is extremely clean and the circles are nearly perfect, which is impressive as they are the hardest shape to tattoo!


Earth Tattoos 8

Hand Poked Earth Tattoo

I am usually a big fan of hand poke tattoos, but I don’t like this one. The design is cool and I appreciate the symbolism of it, but I feel that the artist needs some more practice as their dots are not close together enough and there are a few blowouts. This could be a really cool tattoo if it were to get redone by a more experienced artist!

IG: pokyopokyo

Earth Tattoos 9

Micro Realism Solar System Tattoo

This is a beautiful rendition of a full-color micro realism solar system. The artist has paid attention to each one of the planets, making sure they are scientifically accurate. I love the placement as it fits the arm perfectly. Not all tattoo artists are capable of doing such tiny details, especially in full color, so I take my hat off to this artist.

IG: tattooist_jaymee

Earth Tattoos 10

Colorful Illustrative Earth Tattoo

This is one of my favorite tattoos on the list so far. I adore the soft, subtle color shading and the expressive illustrative lines. This tattoo has great character and creativity to it. I love the additional symbols around it and I appreciate the attention to detail that the artist paid to such a simple design.

IG: mireiamateostattoo

Earth Tattoos 11

Owl Attacking the Earth Tattoo

This is the most unique Earth tattoo on the list thus far. Owls symbolize wisdom, protection against death, and the light that shines through the darkness. I love the concept of the owl tearing the world in half. The artist is extremely skilled and manages to get every single bit of tiny, fine detail in the owl’s feathers and claws. I especially like the light shining from the Earth onto the owl – this shows amazing attention to detail.

IG: jiro_painter

Earth Tattoos 12

Bright Watercolor Illustrative Earth Tattoo

This tattoo is beautifully executed and one to be admired. The use of blues and greens gives this tattoo a sense of calm, adding to the nature theme. The bird and the turtle are very intricate and detailed. I do find that this design is a bit busy and could be more effective with some simplifications.

IG: debrartist

Earth Tattoos 13

Strong Bee Holding the Earth Tattoo

This is a beautiful example of a single needle tattoo, and what you can achieve with them. The fine detail in the fuzzy body and the swirls of water on the Earth are impeccable. I adore the concept of a bee being strong enough to carry the world, and it speaks to how important bees are to our planet.

IG: redhaare

Earth Tattoos 14

Atlas Holding the Earth Tattoo

In Greek mythology, Atlas is enslaved by Zeus to hold the earth on his shoulders for all eternity. This powerful image is popular in the tattooing world and I especially like this artist’s rendition. The detail in his face and hands is exceptional and I love how smooth the black and grey shading is. There are many versions of Atlas holding the Earth, and you can find the perfect one to fit your aesthetic.

IG: dm.tatts

Earth Tattoos 15

Nas Lyric Earth Tattoo for Men

This is a tattoo of the lyrics of a Nas song that speaks about how you can have whatever you want as long as you put your mind to it, making it an incredibly meaningful tattoo. I love the font choice and the basic Earth as it makes this tattoo modern and simple – exactly what a Nas tattoo should be! The placement is quite painful, so kudos to both the artist and the client for sitting through it.

IG: makov.44

Earth Tattoos 16

Colorful Cuboid Earth Tattoo

Some people believe that the Earth may be in the shape of a cube, but if this were true, we would be living in a very different environment than we currently are. I like how unique this tattoo is and I would imagine it draws a lot of attention. The color is extremely well-saturated and I especially like the scale that they chose to go with for this tattoo.

IG: vismstudio

Earth Tattoos 17

Colorful Micro Realism Planet Tattoo

This tattoo is very similar to the one we saw earlier, but it is slightly more detailed and delicate. I like the addition of the stars and the use of white throughout as it makes this tattoo pop. I love the placement of the tattoo and the way the design flows with the client’s arm.

IG: tattooist_coldy

Earth Tattoos 18

Delicate Painted Earth Tattoo

This tattoo reminds me of a delicate, expressive painting and it is very impressive that it was done with a needle and ink! I adore the texture of the continents and the movement of the water. I don’t know how well this tattoo will age but it looks beautiful while it is fresh!

IG: guseul_tattoo

Earth Tattoos 19

Simplistic Colorful Solar System Tattoo

This is another example of the different ways one can do a rendition of a solar system tattoo. This one is more simplistic than the other ones on the list and I enjoy the child-like feeling that it has. I like how small it is and would love to see how this tattoo heals.

IG: seon_tattoo

Earth Tattoos 20

Lamb Conquering the Earth Tattoo

I like the idea of this tiny lamb conquering the earth. This is another example of a color tattoo done without a black outline. These are quite popular in Korea and take a lot of skill to do as mentioned before. I love the color palette and the gentle facial expression of the lamb. The sparkles are a great extra touch and this tattoo would suit both men and women.

IG: eins_tattooer

Earth Tattoos 21

Crayon Drawing Earth Tattoo

This tattoo has such a spontaneous and playful nature. I enjoy the way that the artist made it look like it was colored in with a thick crayon as if a child scribbled it right on the client’s skin. I love the bold placement and the illustrative lines around it. This tattoo would work well as a tribute to your inner child’s need to explore.


Earth Tattoos 22

Sunset Ombre Map of the Earth Tattoo

This is the first tattoo on this list that is a map of the earth instead of a globe and that is why it stands out from the rest! I adore the sunset color palette and the beautiful soft ombre effect. The line work is extremely clean and I think the placement is perfect for this tattoo.

IG: pureum_tattoo

Earth Tattoos 23

Illustrative Balloon Earth Tattoo

This is such a creative idea – the man is holding a balloon that is the globe and paper airplanes are flying around him. This gives the feeling of a traveler’s tattoo. I adore the illustrative line work as it adds movement and texture to the design. The color application looks like dripping ink, and this adds to the high movement in the piece.

IG: sierpka_tattoos

Earth Tattoos 24

Hand Holding the Earth Tattoo

This is another rendition of the world being in the palm of your hands. I like the choice to fade both the globe and the hand into a contour mapping effect. This gives the tattoo a modern feel and could be a nod to geometry. I love the contrast between the colorful Earth and the black and gray hand. This tattoo is clean and smooth, and the composition is stunning.

IG: dm.tatts

Earth Tattoos 25

Beautiful Book and Earth Tattoo for Women

I love the mystical feel that this tattoo has. It reminds me of the idea of how books can open up new worlds to their readers and help you escape from reality. I love the teeny tiny butterflies and the white sparkles. This tattoo is very dainty and delicate and will suit a fantasy and book lover extremely well.

IG: baronarttattoo

Earth Tattoos 26

Earth and Moon Phase Tattoo

I am not the biggest fan of this tattoo as it is quite juvenile. I do like the concept of the phases of the moon being depicted as the sun and I believe that this client wanted to pay homage to the country of Taiwan as the Taiwanese flag has a sun on it. It is a really small tattoo that may fade quite a bit over time so I would recommend getting something a bit larger.

IG: seon_tattoo

Earth Tattoos 27

Painted Earth Tattoo for Women

This tattoo looks like it has been delicately painted onto the client’s arm. The soft shading adds to the gentle nature of the tattoo and I like the movement created with the swirling clouds and water. This tattoo is perfect for an Earth lover who is looking for something more simplistic, yet meaningful.

IG: pagwa_

Earth Tattoos 28

Heart-Shaped Earth Tattoo

From a literal perspective, this tattoo shows us how much the client loves our planet. I like that the color is much more saturated than some of the other tattoos on this list. The color blending is beautiful and I love the texture created on the contenents. The heart shape is rounded and cute, and I love the placement as it is quite feminine.

IG: hyakki_tokyotattoo

Earth Tattoos 29

Ticket to Earth Tattoo

This is one of the most original concepts on the list so far. I love the idea of the client having a ticket to Earth, and this suggests that the client doesn’t feel like they are from this planet. I adore the fine linework and all of the tiny details in the planet, stars, and text. This tattoo is sure to spark a lot of conversations as it is on a very visible spot. Overall, this is a clean and interesting tattoo!

IG: minusink

Earth Tattoos 30

Girl Sitting on the Earth Tattoo

This is such a sweet tattoo that speaks to the type of books I would read as a child. I love the whimsical nature of the design and the tiny details in the girl’s hair, the books, and the folds of her dress. The color is well-saturated and the fine linework is soft and delicate.

IG: ayhankrdg

Earth Tattoos 31

Earth Written in Crayon Tattoo

I love the concept of tattoos that are written in crayons as they speak to my childlike nature. The artist perfectly captured the type of texture one would get when writing with crayons. I like that they chose to use classic Earth colors like green, blue, and brown. Overall, a creative and fun Earth tattoo!

IG: tattoo.joojoo

Earth Tattoos 32

Realism Crab Holding the Earth Tattoo

The first thing that stands out to me is the contrast between the realism of the crab and the very simplistic Earth. Crab tattoos usually symbolize good luck or a person’s tie to the ocean. I love the hints of purple and green in the crab and the texture of the continents of the earth. A strong tattoo to end this list on!

IG: anton1otattoo